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  1. Maris_Piper

    Brawl bulldookie

    Can't have 2 bb's on one team
  2. Maris_Piper

    PSA: Daily Rewards Start Today

    Thanks freggo.
  3. Maris_Piper

    PSA: Daily Rewards Start Today

    I have 2 accounts. I am getting these on 1 account, but not the other. Why is that?
  4. Maris_Piper

    New Ranked has some issues

    You seem confused. There is no time restriction here. You could take a week or a day to reach rank 1. What I suggested is that perhaps you have to do it in uncer 50 games, for example, to qualify for qualification for the next league.
  5. Maris_Piper

    New Ranked has some issues

    Perhaps we need a change to the rules where you can always reach rank 1 in each league, but you cannot enter the qualification for the next league unless you reach rank 1 in under a certain number of games. That would reset at the end of each sprint to always allow you to try again.
  6. Maris_Piper

    21 minuet Que for qualifications

    Ask yourself how many people have actually hit rank 1 by this time.
  7. Maris_Piper

    How do I complete the Five Epochs Collection?

    There are exactly 30 crates to collect. You have missed some.