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  1. Why you may actually need XVM

    Don't really want to know what they did yesterday. I want to see what they are going to do now, in this battle. Plus, it distracts me to think I am being judged by the results of trying out a new line or having hit a bad streak, or worse, having hit a really good streak. Other players are welcome to ponder the past, I have my hands full trying to figure out what is happening currently and trying to predict what the next moves will be in the current situation and environment. I will never need XVM in WOWS...
  2. False teamkill in Coop

    There is a basic point the TK system is trying to make that hasn't been mentioned in this thread: don't fire torps (or any ordinance) in a direction if there is any possibility a friendly ship could get hit. I have died more than once due to holding fire. And been pink more than once from not holding fire or not paying attention. Situational awareness is a very important skill in WOWS.
  3. "hotkey reserved"????

    Actually, the reassignment is only triggered for the games I specify. I have different individual settings for WOWS, WOT, and some other games. I used to use the Controls section in Settings to map many of the mouse buttons.
  4. What is this man doing?

    "A mysterious figure lurks aboard the Red Oak Victory; watching, waiting, polishing...biding his time. " https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/torpedo-beats-for-dayz/
  5. Garak's Polls

    These are occasionally sponsored by players. Look in the Player Event subforum for them.
  6. I was thinking bump also. Screenshot of the Results screen would have helped. It shows damage done, including to allies, with the amount and type.
  7. PTS 0.6.15 reward discrepency

    There is a Public Test subforum. And, yes, there have been several threads and requests for clarification. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the staff has weekends off unless there is a big event.
  8. I think another consideration, that has been mentioned in some other unrelated threads, is that many of these ships were not designed to fight each other IRL. I have always accepted the idea that balancing helps correct some of that mismatch.
  9. View access restrictions on forums

    There is also the desire of forum owners to encourage people to register for their forum. There are many reasons for that, but basically it is to increase the reported number of forum members. Especially important for forums that are monetized.
  10. Detonations

    Supporting your earlier request for a statement that the flag completely prevents detonations, WG staff have repeatedly stated that the flag prevents a detonation regardless of any other modifiers.
  11. Detonations

    "...-100% chance of detonations.) Since everything else in the game is listed in percentages, this means 0% chance of detonation.
  12. No Pearl Harbor anniversary stuff?

    Many people were upset in the past when WG seemed to be trying to capitalize on a disaster or bad event. Probably seemed to be in bad taste.
  13. Gadjah Mada very OP?

    GM has more dispersion on the guns - 104 vs 91.
  14. I tend to specialize around shell arc or play style, depending on how much concentration I have left after work.