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  1. Played two operation battles (Frontier) with no issues. Loaded into Random with a Des Moines wearing Space Camo and the game hung up on the pre-battle screen. I could see the other ships moving when I clicked on the appropriate tab. Used Task Manager to exit and reenter three times with the same result. House power took that time to fail from a storm. When I tried to start the Public Test after power was restored, a critical error crash report was displayed that I inadvertently neglected to screenshot. This happened twice, with the second time in Safe Mode.Currently running an integrity check. Tried starting the PT and it threw another critical error:
  2. In everything a person tries there is normally less than average performance at the start and improvement to some level as they gain experience. How much gain depends on many factors and the journey is almost more important than the future or present destination. Personally, I play because i like the game and I am trying to improve my skills. Didn't read further than half of the first page, but is there some number of games the OP suggests I should give up at? It will be strange because I never give up on a goal...
  3. 7.2.2 patch, but no information posted?

    There was a red banner on the main page this morning that said the patch is to fix FPS issues. Don't see it now. Verbage similar to this: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/calendar/event/185-update-0722/ EDIT: Here is a copy of it (posted a few minutes after the server went down):
  4. interface

    And now the Part 1 of Public Test 0.7.3 ended this morning.
  5. It's My Birthday

    Happy birthday!
  6. Dunkerque secondary build always used to surprise people. I would angle away from them and they would get chewed up. Works well on DDs trying for the ambush. With the right kiting angle you can chew into the other ship shooting over the shouldet with AP while the secondaries are lighting them up. Have to be willing to take her into almost brawling range, though. Didn't think to try it on Lyon or Richelieu. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Wow, missed that thread. Thanks for the info!
  8. You might want to remove the personal information quickly. There are programs that scan forums on the internet to gather that data for spamming, etc. On the video card, have you made sure that the drivers are updates? Also, have you used the auto detect function in game settings? Finally, there are some video cards that do not work well with WOWS. You can do a search for that info.
  9. Read the Bleeping Manual

    You get more XP, etc. if you finish/complete the mission, though.
  10. Form: Image Upload Limit

    I post screenshots using imgur. I upload to imgur then, paste the link in my post and my image is there. I think more and more forums are going to preferring posted images be hosted somewhere else.
  11. Game is broken

    Microsoft makes it so that when an update is due, your pc operates a bit erratically. i notice that frequently and have to finally give in and let it do its update.
  12. Personal Missions Come on WoWS

    Actually, I didn't think you got missions for ships you already own. Unless it is like the Holiday Crates in which the crate is supposed to give a ship and you have all of the available ships. Then, it gives you a duplicate.
  13. Personal Missions Come on WoWS

    Don't you get doubloons for it if you complete the mission? Probably credits, though, since it is a tech tree ship.
  14. shot before being detected

    There is also a delay between when a ship detects you and when you are notified ( 1 or 2 seconds). I have read in the past of players untargeting a ship immediately after detecting it and then firing by estimating the lead without the target having a clue there is incoming fire. I am not finding any posts on that right now. It might be related to ping - I was playing on an erratic internet connection at another location yesterday and had a lot of problems with this. Increased ping was mainly due to the area having power and connection issues to due to widespread storm damage (East coast). But, I did find:
  15. bring back the larger minimap option.

    There was an issue with the larger map in that the words did not get bigger. I heard in a live stream that the devs want to make the words scale up with the map. From what people are posting, it seems as if they pulled the ability to make the map bigger for some reason. I use the Fugetsu mod that has always allowed me to make the map larger, so I didn't notice the change.