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  1. Speed. OP, it is less about the guns and more about the speed. With the loss of stealth fire the next best solution is speed. Gearing is terribly slow and eats BB pens at alarming rates. This build I cannot recommend. That said, I still run BFT on my Gearing because faster rate of fire in knife fights usually equals more wins.
  2. For Those Of You With DD Elite Pins/Emblems

    Did it with Gearing and Yue. The inability to react to torpedoes is huge. Smoke up and use your guns when it is safe from counter torpedo threat. You can rack up damage quick in a Gearing dping this... Lastly, avoid eating torpedoes by sitting broadside in smoke on a cap...bad idea.
  3. Is that data assuming all battles are 12 v 12?
  4. New Orleans record break

    Nicely played on a CA with a very slow rate of fire.
  5. RIP Stephen Hawking

    As a man of faith, I didn't always agree with him, but there is little doubt that he always strived to improve humanity and helped to explain why we are here. His presence will certainly be missed in the scholarly community. Thanks for posting.
  6. Best modpack to use if playing destroyers

    I play the basic version of the game and have a phenomenal time. I do not recommend any additional modification packs. That's just me though.
  7. Memory Leak

    I love the drop to 1 to 5 fps or even complete freeze upon torpedoes being detected.
  8. Best game ever!

    That is a healthy plan. Survival is far more important in a match than chasing ribbons and achievements. However, the two should go hand in hand.
  9. Personally, I would drop basics of survivability for superintendent. The extra charges of radar and defensive AA could be useful. Even demo expert would be nice for the increased fire chance.
  10. I agree with you completely. When I first started writing these I placed them under tactics and strategies. Later I migrated my others to that section. Not sure if the mods will move this over or not, it is likely going to be dated once the split happens.
  11. Alsace's maximum main battery be restored to 25K

    Alsace is strong already. When I am averaging more damage in it per a battle than most of my tier 10s it says something. No need for range increase.
  12. That's pretty messed up.
  13. Was this wrong?

    Nicely played. Done the very same thing twice myself. Low experience, but Ws always feel better than Ls. Kudos to you.
  14. You clearly do not know this individual. He is the calmest player I know...far calmer than me. He is friendly courteous and has a great attitude. The community could actually learn sonething from him.
  15. AP dive bombers still delete German BBs and Des Moines. That has little to do with DoT and everything to do with Alpha. That said, any effort such as this to help provide new perspective to the CV question should not be ignored as a new perspective can and will generate fresh ideas. +1 and thanks for posting.