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  1. Another T7 Premium

    I thought Atago is available in the tech tree for doublooms. Graf Spree was recently out (HSF) version. Belfast? Well you can prob get her in the Santa crates.
  2. Varyag SCs

    75k Free XP. Bleh
  3. Earning Credits

    You can get free premium time from playing on the PT server.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    That if the DD's and CA's are screening the BB's.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    So from the looks of it, the best tactics for use of this dd are: 1. Open fire around the start point before the BB's can transit out of it. 2. Fire into the areas where BB's are huddling. Other times, use her like the Kidd.
  6. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    Well, finally grinded up my Kidd CO for Ranked. I'm got the following T1: PT T2: HA, JAOT, AR and LS T3:SE T4: SE Given the propensity to focus fire on DD's in Ranked, it helps to have 19.5k HP and the second lowest detect range.
  7. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    Hipper is getting damage control.
  8. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    The main issues are going to be the high citadel and the dispersion of the main guns. Roma works best at medium to long range. She will be at a disadvantage at CQB ranges. The AP caliber sizrand high velocity tend to become over penetrations or shatters when firing at angled cruisers/.
  9. OTOH, the rest of the fleet your in ignores you're situation and goes on their merry way.
  10. I got 1k games in the Perth. May have to think about getting stupidly good in another ship.
  11. 1. Attitude adjustment: Think of the game as a fast paced chess/checkers match vs a fps game. 2. Read LHM's "How to Control Your Win Rate" 3. Blow up the mini Map at least 2x. Then keep 1 eye on it. 4. Install the Aisland mod. 5. Read the wiki to learn how the game mechanics work. Particularly the spotting and gunnery mechanics. 6. Stick to 1 ship and strive to be stupidly good in it. You should be good to go by the time you have at least 500 games with her. 7. Use the chat and hot key to communicate during the game, not after to vent your spleen about not being supported. 8. Never fire torps into a BB furball. The BB you hit may not be the one you thought you were going to hit. 9. Take a break after the first hour. 10. Know when to back off. Know when to engage. Know when to go kamikaze. 11. Stay alive for as long as possible. That does not mean scooting all the way to the map border though. 12. If you win a Solo Hero, congratulations.
  12. My first Kraken!

    Nah, he's top of leader board. In a bottom, tier ship that folks normally would had set on fire. Congrats and may you have many more. Just not with me on the opposite tm.
  13. If your PT counter blinks 1 and you don't see anyone within range, a dd is nearby and just lobbed torps at you. If the PT counter blinks 6 you are in deep trouble.
  14. Enough with the radar B.S.

    And DD's are typically the highest XP earners in the winning game. And I would say planes have the greatest impact. Not radar. Radar only has a duration of 25 seconds average. Planes can hover just outside of AA range and continuously keep you spotted.
  15. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Yup. It's capping, defending a cap spotting and taking out other dd's that count.