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  1. Tom_Mack

    Cant DL Update, need Help

    Final Update Charter Spectrum does not allow or permit P2P ( Torrent ) file transfers or downloads across the network, therefore I am SOL. Unless Wargaming offers other alternatives, like they did last week, I guess I'm done with WoWs. Oh well, was a fun 16k games. Peace
  2. Tom_Mack

    Cant DL Update, need Help

    I did sir, yes
  3. With the new WGC, i can no longer update the game. I've tried Port Forwarding and reinstalling the game multiple times, nothing works. Any thoughts or ideas to correct this issue would be much appreciated. I've included a PIC below to show what happens... T
  4. Tom_Mack

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    JB... A BB with reload booster, what’s not to like.