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  1. You have been selected. I will reach out with a PM with the plan.
  2. Thats very useful. Might want to pass your information to the FBI, they actually monitor that scam.
  3. spot on mate :) Thanks Good point, a discord drop is just as effective.
  4. Hello Fellow Shipmates, I am looking for a "mediocre" captain to join me in an experiment with warships involving two players. The requirements for this captain in assisting me are the following; 1. Must have an overall win rate between 45 and 48 percent. 2. Personal stats cannot be hidden. 3. Must have at least 3,000 Player versus Player battles. 4. Must be willing to share email information, and provide statistical performance/data/input for one ship in at least 30 battles on an excel document. 5. Must have at least one 19 point commander and a ship Tier VII or higher with less than 25 battles played in PvP. 6. Must be ok with personal play statistics and performance from experiment being shared on these forums for educational purposes and to help explore ways in which players really benefit from commanders on their ships. 7. Must conduct all PvP battles solo and be prepared to record results/screenshots/etc. 8. Prefer you have a mic and access to discord, but not required. 9. Prefer you have a premium account for statistics data, but not required. 10. Prefer your input goes beyond just sharing the data; in helping with feedback/analysis, but not required. As always two collaborative heads are always better than one. Please ping me back in this thread if you are interested in assisting me in gathering data, finding trends, and reporting on this back to the community regarding the general performance of assigned ship captains and their commander points impact on gameplay. Please identify what tier VII or higher ship(s) you would be willing to play. I will review the candidates who volunteer and select one. First to volunteer who meets the criteria, goes to the top of the list. Note: If you volunteer, I cannot guarantee any rewards from your support other than the satisfaction of knowing that the information you provide could impact how people perceive their assigned commanders and commander skills and what benefits those skills have in games. -Kongo
  5. Kongo_Pride

    Human Commander vs High Point Captain

    OP, I think others have already addressed a similar study I did in the past (October 2018). The difference is that your question focuses less on the ship upgrades and more on the ship captain. I would be happy to run this experiment, but would need a mediocre player with a 19 point captain to mirror the results in their own play. If you know of someone with a mediocre win rate/PR/WTR who is willing to put their reputation out there and record the data in full...I would be willing to test this for you. My only concern is the value added in this experiment as almost no one runs 20 games plus in a ship without ever upgrading their captain past protected play/tier 2. The real case in your argument especially for mid tier and up is only good for two to three matches. Nevertheless, I am willing to give this a work if you like.
  6. Kongo_Pride

    Countermeasures Hack

  7. Kongo_Pride

    Radio detection ruin the gameplay for destroyer.

    OP, my head hurts after reading this useless dribble of yours. Nothing you wrote makes any sense to me (radar or radio location)? Coal and steel? I am so confused.
  8. Kongo_Pride

    Who have you seen in game

    @LoveBote gg, sorry it had to go down like that.
  9. Kongo_Pride

    Lag spikes

    I want to confirm this @iKami@Radar_X@Femennenly@Gneisenau013. Many clan members are experiencing this and it is not on our end. Was in a division yesterday as well as solo and again today experiencing ping spikes from 200-1400ms and complete game freezes. If you would like screenshots or replays, let me know and I will provide. Thanks. Needless to say, this is causing a lot of frustration amongst players.
  10. Kongo_Pride

    Convert steel to coal for Jean Bart?

    Have you farmed all the Snowflake coal yet? I would wait. Steel is a scarce commodity. Coal, much more common.
  11. Kongo_Pride

    Musashi, Jean Bart, or Salem for fun?

    Probably the best scripted sci fi series of all time at least for story arc. Imagine what the show would have been like with modern graphics.
  12. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-healthcare-website/days-before-launch-obamacare-website-failed-to-handle-even-500-users-idUSBRE9AL03K20131122 It has happened before...it will happen again.