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  1. Submarines

  2. Tier 3 pls, my Konigs Albert is waiting to dominate
  3. Move Kutuzov to Tier7

  4. So say I put my 12 pt North Carolina commander in Cleveland untrained (50%) for the split, I will come out with a 12 skill Cmdr for T8 Cleveland and a 10 skill for the Pensacola?
  5. Atago as DD?

    But you can only hit 1-2 out of 8 at target 8-10 km away
  6. I got the achievement for it but cannot find my free 10 point US captain in port...Anyone else?
  7. Advice for a new Aircraft Carrier

    Btw when you get to tier 6 (Independence/Ryujo), go back to co-op and test out alt attack/manual drop/strafe, they are very powerful and a must have in 6+. As the name suggests pressing alt in tier 6+ carriers allow you to manual attack. Watch fem's video for more. ^^^ This is what skills come into play for CV players. A player who does it well can completely destroy another player who doesn't know how to manual drop.
  8. WoWs Blitz is Live

    torps does too little dmg, 2-3 torps at tier 3 cant even sink a DD
  9. Atago as DD?

    Today I tried playing ATago in T10 MM as a DD, worked out pretty well with 138983 dmg. Can this be a legit playstyle or did I just got lucky?
  10. Tier 5 is weird. Yes.

    I like to play Okhotnik against higher tiers
  11. Ideas for New Operations

    Something similar to Dunkirk like escorting Convoy PQ 17 to a safe zone against German aircraft and maybe some DD and torp boats. (Submarines maybe??? Jusssst Maybe)
  12. I heard in one of the Lets Battle trip videos from a youtube (i think zoup of ichase) I forgot the name of that WG is making a realistic version of WOWs with crews and stuff
  13. Bonus Codes?

    let the numbers do the job. Say you need 5000 xp for the next ship, you earn 500 each game, it will take 10 games to get the next ship. But if you have premium account, you will earn 750 xp per game with the same performance and it will only take 7 games to get the next ship