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  1. I'd guess he was in smoke a lot of the time (3 radars, right?) so who was spotting you for him? I get frustrated when I get outplayed too.
  2. People said the same thing about Wargaming removing OWSF and at each and every Destroyer nerf and yet here we are....
  3. In all honesty a match at T8 might as well be a match at tier 10. It kinda usually is anyway.
  4. You should have known better. Destroyers aren't allowed to keep their nice things. They also reduced SE, don't forget that too.
  5. Once my game didn't lag or crash for a whole 3 hours.
  6. Time to fix broken HE

    It's a good thing it's only Destroyer mains making up all these fire and HE threads. That's some serious whining.... Put some oil on your bearings boy, you're starting to squeal.
  7. Ship Detection Survey

    I really noticed that rendering bug today. Had a Nicholas pop up at 5.5km when I had a 6.1km detect. 600m could change everything.
  8. My goal is to still be interested and playing.
  9. It makes me sad in the pants.
  10. I just had a Fletcher match where we had 2 Radar boats, that just so happened to push the same side as me, YAY! So I move up to spot hard, considering I have the big guns with me. Spot a Lo Yang, he slams Hydro so I start kiting him and wiggling. He smokes up but I don't, so he chases..... NO ONE SHOOTS HIM. He ends up reversing into his smoke and NO ONE RADARS HIM. The team got to the part where I spot the DDs and they peel off to work their way in a ball behind the islands and funnel themselves into the centre of the map. I would chalk this one up to a failing of my team. Just nonsense.
  11. This hasn't been something I see often in my experience. When it does happen I tend to notice because I'm always counting destroyers and trying to remember where they are at. Most destroyers I encounter are at least playing around where they should be, but there are certainly the odd ducks that go on Rambo Torp or CV missions and don't help all that much, but they are often -gasp- torp centric destroyers that do this stuff. Most of the time much of the CV hunting is end game/lost cause stuff but hey, everyone has a different game experience.
  12. Status of US Destroyers

    I am an old fan of the USN Destroyers. I've begun coming back to them now that the high tiers meta has become as slow as molasses and supporting a Cap contesting Destroyer is becoming one of those "Remember when..." things lost to WoWs past. I miss the DD vs DD minigame at the caps where our bloom distance made us only visible to each other and many bad assed knife fights were to be had, without the threat of 18km AP mortar fire ruining the party. I've made a switch back to Fletcher now, with the intention of running Gearing a lot once I get the opportunity to unlock her. I'm slowly curbing gunplay in my Destroyers and sadly, it's working.
  13. There is no Hidden reason, the reason is cash. Tier 10s are more spendy to run, but there are lots of real dollar ways to mitigate how expensive Tier 10 can be, namely 4000 doubloon camos that many players will be inclined to purchase for all their ships, and Free XP to any remaining Tier 10, and then of course you'll need Premium if you hope to sustain your Tier 10 presence.... Highest tiers have the highest running costs. Higher running costs pushes more players towards an answer that has a dollar sign beside it. This isn't Wargaming's first Rodeo.
  14. Personally I feel that the GM should be the "standard" the tier should try for (an in it only "seems" powerful because the rest are kinda weakish). It's a shame the game has passed many of the Tier 7 Destroyers by to some extent. The stealth firing changes were particularly harsh on T7 gunboats because of their concealment conundrum which you laid out for us well. Well done KP. I enjoy Sims a lot, I use the 5.5km torps because the 9.2 are sad, but man i gotta work it to do anything in that boat and i have to play with my nuts completely hanging out if i want to have a shot at a good game. There is a reason DD are the least played surface ship and it's not because they are easy.