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  1. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    I know, right. I love her, but she can be the most frustrating ship to play. In multiple games, I've had over 150K damage but our team still lost because the red cruisers (which I can't do anything about other than annoy with my pew pew guns) just keep pushing and melt my team.
  2. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    Yes, WOWs made significant changes to ship upgrades. Without going into a long discussion, the Readers Digest version is that many torp-centric and hybrid dds have used upgrade choices to speed up their torpedos. You also have a choice as a cruiser or BB to pick an upgrade to be able to spot all torps at 1.9 km, but you have to give up important upgrades to choice it. Personally, I have not outfitted my cruisers this way because it gives up too much. Our torps are now faster than they were, so you will have to react faster to avoid them. FYI, hydro on cruisers are a great equalizer.
  3. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    Crzy_Train, I take exception to that comment. I am neither a clubber or a sneak. I am a dd driver (and a proud one at that). My ONE superpower in this game is my stealth. There are multiple threats that can kill me in a heartbeat (spotter planes, radar, hydro). IF I can avoid those threats and IF I can avoid making any mistakes, I can position myself behind an island to kill a BB at short range. At just over 3000 battles, you are relatively new to this game. I would request that you think about your responses in this forum. This community has a long memory. I invite you to message me and we will go into the Training Room and you can see for yourself that I am neither a clubber or a sneak. I can teach you how to avoid torps in a BB if your willing. The goal of ALL of us is to play the game to the best of our abilities.
  4. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    This Amen brother.
  5. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    We are a sneaky, bastard bunch aren't we? (he says with evil laugh)
  6. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    Also, make sure that you travel with a good cruiser. Us dd mains will target you if you're alone, but we will reposition if you have a cruiser escort
  7. AMajor

    Invisibe DD's?

    What tier are you playing in? I will give you concealment distances of the dds that you might face.
  8. AMajor

    WOWs is featuring the Kidd today

    wow, I can hear the crickets. Not even one post?
  9. In the newsfeed today, WOWs is featuring the Kidd. I love this little ship, but she's not an easy ship to be good in and with the current meta, you can't just sail into caps thinking that you're going to bully any other dd out. RED DDs BRING FRIENDS, usually of the cruiser variety and often with radar or hydro. From the newsfeed, " VIII Kidd is a U.S. destroyer that can pose a real threat to Key Areas and is ideal for short-range knife fights with enemy counterparts". So, how often this weekend are we going to watch new KIdd drivers sail into caps to pick a fight with dds only to get crossfired by the cruisers that they didn't see? Heal and smoke aren't enough to make up for stupid. The worst part of this is that these players will have payed $40 for a premium USN dd that has a steep learning curve and when they don't do well, they will trash her name......and they will break my heart. She is a REAL museum ship (usskidd.com) if anyone wants to visit her. Watching multiple Kidds die in the first 5 minutes of battle over the weekend is not going to be fun. I think that I need a virtual hug.
  10. AMajor

    Have a WILD suggestion

    Latest outing in my "Huan" in the Operation of the Week (Aegis). 5 stars, third in the team. PLEASE, RN dd folks, try her. Fast firing guns, crawling smoke, and torps.
  11. AMajor

    She's still got it, even with the CVs

    It wasn't for lack of trying. Three of the kills were other dds and the guns were the right tool at the moment. There was also at least two great torpedo beats by the red team cruisers (so close!).
  12. AMajor

    She's still got it, even with the CVs

    Did I just detect an "A Team" reference????
  13. AMajor

    She's still got it, even with the CVs

    No, I had tough red team dds. The lucky part of the game was that when I smoked up my cruisers and then got out of the smoke and pointed out the red dds, they assisted with chunking them down.
  14. Got frustrated playing my Gearing in Ranked, so I decided to revisit an old friend. She only has a 10 point captain these days, but she plays as tough as I remember. The game wasn't easy; I had to work hard and keep my head on a swivel, but the results speak for themselves. The Clemson is still a powerful ship at her tier. It was nice to get a little affirmation that I'm not a complete potato player So, if you're feeling a bit frustrated this weekend, try going back to your roots. The Clemson, the Nicholas, the Farragut are all great ships, even with the CVs lurking about. Try getting reacquainted with an old friend.
  15. AMajor

    Have a WILD suggestion

    Those of you who have this ship, take her into this week's Scenario "Killer Whale". A great choice to thump those red bots!