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  1. Eh, let's go through the basics: Pros: Unrivaled rate of fire amongst Tier X cruisers. Exceptionally low detection radius. Incredibly fast turret traverse. Very powerful anti-aircraft suite; if kitted out for anti-aircraft duties, she has the largest AA bubble of any cruiser to go with potent damage output from her AA guns. Jack of all trades; can shred destroyers, deal with her cruiser peers, give battleships something to fret about, and be another detriment to carriers. Highest torpedo range and best torpedo reload of all Tier X cruisers. Has access to an enhanced version of Repair Party that allows her to regenerate large amounts health. Cons: Initial shell velocity is the same as Neptune; however, at maximum range, her shells fall back to earth slowly. Lightly-armored turrets that are disabled easily (if not outright destroyed). Cannot equip the Defensive AA Fire consumable to increase the anti-aircraft suite's potency even further. As with the rest of the British cruiser line, her reliance on armor piercing shells is at times frustrating, as they will either bounce or deal consistently low damage. Torpedo tubes are somewhat exposed, and are disabled frequently when under fire. Very weak armor; she can bounce 152mm rounds at certain angles, but will be easily penetrated by shells larger than that. Cannot equip smoke and radar simultaneously; captains must choose their role before going into battle. The question is going to be whether to go for smoke or radar. Smoke was a no brainer before the the gun bloom and smoke nerf. it still is a decent option imo. You'll have to be more aware of the threats than before though. My playstyle involves becoming a light machine gun/mortar position. That means setting up in areas on the maps that have: 1, Good fields of fire 2. Good cover and concealment. That means behind or close to an island I can duck into when shells/torps come calling. 3. Which way are you going to go if you have to vacate the area? You also have to be aware of what radar ships are in the vicinity. So, if you know what to do it boils down into these steps: 1. Pick a spot to set up. 2. Get there ahead of the red tm before you spotted. It does mean you'll be in the second line. Don't go ahead of the dd if your supporting it. 3. Once you target a ship, turn on the smoke and go 1/4 speed and then reverse when the smoke stops. 4. Turn on the hydro. 5. Let the target taste the rainbow. I recommend moving forwards and backwards while in the smoke to prevent someone for shelling you by noting where your shells are coming from. Your visibility range while firing inside is 5.4 km. Be also aware you're now a torp magnet. Hope this helps.
  2. I'll join in. 5 games so far. No detonations known. 2 cases of devastating strikes but that was AP citadel hits.
  3. Nope nada,nyet zero
  4. Okay, played the Ceasar. CA play style keep moving.
  5. I completed Children of the Revolution. I already have the October Revolution. I did not get anything. what gives?
  6. I've been getting better games in the conqueror and I don't go into smoke. BB's who go bow tank into the smoke are being hammered.
  7. The Perth was last sold June 6-9. Selling it? Not likely.
  8. Hey LHM, With Update 0.6.12, the cruisers Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, and Perth are unavailable for purchase and will subsequently be removed from sale in all Premium Shops. They turned out to be excessively efficient in certain battle situations. However, the ships will continue to be available in Containers. Looks like they're gonna be rare ships now.
  9. So blame the ship, not the player? It took time and effort to make the Perth's full potential out. Also, the smoke mod 1 and spotter mod 1.
  10. Nope, Perth was last sold 6/9-6/12. The fact that WG is trying to pull them out of the inventory is interesting.
  11. Probably the stick range before camo
  12. If you're playing in a campaign where you need to kill 35-40 ships, it's useful. Otherwise, not
  13. "He" is a "she".
  14. Might work for the DD's and Emile Bertin, but not for the Atlanta.
  15. Maybe, but an experienced player can make the most of the ship for more consistently than one who doesn't have in depth knowledge of the game mechanics.