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  1. AMajor

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    Getting to 1 in Ranked with my Shima. Whoop whoop!
  2. AMajor

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    Yugumo with TRB and RPF will be killers unless they're matched against Fletcher/Jutland/Akizuki etc.
  3. AMajor

    Best looking modern warship?

    Agreed. Even with all of the modern designs, the Slava class projects the "Loaded for Bear" look that few modern warships can match.
  4. AMajor

    UU for the Harugumo

    Not if you compensate with an upgrade change and some modified playstyle. The UU decreases the torpedo traverse speed by 70%. Pick Torpedo Tubes Mod 1 in Slot 3 to get a 20% boost in traverse speed. This leaves a UU Shima with a 50% reduction in traverse speed. I admit that at first, I didn't like it at all but it grew on me. As long as I remember that I can't snap those tubes around as fast as before, I play more strategic and if I do want to switch sides, I find a nice handy island, make the turn, wait for the tubes to catch up, and then pop out the other side. The UU Shima is ABSOLUTELY the wrong build if you like to run those Type F3 screamer torps (living dangerously with 8 km range). If you watch King of the Sea matches, many teams have UU Shimas loaded with the Type93 torps (20 km range). I've never been able to make those 93's work, but some of my clan members swear by them. I'm sticking with my 12 km torps for now. 25% torpedo reload time is not insignificant. In some matches, it is the difference between halting a push and having to run away.
  5. AMajor

    UU for the Harugumo

    The Gearing (conceal) is definitely worth the cost and the Shima (torp) is as well as long as you compensate for the torp traverse penalty by buffing with other Upgrades/Captain's skills).
  6. AMajor

    UU for the Harugumo

    Question for those in the community who have this ship (I am a member of that group). Is the additional smoke (action time, dispersion and number) worth losing Concealment System Mod 1?
  7. Our clan is having trouble assembling for clan battles because random members are showing up as "offline" even though they are clearly in the game. It's not the same people all the time, it's different clan members that go from white to grey. Exiting the game and then rejoining works for a little bit (one second) and then they are listed as grey again. A couple clan members actually uninstalled and reinstalled the game to see if that helped (it didn't). When we finally do assemble 7 players, we quickly launch a clan battle, but one or more of our members ship names will be blank in the launch screen (the thought of invisible ships in clan is intriguing but I digress). Once we're in a Clan battle, everything works fine, it's just getting to it that has become problematic and frustrating. This problem started with the latest update. We have submitted a ticket and are waiting a response. I'm hoping that the collective brain trust can help us with our glitch. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. AMajor

    Nice review of the T10 Tech Tree DDs

    I'm glad that you were able to make it work. The review of these dds were quite accurate and I struggled along with him as I watched the video as he put the ships into the different categories. The key was, "How do they perform as solo warriors fulfilling the dd's primary missions". It pains me to agree that my stalwart T10 champion, the Gearing, has slipped to B status.
  9. AMajor

    Nice review of the T10 Tech Tree DDs

    I just tried it and it launches fine. Not sure what's going wrong for you.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFlj5vEYTgI
  11. AMajor

    Premium/New dds tool

    My Clan was struggling with some of the premium/new dds that they were seeing in Random/Competitive play so I put together this spreadsheet so that a player can tell at a glance the characteristics of each ship. Will keep adding as new T9-10 dds are added to the game. Enjoy! dd stats 2.xlsx dd stats 2 printable.xlsx
  12. AMajor

    Easiest/Hardest Class to Git Gud At

    Agreed. While in general, dds are challenging, there are lines and types that are easier to play. Stealthy, torp-centric dds are the most forgiving for not dying early as long as you're smart about not pushing into caps early (just be aware that until you get practiced in aiming torps, you won't be wracking up a bunch of damage). The smokeless gunboat dds are the most challenging to master because one mistake in positioning gets you shot up badly without the "get-out-of jail free" that smoke provides. For newer players interested in playing dds, I would recommend starting with the torp line of IJN dds or the USN dds if you prefer to contest caps.
  13. I prefer to display 3 rows of ships. It hasn't been a problem. until last night. My graphics setting is windowed at 1600x900 (has been for awhile). With those settings, I can only display 2 rows. I have to switch to full-screen in order to display 3 rows again 9not my preferred option). What changed and how can I make the game give me 3 rows in a windowed setting? Waiting your response.