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  1. ExploratorOne

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Interesting point. My initial reaction to your post was remembering a recent battle and the second was thinking about how much work I need to do on marksmanship on many of my ships. A couple of days ago while driving a DD and trying to grab the "extra" cap at battle start, I perceived a Cossack (IIRC) as being a major threat by he way he played. Rather than abandon the cap (of course most of the Red team showed up), I decided to try to exchange our ships. He hit 6 more shots on me than I did on him and he survived with under 1K of HP. He went on to rack up four kills in our loss. Had I been a better marksman, the outcome would have been different. My current challenge is whether to stay playing ships that I can pull off snapshots with ease or keep trying to improve my marksmanship on the majority of the rest of the 200 ships in my port. Add to that wanting to earn Exeter for free and being forced to play either TN BBs or my Belfast for fire damage. BBs and I don't get along, and the lack of torps and heal (and being focused) seem to hold me back in Belfast. (OOPS, forgot my RN DDs, LOL)That means PvE, drag teams down, buy Exeter, or give up on the quest. Unfortunately, reading a few of these threads over the last couple of months caused me stats worry and I started playing more PvE to accomplish the Directives/Dailies and only Occasional PvP. The switch in tactics is expanding my skills, but apparently at a cost. It was working OK at first, but now I tend to be in a WR slump whenever I play PvP. I think I will go back to PvP exclusively again for a week and see what happens. If my skill really has improved, it will show.
  2. ExploratorOne

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    Thanks for your reply. The ONLY reason i have been improving is voracious reading and watching of good players. I "ride along" with other players after dying in game specifically to watch their actions. That is how I went from around 40% (when I discovered that was the stat tracked in WOWS) to hovering right under 50%. My response to this thread are not whining about my current inability to blast through 50%, it is about providing another viewpoint concerning players trying to improve reading statements that other players consider them irrelevant in a game. By the way, I know that is not true; a real "all about me" player rarely succeeds consistently in a team sport. I have been in several battles with and against you. And I have backed you up, been supported by you, blown you up (very rarely), and been devastated by you. i have also ridden along with your ship after I have died. Thank you for being part of my improvement and progress.
  3. ExploratorOne

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    I have no problem with that - according to my stats, I am slowly but surely playing better. My issue is that in all team endeavors, working together as a team is always more important than being the star, to the point that most sports have an MVP award. What these threads say is that some players, supposedly he better ones, decide to not support some members of the team. What's that phrase? "There is no 'I' in team?"' Also, the main point of my post was not to argue. It is simply to point out another viewpoint on widespread use of MM Monitor by the masses.
  4. ExploratorOne

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    What I rarely read mentioned in these types of threads is the effect it has on a player that is working at improving. Regardless of what I try to tell myself, reading these threads affects my game play. As I load into battle, I have to realize that there are one or more players on my team that may be reading MM, correctly or not. I may be backing them up or need their backup and they will abandon/discount me - not based on how I am playing at the moment. I was improving my WR and now it has taken a slump. Oddly, my other stats are still climbing. I work hard at doing damage where it is needed and thought I had figured it out, but my recent WR says that I am getting worse at swinging games to a win. (I was running purple for a few weeks a month, or so, ago) It is difficult going onto the field/court, or starting a project with a team when you know that the people to your left and right think you are more of a hindrance than a help. The only consolation is the havoc I can wreak on opponents that underestimate me or my ship, LOL.
  5. Registration to be a Maskarado has been closed for several days. To sink a Maskarado you just have to encounter them in a Random battle.
  6. ExploratorOne

    Buy Boise/Nueve De Julio Get The Other Free

    What did Support say when you showed them? Did you get the mission back? Should have based on the Calendar.
  7. ExploratorOne

    Hood Quest?

    I have gotten all four missions. Received around 35M credits for the three ships I had and the Vanguard.
  8. ExploratorOne

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #06 (18-03-2019)

    Thanks. It is the only time it has happened in a long time of using your great mod pack. Thanks for all of your work!
  9. ExploratorOne

    Wait till you see 8.2

  10. ExploratorOne

    So discouraging

    Is it from playing it on the test server that you don’t like the feel of it? It seems to be performing in-game pretty well. Out of 8 Tier 9 DDs on the live server: It is third behind a Daring (53.03) and Khab(52.89) in WR (52.6%). Third behind Khab and Harugumo in Damage (55k). Third behind Khab and Daring in K/D (1.69). Third behind Daring (.91) and Harumo (.90) in avg Frags (.89). Disclaimer: I don’t plan on getting her because I don’t enjoy PA DDs.
  11. ExploratorOne

    Wait till you see 8.2

    “Progress will also be displayed in this menu for players who haven't reached Level 15 in their Service Record. The Service Record section of the profile has been updated, and now tracking progress and rewards will be more convenient for players. As the distinctive insignia modification settings have been moved from the Service Record section to the upper-left part of the Port, the server information and online player counter have been transferred to the main menu, which can be opened with the ESCkey. You will be granted Level 2 in your Service Record when you first log in to the Public Test account, but progress will be much faster than on the live server.” https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-082/
  12. ExploratorOne

    Stealth Nerf to 6th sense?

    Ah, that makes sense.
  13. ExploratorOne

    British CV Full Release?

    Wanted to make sure the numbers were right. Thanks!
  14. ExploratorOne

    British CV Full Release?