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  1. I could club just as easily in other DD at that tier. Both the German and PADD are bigtime decent at that tier, thing is I haven't had to because Clemmy is there.
  2. Too much radar

    Concealment does have it's limitations, since the game began many changes to vision have taken place. Concealment is limited by firing guns, radar/hydro uptime. Being picked up by radar is a pretty "random" change to your concealment. I don't think either are OP. One ship type just happens to live and die by concealment, but that's their cross to bear.
  3. Lower-tier fun!

    What's with those TH%'s MISTER? Get back down there and don't come back until you straighten those numbers out.... poor seals.
  4. Exciting and engaging

    I'd agree except not all DD's are torp DD, which is who should run the flooding flags. I think it'd be a waste to just use it "because DD". There are cruisers that are better torp boats than some Destroyers.
  5. Exciting and engaging

    If I HONESTLY did that, I'd be Detonating in every 5th match, and sadly that's not even a joke. Last time I didn't run without a flag, a SINGLE match.... BOOM. Detonation. I had a battle where 3/3 Destroyers on our team Detonated @ t10. Good times.... guess which team lost? Ours. I'd love to see Wargaming's actual numbers on detonations and what their "targets" are (5-8% for DD, 3-4% for CA, 2% for BB, plus mix flag and module use and we get to magic 1%). It might be 1-2% gamewide, but detonation mechanics certainly punish some greater than others and that's what sucks about it the most.
  6. Future of new BB lines

    Well we know French BB are getting Speed Boost as their gimmick, so maybe we will get a better idea of BB line launches as soon as they figure out a couple more "flavours" for the remaining lines.
  7. Exciting and engaging

    When you don't have one it most certainly can be. Main DD and see how those Dets stack up without flags running. Anyone who just shows their Battle count against the amount of Detonations is kinda misleading people. I could say I've only had 2% Det rate, except I've run a Det flag 95% of the time, so kinda waters down those stats, huh?
  8. Ok so where is T 61

    I was hoping for a discussion rather than a list of all the things (and even then you didn't mention actual numbers) that are different from a statistical sense. It's lacking HP for sure, and don't think that won't play into survival. It'll be a higher skill floor ship (in a type that is already pretty high to begin with) I also find it curious this is just a list of the "PROS" but none of the "CONS". Torps? Same as Gaede, only difference is the reload. So that's not exactly "better torps", that's "Better Reload", it happens to be 25% better. It's actually slower than Gaede, but has better turning. It has less HP than Gaede, by about 2kish HP. (maybe the handling might mitigate it a bit, but still..) Guns: 15 rpm and 11.6 km vs 11.7 rpm and 10.9 km; with 5" (both curse and blessing. You can never use smaller gun bloom) Concealment is 800m better, but I'd imagine that has more to do with the Premium Camo and the baked in -3% concealment. Let's also be real here, T6 and T7 DDs get slightly shafted at that tier because of the Concealment module Tier 8 DDs get. It's nothing more than "competitive" concealment at that tier. Here are some gun DPM numbers for T6 DD that aren't Gaede for some context: T-61 90k DPM, Gnevny 91.2k DPM, Farragut 135k DPM I don't see the differences in this T-61 vs Gaede much different from Leningrad vs Minsk. Leningrad is a clear step up from it's "tech tree" mate. T-61 won't be all that different. If someone blows in Gaede and KM DD as a whole picking up T-61 will not turn them into a beast. If they are decent in the way of the KM DD the T-61 will be no different for them and it'll be a fun ship. To me, this isn't much more than people seeing CCs having good games and then freaking out that something is broken. It's isn't going to be like the Belfast or MK. Firstly, DD isn't popular, T6 even LESS popular. It's not going to break nothing!
  9. Selfish DDs

    Tell ya what, I don't think there has been a ship type in game that has had their "role" broadened quite so much as Battleship has over the life of the game. Next up the French BB are getting Speed Boost. Battleship popularity is not a surprise when you consider how there is a BB for everything that is still a BB. Stealthy, Burny, Healy, Radary, Speedy, Secondary-y, Piss in AA's facey, Hydroey, ect.... I'm not mad, I'm impressed! There is a reason BB is represented well numbers wise in game, and it's not because they are at a disadvantage.
  10. Badge Requests

    Suggestions: -Title Belt (think Boxing/MMA/Wrestling) It's as cheesy as it is juvenile. -Potato wearing a Crown. Obviously.
  11. I think its that most people are spending free XP on Missouri before it goes away. Lots of time to grind out XP on MuMu.
  12. Selfish DDs

    I disagree somewhat. Considering I don't suck in DD, I don't notice the "OMG our teams DDs are tatertots" quite so much because when I am on a team they at the very least have a DD player that gives them the chance to win. ( I do notice the other sides Tater DDs though...) What I notice in the wild having the largest impact on winning? Poor BB play. I can spot all day in my DD and if our big guns cannot hit, we are doomed. I do not have the DPS to take out 6 BB on my own when my teams big rifles are hitting nothing but rock and water. I played a match just a couple days ago when a Baltimore charged myself and a Groz because our 6 x BB were so out of position and couldn't hit a thing while they stayed in a blob, behind an island. It was very sad. Broadside cruisers going unpunished, and a quick look at the HP pools show us their BB are 90% and ours are all 40% HP or less. This is a failure of BBs to deal with the other teams BBs. My DD cannot hit them at 15km out, it's as simple as that. If my team cannot play well enough to take the heat off the DDs, allowing them to move up, into caps, and into killing range, it's going to be a bad game. The team that works even slightly more like a team in this game is the one that wins.
  13. Selfish DDs

    Here is where the trouble begins.. In my ranked games this season if I got support while I ran DD we won. If my team did the back camping peek a boom let the DD fend for himself strategy we generally lost. The team that wins is usually the one that supports the caps, not the campers and radar cruisers out of radar range.
  14. Okhotnik.....meet Perth!

    Much fun. Much engagement.