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  1. Played 12 battles, hit 15, stopped. If I'm going to waste my time playing a game, I'm at least going to enjoy it. Every year this point in time is always my least played, usually right up to Halloween. I'll be back for next Clan Battles season, it "matters" a whole lot more than ranked does for me.
  2. Flawed idea to expand playerbase

    Yeah, identical to high level DD torp play, which has a high floor, and the least popular type of surface ship. Yeah... TOTALLY going to be reeling in the players with a same but different class that resembles the least played type in game. I just dont see what its bringing to the game is where they lose me in the submarine discussion. I guess I really need to hear about the role they intend on them playing in the current game environment.
  3. Lazy underwhelming Gallant camo

    Wow. Just wow. Talk about mailing it in.... They darkened a few colours, changed the shape on the stern and the one where the H-59 is. Think about what kinda grade you'd get back in school for doing this much 'work' on a project.
  4. Unfortunately, it's already started. Some of the comments I've read from some of our favorite BB junkies have actually made me laugh out loud, most being of the "great, another ship I have no counter to!" variety. Yes, so helpless those dang Battleships!
  5. "When I was playing Silent Hunter..." Well if it was so awesome, why did you stop? Subs will NEVER have unlimited submersion time. They are already going to be pure fantasy in many ways to make it possible for them to even make sense in WOWS. I'd rather WG balance the ships we already have over introducing ANOTHER layer of complicated combat design but sadly balance doesn't make WG any money.
  6. BB's pushing

    Wut? Dude. "Baddieships" are freakin notorious in their hesitation, just like poorly played DD are notorious for yoloing.
  7. With how many threads over this have cropped up I've lost track, honestly. If you have the time to comb through pages and pages of crying over WV and the travesty of the ordeal, yay Lert! I however, do not. It's descending to Radar levels of crap posting and if it's an actual issue it's going to get lost in the mud.
  8. The way most people put it, they want it to have fudged speed so that it is competitive. Funny how people can throw their closely held historical feels right out the window when it suits their bias, huh?
  9. If you're not already a DD ninja I really doubt you're going to dig submarine game play. Most of the players that seem to be drawn to sub play strike me as not being that skilled (no idea why, just a feeling) and it seems that the ship is going to come with a high skill requirement. I just feel that the class/type will just end up very frustrating for most players (again, consider "average skill" you see on a day to day basis), even ones that "thought" this was what they wanted. YMMV.
  10. Give us the Tier 7 Refit!!!!!

    "Gaping hole" = there is no T7 Premium USN BB. Hyperbole much? Get a grip.
  11. I could not care less. The DD hard cap will just bite people on the [edited]. I will be happy when I'm out hunting for BB and taking caps, I welcome the more freewheeling style and less DD to out spot me. This is going to be a "be careful what you wish for" scenario in the best of ways for good DD players. What this change does not do is make it so there are less trash BB out bobbing around and that's an improvement I'm certain everyone would welcome.
  12. Example: Last data available, 1st week September 2018. BB#1 with 314k plays DD: 184k plays 1st week September 2017 Cruiser #1 with 295k plays DD: 176k plays 1st week September 2016 BB #1 with 214k plays DD: 142K plays. I could keep going but it's the same thing over and over and over and it never seems to make it through to grey matter so I'm not wasting more of my time to prove what doesn't need proving.
  13. Lol. Are you actually serious? I mean if you really want it I can get it but it doesn't matter to the r-[edited] that wanna fight over population numbers. It's always 6v6 DD match in match out, regardless of the pop numbers (or you know, ACTUAL proof) for that ilk.
  14. Map Mondays - Strait

    In my DDs the plan is to always get to B.