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  1. ExploratorOne

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    To model a ship, WG has to get permission from the owners of the design. There are many ships they want to do, but the rights holders have said no. Your mention of the Johnston motivated me to make this point because I think there is an isue with the owners over making a profit from the trials of that ship. In other cases, some of the designs are still classified. Finally, there is the issue of copies of ships - that is a major challenge with national ship lines. How many Omahas do we atually need in the game? (LOL, WOT hasabout five Sherman tanks so far, for example). While there are several vocal forum members upset about paper ships being able to come to life, there are many players that actually find it exciting that a design actually gets to sail. Since they are brought to the virtual ocean by licensed naval architects using actual measurements/blueprints (where available) based on the relevant nations design and constuction techniques, they are pretty close to what they would be in real life. There are several videos of how WOWS models ships that include the measuring tour, archive visits, and design chalenges for particular ships. ou might find those interesting.
  2. To volunteer you have to go to the link listed in the "Rules for Volunteers" in the Portal article linked in the first post.
  3. ExploratorOne

    Heroic achievement

    What has amazed me was when WOWS started adding PvE to the missions in the first place. PvE was intended for beginners and to test out ships you had just aquired. They also stated that it was not the main, intended way to play the game, They finally increased the rewards a couple of times and started adding mission completion. So, Pve has come quite a ways in spite of the reason it was included in the game.
  4. ExploratorOne

    [ALL] ModStation

    Maybe ask the mod creator in the Mods forum?
  5. I first saw it explained by players from high level clans, so itis not just a ploy used on avergae players. When you approach the battle area forwards, you have to complete a 180 degree turn before you can begin kiting. If you get caught/detected in that turn, you are in big trouble. If you are out spotted (or fire) before you make the turn, you are committed to charging in, making a turn exposing your broadside, or backing away slowly while being overtaken. By making the turn right before entering the area you expect to encounter the enemy or when you have (out)spotted the enemy, you are already in position to kite.
  6. ExploratorOne

    dual account problem

    One way to make sure purchases are not confused in your situation is to open a New Incognito Window in Chrome. Nothing from your regular browser window will carry over. It is important to look at which account you are logged into in the upper right of the Premium Shop browser page. A New Incognito Window makes sure you start with a clean slate.
  7. ExploratorOne

    Approaching 16 months. Release the Puerto Rico!

    Coal is actually pretty easy to come by. At least 1,600 coal per day (More Resources) doing Daily missions, frequently more. That's around 38k per month, 456k/year. Then here are Ranked and missions. Remember, Coal is an incentive to play. On PR, I worked hard to get her and it was irritating to get attacked verbally. One CC increased their following by multples as the issue grew way out of proportion. (Personally, I followed the planning guidance of Lord-Zath and was successful.) I quit driving her because it wasn't worth the hassle. I took her out last week and it was just another ship to other players, yay! Considering how much time and effort it took to earn PR, Odin, Hizen, et al, 16 months might not be a long enough wait, though.
  8. ExploratorOne

    Nelson question

    Using FXP multplying flags and camo in Operations like Aegis, Raptor, and Narai can really rack up the FXP.
  9. ExploratorOne

    Do you use mxstat? Is it a Trojan?

    I have used it for years. It does sometimes give a false positive. It also takes a while to load if you have a lot of replays that haven't been analyzed. Good for many stats, including how much stuff you have gotten from crates. Here's the link in the Mods section of the forum:
  10. ExploratorOne

    Is there a mod...

    The closest thing to that is a mod that gives you information about an enemy ship. I tried it for a while, but removed it because I felt it would interefere with my being able to learn and remember ship capabilities off the top of my head.
  11. Also, a small benefit of getting an early release ship is that you get all of the modules for free; you keep those also. So, getting the Tier 7 means any XP you earn on it goes towards getting the Tier 8.
  12. Changes in the game have never affected how much I play. they are all part of the game and a lot less impactful than things that happen in real life. Its nice to have the challenge of learning new ays to do things.
  13. ExploratorOne

    Was this always this way? Mods switching

    There has always been an unmount charge.
  14. ExploratorOne

    2 incapacitations one hit? How is this possible?

    Little White mouse did a five part series on blast radius. Here's one of the articles: