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  1. ExploratorOne

    That link you clicked in the game...

    You're welcome!
  2. ExploratorOne

    Wargaming Error Monitor?

    I believe the last Developers Diary mentioned it, but I cannot find it now. It automated the error log to reduce the amount of manual log collecting the player has to do. I know I read about it recently. @Radar_X or one of the other mods may be able to explain it.
  3. I didn't down vote, but have never noticed not getting credit for transports not leaving. Consistently received five stars during the last appearance.
  4. I usually use the Leander or Perth. The Fiji works well, too, but the MM tier makes it a bit more difficult to find broadsides.
  5. ExploratorOne

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    The letters in the ship names on the minimap are also rectangles, rather than letters.
  6. ExploratorOne

    RN Directives tasks can't be completed

    It is annoying, but I just finished the other missions in the first Directive in a few PvE battles, so I have a bit of time to get the others done. The rewards for them aren't that special for me (10k Cmndr XP, 3 flags), so I am only stressed by the need to complete everything. I do feel the stronger pull to buy the remaining Cossack Guineas. Unfortunately for my wallet, the fewer Guineas i need to buy, the lower the cost of 9,600 Doubloons. 9,600 Doubloons cost $42.35 and I currently need $24 in Guineas ($21 on Saturday). I have to just keep remembering I wanted to earn Cossack completely for free. Are 40k Cmndr XP worth it? I have 16.6k Doubloons, do I really need another 9.6k?
  7. ExploratorOne

    British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    It works well against pushing enemy ships. I get close to detection range and send a torp or two. Slow down. start a turn away and pop smoke right before detection range. Then send some torps along the path they will/have turn to to avoid the first torps and start firing HE (or AP if broadside). While in smoke I do a three-point turn to get facing away and start pulling out before the smoke dissipates. Done right, I come out of smoke outside of detection range. Of course, other enemy ships in the area make the tactics different, but this is the perfect case scenario I love. Also, the short cool down means I don't have to bail too far. In addition, the multiple smokes make it less expensive to drop a decoy smoke cloud and keep going to spot for my team while outside of detection range.
  8. ExploratorOne

    Bringing Kitakami back

    Some reviews from back then:
  9. ExploratorOne

    Mini-ranked ship picks

    There is also the Murmansk to consider - a mini Cleveland with torps.
  10. ExploratorOne

    Future of the game?

    It has been almost a year for the migration. I believe I started in the WGC beta about this time last year. Also, i find the preference for the Steam client interesting. I would not try the Steam version for the longest time because of the drain Steam places on a machine. it is somewhat better now, but that is the first thing I would check when troubleshooting poor performance. And, on numerous sluggish machines it was found that Steam was running in the background. Shut down Steam and I had a happy client, thrilled with the better performance. With the diagnostic tools that appear to be forthcoming in the WGC, that will add even more utility. if it is an issue having it run in the background, just shut it down in the Task window in the lower right of your Windows desktop (click carat signal to expand.)
  11. ExploratorOne

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    From last year, 2017. Positions may have changed, but the concepts should be the same:
  12. ExploratorOne


    The announcement states that this is different from the other Ranked mode. The achievements in Ranked Sprint do not affect the normal Ranked and vice versa. It is probably showing the rank for the upcoming season.
  13. ExploratorOne

    Does Aslains mod have the win countdown timer?

    It is probably wisest to wait a couple of days before installing any mods. Especially with a micro patch tomorrow morning. If there is an issue, you may not discover it until you are stuck at the battle loading screen. Then you have to quickly Cttl-Shft-Esc to Task Manager to end the game and renter through the WGC in Safe Mode to make it into battle in time.