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  1. Code Mistake?

    Quote by LWM: And König Albert? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but this is the closest you'll ever get to driving an Imperator Nikolai without driving an Imperator Nikolai. I'm not going to argue that Albert is as OP as Nikolai since Albert doesn't fight tier 4s as confidently as Nikolai tier 5s, but there's no denying Albert's power. When properly driven König Albert is ridiculously tough and has the most powerful primary as well as secondary suite at tier. Couple that with best speed in tier and class, and not even her slow turrets can keep her from being a Brick of Seal Clubbing +1. While some might argue that against tier 4s König Albert starts falling apart, that doesn't really make up for the fact that I'd still much rather drive an Albert against tier 4s than any of the other tier 3 battleships.
  2. I got De Grasse and Perth thru Santa Crates, any suggestion on play style etc?
  3. How to Atago

    So, I got an Atago in a big chest (along with De Grasse and Perth), and had never played Russian CAs before, Only cruisers played is UK CLs up to emerald and Belfast. So how do you play the Atago with no smoke generator? Btw suggestions on playing De Grasse and Perth would be nice as well.
  4. Say you have a Bismarck/Tirpitz charging at you bow on going for ram and you're in a North Carolina. You're shots simply bounce off their bow soo what should you do in that scenario?
  5. The struggle is real.

    In ranked I did 100,000 and 40,000 more for ramming a bismarck at the end so total about 140,000. We lost anyways...
  6. Alabama worth it?

    Is it better to simply buy Alabama or buy 20 big crates if I'm fine with other ships?
  7. Say you're on the map when B is in A and C is to the east of A, someone in a cruiser can go to C and kill possible DDs/other cruisers while having the speed to come back to B/A when needed. So cruisers can do stuff, they're fast and have respectable firepower and reload to kill DDs and some have OP radar.
  8. Alabama worth it?

    I have the North Carolina and enjoys (and does relatively well in) it, with all the praises about Alabama am thinking of getting it, but is it actually worth it? Is the better turn and better torpedo dmg reduction sufficient to overlook the worse concealment and sigma compared to the North Carolina?
  9. Will Atlanta be available permanently or just for limited time?
  10. From reading all of the previous replies it feels like the big (medium) crates are the best deal for ships. Seems like people are getting more/same # of ships from the same amount of ships from medium crates as from big crates although the ship tier from medium crates is overall lower. So it still depends on RNG but from reading all the previous posts it seems like the $50 20 medium crates are the best deal.
  11. I might have missed something but... Do anyone know when the premium sales in premium shop will end? Btw will Atlanta be permenately avaliable for doubloons or does it stay rare and only come out now?
  12. So is WG purposely not giving us permanent camos on the free containers so we must pay $ to get them... Btw it's true that you can't 5 star the operation again and get 5 more containers right?
  13. Post here what you got in Halloween containers. I 5 stared the operation, got 1*free xp, 3 flag containers, and 1*15 Halloween camo container ...