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  1. Eh, it's useful for any ship with a damage party. BB's, T6 -T10 CA's and even a few DD's.
  2. No, what I am saying is that you get the maximum 4 salvos once the reload times goes below 15 seconds regardless whether you're at 50% HP or 5% HP. So there's no upside of getting below 50% HP for more salvos.
  3. So for a normal CO or even a special one, there is no benefit to going down below 50%.
  4. Well, back of the envelope calculations: 50% HP/ AR: 50 X .2 = 1.5 seconds shaved so: 30-1.5= 28.5 Boosted reload time: 28.5 x 50% = 14.25 seconds 30 sec duration So how possible is it to get a 3rd salvo out since you still have 1.5 sec of consumable operation left? So it might very be possible to fire 4 salvos in 45 seconds?
  5. So, is it independent of Adrenaline Rush? It looks like at full health and 30 sec normal reload time, you can get 3 salvos off max in 30 sec (fire 1st salvo, turn on reload boost). If adrenaline rush is factored in, you might be able to spam out more.
  6. Good premium cruiser for a noob?

    If you're in the mid Tier range 4-7, the best CA's available would be: 1. Yubari 2. Graf Spee 3. Indianapolis The problem with the Graf and more likely the Indie is the MM spread. The worst case scenario is being sucked into a T8 (Graf) or T9 (Indie) match. There is a jump of ship DPM between T7 and T8. You have to be aware of what is the role of a cruiser is. Which is support for the most part. What type of support depends on the ship. I'll take the Graf as an example. The Graf is designed for the CA killer role. You have 6 x 11 inch guns on a CA hull. That means you can gut CA's, engagage BB's and you're in a bad way if a DD decides to engage you due to your low ROF. You got great torpedoes, but you only have a triple launcher on either side . I recommend reading up on LittleWhiteMouse's guide first before you decide. Final piece of advice. Get stupidly good with whatever ship you take. A minimum of 100 matches.
  7. Funny, I did that last week. Took 12 citadels to kill a Neptune but I did it.
  8. Soon, there will be Haida

    The Mouse That Will Be Roaring!
  9. But, Mum I Didn't Hit Him!

    Did he detonate? It does look like it. Did he get a detonation on his tm score?
  10. About that. I note Mass have a 1 km difference between visibility and max secondary range. A question LHM, Is it possible to go island waifu hunting and use the secondaries only? You got the high arcs like an Atlanta right? Matter of fact, the Mass has the equivalent of an Atlanta strapped to port/starboard sides. Can that tactic work?
  11. Not my job Award?

    I can understand his frustration when he's doing it in a ship that would be situational OP at best. I prefer to do it in a ship that's OP myself when I do have to carry.
  12. So you can pay for more resources. What are the chances of getting steel in these containers?
  13. Okay this came out yesterday - Legendary Mods- 0.7.6 So, which would be useful in Clan Battles or Random Battles? I've watched Flamu's video on this: His take on the modules The only ones that seems's to be straight upgrades according to him would be: 1. Zao - Decrease the rudder shift time and extend the gun range. Add the 12 km torps soon to be implemented and you'd have a flexible open water HE spammer. Straight up upgrade according to Flamu. Since I'm not a fan of the island waifu play style , it's attractive to me. 2. Mino - 3 minutes of smoke max? Useful in Random but not sure about usefulness in Clan Battles. 3. Republique - Decrease loading time. Be stupid not to take it according to Flamu. The others would be at most side grades. Though the module for the gearing - 5.6 km concealment in return for 15% loss of dpm - might be useful in Clan Battles. So anyone else's take on it?
  14. So you counter play: 1. Use IJN cruisers. They have torps. UN CA's/CL's don't, 2. Use French BB's like the richeliu 3. CA's Hunters like the scharnhorst 4. Go seal hunting in lower tiers. Why haven't you done it instead of whining? I have no idea.
  15. Hi LHM, So what is the max range for the secondary build?