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  1. To my knowledge replay files are still buggy and WOWs hasn't done much for game replays since the beginning. You still have to access them through external files and there are still no in game tools to manipulate replay files that i'm aware of. Also replays are limited to the player's perspective during the battle replay. I think we would all like and benefit from an in game replay browser with many viewing options such as first person, free camera, shot follow, fast forward, rewind etc. One interesting idea I have for a replay mode would be a top down map of the battlefield where you can track every single ship (friend or foe), every shot fired, every torpedo spread, every salvo damage etc. This way you could replay a match and study global match strategies and figure out what went right or wrong rather than just focussing on the player's perspective. Thoughts?
  2. Here are some ideas to make high tier matches more skill based. Perhaps a specialized "Iron Mode" challenge if you will. 1- Remove enemy player name tags, health and ship names. Instead of seeing a huge neon red sign above spotted enemy ships that tells you what ship it is or how much health it has, rely on player's knowledge of the game and visual clues to figure out what they are fighting and where they are going. 2- Remove torpedo aiming prediction. As it is now, ships with torpedoes can switch to torps and watch the prediction reticule to figure out committed movements by enemies before launching torps. There are no prediction reticles for any other ordinance in the game, torpedos don't need it either. 3- Remove last known position of an enemy ship. Rely on player's memory of where an enemy was last spotted instead of markers on the map to remind you. Although this is an arcade game, I think a more skill based mode would be fun and engaging to a lot of us long time players. The idea is to take away some of the "training wheels" built into the game and allow players to battle in a slightly more realistic mode.
  3. Whenever I unlock / receive a new ship I always run it a few times in co-op before taking them into randoms. it's good to get an idea of how she will handle no matter how experienced you are. Also, I own 7 CVs and have never taken one into random yet. I stick to co-op and scenarios and now that I have around 50 battles or so with each CV, I'm finally feeling confident enough to bring them to randoms sometime soon.
  4. RType_RM

    Current update issues

    Strange, "red dots" graphical glitches that only appear on my Scharnhorst B and permanent halloween camo Izumo. This only happened after the last patch.
  5. Yeah, it does seem kind of weird that you can know that your planes are detected but can't see who is spotting them if you think about it, but no more weird than you knowing when a DD is spotting your ship but you can't see it. In the case of ships knowing when they are spotted, this is an important part of the game as the information is vital. CV players knowing when their planes are being spotted might be just as important .
  6. Not sure what that has to do with my post. I wouldn't be opposed to the entire winning team keeping their signal flags if they die or not. I just think it would sweeten victory a bit either way.
  7. Hmm. I have yet to spend actual money on signal flags. I know you can buy them but all of mine come from daily crates and spending coal or event currency in the arsenal.
  8. Seems to me that some people will do this anyway and if you are not winning, then you are not saving your signal flags. To me this would make winning (aka playing the objectives) more important instead of selfish play and damage farming.
  9. Why not allow players to keep their signal flags if they win and survive a battle? Kind of a bonus for winning the match perhaps?
  10. Like a medic in FPS games, perhaps have a consumable that helps heal nearby ships. Perhaps it will help nearby ships put out fires quicker as well, complete with firehose spouts dosing a friendly's fire problem if it's close enough. Adding more direct assistance / support roles might add some new dimension to the game.
  11. Good idea but I'd rather just see a small, unobtrusive icon next to friendly player's name when they are spotted so you'd know who is spotted or not without the need for ingame messages.
  12. CVs are OP, particularly manual drops which take the least amount of skill of any aspect of the game. CVs need to be taken out of the game until they can be balanced correctly... somehow.
  13. RType_RM

    Change to Auto-Resupply

    Agreed. At the end of a battle I will see a deduction in dubaloons due to restocking signal flags that have run out. I *never* want to pay dubs for signal flags yet it does so automatically because I accidently made a mistake and forgot to disable it.