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  1. All, If you wish to join QP, you must meet the following criteria; 1200+ WTR 1500+ Battles At least 3 Tier VIII ships and 1 Tier X ship. If you do not meet these requirements, please work towards meeting them and once you do, we will be happy to make you a potato.
  2. Neptune Sucks

    Well, I am Superuni in the ship...so I will take that as a compliment.
  3. CV strafes OP?

    Baby Seals complain when high tier players decide to have some nostalgic soup and go play a low tier battle (or grind a line). However, they then proceed to purchase a premium tier 8 for which they have no training or skill and get wasted. A thread like this one from OP follows. Player gets trolled then frustrated and wants to quit the game...
  4. CV strafes OP?

    If you are just learning how to CV, it can seem a bit over powered. However, as you learn the game and become more proficient with CVs you will appreciate your individual ability to determine confrontation with an enemy...and when to use stages to break a fighter lock. This somewhat goes hand in hand with manual drops. Imagine how boring the CV would be if it was just point and click. If that is your thing stay with Tier 4 CV to ensure you never see a T6 CV with all those tools available.
  5. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    Nice contest, I will not be in any of those regions. Best of luck to those who are, a 2 hour weekend activity with family or friends...and free ships sounds like a double bonus. May want to withhold your sudden spur of the moment...hey lets go visit a ship in this port over here idea and the reasons behind it
  6. You had me at red head!!! Hahaha
  7. Ark Royal... And a real Duke of York Edit Exeter
  8. DoY mission rigging

    Posts like this one from OP make me less optimistic about humanities chances. Good players are all of the following or a part of it... Hacker Stream Sniper Illegal Mod Pack Diving to make up for own inadequacy Buying pay to win ships because they are terrible at main line On the payroll of WG Getting buffs from friends at WG .... Ever consider that just maybe we aren't what you think and just maybe...we are good because we took the time to improve and get better?
  9. I think we are agreed then
  10. The insurance rates on my house are much lower because I have ADT. Someone must think my extra layer of security is hardening my house against illegal intrusion. Your house analogy is flawed in that you are saying it is unnecessary for the streamer to take precautions.
  11. Intelligence is critical to success on the battlefield. Let us take a little look back in history. Midway? The prior knowledge of knowing where the Imperial Japanese Navy would muster gave the smaller US fleet a distinct advantage and gave them the ability to mass precisely to the IJN annihilating them. Streamers are knowingly giving away their position, their team ship locations, and are WITTINGLY exposing their fleet and plans to unnecessary risk. I have always been against live streaming because there is so much you can learn about an opponent. Their habits, strategies, complacencies, norms...etc. While I am inclined to agree with WG that stream sniping is cheating, the streamers themselves are active participants in their own problems. People will always look for ways to get an edge over their opponents. If they are willing to use illegal mods, why wouldn't they stream snipe? That is either very naive or inviting disaster by those who live stream. Especially since it is near impossible to prove. I actually have been weighing becoming a streamer myself, but the threat of stream sniping has always concerned me...guess my paranoia is a bit more healthy than others.
  12. 2018 Wish List

    I hope Wargaming continues its policy of t5, t6, and t8 being regularly uptiered by two. I hope this trend continues so I can continue to pair my delicious cheese with some really great whine.
  13. Neptune Sucks

    You really have a lot to learn.
  14. Ethical Gaming Behavior

    Why does it have to be this way?