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  1. Bill_Halsey

    WOW REALLY WG this is the Cossack?

    Any of you read LHM's review of it? Cossack does have one advantage over the Lightning. Engine boost. Which comes in handy if any ship with an engine boost goes after you in open water. I do miss the extra torpedo launcher found in the Lighting. I find there are two types of premiums 1. The type where it doesn't matter what the skill level is, the ship will always be at least decent. 2. The type where the effectiveness scales up with player skill. Guess what category Cossack belong in? My recommendation is look at reviews first before buying. Caveat Emptor and all that. BTW my W/R right now is 63.64% in the Cossack.
  2. Bill_Halsey

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    Been using the gremash and she does not disappoint... Up to Rank 5 now. I had to end up "suggesting" what to do most of the time.
  3. Bill_Halsey

    Bug in the game

    When a ship you're shooting is outside the border the border, the shells go all over the place. Is this been around?
  4. Got it twice. My aching back and shoulders!
  5. Bill_Halsey

    Epicenter in Ranked?

    It forces BB's to get close and personal. A good map for Ca's and DD's.
  6. Eh, true enough. The level of play is something to behold. I got BB players afraid of their own shadows. Been using the Gremy and I had to coach folks on what to do. I've only see a Gremy once. Lot's of GC's and Texas'. of course the set up is only 1dd, so the other side tends to focus on me if I get spotted.
  7. Bill_Halsey


    Wichita look like a great ambush CA, even uptiered. Low concealment value, radar and 8 inch USN AP allows you to when you pick a fight or not.
  8. And knowledge is half the battle!
  9. Yes, there is a default priority target selection. Select a priority target w/o manual secondaries and chances of shooting down a plane goes up by a factor of 1.3. It goes 2.0 with manual seondary/AA CO skill.
  10. Bill_Halsey

    Ahead Full Friday - Speed and Maneuverability

    I'dd add a 3rd : Low concealment value. that allows you to pick a fight at a time and place on your choosing. Based on that I'd pick: DD- HMS Cossack. CA Acceleration, ability to retain speed in a turn, engine boost and low concealment value. If HMS Lightning had a speed boost, I'd pick that also. CA - USN Wichita (WIP) BB- HMS Conqueror
  11. Bill_Halsey

    CV Rework - WG, this is Good!

    It will probably be a 6 plane torp run wit the " W " attack pattern.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    NEW CV Perks

    Dive Bombers Strike aircraft equipped with bombs that can inflict a great deal of damage to armored targets. Japanese bombers are now equipped with armor-piercing bombs, while their American counterparts carry high-explosive bombs. Bombers have the same style of reticule as attack aircraft. However, unlike the latter, the bombers' ellipse is bigger and expands more when they actively maneuver. So airplanes can carry both types or is it just one type of bomb?
  13. Bill_Halsey

    Here's what the Legendary Yamato upgrade looks like...

    Does it work in Ranked or Clan Batles?
  14. Bill_Halsey

    Here's what the Legendary Yamato upgrade looks like...

    So...truth in advertising. Marketing should had called it "Unique" Upgrades. Some of them are worth it. Zao, Hindenberg and Gearing are upgrades. DM and Mino are more in the case of side grades. It makes you wonder why WG wants you to grind after some items that are of dubious value.
  15. Bill_Halsey

    Daring. Why?

    Actually, Lighting has been pretty good so far to me. You were there in that game where I ended up dying in the first 7 minutes, but was on the top half of the leader board for some strange reason. 75% W/R in 8 games. The biggest weakness is that anything with speed boost can run you down. You are also going to find yourself upteired .I've specced it as a DD hunter (RPF rather than IFHE). The guns have sufficient penetration to penetrate DD armor. Comparing a tech tree ship to a premium is a bit unfair. A Cossack is better than the Daring because it has 1 thing the Daring lacks. Speed boost. Better to compare it with other tech tree DD's.