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  1. Bill_Halsey

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Be a trust fund baby? Get a sugar mama?
  2. Bill_Halsey

    Low tier is for learning.

    T4 is the upper limit of low tiers. That's because WG excepted T4 from +/- 2 matchmaking. You will not see a T5 in a T3 match and rarely in a T4 match.
  3. That's the fun part ain't it.How do you determine if the Smol driver is a potato or on experten?
  4. 25k steel..I'd say impossible for the first year.
  5. Bill_Halsey

    To lemming or not to lemming?

    You have to divine the reason why the lemming train occurs and it's simple. 2 reasons: 1. I wanna be safe! 2. I wanna pew pew! They go from A to C lengthening the time they don't get shot at and pot shot at ships in range. And when they get to C and find out it's red, what do they do? Stall and hide behind islands! Why? Because they do not want to be shot at. The bad tm ( the lemming tm is the slightly worse one) rolls up the weak flank and catches the ships in a crossfire. I've held up the weak flank far too many times by my lonesome far too many times for my taste. Unfortunately, someone has to do it.
  6. The early adopters of the Smol had a grand time since no one can figure out who to counter the ship. The "casual" players heard about an OP ship and started saving their coal. The others in the meantime determined how to counter the Smol. The johnnie come latelys bought their ships and proceed to potato their way. And get blapped. I've seen Smols get blapped in the first 5 minutes on a game. The results reflect the skill.
  7. Bill_Halsey

    Hindenburg build

    And the one I'm using. Also recommended by Flamu. Lutjens givens +1 degree/sec buff for 9 degrees/sec total. The perk "Iron Strike" comes into play when you get 140 main battery hits. Stacked with Ar, 7 second rof is possible.
  8. Bill_Halsey

    Hindenburg build

    *Waves Hand Lazily* I dunno why your so invested in the "con" side of it. I say it works and you say it's not worth it. Okay fine. I'm not planning to convince you and good luck convincing me.
  9. Bill_Halsey

    Hindenburg build

    You know that's a good idea to trade in IFHE for RPF for clan battles. Especially it's only 1 BB in the tm.
  10. Bill_Halsey

    Hindenburg build

    The Krem started running for the border and went dark for the last 5-10 minutes of the game when I started hitting him. Kurfurst went island waifu so became a sitting target. And I was doing the long range sniper role for most of the game. Edit: If you factor in Krem and Yammie are the favorite BB's in clan battles ..well it becomes a no brainer.
  11. Bill_Halsey

    Hindenburg build

    Dunno. Tried it and can't argue the results. First game: Trading in a higher fire chance against guaranteed pen hits for all BB's is not a bad choice. Buffed ROF + AR + Lutjens means an ROF of 7 seconds or lower. Spotter plus extended range mod means you can hit island waifus at >18 km with tight dispersion. So a perfect counter to bow tanking Kremlins and Yamatos. Useful in clan battles.
  12. Please..that's an insult to explorers. call them vacationers instead. A better award would be the order of the Chihuahua..all bark end no bite. Words on one face: Yo Quero Taco Bell? (TM) The other face: RUN FOR THE BORDER!
  13. Bill_Halsey

    Hawkins - What is the ship's role?

    10 point one.
  14. Not really impressed with Hawkins.