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  1. Update 0.7.7 - Go Navy

    If your try to purchase something in the Arsenal that exceeds your coal balance And you have some steel, the client will ask if you want to convert the steel to coal.
  2. Resource container guarantees at least one coal drop. Signals guarantees at least one signal drop. Each container can have other items, but at least one item relating to the name.
  3. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    Yes. I posted a video on the economics above. For every 5 tokens you earn you can buy a 450 coal crate. There is nothing announced to earn after hitting 75 points.
  4. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    The Sharks would understand that you are just earning more tokens...
  5. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    There is no known benefit to continuing past 75 loyalty points. The recommendation is to switch to earn points through the othe team’s loyalty points.
  6. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    I think "free" overshadows appearance for many players. You can also turn it off so that you don't see it. Its not often you can earn 5k doubloons just for playing. I had to debate about the coal thing myself because there are not too many ways to earn it. The thing is that it is only 450 per crate, though.
  7. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    You get no more tokens after maxing out loyalty points. Players would switch to be able to get as many tokens as possible from being on the other team. If you stayed with one team until max loyalty and then switched, you would only need two or three containers to get enough tokens for another premium camo. Which would be $10-$15.
  8. Why did Ships of the Line have windows in the stern?

    Never saw that before. Makes sense, though, if you are going to be on the sea for a year or two at a time.
  9. Why did Ships of the Line have windows in the stern?

    It has been mentioned earlier, but it is important to remember that most of the time, a warship is not in battle, "Months of boredom punctuated by moments of terror." Especially back in the days of sail, ships spent most of the time sailing from port to port, "showing the flag". Imagine crossing an ocean at 15 or 20 knots for months on end, the privileged would definitely focus on comfort. I have read several places that one of the problems the British had at the outbreak of WWI was that the fleet had not been in combat for many decades and relied on its reputation. The most important aspect to getting promoted up to Captain was having a spotless ship up through WWI. There were many cases where the second-in-command, who was responsible for ship appearance, would pay out of pocket for the ship to be painted before a major inspection. The phrase, "all show and no go" comes to mind.
  10. I am not sure whether this is worth laughing over

    Yes it is, my point is that it is their "property". I think the most anyone can do is point that out to them. Personally, I would have to make the choice of not using the tactics and staying, or leaving. It would all come down to how much i valued the other aspects of the game. All I can say is that I am glad that I am not in your shoes. Good luck!
  11. I am not sure whether this is worth laughing over

    Seems to me the real issue is that the developers can't/won't fix the exploit and instead will remove players who find it. As an IT person I find that difficult to comprehend. I believe the correct response was already posted. This reminds me of a similar situation. Lee Iacocca (devised the Mustang and Pinto) was with Ford when the Pinto was discovered to have an issue with bursting into flames when rear ended. He identified the problem and suggested a fix. Mr Ford felt it was less expensive to deal with lawsuits than it would be to recall the vehicles. Based on that response, Lee left Ford and went to Chrysler where he developed the K-car and minivan, among other things. The game is the private property of the game company and they can decide to do what they want with it - there is no "right" to have it be enjoyable or playable, or even to be allowed to play it. It appears obvious, and they stated it, how they wish to treat their player base. Sometimes it is time to move on...
  12. That is a sign of a failing mouse. Over the last week I have had three beautiful ambushes foiled because my torps fired into an island as I was accelerating and lining up the shot. Nothing like popping out next to an angry BB with only my little 152's, LOL.
  13. Watching replays

    The problem with replays that you don't record to video is that they are unplayable after the next patch is released. There is a small number of players that have somehow kept the older versions of WOWS and can still play old replays. Make sure to play any that you want to save in your game client and record them using recording software. There are threads that can help with that and suggest software (OBS, Xbox DVR for Windows 10, Bandicam, etc.) Your computer has a movie player that will let you watch view mp4s and other videos. One thing that makes me curious is that you have to upload them to Youtube after recording them from WOWS to video. Why not just watch the recorded video?
  14. Unsportsmanlike Conduct? REALLY

    At most, four. Make sure not to bump anybody or the battle doesn't count. I also seem to remember that it is best to wait until a battle ends before starting another. On occasion, it throws the counter off. to jump into another battle before the last one ends.