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  1. Bill_Halsey

    I want the Smolensk ...... But

    As I had said, Colbert is nasty! For those on the receiving end.
  2. Bill_Halsey

    Flamu was right - Colbert is Nasty!

    Both are fun to play. Which means someone else is having a bad time. I will point out that Colbert just go behind any island and starting hosing down any target. Can't do that easily with the Smol. It is nasty when you're on the receiving end. I was farming the poor moo moo until the Ognevoi died. Does it really matter if you're lobbing hundreds of shells? Of course you can switch to AP. There would had been an outcry regardless what ship goes for coal. Both ships are powerful in the hands of competent player. Colbert is actually more easier to play. sit behind an island and start farming as long as someone can spot for you. Smol takes some planning since you can't lob shells over islands that easily. You see my first game in smol. I had PM on my CO skill. 50% reduction in having the engine/rudder knocked out. And it still got knocked out twice.
  3. Bill_Halsey

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Which is also my evaluation of the Colbert.
  4. Bill_Halsey

    Flamu was right - Colbert is Nasty!

    HIV CO build will work well. Matter of fact, I did used my HIV CO. Smol has railguns, Colbert is Atlantique. Colbert can snuggle next to an island and just rain shells down. Smol can't do it easily. I wouldn't do the RB grind again unless you can convince me otherwise.
  5. Have you tried blind firing into smoke? I cut my teeth on the Perth, so I'm comfortable with smoke.
  6. Lemme guess, you guys don't have the ship and you're the victim of the blowtorch. If you think Smol is bad, what will you do when you face the Colbert?
  7. I finally finished the RB grind. God, it was painful! First game in the Colbert. It was a good stress test for the Colbert. I ended up on the weak flank alone after the other 2 ships with me died. One, an Iowa decided to go Leroy Jenkins into the D cap. The Ognevoi died soon after. I had to beat feet with 6 freaking ships all targeting me. Even chased into the open, this ship is still dangerous. The only weakness is that the rudder and engine gets knocked out easily, even with PM. you'll need LS for a captain build.
  8. Standard radar is 12 km . At that range, it'll die quick.
  9. True enough. You can get anywhere from 7 k-24 k XP (not counting FXP) from camo, flags and clan bonus. I'm at T8 with one line and I have to do just 1 more line.
  10. The WoWs Stats and Numbers site shows 1238 battles. So unless these numbers are from live server testing, a few folks already did the RB grind. Which begs the question of how much free XP did they have at the start. Or how big is the wallet they have. Or is a bot grinding it for them.
  11. Bill_Halsey

    Smolensk Build

    Didn't they nerf it last time? It's a glass cannon already, worse than a Mino in terms of how survivability.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    SMOLENSK (The new Nikolai)

    I suspect the spirit merchant will be trotting out the same thing when it does get nerfed. there was 1 game where there was 4 smol bois on either side. It was a Mexican stand off for about 5-6 minutes. No one wanted to move.
  13. Bill_Halsey

    What is the Smolensk?

    You better hurry. I suspect it will be gone from the armory soon.
  14. Bill_Halsey

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    In the case of the RU line, you'd have to play all the ship classes to make it to 57k. That's with 10k to start and the double bonuses.
  15. Bill_Halsey

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    Okay, had a game with 4 Smolensks on either side. Frst 5 minutes was like this: No one wanted to move