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  1. Played 4 games tonight with T8-9 IJN dds (2 with the Akizuki, 2 with the Yagumo). Was yelled at by my team early for not attacking the closest cap. I think that it's residual resentment over the fact that we held back during the recent flood of CVs in the game (BTW - highest plane count in a single ship (46) with the Akizuki - we still lost). I think that the other players in the game feel like we abandoned them during the 2 CV games recently. There is some truth to that. I did not play my torp boats until the CVs thinned out. Attached is one game tonight. Was yelled at early in the game for not going straight for the 1st cap. I was proven right, but never got any acknowledgement even after I went above the 100K damage and helped win the game for my team by capturing a second cap and having a devstrike on a BB in the process. It feels as if there is some latent anger against us IJN players. Curious what you guys think.
  2. AMajor

    WOW, tough night tonight in Random and Ranked

    New personal record .....46 shot down by Asizuki!
  3. AMajor

    WOW, tough night tonight in Random and Ranked

    I don't have her yet, but I'm getting close. I need to know what her weaknesses are so I can have a fair chance of at least neutralizing her and driving her off a cap with a Fletcher.
  4. I set personal records for three different dds tonight in Random: 1) Highest total damage in a game for the ship played (100K+) (Yugumo and Shiratsuyu); 2) Most planes shot down in a single game (20) (Akizuki); 3) Most torpedo hits in a game above T6 (9) (Shiratsuyu). My team ended up losing each game. I fought my butt off to carry my teams, but the fear of CVs has made Random players even more unpredictable than they were before. MY normally reliable Fletcher can't seem to do much in Ranked. I went back down to Coop to make sure that I had my guns set right (top in 2 games), went to Random (1 win 1 loss, held my own), but I'm getting my butt handed to me by the Kitakazes because my team runs to a cap and clusters there. I will take my personal wins tonight and be grateful, but if any of you have suggestions to help me do better, that would be great.
  5. Is there anywhere on this forum where I could set up a date/time and have a real time discussion via chat with my Deputy Commanders? we need to discuss how to get more of our clan on at the same time to participate in clan battles.
  6. Thanks all for the excellent advice. I've put RL back on my IJN torp boats because now I'm a bit addicted to the Captain's skill now that I know how to use it better. My highest IJN gun dd is a different story. The Akizuki plays very different than other IJN dds and IFHE is almost a must for her. As far as the USN dds, the Benson and Fletcher Captains usually (but not always) have RL. The Gearing is a different story. Still trying to figure out the best captains skills, consumables, and flags to set her up with.
  7. AMajor

    What exactly is the DD Mafia?

    They weren't but they came close. If the Midway battle had gone the other way, it would have been a very different Pacific battle.
  8. AMajor

    What exactly is the DD Mafia?

    I'd suggest something like "Proud member of the Tin Can Navy" for your sig if you want to avoid the stigma. Great suggestion. Thank you all for your insites. I get it now. Did I whine a bit when the new radar cruisers showed up? Yes, but I adapted. I have a spreadsheet taped to the top of my computer with every radar ship. it's Tier, range, and duration. I will fire at you just to bait out your radar just before I dive behind an island and come around the other side and start making you pay after your radar is done. There are very strong dds in the game that when played well seem a bit unfair. The Kagero with TRB is like having a Shimikaze in the game. The Fletcher with a 19 pt captain in the right hands should scare any player. There are also very strong cruisers that counter us dds. It's all about balance. OK, guess that I'm not a part of the Mafia, I don't want to nerf the game to make it easier for us little ships. BTW - can't wait until next week when the CVs show up. I have some surprises for them (Kidd, Akizuki, Sims, etc)
  9. AMajor

    What exactly is the DD Mafia?

    Just so everyone is clear, I put my tagline as "proud member of the DD Mafia" to signal that I am a dd Main player, not that I think that WOWs should preferentially treat dds different than other ships. If there is something more nefarious or devious in that moniker, I will change it.
  10. AMajor

    What exactly is the DD Mafia?

    Thank you for that clever bit of humor. Seriously, why all this vitriol of dd players?
  11. AMajor

    What exactly is the DD Mafia?

    There is a lot of disparaging talk on the forum about the DD Mafia. What exactly is that? I play WOWs primarily as a dd driver because I enjoy playing the ship type more than cruisers and BBs. Am I a stealthy torp thrower in my Kagero? Dang skippy I am because that's her job. Can I rain fire down on a BB or cruiser from behind an island or in smoke in my Fletcher? Again, that's part of my job. I can also lose 1/3 of my hp when one of you gets a hit on me. Am I a member of this DD Mafia just because I prefer to play destroyers? If not, than what is it?
  12. In anticipation of the new patch and influx of CVs, I'm going to reconfigure three of my ships as AA fleet defenders (Atlanta, Akizuki, and Kidd). I've never had a captain with the Manual Fire control for AA. Would one of the community please point out a video or discussion as to how to use this captain's skill. Thanks a bunch!
  13. Played a game two days ago where I did just over 100k damage, played quite well if I say so myself, and our team still lost. I was driving a Yugumo (a new ship for me). She's setup with consumables and Captain's skills as a torp thrower. I, along with a cruiser, engaged almost 1/3 of the red team in contesting the western C cap while 2/3 of my team went for the eastern A cap. I kept sending torps into the cap, and the red team kept turning away. My cruiser ended up nailing the Gearing as he was dodging my torps. I think that he was frustrated with me not entering the cap, so he decided to push and got himself killed. As soon as that happened, two BBs and a cruiser started pushing the cap (silly captains). It was intense, but by the time that it was over a T10 BB was dead and a T9 cruiser and T9 BB had lost 1/2 of their health and moved away. I captured the cap. Meanwhile, my team had capped A (eastern) and were on their way to B cap the last time I checked the minimap. The fight with the two BBs and cruiser kept my attention forward so once it was done, I glanced at the minimap to see how close the cavalry were and to my amazement, most of them were dying in or near the B cap. I don't know how or why they got themselves brutalized, but they did. I kept fighting and throwing torps, but the weight of numbers finally caught up with me. I'm still chewing over this battle. I played it right, and we still lost. Grumble, grumble. I guess that I wanted to vent to someone. Feel free to tell your own story. It'll probably make you feel better.
  14. A video that you may want to watch before you respond
  15. Have enjoyed playing the Kagero and now have her captain in the Yugumo (16 pt). Two very specific questions: 1) Consumable: Torpedo reload booster or smoke? Since her guns are better, I've played a few Co-op games with smoke and have found it very advantageous to fire within. I know what TRB does from my time in the Kagero. Which one is more advantageous for this particular ship? 2) Captain's Skill: Is RPF worth the 4 points on this ship? He already has TAE and I'd love to use at least 3 of the points for SE or SI.