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  1. I agree. If it doesn't work for the Shima, why stick them on this ship? I rather have the F3 version.
  2. The issue with the 457 mm Georgia is the same with the 457 Conqueror. You're not going to over match 32 mm bows and more 410 mm rifles gets you more DPM. Since turning Georgia into a 16 inch version is not going to pass, turning her into a T9 brawler might be doable. They have to sell the ship, and this gimmick worked with the Mass.
  3. Bill_Halsey

    Premium Ship Review #122 - Azuma

    With Defensive AA active, Azuma can swat down planes easily enough. Enough so I ended up swatting 28 planes from 1 CV and 7 from another. I kinda pissed them off because everybody after that focused on me. 2.5 million potential damage.
  4. Bill_Halsey

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Probably because of this. When you have to train the sailors of your ship because half don't know anything. The other half forgot what they learned.
  5. Bill_Halsey

    Weekend spree

    Something weird was going on in my weekend Friday 14 games 71.43% W/R Saturday 14 games 71.43% W/R Sunday 4 games 75% W/R Got a new T9 ship played 8 games. 87.5% W/R Fluke? Getting better? The opposition is getting worse? The MM gods decided to bless me? Well, I'm milking it for all it's worth!
  6. Bill_Halsey

    Game control over win loss percentage

    As the great Lert said: Not even unicums like Flamu, LHM, or Notser can consistently carry a game every time. It's not how many unicums are on your tm. It's how many spuds there are on their tm. and yours. That's the unspoken assumption of your causal player. Let someone else carry.
  7. Bill_Halsey

    Game control over win loss percentage

    That kinda implies someone is having a string of good luck. If it's a zero sum situation. Let me throw some gas into the bonfire.
  8. Bill_Halsey

    Game control over win loss percentage

    That's the normal reaction if you point out it's him that maybe the issue not the system. Critical thinking is not taught or practiced anymore.
  9. Bill_Halsey

    Game control over win loss percentage

    Now, you'll make him mad.
  10. Bill_Halsey

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: USS Black

    Ok, with the new meta, is the black still OP?
  11. Bill_Halsey

    All this coal

    Mega Heal. like I said only if you don't have a T10 to bring to CB, would I consider getting it.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    All this coal

    Only if you need a T10 boat for clan battles would I get the Salem. Haida and Perth combo for coal..unlikely.
  13. Bill_Halsey

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 1: USS New Jersey on May 11th!

    Well, bought a ticket. Be nice to see Fem again!
  14. Bill_Halsey

    Naval Legends: North Carolina

    BB's were the ICBM's of their day, in terms of power projection and prestige. What you had once HMS Dreadnought was launched was an arms race between the navies of the world. Primarily between the RN and KM. That was one of the reasons leading up to WW1. And those BB's cost a lot to maintain. Very similar to what it costs to maintain a CVN battlegroup. So either go bankrupt. Or go to war before you go bankrupt. Or negotiate between the nations to prevent your nation and other nations from going bankrupt.
  15. Bill_Halsey

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    The phenomenon you're describing Lanchester's Law. Kill 1 ship and red side's combat power decreases. That makes the killing the next red ship more easier each time until there are no red ships. As for crap players? These guys don't care about winning. As simple as that. Following a strategy? Being part of a tm? It's easier to plan of being a tm of bots unless proven otherwise. Well, I've decided to play in the T7 most of the time. Playing high tier is not worth IMO.