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  1. Bill_Halsey

    I hit the jackpot!

    1500 steel and and another 150 for the clan bonus.
  2. Bill_Halsey

    I hit the jackpot!

    Now I I'm getting a lottery ticket!
  3. Well, it's either Austin, Burgogne or Shikshima. I can probably get FDR also, but I'd rather wait to train up on it. I got Austin and it does work, but it's niched as a dd killer.
  4. Bill_Halsey

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    I haven't played it yet, but considering how many times I'ved capped early/mid in smoker CL's while lamenting I had to do a dd's job. I might try that out.
  5. Bill_Halsey

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

    Actually the Druid's role looks similar to that of the Friesland. A control capper. You got mino guns as far as rate of fire (even if you have only 4 of them in the front). Short range hydro (3 km) and about 35 knots w/o signal flags. Probabaly has the Daring's acceleration. You also have a heal. Probably the RN CL super heal. Oh, and it's #3 on the highest health pool. 6.2-6.3 km visibility, iirc. Decent AA aura. So, it's interesting. https://youtu.be/gZzx4szCq4g
  6. Bill_Halsey

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    I'd go for the option to transfer the Friesland captain to the Netherlands on a time limited basis.
  7. Well, I actually sunk two pirates. Sorry that I didn't save the results. I do have the flag though. Though I saw a pirate playing a Kremlin of all things. A commie pirate!
  8. CV's are high value targets. That still falls in the realm of conventional warfare. USS Wasp amd Yorktown were both sunk by IJN subs.
  9. Actually, the pre war doctrine for the USN and IJN were to use subs as a screening force with oppurtunistic attacks. The USN expanded it to unrestricted submarine warfare afte Pearl Harbor. I don't IJN did it as a matter of policy. https://www.historynet.com/japanese-submarines-prowl-the-us-pacific-coastline-in-1941.htm One torpedo per merchant ship? Geeez...
  10. That's the whole point. They were seeking a Decisive Battle. You don't manuever for a clash of capital ships unless you're cinfident yoy have the edge. The IJN had very good submarines and torpdedoes. But did they go after transports rather than warships?
  11. The way I see it, Juene Ecole is the naval equivalanet of asymetric warfare practiced by a weaker naval power. The French 1850's-1880's couldn't match the Royal Navy in capital ships, so they turn commerce raiding or shifts in the paradigm like submariens /torpedo boats. the problem is that thoose don't long enough, since the RN would copy then equal/overtake/counter the number of the praradign shifts. The german navy in WW1/2 also followed along the same lines. Commerce raiding,, U-boats and a fleet in being. i find it interesting is that the IJN never considered adopting asymetric tactitcs. The admirals always looked to recreate the Battle of Tsushima.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    Battle of Drobak Sound

    The interesting aftermath was that Birger Ericken was investigated twice. It looks like he came under critisism for surrendering the fortress too soon. He had a sratch garrison. The Luftwaffe had started bombing the fort and his AA defenese was minimal. The Luftwaffe had airlifted troops to the capital. I don't see what other viable options were there. The only other thing he could had been court martialed was violation of standing others to fire warning shot first. That would had been a PR disaster for the government. One wonders if the Norwegian government was going on a purge of Quislings in the pre WW2 government and military.
  13. It's encourage clan memebers who do not have T10 ships to play in clan battles. It's workable for BB campers or CA flankers, but less than ideal for everything else.
  14. If you remember how the Smolensk and the CV rebork was introduced, the result will be similar. Make the range of the air strike to the visibility of the CA. Wait a year for the spread sheet to come out before they reduce the airstrike to 1. To paraphrase Flamu, the devs seemd to be fueled by vodka in coming out with these ideas.
  15. Bill_Halsey

    Skipping T9s?

    The Riga works as well as the Petro. Donskoi? It'll work but you have to angle and kite most of the time.