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  1. Interesting. I got three containers over the weekend and there was another one waiting in my port when I logged on today. Watched Femennenly, Notser, iChase, PirateKitten, and a few others. Guess it is the chance thing - containers don't seem to be guaranteed or i would have received quite a few more. Watching Mejash this evening some and will see what happens...
  2. ExploratorOne

    Will The Missouri ever come back?

    WOWS said a few days ago that if that happens, you should submit a ticket. support will work out a Doubloon credit.
  3. ExploratorOne

    Santa Container Survey

    Would have filled out your survey, but I didn't keep track per crate. If this is still going in a couple of days, I may extract the data from mxstat (I have gotten seven ships from all types of crates even though I already had 150, for an expenditure of around $90 to date. I primarily am after the camos, signals, and Doubloons. Have you gotten data from posters in this thread:
  4. ExploratorOne

    Commander Ship Specialization Meaning?

    Training is 50% off this weekend, so you should do that now to assign him to a Tech Tree ship if you want to save some Doubloons.
  5. ExploratorOne

    Christmas T-61

    A lot depends on how much you value signals and camos, too. The stock I get around this time has been lasting me through the summer in the past. And, even though I will have to use Doubloons to buy it this time, the Premium time has usually taken me through October. On top of this, I have spent about $80 on myself so far this year and have gotten about $250+ in ships (7). Not to mention the Doubloons and coal. I also get to send some Secret Santa gifts out, any other time of the year that would make people suspicious. And, it is fun to see what comes out. Its probably a good thing I don't have a lot of funds to throw at the crates
  6. ExploratorOne

    Huang He better then Le Terrible

    One benefit of driving a ship with a bad rep that actually has good abilities like the HH is that the enemy doesn't prioritize you. Sometimes they don't even take you seriously even when you are tearing them to pieces.
  7. ExploratorOne

    Help me decide

    Aigle can be fun and I am considering getting one on my Steam account before the coupon gets replaced in a couple of weeks. I have a 60% WR over 30 Randoms driving her. I don't get along with the Oktober and the other low cost coal ships can't be used for missions since they are below Tier 5, so I cannot suggest those. Leningrad and Scharnhorst are definitely good choices for Doubloon ships. The Leningrad has speed, among other advantages. I like the quick reload, secondaries, and torps on the Scharn. T7 is a nice tier to run right now, too. Personally, I am holding off a bit on buying a Doubloon ship because of the Doubloon ship sale I hope they repeat this year.
  8. ExploratorOne

    Huang He better then Le Terrible

    The creeping smoke of the Huange is very effective at pushing and defending caps when you get the hang of it (pun intended).
  9. Added two. I thought it was a strange change to the feel, too.
  10. ExploratorOne

    What are you doing?

    Personally, I use the crates to stock up on signals and camos. As a side benefit, I have also received seven ships this year for about $75, a few in the $45 -$50 range, along with Doubloons and coal. The Doubloons will mainly buy Premium time. These crates allow me to "coast" through most of the year without spending very much. It is a lot better than the money my kids pay to Racket league, Paladins, etc. for better looking tires and a a different skin. It is also far less expensive than my R/C planes and helicopters or Ham radio gear. And less than the beer/club money I used to spend years ago. It is all about perspective and relative value...
  11. ExploratorOne

    WG & Interac

    In previous threads WG has said payment methods are restricted by banking rules of the nation involved. EDIT: Realized it is not Interac itself, but which banks you can use that you are referring to. Exactly what you stated, duh. You could ping one of the mods or submit a Support ticket to get an answer.
  12. ExploratorOne

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Threads have a timeout for being pinned in many cases. They also get autolocked after a period of time. For instance, after he unlocked it, Mr Conway stated the Blyska voting thread had gotten autolocked on EU because they neglected to keep unlocking it. Maybe @Radar_X is the one to ask about this.
  13. ExploratorOne

    Cost for Steel Campaign?

    I've been thinking the same thing with Cossack on my young Steam account. I have 48 Guineas there and am finding it difficult and stressful to (take the time to) work on the last two with several new boats on my main account to master and 19-pointers to grind. It has occurred to me that there would be no "shame" in spending $1.98 and getting rid of the stress. BTW, finished the Cossack up at the start of last weeks Directives on my main account.
  14. ExploratorOne

    Indianapolis type of marathon

    Maybe the goal is to encourage players to play at least a few battles every day....
  15. ExploratorOne

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Incoming! EDIT: Gifted at the same time, LOL. Typing while Condor_Legion was.