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  1. ExploratorOne

    Destroying a ship's gun/torps

    Several threads on this. here's one with LWM chiming in:
  2. ExploratorOne

    How to Lose You Player Base 101

    It is odd that this is only happening to you (I play on four different Windows desktops/laptops and only had this happen once). Have you tried playing on a different machine? Is this a Mac or Windows? Are you using DX11 (I assume you are not trying to use WindowsXP, or Vista). Did you make any changes in your equipment or software right before the issue started happening?
  3. ExploratorOne

    STOP charging us to play higher tiers

    This is confusing because I rarely loose money playing Tier 10. And, I have been playing mostly PvE for the last year. I am sitting at 65M+ credits.
  4. ExploratorOne

    module TLS auto loaded on DD's?

    I would submit a ticket because it seems you are saying that your Concealment upgrade was removed/replaced.
  5. ExploratorOne

    How to assign captains to new ships?

    It might be happening if you have no free Commander Reserve slots.
  6. ExploratorOne

    Changes in the armory

    Based on how often Armory ships change, I am willing to bet it will be at least a year before the departing Steel ships return for Coal. Maybe even two years. As far as a refund, games are entertainment and that is all we are paying for. When a movie moves to a lwer price, notice that the film industry doesn't give any refunds.
  7. Did you submit a ticket to Player Support?
  8. There are so many guides available just a quick Google away. While I have compassion for a lost new player, I know that they could easily find info if they spent a moment searching. There are tutorials when you start playing, and there is even an attempt to limit the challenges a new player faces when first starting out. I started a FTP account last year just to see what it was like to start as a new player, there are guides available but they can easily be circumvented. The big problem is that you cannot force a player anyone to learn if they do not want to. (Keep in mind that WOWS' attempt at making the PR only available to the most dedicated players and keep her out of the hands of the casual or uninformed was heavily flamed...)
  9. ExploratorOne

    Recommending a new ship reviewer

    I have always enjoyed his reviews and commentaries.
  10. I would also try to find a good invite code so that you start with at least some good stuff.
  11. ExploratorOne

    Co-op battles end prematurely

    The bots don't surrender, their score gets to zero points. Each ship type has a value and when a team loses a ship, the team loses points and the other team gains points. It is important to keep track of the team scores in PvE. Smart PvE players let the bots get a cap and/or don't kill them so quickly in order to extend the battle time.
  12. I have found that they leave a ship that doesn't appear aggressive alone. After I make contact with them, I turn around, hold fire, and start kiting away. After a salvo or two they target someone else and I can start firing on them again without receiving any return fire. I also find this often works if I just slightly angle away. I would like to comment that the bots have seemed more aggressive and smarter across the tiers this weekend. For example, I was trying to grab a little bit of XP on a Tier IV today and detected a bot ship on the other side of a large rock. I started towards the opposite side to the one he was on at half speed, expecting him to pop out on his side; was going to drop torps and fire a salvo as I slipped behind the rock. When he didn't come out as expected, I accelerated to get around behind him. As I saw the wall of torps he had sent behind the rock I noticed that he had accelerated and was coming out where I had expected him. He had slowed down on his side and when I accelerated, he dropped torps behind the rock and drove out the other side. Quite a nice baited trap and I did not expect that from a PvE bot, especially lower tier.
  13. Many players and WOWS staff are in recovery mode from the Holidays and the pace will pick up soon. This happens every year at this time. Activities still happen though - there is the Perthfect Opportunity contest going on this weekend, for instance. And, a lot of the Community staff is just getting back from this weekend's Anchors Away at the USS Hornet.
  14. ExploratorOne

    Why I don't Do Free Premium Rental Ships

    Half price , especially for the expensive mods, almost makes it tempting to temporarily sell a lower tier ship or two.
  15. ExploratorOne

    Missing ship code from USS Hornet Anchors Away Tour

    Interesting. At New Jersey we only had the Patch code in the bag. We had to ask WOWS staff for a ship code and hopefully catch one before they ran out. Unless everyone was having a good joke on me...