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  1. lolpip

    Ship Review: Queen Mary

    nice! the torps do seem like something to commit MAD with by nuking whoever is about to sink you with a torp
  2. thank you! i hard a hard time finding this design so i left the french line as i had it before since i couldn't find it
  3. Lol i love using range mod and radar
  4. yes i miss it as its very tiring looking through each nation's ships for commanders that need to be dismissed
  5. Really shouldn't Necro but since I'm the OP it should be Okay so i made models of some of the Ships different hulls so here i go: HMS Battleaxe A Hull B Hull HMS Savage A Hull B Hull HMS Gael Since Gael is also a paper ship i made the model as how i think it would've been completed with a daring style Bridge USS Castle There Have Been Slight Changes Since the Last version with swapping the 3in aa for quad bofors and different masts and torpedoes
  6. I wonder if the Whiskey's torpedoes are gonna be SET-65s. It is the Most interesting sub to me so far and i wonder if we'll get the Foxtrot class as a Tier ten premium since K-1 is probably tech tree
  7. it might be better to do it might be better to do a druid with torpedoes and another turret with access to HE shells
  8. this is very much a dd... if you read the context you would've seen that i meant a ship like this with similar armament could be also added as a mid tier cl edit* then threes the wartime toothless terrors who had the same armament albeit slower firing
  9. cool but please give it back the heal the daring and jutland have please. and also this can be put in as a mid tier CL in the form of the repeat Bellona considered for the Korean war with similar armament
  10. umm while the austin does need a buff but jinan doesn't. both of them and sejong have the same trollish armor that allows them to sit at any angle in their smoke and not get citadeled 45% of the time as the shells will autobounce once you do a little wiggling. What austin needs is a B hull that makes it have the choice for smoke or radar instead of reload booster alongside better reload. the only ships that really ignore the autobounce are the yamato sisters and incomparable as it can run down a Pa cl if given time to get in range only a select few pan asian cls need buffs like Harbin and chungking the others are either medicore or kind of busted given good RNG. a ship that seriously needs a buff other than Austin is the Seattle it has bad turret angles and terrible reload
  11. I already stated that Seattle has the best HE DPM at the tier and sure it may have good concealment and ruddershift but what use is it if the ship is slow to accelerate even with propulsion mod and concealment is a mixed bag as sejong is basically on par with it for concealment while dalian and tulsa and all the dds outspot it not to mention the submarines that can come up to it hiding by an island and shotgun it if you'd have played it enough to grind it and not fully free xp past it you would know that any of these ships barring the cruisers could stay between its detect and radar range and permaspot it which can focus fire towards the ship and get it citadeled and sunk easily if you dont take evasive maneuvers. I've had games on maps like okinawa where I'm the first to die because i got permaspotted trying to hide behind an island and fire at the same time even when the sides of my ship are blocked by the island competitive at tier 8 you mean where most light cruisers have 7 -8.5 second reload with Cleveland being the only one of 3 and a half(montpelier is only half a cruiser as it isn't very different from cleveland) torpedoless light cruisers that doesnt have a gimmick of some sort as Seattle's reload is unchanged from Cleveland which is fast enough at tier 8 but slower at tier 9 where you facing ships in matchmaking like minotaur who fire twice as fast as you more often than at tier 8 where you have a wider spread of tiers you can see. while the turrets and AA could be better it is moreso the traverse of the turrets that lets down the ship as it shares the same time as ships who are known open water cruisers where the balancing for them being good at range is having slow turning guns and aa as a whole needs buffing on every ship in the game aside from ships like halland. more range means more targets to shoot at for any ship. the stock range is the 4th lowest at the tier a 1km buff would put it at 9th lowest and make the playstyle transition to worcester better as worcester has the same range and . with the stock ship you currently have to either suffer with the low range with reload mod until you have enough xp for the range upgrade or use range mod and hardly hit anything and set it on fire because the detection bloom goes out to 18km. if you give it a 1km range buff it would make the ship have two different playstyles one which is the same as cleveland at close range hiding behind islands and the other is the semi open water playstyle worcester can play currently when you upgrade the range as it would be identical to worcesters range as for potential Rises in HE dpm they don't exponentially soar that far compared to other tier nine and tier ten ships 5 sec reload gives the ship 316800 HE dpm which puts it between worcester and jinan for HE Dpm and 460800 AP dpm which is barely above plymouth and doesnt have much utility as it doesnt have the characteristics of RN CL AP 4.8 second reload gives it identical AP dpm to Neptune but 330k HE DPM which is still between worcester and jinan 5.5 second reload gives it 288k HE DPM which is lower than jinan but a bit better than a des moines and 418900 AP dpm which is below hindenburg and above jinan with just tier nines seattle is still at the top in HE dpm and second place for AP dpm aside from the 4.8 second option which is identical to neptune All of the tier nine light cruisers have dual purpose turrets and for dual purpose turrets to be somewhat serviceable in an aa role atleast 5.5 second reload is needed to be able to down a plane fast enough before it attacks the ship other than that it would be a poor dual purpose weapon like the 5 inch guns fitted to japanese destroyers or the 5.25s fitted on british bbs as secondaries or as main armament on the didos before they upgraded the turrets traverse and fixed the timer problems they were having as for understanding game balance that is not something i will comment on as there are certain ships in this game that are unbalanced still and have had only minor changes to them that still don't address why they are broken and OP
  12. they could give it a huron type gameplay but scaled up to a cruiser form but i would save that for Hobart instead and make Sydney the tech tree ship as she was the first commissioned into commonwealth service
  13. Of all the ships classed as Light or normal in the case of Dimitri Donskoi at tier nine, Seattle is the Weakest objectively speaking as the other ships have heavier armament and torpedoes in the case of Neptune and Donskoi of which Neptune has the best reload of the five or they have smaller caliber guns that fire faster in addition to torpedoes and smoke to use in the case of Sejong and Dalian while Seattle has nothing but the Best HE dpm of them and purely because it has HE shells unlike neptune but said highest DPM is hard to use if said ship cannot fire far stock or upgraded or fast enough to actually set fires with a certain frequency. What Seattle needs is a slight Range and Reload buff and there are several options: Keep Range as is but buff reload to Parity with Neptune (Least likely as it would impact how many people play Worcester as the only sacrifice is range and .2 seconds for better angles to get all the forward or rear guns firing) Keep Range as is but buff reload to Parity with the Pan-Asian Cruisers (most Likely) Keep Range as is but buff reload to 5s (maybe possible) Buff Reload to Parity with the Pan-Asian Cruisers and increase the range to 16.7km (kind of likely) Buff Reload to 5 seconds and increase the Range to 16.7 km (not as likely) Buff reload to parity with Neptune and increase range to 16.7km (not likely) this is alongside a turret traverse buff as it isn't easy to play with the sluggish turrets and giving it the same traverse as Cleveland would suffice but even better would be 12s a little worse than Worcester's but better than Cleveland's leave your thoughts below
  14. lolpip

    Japanese battlecruiser line split

    Here are some designs that would be added to both lines to move accross the Battlecruisers Kongo, Myogi and Amagi This one is the Tier 5 bb replacing Kongo, its slower at 23 knots and has more armor and another turret making it basically a 5 turret Fuso i would call it something like Uzen this replaces Myogi in the main line and it is basically Kawachi with superfiring turrets and also probably influenced the Ise design and i would name it after Kawachi's Sister Settsu as someone above said this would be the tier 8 bb Tosa For the Battlecruiser line before Amagi and after Kongo would be: Tier 6 Battlecruiser Kurama that has one more gun than Kongo with hopefully not the superstructure and funnel above but more conservative in shape this would be the tier 7 battlecruiser Tsukuba who is basically a lengthened nagato with less armor after amagi we would get a techtree version of kii with repositioned or removed torpedoes maybe and replacing all the 100 mm turrets with 127 type 89s for the tier nine and named Owari after the second and last ship named before the class was cancelled then the Legendary no.13 class Battlecruiser would be the tier ten and it would be armed with guns similar to yamato's but of a longer caliber with a slightly heavier faster shell i think it would be called something like Chikugo
  15. this would be an easy thing to do as she's part of the same town class as Weymouth so it'd be a matter of cloning it and giving her commonwealth stats and gimmicks