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  1. Plane spotted torps - ranges

    I'm beginning to wonder if this information is even publicly available. Maybe when the patch comes out reducing the spottting ranges they will let us know what the actual ranges?
  2. Plane spotted torps - ranges

    I think that assured acquisition behind islands is just as stupid as hydro and radar through islands.
  3. Plane spotted torps - ranges

    Can someone point me to where I can find information on what the plane spotting range is for torpedoes? I checked the Wiki but could not find any details.
  4. Honestly, this is how I initially read the note but then started thinking "is WG going to allow me to play a single CW battle and then reset all 75+ of my commanders for free as well as change all my ship modules for free? So it doesn't see that crazy that WG could clarify the statement as follows: NOTE: Between February 10 and 16, all players who will have played at least one Clan Battle will be able to reset Commander skills (on any commander) or (on the commander that was used in Clan Battles) or (on all Commanders assigned to a tier 10 ships) and mount the required upgrades for free (see previous caveats). This type of clarification would be very nice because it allows people to actually properly plan ahead (or realize that they only need to play a single Clan Battle before they can turn their AA spec Montana/Des Moines/Moskva etc. into a proper clan wars build without spending lots of doubloons/credits/elite commander XP/free XP.
  5. Does anyone really know what this cryptic WG note actually means??? NOTE: Between February 10 and 16, all players who will have played at least one Clan Battle will be able to reset Commander skills and mount the required upgrades for free.
  6. Commander skills

    For me, Concealment is one of the most important skills so I almost always (German BBs the exception) get that as my first 4th row skill and unless you have plenty of gold and are willing to pay to reset your captain skills I would hold my points until I get 3 for row 3 and then 4 more for row 4.
  7. Clan wars and training rooms

    Okay since this was not directly addressed in the patch notes regarding Clan Battles I am bringing this back to the top. Does anyone know the answer?
  8. Clan wars and training rooms

    Does anyone know if rental ships will be able to be used in training rooms during Clan Wars?
  9. Citadelling Fun! - progress reset

    Thanks...this is the kind of crap that I wish WG would simply communicate. Had I known that it reset each day I would have played different ships to complete the challenge, instead I played DDs.
  10. Citadelling Fun! - progress reset

    When I logged in this morning I did not see any progress on the Citadelling Fun! challenge although I had 6 - 8 Citadels yesterday. Also, I was not awarded any Back-2-School camo's, and this evening I now only have progress of 2 citadels from matches earlier today. Anyone else have a similar issue?
  11. Thanks for the info. After making this post a new Challenge (HSF Yamato) appeared in Port which outlines the "mission". It never ceases to amaze me just how dense WG can be when it comes to providing information. The amount of stuff that players need to figure out on our own is stunning. This is worse than working on Oracle systems.
  12. Can someone please provide a link as to what these missions (especially the Yamato) are? I signed up for the collection and I have received one crate. But yesterday I played 2 battles in my Yamato, one win and one loss, but did not receive any additional crates. I've looked on the website but have not found any info about the actual missions.
  13. Division window

    Dear WG, I really dislike the port changes you made for the Division window.
  14. Dear WG, I think that it would be nice if you could create an option to either purchase camo and consumables or use what you have in inventory already. The issue being that when you discount camo and/or premium consumables folks who have built up a suply from missions/crates/etc. do not get the benefit of the discount. So this weekend I would prefer to purchase Type 1 camo for 3,750 credits rather than use what I have in inventory and then next week/month have to purchase it for 7,500 credits. Thanks in advance for your consideration, Captian_Dilbert
  15. New Years Raid reward question

    Thanks, I was more interested in the Port Slot than the credits, but I'll gladly take both. Thanks.