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  1. AMajor

    Resetting and captains

    Thank you for the response
  2. If I reset a line, what happens to my captains? I have some fairly high tier gentlemen that I'd prefer not to lose.
  3. Good point, although I don't think that the addition of subs is going to negate the overall strategic objectives of each map.
  4. Not all maps have a video associated with them. I find the videos extremely useful. How can we as a community encourage Wargaming to complete creating a video for each map?
  5. Let me set the stage. I'm in my Shima (LU, 21 pt captain). The game comes up and there are 4 radar cruisers, 2 dds, and a CV (along with the rest of the red team). The map is Greece (tons of islands for the radar cruisers). There is no safe place for me to scout, so I go towards the gap between the A-B caps. I see a chance to grab A cap (tactical objective) and I do it, but now I'm trapped behind an island with 2 radar cruisers taking turns spotting me. I try to exit the cap, but get pounded as I kite away and die early. Our team eventually wins, but no great thanks to me. In a high-threat situation for a torp boat dd, how do you balance the need for spotting for the team early and the more strategic objective of surviving to the med and late parts of the game?
  6. AMajor

    Fearless Brawler Captain's Skill

    Thanks for the advice. Just took FB on my Mogador. Let's see if I can do better in her.
  7. I'd really like to take this skill on some of my gun dds, but I hate losing one of my 3-pt skills (SE, AR, BFT). Is FB worth sacrificing one of these skills (18 and 19 pt captains)?
  8. AMajor

    Looking for a Mod

    Thanks much. I just needed the name. There is a few versions of it. Which do you play and why?
  9. I've lost the mod that shows the direction and turning of the enemy ship that you're aiming at. I use Aslain's modpack, but I went over it with a fine-tooth-comb and I can't seem to find it. What am I missing?
  10. I use Aslain's mods for the game. I want the numbers underneath the crosshairs that Nomogrm classic gives you. I have the latest Aslain's download and the damn game isn't giving me what I want. It's been this way for a couple of weeks. Please help me fix this, WOWs community. I rely on your collective wisdom.
  11. AMajor

    Wiki page update

    I was checking out the page and I came across this little gem, "a skilled commander is worth his weight in gold-pressed latinum ...". Gotta love the Star Trek reference. The nerd factor in this game makes me grin sometimes.
  12. AMajor

    Tin hat for me or has anyone else thought the same?

    It's subtle, but it's there. The AI on the Coop bots has been turned up a little bit. Not every bot in every game, but yea, our clan noticed it last night. For example, we watched bot dds actually slow down and hide behind islands instead of blindly moving forward at full speed. I actually welcome the bots getting smarter. Makes Coop games more interesting.
  13. Starting with my T7 dds, for the first 10 points I take preventative maintenance(1), last stand(2), and concealment expert(4). Which is the best 3 point skill to take first adrenalin rush or survivability expert?
  14. When is the Wiki page going to be updated with the new Commander Skills for individual ships?
  15. AMajor

    Radar Ships Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the corrections. Belfast 43 and Wichita are corrected. Radar Ships.xlsx