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  1. WG screwed up...she wasnt an elite player representing the elite playerbase. She represented WG's "middle class" the PR 700 to 1300 non unicums. No doubt others on the spectrum loved her and followed her guidance but her base was with them. The second and third order ramifications of this will send ripples for sometime. She was a popular personality and provided trusted for the most part sound logical advice/content. WG screwed this up...bad.
  2. This is the Team Fire Clash of the Elements Camo - 2017. I put it on my Petro it looks gorgeous (opinion only). Anyway to get this camo into the armory so I can sustain it on this ship?
  3. Whenever I uninstall, it prevents CVs from targeting my ships.
  4. A surprisingly relevant post. I remember when GC was on the chopping block and there was great outrage. WG stayed their hand. I do not think it will be enough this go around.
  5. Guys_Actually

    plz add these effects for godzilla collaboration

    April Fools is lost on some, I get it.
  6. Guys_Actually

    Anyone still play DDs regularly?

    I'm switching to CV main only as it is clearly the most fun and engaging class as well as balanced. It is in my opinion the only class working as intended.
  7. Guys_Actually


    Does this mean we can get 4 or more CVs in a match on each team in the future? I hope happa reads this request and immediately implements the playerbase demands! And while you are at it...put subs in random no less than 4 per a side as is!
  8. Guys_Actually

    plz add these effects for godzilla collaboration

    Do CVs get radiation bombs to help make them more balanced with other overpowered classes like BBs?
  9. Can I bring 4 CVs vs 4 DDs since all classes are equally balanced?
  10. Guys_Actually

    USS Johnston found

    How does this ensure CVs get more buffs, which they absolutely need?!
  11. Guys_Actually

    This is going to be sweet!!

    Only excited if it makes CVs an apex predator...oh wait, they already are...so yeah I am excited to see CVs continue to dominate and work as WG intended them to.
  12. Guys_Actually

    Suggestion, aim assist mods

    I think all CVs should have aim assist mods, they are such a weak class.
  13. I think they can make the game more realistic by having 4 submarines on each team and 2 CVs that are always top tier. No more than 2 BBs per side. Yeah that is balanced for sure.
  14. I rarely post on here, much less jump to Wargaming's defense on much, largely because I am unhappy with CVs in the game as they are and submarines in the near future. In this one instance, I feel compelled to provide some personal analysis based on a YouTube video from a popular EU streamer I watched within the last week. Background: Recently, an experienced/popular YouTube/Streamer from the EU made a video, which appeared to suggest that the Kidd has been stealth nerfed aka "rigged" with regards to matchmaking and it not seeing CV matches in an effort to protect the CV class. Based on this information and select visual references provided by said YouTuber/Streamer I pulled my own Kidd and Asashio out of mothballs and played 20 games with each to test the matchmaking waters. Data: For the Kidd, in the 20 games I played, 13 of them had CVs. Two of the 13 matches had double CVs. So in total I faced 15 enemy CVs with a drop rate of 65%. For the Asashio, I had CVs in 14 matches. With Asashio, two of them were with double CV. In total I faced 16 enemy CVs with a drop rate of 70%. Given that I only played 20 games over the course of 4 days with each ship there is some room for error and the additional match with Asashio and +1 total CV falls easily within that threshold. Controls: Some details about the control for this experiment. I am not in a clan. I do not have a premium account. I have not purchased anything from WG in about a year now. I did not enter the battle queue and leave quickly in an attempt to avoid and or assure a CV encounter. The reason for selecting the Kidd and Asashio was because these were the same ships the YouTuber/Streamer used in their video to make their case. The test occurred over two patches. Conclusions: Personally, I strongly feel that my own numbers debunk this argument (even if only a small sampling). Not being a WG apologist, just trying to present facts vice statements. While some streamers or YouTubers are great players and even great entertainers, they occasionally (or often) make outlandish statements to influence their main audience into behaving or thinking a certain way even if what they are conveying is inaccurate or uncorroborated. Unable to Test: Something I could not test was a division of Kidd and 2 x Akizuki, which was also mentioned as having "rigged" MM. However, if I could division, something tells me that too would be debunked. I played only on the NA server and cannot confirm if it would hold true on the EU server. Other observations: Although not a part of this process, I did notice my win rate, average damage, and PR suffered considerably since I was an active DD main about a year ago now. Furthermore, my ability to influence games was strictly dictated by the competency of my opponent(s) CVs. In the matches I lost in CV battles, it was almost always due to their targeting me early and often preventing stealth attacks and generally ignoring the rule of rock paper scissors for the other three main classes. One might argue that I was given "bad" teams while playing my Kidd as I only managed a 50% win rate while the Asashio mustered the usual 70%. I cannot confirm or deny this, but as mentioned before, the initial purpose was to look at whether there was a change in how many CV battles a DD type might experience, not average damage, win rate, etc.. *edit -- back into mothballs for me.
  15. Guys_Actually

    No love for Indianapolis?

    Buff the Giulio Cesare. All the Russian BBs have really strong armor...give it that so it is better balanced at tier 5. It is too weak right now.