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  1. Except you from the looks of it.
  2. It may be a one thing though.
  3. It's still going to be an investment in time to gather steel, so it's not like WG is giving it away. I am surprised I'm in the 0.4 % bracket though. Thought it would be higher. As for seeing more Flints and Blacks played by noobs? Flint, like Atlanta is situationaly OP. I doubt if a noob player will be able to make the most out of her. Ditto for black.
  4. Bill_Halsey

    Sweet, afk divisions in coop already!

    If they try going AFK, the odds of a win is going to go down. I'm pretty sure they'll figure it out when the snow flakes are still in. Watch the guys whine here on the forum about it.
  5. You got 6 months. More than enough time if you play 3 games a day.
  6. Bill_Halsey

    PSA: Snowflakes for coal.

    Well, since time is going to be a factor: 1. Buy PEF 2. Buy Steel Monsters 3. Blow off them snow flakes. Priority to Steel - 5 weeks to finish 4. Do Nerves of Steel/ In the name of his Highness campaign - 5 weeks to finish 5. Do Steel Monster Campaign - 6 months to finish
  7. Bill_Halsey

    PSA: Snowflakes for coal.

    Let's see Tech Tree: T9: 20 X 52 = 1040 T10: 21 X 105 = 2205 Premium: T8: 15 x 210 = 3150 T9: 4 x 210 = 840 Steel Monster: 4200 In the name of his Highness: 2100 Nerves of Steel: 2120 Total: 15655 Difference: 2100 - 15655 = 5345 Am I right that you can run the Highness and Nerves of Steel at the same time if you buy PEF?
  8. Bill_Halsey

    Exeter coming!

    If it's like the CL smoke, expect to get torped within 20 seconds or lit up by radar if you plan to pew pew in the opening-mid phases of the match. I'd prefer the British DD smoke where you use it break contact.
  9. No they won't be happy. Kronsdstadt was a FXP ship when it came out. I'm expecting the same thing. Otherwise, what's the use of stockpiling FXP?
  10. Hopefully Alaska is also dropping.
  11. Bill_Halsey

    PSA: More Info On PEF Campaigns

    If I can get 5k steel min from the snowflake, I can see the Stalingrad in my sights.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    Stalingrad breaking Clan Wars

    It depends on what cruiser role your thinking of for clan battles: 1. High DPM/flanker CA - Zao and hindy are typical for the role 2. Radar CA - Wooster, DM and Mino I think Stalingrad fills the slot of Moskva in CB: Support Battleship
  13. Bill_Halsey

    Question about Nueve de Julio

    Yup, even angled 16 inch shells would delete you.
  14. Well I got the Nueve and the Abruzzi. Boats which I did not want to get.