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  1. Forum Farewell

    It is time I take a break from these forums, permanently. For those that enjoy some of the ship writeups I author, you will have to make due on your own. Kongo out.
  2. As a BB Capt when do you open fire?

    This. Its less about shooting when spotted or not, and more to do with tge second and third order effects of your decision.
  3. Helena is broken in the right hands. They literally put a Mogami at tier VII and said go bully.
  4. Server Issues

    They do well at promoting Clan Battles...well, guess I can go spend my time/$ playing a different game?
  5. Server Issues

    @Pigeon_of_War@WolfofWarship@Femennenly@KamiSamurai FYSA *edit @RadarX
  6. I think FP is a solid choice. When I was going AFT I liked having the secondaries, which could damage light cruisers and destroyers. It is about play style. Are you looking for survivability or damage? I chose damage. Also, when I wrote the guide there seemed to be a lot of CVs, which the added AA range helped.
  7. Yeah, I hear you on that. I work in a job related to security...and I always tell folks, I am very good at my job. But, I cannot be everywhere at once, which is why we rely on them to report the security incidents they observe to us. I think you sit in a similar position. There is no way to keep up with this many posts and forums without having your eyeballs pop out of your head. On that note, got any tips on how we as the community can better alert you to toxicity? Other than "popcorn emoji" or "in before the lock" memes? Do we need to do an @ random wargaming employee (is there a specific list out there of who manages what)? I think this would make it easier for us community members to better support you. Thanks, Kongo
  8. Who have you seen in game

    I was pretty upset. Two DDs sat broadside in smoke and both ate torps one after another. The Emerald behind them ate torps too. Worst strat ever. Little I could do to carry at that point.
  9. Who have you seen in game

    Hopefully, we were on the same side!
  10. Even forumites can't carry

    You all got spanked
  11. It's your team and your why go for it 👍
  12. If you could have 11 other players on the same team (from NA server) for random battles with you, who would they be? And if you dare, why? What ships would you want them in? For me; 1. Dastert CV 2. Kami Samurai Yamato 3. Potato_Quality Yamato or Montana 4. JCF150 Republique 5. Reskird Montana 6. Separatum Des Moines 7. Fovezer Hinde or Zao 8. Slap Zao or Worcester 9. Pulicat Zao 10. Swankymanatee Z52 11. M373x Gearing 12. Me Gearing There are so many great players out there, and folks like Kombat Wombat and Lt Dan and Grumpy Monkey come to mind. My reasons are selfish...but having played with most of these folks...it would be a pretty dominate experience. Others?
  13. Must have been an error on the wiki page. I drew my information from there at the time. In any case it has been changed (I will change my writeup as well.)
  14. I got the reward for completing the task. It says complete. I am reporting it because the game seems to be confusing "planes" for modules. I am reporting it because the game is clearly giving rewards and completion for a task that is not properly completed. So, therefore, unless planes are modules, it is a bug.