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  1. Just got the last win in my Cleveland. Got the slot, commander and 7M+ credits immediately. Was at ~23M and now am at ~30M silver. I bought the ship on the 3rd or 4th day because going for the missions was affecting my game play. (Didn't help much because I started trying for OTHER missions...)
  2. You get one of each special camo for a simple mission.
  3. Sorry, not understanding the significance of viewing it. If he purchases the camo, it should be listed in his inventory. For example, I cannot view my Monarch camo, but it is listed in my inventory, waiting for me to get the ship. The catch is, if we don't buy it now it may not be available again. Also, the game will not let you purchase something that you cannot use. At any rate, if the camo does not go into his inventory for some reason, he can request a refund from Support. Maybe WG can clarify this for us... @Pigeon_of_War
  4. Ok. I was wondering what your in-game experiences have been with it - have you tried it yet?
  5. How has it felt when you played it? What did you notice that is different or caused issues?
  6. Only Unique Commanders have bonuses. There are three right now: Yamamoto Isoroku, Jack Dunkirk, and Segal: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders
  7. The ship may not appear in the Tech tree (all shipsappear for me because I use a mod from Aslain's pack), but it will appear in the list at the bottom of your port screen. The camo will be viewaable in the Inventory. Premium camo does not go away once you buy or earn it. This happens frequently with mission rewards - the camo is placed in your inventory. For example, I have camo for the Monarch and Z-23 in my inventory and have never owned the ships.
  8. Will most likely go away after the Halloween event. On a positive note, if you purchase the camo now, it will stay in your inventory. That way, when you do eventually get the ship, you will be able t mount it.
  9. Yep, the xp received shows 1131. As an earlier poster said, it is in the left pane of the fourth battle screen and is also listed next to your name/ship in the second battle screen (team roster).
  10. You're missing out on doing some cool torpedo beats...
  11. If you bought it at WOT and meant to get doubloons, you may be able to submit a support ticket to get it manually transferred. Not sure if you bought it through WOWS (Doubloons) or WOT (Gold). Just to be clear, if you bought it from WOWS, you can use it to buy a ship. If you bought it from WOT, you can't use it to buy a ship. You can request a refund for WOT gold if you have not spent any of it. https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/767 https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/326
  12. You cannot convert gold to doubloons yet, to my knowledge. You have to buy doubloons with cash or receive them in a container. If you buy a ship in the Premium Shop online, the price includes the port slot, if you need one. (I usually buy through the website, not the Tech Tree.)
  13. Yep, I remember that from the August update, but thought they might be aliens. Did it happen again on this update?