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  1. I have noticed that if I turn away and stop firing at them (become a non belligerent) they tend to stop firing at me and focus on someone else. I can usually start firing again as I kite and they keep firing at the new focus they acquired. This usually holds true at tiers 6 and below, and as long as I am not a DD. Does not seem to work reliably at tier 8 - 10.
  2. Baked in Captain skills

    Hmmm, like WOT with BIA that doesn't count as the first skill on some of the special crew members.
  3. old topic - tX camos vs a premium ship

    I think buying premium camo depends on how many battles you intend to play the ship. It takes 100 battles using disposable premium camo at 50 doubloons each to break even with a 5,000 doubloon permanent camo.
  4. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    Nothing is permanent, ask anyone that has been in any kind of natural disaster, collision, or other unexpected event ( such as being the victim of downsizing). All achievements and earnings have the value we perceive and assign to them. (Looking at my large library of VHS tapes, many of which had been hard to find and are now pretty much covered in dust.) I am always confused when people downgrade a digital item in comparison to a physical item. I get more use out my WOWS ships than my R/C planes because I don't have to drive 45 minutes to a flying field, unpack and repack the car, etc. It is easier to store my ships than it is to store my planes. And, the ships cost significantly less than the planes and require a lot less upkeep. When I pay for a ship, I pay for all the time it takes to model and balance that ship - it is not an intangible thing just thrown together (at least in WOWS.)
  5. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    Still confused. You don't have to buy the Commanders if you don't want to , you can just earn them for free. Also confused why someone is concerned about how someone else spends their own money? Time is money and it all depends on how much time/money you have and the relative value. I actually bought Aigle because I knew that I probably wouldn't have the time during the campaign period to complete the missions. AND, I calculated that the value of the daily containers was worth more than the cost of the ship. It turns out I was able to complete the missions. So I ended up getting the ship for free PLUS all of the special daily containers. I would not have been very happy if WOWS hadn't given me the opportunity to do that.
  6. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    LWMs reviews are the first place I have always looked when considering a ship because of the detail and supporting facts. In terms of video reviews, I find Aerroon's reviews to be quite useful, also. They seem very down to earth and not as emotional as some other CCs. The focus frequently seems to be on what how to work with the weaknesses and exploit the strengths: Asashio Aigle
  7. Personally, being uptiered means that I will earn more XP and credits for the same damage. The only concession is that I have to be a bit more cautious and less aggressive, especially in the beginning of a battle. You also get to be ignored or underestimatedwhile you burn someone down. Or, be able to kite a couple of ships away from the main battle because they think you will be an easy mark. No, I can't go charging straight at a tier 7 BB in my Marblehead, but I will burn it down from cover at a distance. On the other hand, I have rushed tier 10 BBs in my Charles Martel and come out the only one standing. As was said in another thread today, WOWS is not like WOT. In WOT you frequently simply cannot damage tanks a couple of tiers higher without getting behind them - even then it might not be possible. In WOWS, any ship can damage and sink any other ship. And, have fun fighting T9 jets in the average T7 plane over in WOWP. All it takes to remind me how boring same tier MM would be is for me to play a few days of Ranked Battles.
  8. BBs work well for the cits, also. Lyon, for instance, can easily do several at once, although the most I got with her was two because the target ship was destroyed.
  9. Rake the deck of a BB or (CA/CL) with HE. Shoot destroyers.
  10. I am pretty sure some players do that for Clan Battles and Ranked. The only limiting factor would be how many doubloons you have.
  11. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    This thread brings to mind how I marvel at Flamu when he reviews "bad" ships. He will be talking about all of the bad aspects as he racks up 100k - 200k damage and a slew of achievements. I've learned to focus more on what he is doing with the ship than his words. If the ship does things that match the way I tend to do them, it will be a good ship for me. It was an eye opener for me when I bought the much praised Duca after a lot of reading and watching. It turned out to be one of the few ships that just will not click with me. I take it out every month or so and it still feels like the only ship I feel that I wasted my money on.
  12. Missouri Gone

    What I find interesting is that Mo makes a decent credit profit in PvE compared to other ships. That is even without a bunch of flags. It is partly due to a much lower cost than other high tier ships in PvE$.
  13. Flamu

    He discusses it all of the time on his daily stream. In fact, his viewers picked at least one of his names for him by submission and vote. If you have a twitch account and follow him, you will get an email when he goes live. "Registered players who had names which didn't pass the "appropriateness filter" & got renamed by WG. (I think Flamu recently had his account renamed on the NA Server since it was named by his viewership - it was pretty hilarious if you understood Japanese, but I can understand why WG did a rename on that account name.)"
  14. Redistribution Cost!

    Ah, we probably didn't notice the "intentional" qualifier. I know I was focused on whether WG gave us a free respec or not. In terms of an all-or-nothing respec, it seems that this, along with Premium time, are primary revenue streams for WG. That's why, even though it is a bit irritating to have to respec completely, I go ahead and throw the coins in the hat to help keep the lights on and support the F2P players that help fill up the queue. I, for one, would not like to see the WOWS staff reduced to the size of the WOPWP staff...