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  1. Would you be willing to division up with me in game?
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions for some good "How to play" videos for the Buffalo? I've looked, but there doesn't seem to be much other than the "first impressions" vids that were made for her. In my games so far, I just seem to be a target for BBs no matter how close I tuck behind an island. Heal doesn't help much when one volley takes 1/2 of your HP. Another way to do this is to have a good USN cruiser player division up with me in game and instruct me where to set up for optimum effect in the game. I can do voice chat or Discord.
  3. Sorry to have scared you. All of us who have friends and/or family working on the Great Lakes ships collectively hold our breath during November. I grew up in Upstate NY. I have experienced first hand how a beloved body of water (Lake Ontario) can go from producing life-affirming summer sunsets over glass-still waters in July to truly terrifying November storms when the wind piles up the water on a strong westerly wind.
  4. It does cure a bunch. The 5.6 km detection makes a big difference and the other perks help as well. The problem that most people have with this ship is that there are SO many choices on her builds that it takes time to configure her to "fit" a particular play style. Too many people are using the "standard" hybrid builds. If your strength is in gunplay, build her as a gunboat, If you love throwing fish (like I do), build her different. The important thing is to commit to the build and play her according to the choices that you make. Yes and no. I have both, with 19 pt captains in each. I love both of them. I completely understand why people could make a valid argument that the two ships could be flipped. The reality is that they are at the right tier. The Gearing is more adaptable and more flexible than the Fletcher. That's what puts her at T10. Straight up stats for my two ships currently (your results will very according to Captain's Skills, upgrades, etc). Concealment Gun Number Gun Distance Torps Gearing 5.6 3x2 (127 mm) 11.1 km 8.4 km (71 kts), 13.2 kms (71 kts), or 16.5 kms (66 kts) 2x5 launchers Fletcher 5.8 5x1 (127 mm) 12.9 km 10.5 kms (66 kts) 2x5 launchers Just as an added confirmation, check out this Ytube video:
  5. It is November. Another November storm is upon the Great Lakes. Prayers for all of the crew to make it home safe tonight. "Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours"
  6. Absolutely agreed. She can be anything from a gunboat to a torp boat to an AA escort and lots of hybrid things in between. The challenge is to find the build that fits your particular play style and it will take playing some games, changing up captains skills, upgrades, and torpedoes, playing some more games, changing some more until you find that sweet spot where she works for you. Just as an example, my most recent Gearing build is a torp centered build (I call it my "Shima-lite"). My disclaimer is that I have the Legendary Upgrade for this ship and a 19 pt captain. She has 5.6 km concealment with 13.2 km torps that travel at 71 knots (TAE and TA as captains skills plus RL to point out where the other dds are). I surprise the heck out of island camping radar cruisers. Oops, just gave away some info......if you see me in game, forget what I said The important thing to remember is that even with a full gun build, you can't sail her like a cap bully the same way that you can with something like the Kidd. I've seen too many players do this thinking that she's invincible. T10 dds have Hydro, some have Radar, and there are always radar cruisers and sometimes planes who want you dead. Don't go into caps alone. Bring friends. Each of the T10 dds has weapons that can hurt the Gearing. Shima has her torp wall, Haru, Khab, and Graz have their guns, the Z-52 has her hydro, the Daring has concealment and the Kleber has her speed (I haven't mentioned the premiums because that discussion can go on and on). Individually, each dd can do something better than the Gearing. Collectively, they can't match her versatility. When it really matters, I have two ships that I reach for. My Shima and my Gearing.
  7. After fiddling around with Captain's skills moving some of my captains from tech tree to premium ships and back, plus being a little frustrated with the ultimate build out of some of my 19 pt captains, I have an idea. How many times have you wished that you could have just ONE more 3 pt skill to put give your best captains? It's always that one skill that you know could help you fight your ships better but you have to compromise. My idea is that WOWs allow us to earn 21 pt "Expert Captains". Here's the parameters that I'm thinking of: 1) They would be specific to a class and Nation (i.e. USN dds, IJN cruisers, Russian BBs). They could not be used across classes (can't use a USN dd expert captain in a USN cruiser, BB, or CV). 2) Each account would have a limit on the number of Expert Captains (say 2 per ship class). That would force players to decide on those nations/classes that they want to have one of these captains. It means that no player can have an expert on every nation and class. 3) Achieving one of these captains should be hard, but should not be dependent on competitive play (I'm thinking specifically about Clan play). Earning them should be a reward for individual play, but it can't be so high that only the best players can achieve it. It should be attainable, but not without some serious effort (much like the Legendary Upgrades). 4) Once you have one of these "Expert Captains" you could move them into any of their Nation/Line specialties and change captains skills without being charged doubloons. 5) Expert captains could not be used on Premium ships. 6) If you're using an Expert Captain, there should be some type of marker on your ship that indicates that your ship is so equipped in game. I realize that it will mean that you will be focused on by the red team, but it only seem fair since you'll be bringing a gun to a knife fight. I'm not even sure that this is possible for the programmers to build into the game, but I think that it would be a great goal for players to works towards. I'm now looking to all of you to think about the unintended consequences and to add or subtract to my parameters. If we all can come to some sort of consensus, I will propose it as a change to the WOWs development group. What do you all think?
  8. First, I want to admit that I am a dd main and I don't have a lot of battles in T7-9 cruisers. The Buffalo is my newest cruiser and she has an 11 pt captain. I'm doing decent against other cruisers, but I'm getting deleted by BBs with one volley when I approach them bow on. What angle do I have to take when shooting at BBs in this ship? Should I kite away and shoot that way? Are their any good videos or other write-ups that will help with my BB problem (I've searched Buffalo play and came up wit ha few that haven't been all that helpful)? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. This is what can happen when your hyper-focused on avoiding ships that can kill you and dealing damage to those that you can hurt. I call it the "Holy Crap!" advantage. It happens to most of us, loading into a game we weren't ready for.
  10. I first posted this discussion to the general gameplay section and a couple of forum members suggested that I post specifically to the PVE Content, so here I am. I apologize to any forum member for the double post if you've already seen this topic in general discussion. If you check out my stats, you will see that I have played a little over 1,800 battles in Coop and my stats are quite good. The reason that I mention that is that although I play primarily Random and Ranked, I do have experience in Coop play. When I get a new ship, I always like to play 5-10 games in Coop to make sure that I have her handling/gun arcs/torp angles/etc. figured out before I wander into the world of Random play. Recently, our clan has adopted a bunch of new players, so us Deputy Commanders have been working with the new clan members in Coop games. More than one of us has commented that the bot AI feels significantly upgraded in Coop these days. While there is still plenty of the straight sailing, pushing hard tactics of the red bots of old, I've seen a lot more behavior from the red team that looks a lot more human-like (radar cruisers behind islands, red dds setting up island ambushes using radar, etc.). The red dds in particular are acting a lot like the Training Room dd bots turned to the highest AI setting. No longer is Coop a place where you can almost guarantee a win, there are games when you have to work hard at the win and the games are close. I can come up with 3 possible reasons: 1) the bot AI has been bumped up a bit, 2) human players are playing Coop differently than they used to, and 3) the bot AI is the same, but my personal perception has changed. I don't believe that it's #3 since I'm not the only one in the clan who has mentioned this. Could it be a combination of #1 and #2? Just curious if you PVE main players have noticed and increase in the bot AI skill. As an aside, even though I am a dd main player, I would be very supportive of having a cap on the number of dd players in coop games, especially at tiers where the BBs tend to be on the slow side. Us dds do have an unfair advantage grabbing HP with our speed and rapidly reloading torps. If you're thinking of putting together a recommendation to the WOW programmers, you can sign me up as one of the players who support the idea. Don't everyone fall off their chair at once........not all members of the DD Mafia are created equal.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the AI level of the Bots in Coop appears to be elevated recently? It isn't just me, some of my clan mates have commented on it too. They aren't coming in dumb and straight like they used to. I'm not complaining, it makes Coop matches more interesting and more challenging, but I don't remember seeing anything on it in the forum or elsewhere. Did I miss a memo?
  12. AMajor


    Understand the the Asashio has deepwater torps. Her torps CANNOT hit cruisers and dds, but they wreck BBs. They have a 20 km range. Having her in game means that you are a BB killer specialist. After you've taken care of the majority of the red BBs, you can switch to a gun dd (kind of). She is an acquired taste.
  13. AMajor

    SAP just destroys DDs

    You already did. We've added your name to our list of players to pay attention to in-game and annihilate at the earliest opportunity. OK, seriously, SAP is just another variable in the gameplay for us dd players. Us dd mains have learned over the last two years that we have to adapt our playstyle as WOWs makes changes. It takes us a little while to make the changes and our win rate might dip a bit until we figure out a counter, but then we share that with the rest of the community and sail on. FYI - thanks for the tip. Going to be looking for Italian cruisers in-game and taking them out early if possible.
  14. My DD Mafia cohort may not like me giving away our secrets, but in the interest of improving overall gameplay, please pay particular attention when you see an Asashio on the red team. Our deepwater torps can't hit cruisers and dds, so we will avoid these ships for at least the first 1/2 of the match and laser focus specifically on you BBs. Our torps have a 20 km range, ridiculous detection, and they hit like a truck. Our detection at 5.4 km is one of the best in the game at T8-10. She is a premium ship, so don't be surprised if we have one of our high skill captains in her (I use my 19 pt Yagumo captain). You have to modify your gameplay if you know that I am in the game. The first thing that you do is notify your teammates that I am a high risk target for you and I need to be focus fired on if I am spotted (I will be doing my best to remain invisible). Second, become best friends with one of your dds or light cruisers and ask them to sail point for you when you decide that you want to push into a cap or sail down a gap between islands. Hydro ships are the best at this, but realistically, any non-BB ships will do. My torps can't hurt them, so it's not like you're asking them to put themselves in harms way. Their torp detection will give you the advanced warning that you need to try and avoid my torps. Third, try and avoid bunching up with other BBs on the map. All that does is make me hyper focus on that part of the map and flood it with torps. Fourth, stop treating me like a typical IJN T8-10 torp dd. I am not a Shima, Yugumo, or Kagero. I won't be in the "typical" places that you look for these ships. I will be somewhere in open water around 13-15 km away (to avoid the radar cruisers) tracking your movements and plotting a course where I think that my torps will intercept you. The reason that I'm posting this is that I take no pleasure in lopping off 1/2 of your health every time that I fire a full salvo of torps (including my TRB consumable). I don't play her that much, because I enjoy a more cat-and-mouse game with my other dds. Currently, there are incentives in the game to play her, so I've been playing her more than I usually do and I've seen less than stellar play from red BB drivers. I can be countered with smart situational awareness and good teamwork.
  15. AMajor

    Using your 19-pt Captains on low tier battles?

    Exactly how it feels.