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  1. Yes, if there is enough dds in a match. If there are only 2 per side or less, you don't have that luxury
  2. Are you interested in joining a new clan that isn't dead?

  3. In those German dds where you have a choice, which gun caliber do you chose, the 128 or the 150 mm? The 150 mm are real thumper guns that can punish broadside cruisers with AP, but their ROF is a disadvantage in a close-quarters fight with other dds. I've chosen the 128's in the past as a default but now I'm questioning my choice. Are the different calibers better in different battle modes (Random vs Ranked, vs Scenario, etc.)?
  4. AMajor

    Updated Radar Ship List

    Where did you find this?
  5. AMajor

    Updated Radar Ship List

    Have the file in both Excel and PDF. Happy sailing fellow DD captains! Radar Ships.xlsx Radar ships.pdf
  6. AMajor

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    I just wanted to say, well done! With any new ship, it is always a tedious exercise to research the proper captain's skills and upgrades by watching videos, going to the forum, looking at the WIKI, etc.. Having that in the video is invaluable to new captains. PLEASE continue to include this important information in future news videos. Yes, please don't fall out of your chairs because I'm saying something nice instead of whining For my fellow WOWs posters, please let Hapa know what you thought about the video. Do you agree with me that the information that they provided is helpful? We have plenty of time to argue about the relative merits of the ships, blah, blah.
  7. AMajor

    Have a question for T8-10 cruiser drivers

    Thank you Navalpride33 and LAnybody for your thoughtful insights. Naval, I would pay attention to what LA said. I have both the Fletcher and the Gearing. As a standard build, the Fletcher is the more formidable foe. The problem with the Gearing is that she is SO adaptable that with changes in her upgrades and Captain's skills she can transform into anything from a pure gunship to a torp boat (and even an AA escort). The Gearing's superpower is that you never actually know who she really is until you meet in battle and she starts firing. Also, don't underestimate the RN dds. Those single-fire torps are hell on cruisers sailing bow in to me in my Jutland and Daring. There is NO other dd line that can specifically target bow on cruisers better than the RN dds.
  8. Full disclosure, I play dds mostly. I have T8-10 dds in the USN, IJN, German, British, and Pan Asian lines. For me, there are certain cruisers that will cause me to change my strategy in order to avoid them as long as possible in the game. Because I am asking for information I will disclose some (not all) of the cruisers that will cause me to avoid certain areas of the map. No surprise, the long-duration T9-10 Radar cruisers are a pain to deal with. Also, the British cruisers tend to punch higher than their weight when going after dds. I am curious. What T8-10 dds do you all pay attention to in battle and why? Not asking to give away any cruiser secrets, but I would like to hear a different perspective other than other dd drivers.
  9. AMajor

    WoWS Wiki Editing

    I would also like to know more about suggesting changes to the Wiki pages. Some of the suggested Captain's skills on dds are very much dated.
  10. On Feb 9, this was posted in the Support thread "Okay...searched for an hour...cannot find how to allocate some of my personal resources to my clan. Can that even be done? Thanks all...BasqueJacque" I would like to bring this issue up again and express my desire to have future updates enable this action. There is already a mechanism to do this through the clan treasury. Could there be potential abuses? Yes, but I believe that with the proper controls/incentives, the abuse could be kept to a minimum. This would be another way to strengthen to ties between clan members and allow those of use who have built up signals and camo that we will never use to our newer clan members who are relatively new to the game.
  11. AMajor

    Did ya' ever wonder........?

    WOW! the crickets are very loud. Not even one response?
  12. "A wave hit the ship" "some of them are built so that the front doesn't fall off at all" "There are regulations governing the materials that they can be made of...cardboard's out,...no paper...no string...no tape"
  13. AMajor

    Which Destroyer LIne

    Take some time and watch some videos of one of the best dds players in the game. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CVV_QxU4CesZL5pvdJw4A