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  1. AMajor

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    Dang, never knew about this! We need to have a permanent thread under destroyers called "dd tools" so that everyone could post things like this all in one place.
  2. AMajor

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    ????????? What's that?
  3. AMajor

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    I only have one monitor, so this wouldn't work well for me. I applaud you for the effort. Can you attach your excel spreadsheet so I can take a look?
  4. AMajor

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    That is absolutely true. What I showed you is what I have AT THIS TIME. That's why the numbers are in pencil. Remember, each ships is at it's own evolution. I've had to grab captains to staff up higher tiered ships. This is an example of a game assist tool. Everything in your post is accurate. In the heat of battle, however, I need to glance at important numbers to me. It's just a tool that I offer up to the community.
  5. AMajor

    Suggestion for fast intel for dd players

    Destroyer_KuroshioKai, what do you think?
  6. I wanted to show the community something that works well for me. I have a log of my dds that shows concealment, torpedo range, and gun range at a glance (see attached files). It's a standard 6x9 notebook. If you look at the attached files, you will also note that I have the torp and gun configuration as well. The two pages that I shared with you all are my IJN dds. The names are in pen, but the numbers are in pencil. That is so when I progress in my captain's skills or add modules I can erase and update the numbers. If you're wondering, the "P" on the first page denotes a premium ship. There is no concealment number because it depends on what captain she has at the time (again, in pencil, so you can write it in temporarily and erase later) Page 3 is the USN dd line. Just working on the German, Russian, and RN lines so they will get their own pages. Yes, it's low tech, but it is a very quick tool to glance at during the loading part of a battle and during gameplay. There are probably more sophisticated ways to do this, but this works and it is FAST (flip the page and get instant info). Let me know if this helps, and please share your tips on dd intel.
  7. AMajor

    Your ideal double DD division?

    If I'm pretty sure that there will be a CV involved, I've had good luck with a full torp build Kagero (no smoke) with a Fletcher with Defensive AA fire and RPF to escort her and provide smoke and AA cover. Yes, you get uptiered, but the 5.4 detection of the Kagero make it VERY hard for other dds to sneak up on you. Radar is the biggest threat to this duo, but it can be managed with good players.
  8. Aslain, been using your mods for a bit now.  Just turned on the "help" feature for captain's skills and signals.  How do I activate and then un-activate the feature?  It pops up from time-to-time and I can't clear it off of the screen.

  9. Radar in a T9 dd could be very useful. Don't need her to help grind my USN dd captains (my T8-10 USN dds all have 19 pt captains) so I can't use that as an excuse. Have the steel, but it's a big buy. What do you all think?
  10. AMajor

    Unique Upgrades

    BTW - thanks to all Forum posters who take time out from the game to help. You guys are the best! Shout out to Jester_of_War, _1204_, and Kizarvexis
  11. AMajor

    Unique Upgrades

    No, it's fine. Now I see it. I've been grinding on both the Gearing and the Shima so I'm well on my way to each.
  12. AMajor

    Unique Upgrades

    I am interested in the Gearing (hull) and Shima (maybe), but they don't show up in my Armory. Where do I have to go to have the option of purchasing them?
  13. AMajor

    Confused in Ranked with USN/IJN dds

    No, the increased reload time (25.5 secs) and decreased damage (-1133) don't make up for the extra 6 km range.
  14. Have 19 Pt Captain in Gearing, 18 Pt Captain in Shima. When in Shima, lots of torp hits and HP, but the teams tend to lose. In Gearing, not so much total damage and lower on the team score, more dd gun hits, and the teams tend to win. Not getting this. Can anyone shed some light?
  15. I forgot to mention that I have the Kidd, a Nasty Knife Fighter with good AA configured right. Maybe she's the Naval Battle right choice with the Benson's 19 pt captain?