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  1. They'll hit it with the nerf bat so hard if it come out that way. People would be crying "OP, Plz nerf!"
  2. First Game in the Takahashi. I think the Taka is when you see the line get good since you get 19.1 km gun range and 2 sets of torp launchers on either side. Abuse the gun range. There is nothing wrong with being at the B line in the beginning phase of the battle. Use the sea mines down on areas you know they'll have to cross. Kite if they chase you and throw down the sea mines. I think it's great if they increase the ROF, but then it'll turn into IJN version of the Smolensk.
  3. They amped the difficulty starting this Friday. Aegis was already difficult and in got into the movie "In Harm's Way" difficult level. It was a success but I'd consider it a failure. The Shor and the Fletcher beached themselves on an island and stayed there. The enemy ships ran away on first contact in the first 5 minutes. Only 2 ships of the convoy got trough. I was the sole survivor.
  4. Bill_Halsey

    It's nice to have something to spend FXP on...

    You go for RB ships if you have 1.5 mil FXP.
  5. The first kraken of the year. Hopefully not the last.
  6. Bill_Halsey

    HMS Hampshire

    Well, picked it up and got this on my 3rd game Pros: 9.7 km detection AP shells will citadel a broadside CA/CL up to 15 km. DD's will get full pen damage. No issues if top tier You can't get citadeled through the bow Cons: It sucks if your bottom tired but that's going to depend on the MM gods You'll have to aim at the superstructure for BB's. I miss HE for bow on/angled targets. No heal. That sucks of your in a T10 match. How well you do will depend on matchmaking.
  7. Bill_Halsey

    Update 0.11.11: New Year Frenzy

    It seems that the snowflake payout is less than what is was previously. Okay, it started in 2019. I'm going to go through the coal ships first then get the Tromp/
  8. Bill_Halsey

    How many unopened crates can you accumulate?

    Well, the majority of what I've been accumulating is coal, so I'll probably have to open those. I tend to accumulate coal to buy ships, but there hasn't been any ships I'm interested in since Smolensk. so I might as well not open them.
  9. Bill_Halsey

    Puerto Rico Dockyard Exchange Certificate (RESOLVED)

    i initially planned to go only for the huron, but I might as well go for the certificate.
  10. You barely break without econ flags at the top of the board. A stream of losing games would mean you'd have to keep buying silver.
  11. Bill_Halsey

    The Windows 11 Update Upgrade or Buy a New PC

    Well, the computer tech I went to managed to work around the blocks and installed Windows 11. I'm brining in my older computers and see if that works also.
  12. Bill_Halsey

    The Windows 11 Update Upgrade or Buy a New PC

    The issue is that the BIOS requires Secure boot and TMP 2.0 which both my PC's don't have. I checked to see if the newest one I have has it and no luck. I don't need an upgrade yet, but in one year, MSFT is going to stop updating Windows 10. Your computer security is going to start diminishing soon after. Do it now or later, the question remains. Upgrade or buy a new one. I'll have to get a Mobo and CPU that supports Windows 11 and possibly a graphics card as well.
  13. All right, the Windows 11 update has been introduced and I'm assuming in 2-3 years it's going to be a requirement that we all have it. So, upgrade my current pc or buy a new one?