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  1. Just remembered to mention the Public Test. It is an ideal way to get to test out tech tree ships in different classes and tiers. You are given quite a lot of Doubloons and Credits, the costs to buy ships are reduced, and your performance is not tracked. You can move up a line quickly to see if there are ships you like to figure out what to work towards on the live server. And, there are rewards you can earn for the live server.
  2. I'll have to give that a try. Plus, my skills have done a bit of a jump and I have been playing more BBs. They are the faster ones, but I will give Itchy another shot this evening. Thanks!
  3. One issue is that you are a new player and your play style will reflect that for several battles. On the ship in question, I will just say that I have the Itchy Zuchini (was a gift) and have not enjoyed playing it. I am not really a BB player, though, and am also still a potato, so take any comments with a grain of salt. You can have a lot of fun without buying any premium ships. I hope you are watching some of the Community Contributors on YouTube, such as, Jingles, iChase, Aerroon, and Flamu - there many other good ones. I, and many others, find the written reviews by LittleWhiteMouse very good, also.
  4. Very true. But, opportunistic free damage while I am moving into position is always a nice bonus.
  5. Congrats!
  6. This^. I do that frequently. The target is barrelling along and I fire ahead of them. It works best when I can match their speed and course just out of detection range. Works especially well for floaty shells like USN 152s. Of course, the target has to maintain a straight course with no WASD hacks for that to work consistently. (Can't be any enemy ships with line of site and in your gun range, too.) What ship were they in, BTW?
  7. Almost every time I get focused down nowadays, I realize I had stopped looking at the mini map. I sit there watching my team battle on while thinking, "What the heck was I doing there?" Watching the mini map more is what took me from 43% up through 47% and up to whatever my current +50% is.
  8. I may have expressed it unclearly, but my point was about how well your tip could help avoid falling into the trap of getting kited away from the battle if your are the player being kited. The power of a plan and the mini map.
  9. Lert, your tip directly counters the technique of kiting away and drawing two or three ships away from the main battle so that your team can get an overmatch. Especially effective if you are in a DD and get some BBs or slow cruisers to chase you. You can jet back while they are still crawling back to the main battle. Following your tip makes it so the kiter ends up out of position. I actually remembered this and fortunately turned back a couple of times this weekend. Now, I will keep it in mind on purpose. Thanks!
  10. That is an interesting idea and fits with changes made during the patch. I will pass that on to CS when I get home from work. EDIT: info submitted to CS before I left work.
  11. Plus, ships can have different built-in base XP coefficients. The Sims is a good example. I have also seen it mentioned that not only the particular ship, but the type of ship makes a difference. For instance, capping in a BB compared to capping in a DD. I think that makes overall average XP a very questionable stat.
  12. I rarely see this mentioned on WOWS (thanks for bringing it up LWM), but it is well known in WOT that the quality of the damage is very important. The idea is that early damage has far more impact on the outcome of the game than late (some call that "farming") damage. If you damage a ship in the beginning of a battle for instance, they will usually be a little bit less aggressive and hesitate to make moves they would do if full health. They may hold their firepower further back at a critical moment it needs to be applied somewhere. We all know of the border hugger that comes out near the end and rakes in damage from all of the available targets (one kind of farmer). And then there are the lone BBs that occupy several ships while their team overmatches the rest of the enemy team. Being good at overextending, I frequently experience this. Focus fired and surrounded by several ships my slow turrets cannot track, I end up with paltry damage by the time they sink me, thinking, "Why did my team abandon me?" Depressed at my failure, I look at the field and find my team has cleaned up the other flank and is sweeping through the overmatched remaining enemy ships. I realize that my ship was a distraction that will get somewhat lower earnings and lower damage stat, but will get a notch on the WR tree. I base my success on WR because it reflects how well I can apply my skills to the situations I face. I use the WTR SITE to track and improve particular skills and performance on ships I am having problems with.
  13. I think that would be considered unfair because part of the challenge of WOWS is remembering where to shoot a ship. Imagine if you could put a hit skin on ships. You would know exactly where the citadel was, where the armor belt is (I still waste a few salvos on the side of KM BBs). I can almost guarantee you would be getting blown out of the water a lot quicker if others used it on you.
  14. Another issue with this is that many smaller nations ships are usually purchased from countries with a larger industrial base or were obtained through Lend-Lease. For example, look at how many Omahas (Marblehead, Murmansk) are in game. Two Leanders (Perth) and Bensons (Lo Yang) are others.
  15. On the flags, WG has stated that they think too many of them are being used in the game - the performance flags affect balance. That was why they cut the containers from 5 flags to 4 flags, much to the consternation to those players who were hoarding containers before opening them. In addition, they said they don't intend to sell flags that give a performance boost, such as the speed flag. I believe that would definitely be on the path to P2W; right now, everyone has an equivalent chance of getting performance enhancing flags simply through playing the game. As stated by another poster, the economic flags are available in the Premium Shop and I regularly restock the various XP flags with the Flags-All of the Bonuses package. The special economic flags are also available at times in the Premium Shop.