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  1. SirJingles

    Dasha presents. 12.0

    Hmmm drunk at the campfire ? Jewel ? ..l just remember her saying “ what is a place like me doing in a girl like this” urrrr something like that.
  2. SirJingles

    Have ships become too powerful?

    It doesn’t have to be complex, players just have to realize as they advance through the tiers you can’t follow the same strategies in a tier 9 or 10 match that you do in a 6 or 7..even though it might be the same map.
  3. SirJingles

    Happy Australia Day!

    Visited family in Brisbane a few years ago, what a beautiful city. I didn’t realize before but a hour or so north and we were right into the tropics and Steve Irwin’s zoo...Amazing! I remember my Daughter telling me they don’t have a snake in Australia that isn’t poisonous. Something to think about.
  4. SirJingles

    Question on High Tier Games

    I would agree with that 100%. Ecstasy in winning, agony in defeat.
  5. SirJingles

    Happy Australia Day!

    I believe it’s Robbie Burns Day as well... l’m wondering how many people have to quick look up who Robbie Burns was.
  6. Hmmm ..being a DD player in those matches can be fun, of course being in a tier 9 DD and looking across and seeing 2 or 3 tier 10 Radar cruisers on the enemy side is not exactly a dream match...requires a little more patience.
  7. Did WG actually ever promise no tier 11 ? There is a lot of reading in those updates l probably missed it.
  8. Your right, same with running into islands full steam...try as they might with marketing, the game is far from being realistic.
  9. SirJingles

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    If we are against new players buying their way up to the higher tiers too quickly then there should be something in place preventing more experienced players from playing the low level tiers.
  10. SirJingles

    AA Defense ?

    Akizuki has great AA .. in Coop !
  11. SirJingles

    State Yer Name

    I think around grade 5 made the mistake of telling a few friends my middle name..which rhymes with Jingles 😉 and Jingles stuck ! Many many years later l added the Sir for online games.... so NO l didn’t know about Mighty when l signed on for WoW.
  12. SirJingles

    Great Coop WOWS Moments

    I find it somewhat amusing, in Coop where everyone races out front to get the lions share of bot kills..this game actually looks like it would reward for being a homebody.
  13. SirJingles

    What is your new years resolutions for Warships?

    Ahhhh the good old 52%..l was there for years till l found tier 10, dropping like a rock ! l need a new PC or Laptop, my resolution is pulling the trigger on one of those soon !
  14. SirJingles

    Silly question

    I don’t want to bring up the Detonation RNG topic again but as long as it’s part of the game no one should invite being shot at on purpose.
  15. SirJingles


    Hmmmm l see my problem now... l own none of these ships !