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  1. ExploratorOne

    Ship XP booster on a premium?

    Doesn't ship XP still go to the Commander?
  2. ExploratorOne

    no co-op Campaigns

    I always thought Honorable was random only to get newer players to move from PVE. That was back when PVE was only intended for new players and to learn new ships. Now, it tends to be thought of as a valid mode for regular play, so change may be in order for the old campaigns.
  3. ExploratorOne

    Auto purchase econ boosts and signals bug?

    As it is now, nothing is actually mounted until it is taken into battle. If a ship returns to the Port after battle, it may have the last of a particular signal mounted. If I switch to another ship, the signal switches to that one, as far as I can tell. Personally I don't like that because I can't "stock up" or re;y on a reserve of signals on rarely used ships.
  4. You have to buy one of the camos to progress through the Token bundles in the Armory. In fact, the camo is the bundle before the ship that will use the camo. So, it is mandatory to get the camo if you want the ship..
  5. The economic flags were converted to bonuses. There are also tokens in the Armory to compensate for the service cost reduction that you can buy bonuses with.
  6. ExploratorOne

    Camo suggestion

    Unfortunately the gaming world has numerous players that pay for skins. That actually has proven to be a real money maker for gaming companies. My son gladly pays $20 for a skin in several major titles. He was trying to explain to me how much he likes a $50 skin in one game the other day. Hard to believe, but true.
  7. ExploratorOne

    PSA-Check all of your ships for tokens!

    On a related note that does reference tokens, I just noticed Economic Bonus Tokens were given for signals/camos that provided a post-battle service cost reduction:
  8. Thanks for the answer. Out of paranoia, on my FTP account I picked up Pensacola, La Gallasionair (sic), and Lightning because I had two bionic and one Infernal camos. Maybe @Ahskance will be available to clarify this before I finish up on my main account tonight.
  9. What happens to permacamos for ships we don't own yet? For instance, the Transformers Iowa permacamo. Will the baked-in bonus still apply if I get it after the change? Should I get Iowa before the change?
  10. ExploratorOne

    Please Publish The Sub Survey Result

    As a side note, I never expect results of surveys from any gaming company to be published because it furnishes valuable information to competitors and startups. Industrial espionage is pretty big business.
  11. In the past WOWS has said that the mission bar is set at Tier 5 and above to prevent too much farming of new players by excperienced players.
  12. In the past, I have loaded up as many of my ships I can with the signals I need to buy. Then I buy signals for the ones left over. Then unmount them. Cumbersome, but it works.
  13. Most likely mostly depends on if they can get permission.
  14. ExploratorOne

    You can't even believe your own eyes

    When I used two fingers in the middle, the top and bottom parts becames the exact same color. One finger, that allows some of the shading to be visible, still caused slightly different shades top and bottom.
  15. ExploratorOne

    My newest addition :)