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  1. I AA speced the New Mexico, Bogue comes with 6 torp bombers and 6 fighters, drops 1 torpedo, misses, escape with 1 fighter
  2. It's been a while and probably mentioned before but... When I go to normal view in a CV (1Z) to watch planes take off, they appear in formation after about 1 or 2 planes finished taking off. Before we can see individual planes taking off and forming in the air.
  3. +1 @CaptGodzillaPig
  4. Were you aiming AT THE ENEMY SHIP when you fire? (need to aim in front of it)
  5. Article on official website "https://wowsblitz.com/en/news/all-news/warships-blitz-now-live-canada/" note "in Canada"
  6. Now the Queen Elizabeth is out, is the Warspite worth it anymore? What's the difference between them?
  7. you can't seems to see aircrafts taking off in first person view anymore, they form into squads automatically
  8. Why not on Xbox first??
  9. Just tested out the PT dynamo, and saw stukas as DB and another plane as TB. Keep it up WG, don't make stukas TB on the Graf Zepplin.
  10. tried that
  11. I tried it multiple times with both the New Mexico and independence but only succeeded once without completing any secondary tasks. How to win with 5 stars? thx in advance
  12. I already bought it at regular price It is really overpowered a great ship
  13. I checked the premium shop and there's a new players bundle that containes Konig Albert, 1000 doubloons, 3 days premium, and a port slot for $9.99. Anyone else see this? https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/4251/
  14. I'll happily take a smith