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  1. SirJingles

    What convinced you to spend money on the game

    I would agree to the never growing up part but tier 5 is CV territory and as a mostly dd player l don’t enjoy being lit up the whole game. Being Canadian the last ship l bought was of course the Haida.
  2. SirJingles

    Just a funny observation

    Pretty much always a DD but it doesn’t pay in the top tiers, most CV players are too good...at best it’s just a time limited distraction for the CV.
  3. SirJingles

    Amazing Hackers

    I will support Daniel to some degree on this, mainly because many many years ago l was a big fan of the Age of Empires series..now l wouldn’t dare compare the makers of AoE (Ensemble Studios) to WG, that would be like comparing internet landline to 4 or 5 G but there were always players complaining of cheaters or hackers in that game as well and quite frankly with such a distinct difference in skill levels a lot of established players simply wrote it off as newbies being overwhelmed in the game..”go back to playing against the computer “...until as Host l started recording all the games, l watched dozens, hours of games until l actually found a instance of cheating. It was so small, so subtle, l was shocked ! ..and yet at the end of the game l saw how it had made such a big difference.
  4. SirJingles

    Amazing Hackers

    There you go....you had to say that word! Algorithms!
  5. SirJingles

    A better gaming experience needed

    That would take a lot of organizing in a game that seems at times to be void of any organization! it would almost be advantageous to have the commander not actually play but bark orders from the sideline. You can imagine the letdown of seeing your commander being one of the first casualties.
  6. SirJingles

    In this time....

    Haha l take advice only on the golf course..l don’t know if your a dd player but l probably play them 80% of the time and nothing is more comforting than have another dd teammate contest a cap with me. We May not know what exact strategy the other team has but with a good CV player we can have an idea. l wish l could show you a game from last night, 2 caps and only 1 dd on each team.He was going for 1 cap, me the other. Tried to enter cap twice only to get radared both times and lose half my hp. Meanwhile l got BB’s sitting back asking if l have the Cov-19 virus in my balls for not capping !! Taking advice in WoW can be hazardous to one’s health...turned out their dd got radared and sunk, game turned in our favour.
  7. In most tier 9 and 10 matches we have that happening now. With radar and CV’s there are dd’s In those matches that never attempt to cap or even spot and sometimes with 5 or 6 radar ships on the other side who can blame them.
  8. SirJingles

    In this time....

    Certainly agree with your last sentence. You might have 11 teammates and quite possibly counting yourself ...12 different strategies to win. Nothing bothers me more than contesting 2 of the 3 caps, capturing them, doing everything right,have the lead and yet a couple teammates think we need the third as well...my thinking is let them come to us !!
  9. SirJingles

    In this time....

    I understand what your saying and every game situation is different, every tier is different. It’s been my experience contesting 3 caps at once is gambling on the skill level of your dd players. Doubling up 2 vs 1 on one of the other caps almost guarantee’s you a head start on the other team and in return possibly eliminates one of their dd’s!....
  10. SirJingles

    In this time....

    Your giving way to much credit to the enemy side.
  11. SirJingles

    In this time....

    It’s not disgraceful it’s a matter of disorganized! It used to be with 3 caps you pick 2, usually A-B or B-C...nowadays teams seem to want to contest all 3 caps. In my opinion it’s not a winning strategy.
  12. SirJingles

    Advice to Players who have Hatred for this Game

    There is a reason why so many people are playing at the moment, it’s simply a matter of indoor time to kill.
  13. SirJingles

    So how was your 200% XP Bonus Wednesday, eh?

    Great day, I only got told once to uninstall game ! ...then there was the 4 CV--12 combined kills game..made my day.
  14. SirJingles

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I don't comment much but having played over 3 years, I do see some rather drastic changes the last little while concerning CV's. Starting as for today, 3 games without any DD's playing, obviously there are going to be Non-DD games but 3 in one day ? Then the 4 CV game with a combined 12 kills and I begun to understand why so many non-DD games.Its not just DD's though that fear Dah Planes, even ships like the Cleveland have become targets..the new CV's fear no one!
  15. On most maps there is just no reason to be first into a cap, in my Yug l have to make sure of what opposition DD l’m fighting the cap for. I would say 75% of the time it’s a Fletcher...which I’m not getting into a gun battle with...spot and get help.