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  1. lolpip

    [ALL] USS Flint CL-97 Model Fix

    intentional. Oaklands and SD and SJ had asymmetrical spotlights for topweight reasons as more aa got put on
  2. if we ever get a premium t8 KGV it will be Anson as she was the most modernized of the KGVs and it would be her 1945 form with mark 6 HACS directors or her proposed 1950s refit that gave her an aa suite like the ones on high tier British BBs or we would get a 12 gun KGV with the 3 quads
  3. that is a possibility but i don't think NZ sailors would've wanted to crew a ship with basically the same amount of people needed for both Bellona and black prince hence why i think its more likely for it to be RAN edit* i checked the ww2 auxiliary and it served in NZ waters so its probs HMNZS Hector
  4. Hector is The K25A-F Fiji preliminary design but upscaled onto a Belfast Hull with the 16 torpedoes the British wanted on the N2 and Neptune designs. Its also commonwealth because the RAN were going to get a pair of tigers that were rearmed with 5.25 in guns so this ship is a what if the British were building repeat Belfasts instead of tigers and sold one to Australia with 5.25 in guns
  5. lolpip

    When will Dido be available in the Armory?

    Despite having Dido already i almost freaked out thinking more ppl that weren't around would be able to get it when i saw this post now i feel sad that isn't gonna happen yet
  6. lolpip

    Ship Review: Queen Mary

    nice! the torps do seem like something to commit MAD with by nuking whoever is about to sink you with a torp
  7. thank you! i hard a hard time finding this design so i left the french line as i had it before since i couldn't find it
  8. yes i miss it as its very tiring looking through each nation's ships for commanders that need to be dismissed
  9. Really shouldn't Necro but since I'm the OP it should be Okay so i made models of some of the Ships different hulls so here i go: HMS Battleaxe A Hull B Hull HMS Savage A Hull B Hull HMS Gael Since Gael is also a paper ship i made the model as how i think it would've been completed with a daring style Bridge USS Castle There Have Been Slight Changes Since the Last version with swapping the 3in aa for quad bofors and different masts and torpedoes
  10. I wonder if the Whiskey's torpedoes are gonna be SET-65s. It is the Most interesting sub to me so far and i wonder if we'll get the Foxtrot class as a Tier ten premium since K-1 is probably tech tree
  11. it might be better to do it might be better to do a druid with torpedoes and another turret with access to HE shells
  12. this is very much a dd... if you read the context you would've seen that i meant a ship like this with similar armament could be also added as a mid tier cl edit* then threes the wartime toothless terrors who had the same armament albeit slower firing
  13. cool but please give it back the heal the daring and jutland have please. and also this can be put in as a mid tier CL in the form of the repeat Bellona considered for the Korean war with similar armament