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  1. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    The ultimate irony is that the USA has more Maple Trees than Canada, and Canada has more Eagles than the US of A.
  2. Ships you don't want to play

    I respect what yourself and others accomplish in pushing a boat to max territory and never touch it again but I just can't bring myself to doing it. If I have fun, I have fun and want to keep having it. I can't imagine yours and other peoples investments into their hobby like that. Bigtime kudos to the Min-maxers, padders, theory crafters, hardcore elite players, 45% taters, Tier 1 grinders... whatever your kink is. Whatever helps you stay a part of the community and running that Queue is fine by me sir. We should div at some point on some discord, I'm sure we would get along swimmingly.
  3. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Eagles are a step above seagulls and get sucked into jet engines. Sharks actually scare the fcuk out of people. Would you see Eaglenado? Of course not, they wouldn't make crap like that for Eagles.
  4. DD XP....Seriously?

    Dunno If you've noticed Kiyo, but on those graphs that are thrown about showing the average XP over the life of the game? Well they point to a spot in like 3Q 2016 where everyone takes this universal "realignment" in a sharp downward fall, and then normalizes right after, much lower on the avg XP line. I might be wrong but I think this was in the first Cap nerfs. They were the ones like on 2 Bros that had the 4 caps but the B/C Caps were 'freebies', with DD being first to the trough, artificially propping them up somewhat overall. WG got rid of that cap xp. At one time a cap was worth more than a Kill, that has to have changed by now. They originally did it to entice capping over chasing kills I believe, but here we are! There is no possible way a company like WG would keep the 4th place XP rewards as they have been for the entire lifespan of the game as an oversight. It's design. Oh, and WG keeps how they score us kinda sekrit, to discourage gaming the system. Just like they won't give us the address for RNGsus.
  5. DD XP....Seriously?

    Oh I don't know if I'd go quite that far. Just cause he isn't a bare knuckler it doesn't blow up his whole argument. I am an average to good DD main as well and I absolutely love nothing more than a good ol' fashioned bare knuckle DD brawl, and my priorities are also in line with yours: Cap first, Damage 2nd. If a DD is stopping #1 from happening, he has priority generally. Considering I do a fair amount of "Anti-DD work" Defense and Capping, there are games where you truly feel ripped off for the effort. The scoring system is so bizarre. Some games you feel you did great, lower than expected rewards.. Other games you're like "I hope that isn't negative creds, man..", much higher rewards than expected. Just odd is all. People might care a little less about the minutia of inter-class balance if it was made up for on the XP end. If you can't balance their combat efficiency at least balance their reward coefficient.
  6. DD AA is a laugh man. Or would you like it to require even less of an investment on the part of the CV player to deal with them? It's already a pretty decent free lunch in most cases provided the CV knows how to drop. Impossible torp spreads are a thing, and there is only so much turning to be done when a lack of DFAA doesn't panic drops. Besides, what threat is a DD to a CV? Often the only time a DD kills a CV is near the end when it's all but lost anyway. Just spent a few matches in T7 with some Saipans and Hiryus. That Hiryu captain had no issues deleting whomever he pleased, had a Kaga doing the same earlier. Kami R? Gone. Gremmy? gone? If you have zero AA you are truly at the mercy of the CV players skill level in all instances. If you're having issues with CV as a whole, it's not CV. They are wicked strong provided you can play the class, not much different than DD. Are there stinkers? Everyone gets stinkers.
  7. DD XP....Seriously?

    DING DING DING! We have a Winner! Apples to Oranges, friend. And to answer the other question: No. This is what people are wanting to change. The Risk/Effort for reward is clearly not there for an average DD player. It's much less stress and more casual gameplay to just load up a BB, get some spotting and shoot stuff from 16km out. WG made it that way.
  8. Lyon, super OP

    It's got 12 inchers, he'd be making most efficient use of them like that. Shooting BB wouldn't get you near as far up the board as quickly.
  9. Don't. Just wait until they are in Secondary range and let the AI do it's thing. I wouldn't want to spill my Mountain Dew.
  10. DD XP....Seriously?

    Okay bub. Gonna throw some cold water on a couple points you were making. Firstly. 90k damage is kinda a big deal for a tier 5 to even 10 DD. You do that game in and game out, you're a MONSTER. If I racked up a 90k game on Sims, that's probably a brag worthy game to an extent, it's over 3x the ship average. You have to do something good to get there. The second is the idea that if relegated to bopping around, just spotting and capping without firing shots... what? Caps are often contested. You are very rarely the only DD vying for the cap. Your example ignores stealth differences, radar, hydro, German DDs..these are realities in every game..You seriously play a shooty boats game to not do the shooty part on the regular? Yuck! Sure, the odd time you don't do much shooting, have low low damage, get some caps and some spots and you finish in a respectable spot, I agree. I just don't play the game to play that way, those are typically what I call "bad games", unfun, plodding, boring.
  11. Two Supercontainers in a Row!

    I don't think too much about the containers. I just open them as I get them and click Camo and Signals each time.
  12. DD XP....Seriously?

    The roles DD often find themselves in have still not been tuned properly. Because WG keeps changing how DD needs to play the game it makes it hard to nail down XP reward and gains. If they stopped moving the goalposts on Destroyer and calmed down for a patch or 2 they could probably work it out. Destroyer has been 4th place for XP rewarded since the start of this game. I expect nothing will change if it hasn't even been an issue yet on the part of WG. If anything, WG has demonstrated clearly they dont want XP gains to be high at all, to further that grind they love and keep butts in seats.
  13. Selling the Monagham

    Except... it's not. Non USN smoke, and the C hull lacks compared to the B. Had it been an actual premium Farragut I'd have bought it. It's different enough to not be, so I passed.
  14. Haida - Hat Trick Accomplished

    My first kill in my Haida was another Haida..
  15. Radar has ruined dd play

    And that's a valid strategy, but it usually comes at a cost. You often will trade 25% of your health to simply "bait out" a nonsense mechanic, with nothing truly gained for it. It's truly rare (or a very potato moment) where a cruiser uses Radar from behind an island while they do not have guns available (teammates). That would be a monumental waste of a radar charge and only the starchiest of taters will pull the trigger. Often the "opening radar" happens when a cruiser has managed to get behind his fringe of the cap island, cap starts turning, then radar for the team to open up on the offending cap boat. I still dont understand why they cant have a separate Hydro/Radar spotted symbol. The 2 mean very different things to the "victim" and that info should be relayed.