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  1. how much more did you buy?
  2. So is WG purposely not giving us permanent camos on the free containers so we must pay $ to get them... Btw it's true that you can't 5 star the operation again and get 5 more containers right?
  3. Post here what you got in Halloween containers. I 5 stared the operation, got 1*free xp, 3 flag containers, and 1*15 Halloween camo container ...
  4. Heard that War Thunder is coming to Xbox...
  5. Anyone know how he just healed up to full HP in several seconds after being on about 40% HP? (9:35) (12:25) Edit: Oh nvm apparently the quicker reload consumable also restores your HP, (but it seems a little OP... It's like having 5* your ship's worth of HP)
  6. Launching torps at QE in Scharnhorst at point-blank range game lags out and launch torps too late hitting only one torp
  7. How did you get the Minsk with 135 battles and no premium ships? (just curious)
  8. so it's not worth it at all? Btw does Kaga flag mission just give you a flag and nothing else?
  9. I just checked the prem shop and it says that there's a Kaga ultimate upgrade bundle, 500 doubloons, 500,000 credits, 7 days prem, and Kaga flag mission for $15. Do anyone know what it is?
  10. Noster in his new video claimed that Pan-Asia DD will have radar... (20:20) (sorry if it's already been mentioned)
  11. I AA speced the New Mexico, Bogue comes with 6 torp bombers and 6 fighters, drops 1 torpedo, misses, escape with 1 fighter
  12. Video please
  13. It's been a while and probably mentioned before but... When I go to normal view in a CV (1Z) to watch planes take off, they appear in formation after about 1 or 2 planes finished taking off. Before we can see individual planes taking off and forming in the air.
  14. +1 @CaptGodzillaPig