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  1. Jonesyrules15

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    Uhh the population has gone down since 8.0. Not significantly but it has. There is no other game similar to this so people are going to hang on as long as they can, that's my plan at the moment. You don't think the forums, reddit, youtube, and in game chat are any sort of a barometer? I have never really been one who thought the sky was falling. But this game is bleeding and eventually it will lose enough blood or get an infection unless it receives treatment.
  2. Jonesyrules15

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    What we want is for a CC to say what the majority of players agree. Overall the game was more fun pre 8.0
  3. Jonesyrules15

    Spending intentions poll

    I am a whale. I don't expect to spend money on this game again. Being forced to waste my premium time to test their broken rework and never being able to trust the premium ship I bought will not be made worse have pretty much sealed it. Then all the [edited] about promoting the santa boxes to get certain premiums and then nerf them 2 months later.
  4. Jonesyrules15

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    That's my experience playing cvs. Playing normal ships tier 8-10 I have yet to see a carrier not have planes up 100% of the time they are alive, which is the whole match most of the time. You can focus on the tier 4 part if you want but my other points are valid. Ships were designed around stealth and you have flying radar now, AA is a roll of the dice, ships clump together. I don't know why people are trying so hard to claim an obviously broken gameplay is working.
  5. Jonesyrules15

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Oh and when are they going to refund our premium time so we can test their broken rework?
  6. Jonesyrules15

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I dunno. I cant think of a match where the CV or me in a CV (tier 4 limited use) wasn't able to have planes in the air 100% of the time. They break the main game mechanic which is stealth, they are boring to play, the skill gap is greater than it was before, ships just clump up now, and there is no counter. The alpha strike is gone I will give them that.
  7. Jonesyrules15

    What should a t10 CV be able to do?

    Bunching up and not taking caps isn't that fun though. The game just seems so much more dynamic when CVs are not present. You hardly see 2 caps being contested anymore or any ambushes being set up. Plus the skills gap is as glaring as ever. 4/5 of my games at tier 9+ had 2 CVs in them. Constant planes, constant spotting, DDs being smacked around, people bunching up, and games being swung by obviously better CV players. Sure they no longer have alpha strike but the majority of them survive all match and just rack up damage and spotting all match long. Plus weird things still happen like my Benson losing 1/2 health on 1 bombing run from a Kaga when I was within spitting distance of a helena and a cleveland. The helena used DFAA. Next run of rockets by the CV and I was down to 500HP. Then I was killed due to the spotting. Dead within 5 minutes. Never even got within torp range of a cap. For the life of me I can't figure out why people want this in the game.
  8. Jonesyrules15 Patch Seems to Work!

    Are CVs still in every battle? If so then it did not work lol
  9. Jonesyrules15

    Where is USS Alaska?

    They said 6 weeks ago it was soon. Near future doesn't mean crap.
  10. Jonesyrules15

    BB and CA players please explain...

    I don't see it as black and white. But if you are going to leave any chance of having support to check a cap you should do it in a way that does not place you at great risk of getting destroyed in the first couple of minutes. Most caps have a way to approach or scout them that allows you to reduce your risk of exposure.
  11. Jonesyrules15

    BB and CA players please explain...

    Well the way I see it. If 10-11 ships go one way and 1 ship goes the other way. That 1 ship is an idiot and deserves to be called such.
  12. Is there anything is this update that WG did not screw up?
  13. Jonesyrules15

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    IFHE for sure.
  14. Jonesyrules15

    how do ppl stand ranked?

    I quit after losing 2 stars in a row. In the past I never had much reason to push but now that you can get steel at almost every rank I am going to try and see how far I can go. Sitting at 11.1 right now
  15. If my internet goes out I call spectrum and get a credit on my account, fwiw