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  1. svx94

    Public Test 0.9.8

    German CV autopilot is still very buggy. Why does it different than other countries' CV?
  2. suffered the same problem.
  3. Few suggestions on carriers: 1. The gun sight visibility should never affected by weather, smoke etc. The German attack plane's gun sight lacks of contrast and too hard to see. In reality, the gun sight should be always clearly visible, even the pilot can't see anything else. 2. When airplanes start engage enemy, but the target is destroyed before the plane fires, or the pilot wants to engage different target, there should be an abort key to disengage, rather than wait the whole firing process to complete. 3. When attack group airplanes engages enemy, the rest of the group should not be so close to enemy and subject to AA fire. People have to fire into the sea to reduce the number of planes so they don't get shot down for nothing, this is not realistic nor reasonable. The waiting airplanes should be able to stay outside AA range.
  4. Noticed that the automatic build in Dockyard stopped. All the grinding wasted?
  5. All, the support team asked me to send WGCheck report: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/ This tool seems smart enough to find the damaged files and replace them. After running the tool, the game hasn't crashed. So, worth a try.
  6. Thanks for your info. Where can I find the UserMusic folder? I couldn't locate it.
  7. This problem is getting worse, and I accumulated 12 penalties now. WoW should disable the penalty till it can fix the problem. The fact that crashes only happens on Radom not Co_op, it shows there is a bug.
  8. I think I found a way to duplicate the crashing problem: When you get killed early in the game, you can exit and start a new game. And if the next game happens the same, you can exist and start another game, while two other old games are still going. The 3rd game will likely to crash when joining the battle..
  9. The game 100% crash when I try to restart the game, and while the previously crashed game is still going on. If I wait long enough, I can restart the game. Easy to duplicate the problem this way
  10. Nothing to do with AMD. I have nvidia GPU as well. Same problem. And keep adding up penalties. Edit: It seems happens more on Lexington CV. And always crash on the pre-game screen, while you are waiting for ships, before the team member page. Also seems to me the crashing point is when I am trying to join a game into the team member page. Co-op game doesn't crash as much as Random.
  11. Further observation on the crash issue: I noticed once a while, my game starts very late, other team ships have moved when the "battle start" for me. My internet connection is decent, PC is a bit old. The problem that I can not even reboot the game seems related to the ongoing battle haven't been finished, and I always failed to rejoin the ongoing battle. So, if I waited long enough, without rebooting the PC, I can restart the game again. Otherwise, even I shut down the PC and reboot, I still won't be able to rejoin the battle, and the game crashes at the Logging In page. I do believe that is a bug of WoW.
  12. Glad I am not the only one who has this problem. The game crashes very often, causing Penalties for abundant games!!! And I can't even play enough game till the game crash again! WoW need to do something. This is an older PC with a low end video card. But no such problem until 8.9. The game keep crashing and need Windows to shut down first and then restart to recover. Simple Windows restart won't fix. Also, it seems the game likely to crash when I signed up for a game and waiting to start. It hasn't crash during the game yet, so I highly doubt it is a video card issue. Also, if I restart the game without shut down the PC first, the game always crashes at the "login" after the game loaded.