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  1. I have seen varied articles about WOWS performance on Mac from different times... Does it run well currently on Mac? Using Macbook Pro 2018, 13 inch.
  2. Konigs Albert... but it’s not available anymore soo
  3. joshua011

    Irian thoughts?

    With all those CV treads, what do you all think of the Irian? How does it compare to the Kutuzov? Chapayev?
  4. First 15 pack (have Anshan and Huanghe): Loyang + 10 pts capt, all the special camos, and other stuff second pack: doubloon refund for camp, Irian + 10 pts cptn, and other stuff.
  5. joshua011

    Irian, Tasty or Tart?

    Bought the first two bundles, In the first crate I opened I got the Loyang (already have Anshan and huanghe from Santa), received all the special camos in the first set. Opened second set, got the camo refund, and recieved Irian in the second to last crate. Surprised myself xD 谢谢RNG!
  6. joshua011

    How to play Kutuzov?

    So... Just got the Kutuzov out of a big crate. How do you play it? Sit back behind BBs and spam HE? What makes it so OP? (Most reviews are pretty outdated)
  7. joshua011

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Will Atlanta be available permanently or just for limited time?