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  1. Canadatron

    Returning, but Should I?

    As some have noted above, Cruisers seem to still be hard to come by in the wild. I mean there was a serious move away from Cruisers in the summer of 2018. It was a time when the game essentially became World of Battleships where the BBs could do everything a Cruiser could but better, with higher spike damage, radar, hydro, and leet heals to boot. I'll have to really bone up on decent Captain builds
  2. Canadatron

    Returning, but Should I?

    Anything particularly sucky? I've heard some things were not kind to Destroyer captains in said changes.
  3. Canadatron

    Returning, but Should I?

    I fully get that there is obviously no substitution for mashing keys and screaming at my screen, especially considering my time away. I expect to get ruined adjusting to the new realities of 4 years of changes to squeeze more money out of the playerbase. Bummer that the lower tiers are so thinly populated, the best times were always had (for me anyway) in that Tier 4-7 area of the game where people didn't seem as "afraid" to get in and mix it up, making a few mistakes in the process. I left JUST before they fully implemented major CV changes, playing my last consistent rounds in the Fall of 2018 (got a Kami R then packed it in mostly) so I didn't get much a feel for the new way before going AFK. I played with the Quality Potatoes, CUTE/CUTIE crew, along with a few captains I'm certain have moved onto bigger and better things. I will definitely give it all another shot, if anything it'll at least be interesting to see where things have gone in the past few years.
  4. Hey peoples. Haven't played in about 4 years or so, but am considering a return fairly soon as the weather cools and more time will be spent indoors. The real question is, Should I? I mainly played Destroyer (gunboats) and was decent at it. So much has changed, and is there a way anyone can either gimme a quick rundown of relevant (big) changes to the game or point me towards resources that will make it not suck as bad as it will? Are there any Premium ships that are old and rare that spank (a la Gremmy) or have they finally gotten over not beating up on Premium vehicles with the nerf bat and it's a "thing" now? What tiers are still the most fun? Are T10 battles still no one moving for the first 5 minutes? Not gonna get hard into it, just looking for some casual play and figured that I'd might as well use some of the ships I've already gotten, bought, or whatever. What are the matches and population numbers like these days, ship numbers and composition. Still 8 BB per game? :) Clemson still a terror in the right mitts? Cheers Lads, and I look forward to the replies.
  5. Canadatron

    Task Force Tuesday - Tier VI

    Last T6 ranked I tried to run with DD but it was not enough to force engagements and reverse a poor team. Switched to Warspite and began deleting, along with watching my WR go away up. I got 14 stars in 15 battles and struggled to do the same in any DD I had tried.
  6. He has the replay now, at least. We could always go to the tape and see this torp hit for ourselves!
  7. Canadatron

    Why do the British cruisers not have HE shells?

    So BB mains won't play them.
  8. The "Retroperspective" thing is off putting. It's Retrospective. Sorry man, it's just been raping my eyes and I had to say something. Good write up however. Wish I was playing the game during the past 3 months, it looks like it was some exciting times for the base.
  9. You say this, but I will provide my 191 First Bloods in 2600 games as proof that yes, we DD mains do those things :P
  10. Canadatron

    Buff 100mm French BB secondaries.

    Why do Sims 9.2km torps remain a joke? Same issue. Decent range, slow as molasses and hit like a 98 year old woman. Lots of headscratchers in this game.
  11. Canadatron

    Buff 100mm French BB secondaries.

    Which is exactly why people are saying that investing in secondaries is for the starchiest of tubers that play the game. You said it yourself, not worth investing points to improve on. Seems like you have it already figured out.
  12. Canadatron

    Change to expert loader

    But why not? If you feel that BB should get these "necessary" skills to the class why shouldn't other types get all these goodies baked into their specs, as to not waste precious captain points too? Why is it that if someone gets a buff or quality of life improvement, people feel all classes should get them even if not warranted? It's like all the people asking for Secondary buffs now. Seriously? Talk about entitlement culture.
  13. I tried an early flight sim along those lines as a kid and was it ever frustrating. I don't think I even made it off the carrier and into the air. Plane into the water everytime. I also played me some Silent Service on NES. We were actually robbed once and they took every Nintendo thing BUT that game. It was inside the machine too and they took that thing out and left it behind. I still don't know how I was supposed to fire those aft torpedoes.
  14. Canadatron

    Buff 100mm French BB secondaries.

    Seems like you don't grasp how fire works in game. The % of fire chance isn't the whole story. There is a defensive coefficient added into the calculation too. Anyone could make the claim you are making with any ship. I fire hundreds of HE shells per game in my Atlanta and I might get 5 or so fires, despite the fire % being 5-6%. If you're firing on something that's already on fire or saturated it also plays into things. I wish it were as simple as 5% Fire chance + 100 HE hits = 5 fires, but it's not.
  15. Only difference is that those torps were airdropped and they didn't contain the same amount of explosives as one coming from a DD or Submarine. I agree, that's one heck of an arsebeating, but the torps were certainly not all ship based.