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  1. Bill_Halsey

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    There are 2 ways to play the Goliath: 1. Passive back in the line play. 2. Go in and deal damage. Disengage before you die and Heal up. Rinse and repeat. The issue I had is being spotted by a DD and then his buddies melt me down. I found out that RPF resolved that issue. Goliath is not going to do well against spammers or the Petropavlosk. You will have to pick and choose our fights.
  2. Bill_Halsey

    Death of the DD

    Well, it's. July and in T10 matches it's 1 dd or no dd per side when there's a carrier are common when I play.
  3. *checks normal Co* Ok, why was the AFT missing? My bad
  4. They nerfed the Smolensk hard. Maximum range of 16 km rather than 19.2 km If you go for the range mod.That was the minium range of you went for the reload mod. Did they announce this? Because I didn't see it on the latest patch. It just showed up on Saturday morning (EST).
  5. Bill_Halsey

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Was there anything on the Smolensk's range nerfed down to 16km max? I looked an there's no mention of it.
  6. Bill_Halsey

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Okay, the dev tm was drinking too much vodka or was smoking some weird stuff to come up with this brain fart. The last time this abomination came out on both sides it was world of torp soup. There was a reason this was pulled back. What makes the dev tm believe it will be different this time around?
  7. Bill_Halsey

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Thank you for the LHM. Too bad about the CA. I already have the AZ, so if there's no much to choose between the two, I'll pass.
  8. I seem to have issues with the current version. A majority of the mods are not showing up.
  9. Bill_Halsey

    Alexander Nevsky -- First Impressions?

    I call her Bigensk.
  10. Bill_Halsey

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    I call her Bigensk Low citadel 12 km 30 sec radar 6 sec reload time visibility 12.8 km - I was expecting 11.8 truth be told rail guns - 22.1 km max range 16.4 sec turret rotation. 2 X 5 torps 8 km 60 knots. Useful for competitive play.
  11. Bill_Halsey

    Low tier is for learning.

    The break point is T8 in the old days. WG changed it now to T7. You're more likely to get being bottom tier on T9 rather than T8 in a T10 match.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Thanks LHM Looking at the specs, I don't think it's worth the grind.
  13. Bill_Halsey

    Who have you seen in game

    Was trying to finish the required kills for the Tallin.
  14. Bill_Halsey

    Premium Ship Review #145 - Ochakov

    For T8 rank, she does offer an advantage. Stealth radar. She makes a good DD hunter.
  15. Bill_Halsey

    How to learn strategics and tactics?

    My recommendation: Watch some of the well known CC's like Flamu and Notser for "How to" playstyle. Flamu has specific videos on "how to". Typically I look more at the mini map when these guys are live streaming to see where they position themselves on specific maps.