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  1. So can the Edinburgh...hydro + radar and it has torps and RN heal.
  2. Been spending the past 2 days going through the inventory and I'll probably end up taking the Kutuzov as well. I used Vigilance rather than DE for when torps come calling in smoke like what almost happened to you. My headache in the past is when folks don't bring their "A" game. Oh, you should also mention one of your prior videos of 5 worst things to do in ranked.
  3. Where is the Kutuzov?

    she's also great for ranked.
  4. It depends on who is divisioned with. Being divisioned is no guarantee he'll win a majority of games. He'll have to look at things he might want to improve first. I recommend looking at LHM's "How to improve your Win Rate" first.
  5. Monarch has potential. 10.4 km visibility (smaller than some CA's), 36% Fire per HE Shell, decent AP and super heal. It's a toss up going against a Tirpitz/ Bismark. Those 2 are better in a push.
  6. heh, just in time for rank
  7. refresh my memory..what tier is she going to be? T7 or T8?
  8. Well, the ships that would benefit from invisi smoke would be the following: 1. DD's 2. Edinburgh -5.52 km 3. Chapyev - 6.6 km 4. Atago -6.6 km Kutuzov is going to be iffy -7.72 km. I normally turn on the hydro when I'm in smoke with this ship. No TD protection
  9. A Bismark is in or behind smoke and hasn't fired the main guns. A red dd is spotted 8 km out by another ship. Bismark goes CNTRL + LMB (secondaries main focus) . Can the dd spot him at that point?
  10. I'm in a clan, but I'm more comfortable playing solo. I'll agree with the others: 1. Play a ship you're comfortable with. And play the hell out of it. 2. I recommend tiers 6-7. 3. And don't hesitate to play ships like the Perth, Belfast or Kutuzov.
  11. Which is where DWT's would come in handy. Or AP bombs. Well at least we won't see BB invisifire.
  12. Edinburgh has Radar option. Radar + Hydro = DD hunter.
  13. Well for me... DD's - Benson, Lo Yang, HSF Harekaze, Kidd and also Hsienyang. CA's - Kutuzov, Edinburgh (radar +hydro) BB's - Alabama, Amagi, Bismark, Tirpitz.
  14. My definition of a premium is this: How much of a floor/ceiling gap are we talking about? How much bang for the buck I'm going to get? Looking at DOY, I see a hard haul to make her work. So not worth spending on her.