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  1. Iris, Good plan, I vote for New Orleans, a lot of folks struggle with it. Especially given the brutal MM and t10 line-ups it sees. Most do not realize that with its ROF...it needs to have friends. +1
  2. So after careful consideration, and having played 100 games in the Gnevny...I am now the best player on the server with this ship both on WTR and WOWs NA. This is not a terrible DD, its guns are consistent, but I tend to see common mistakes from players who are running a Russian DD with a 6.8km detection try to charge a BB with 4km torps instead of being patient and letting the battle play itself out. The guns are rather consistent and I only broke 100k damage in 6 games, but I averaged over 57k...so not a terrible boat. I think once you learn to just use your guns and move in your smoke...players can do just fine with this one.
  3. Thanks to those who gave me reputation, I still stand by this build...and now with smoke changes...you really need to wiggle and waggle.
  4. I will never complain about opportunities to earn free stuff!
  5. I don't think the OP is intentionally trying to deceive anyone. He is likely learning cruisers and while he may have gotten detonated one time or even two out of eight times, he was more likely dev struck and assumed it was a detonation. With his limited number of battles, he gets a pass on the figures of detonation/dev struck. I do think the det chance is an interesting mechanic. I do believe it should be rarer OR det flags should be something players can earn or purchase more easily. Especially with the advent of clan wars where det flags are required and teams are burning through them at the rate of about 50 a night.
  6. Against that one team configuration...sure...it might work. Then the next match you face a team with cruisers and hydro and get curb stomped. The best ship composition answers the most threats while limiting that team's ship composition weaknesses. In my Z52 last night I wrecked Gearing after Gearing after Gearing.... Also, good to see you cits :)
  7. Well, our team went up against a trio of radar ships last night. Our BB sent one to the bottom with a triple citadel. The next followed from a double citadel. We won the match. Pulicat has a point. You should not ask for help until you have exhausted all of your own options, explain what you did to exhaust those options, and then maybe someone would be a bit more responsive in helping you. Also, bear in mind that one of the people posting in here may very well be from the team you faced and therefore has good reason not to share the vulnerabilities of the strategy.
  8. We had everyone on our team restart the team and give div commander to different players...no go...
  9. ARP appears to have gotten in? Iris confirm?
  10. We decided to go with the IFHE Yamato, because it makes us feel good, and what feels right is always best...and now we cannot even impress you with it!
  11. Roger glad to see we are not the only ones. Looks like another WG masterpiece of a rollout in the making.
  12. Is this thing a go or already down?
  13. See you around
  14. My close friend served on the Cole. Said it was a tough time for the whole crew. Thanks for posting means a lot.