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  1. The main reason for passive play is people overly worried about stats. Some people like to have high survival stats, thus they hang in back, others like damge totals, they spam he at bbs who can heal and then repeat, others are simply farming flags, push to get set on fire then retreat to heal, fireproof flags galore. The way the game is set up it encourages this more at higher tiers because if you dont do enough damage you will pay 200k at the end, this is why tier 5 is agressive, because you cant lose money. Also remember unless you only care about stats even winning can be irrelevant because you can make as much xp as the top winners simply by farming damage. i wish they would bring back ocean because this map condones focus fire and fleet movement. But the damage farmers cried because there were no islands from which to camp.
  2. See it all the time. Especially at very low tiers, ie 1-2 around this time
  3. I'm not dreaming ?

    Congrats! do you always play try your luck? it's been over half a year since i seen a SC
  4. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    Friant and Duguay-Trouin! Vive la France!
  5. Happy Towel Day!

    are you throwing it in?
  6. i think the new game mode sounds fun. i like brawling and find sniping boring. forcing people together will mix things up a bit. of course adding more maps would also be an easy fix, but they refuse to do that for some reason. i think a fun mode would be one where everyone is spotted all the time. no kiting, no hiding, and once in a while do that mode on the ocean map and add the shrinking map, now that would be interesting.
  7. Best target for gunnery practice?

    i line up the ships i would see while playing the particualr ship. ie if in a nola, line up nola, hipper, roon, hindenburg, bama, iowa, montana etc.
  8. you dont have to mount any of the upgrades, merely research them. this can be a way to save cash for ships one does not intend to keep. nevermind some of the useless ones, like aa usa dd at the expense of a main turret or loss of torpedo tubes on omaha etc.
  9. Normandie noob (36% WR). Advice on getting gud?

    the normandie is a beast (not to say kongo isnt). choose broadside targets, learn where citadels are if you dont already know? watch videos online, notser, ichase etc. remeber that at long range french he is the real deal. but the power is your ap from those big guns. dont rush in all alone, get some dds or ca to screen torps and you focus the ca first then the bbs and of course any dd within 10km. hope that helps
  10. if you put capn joe shmo in it he buffs the turret traverse, but yeah, pensy was ok, but now against galiss... no way
  11. i agree with what you say (scream), yet dissagree with the all caps.
  12. Sell Bismark to profit from WE deal?

    +1 to you too, reading be op
  13. Sell Bismark to profit from WE deal?

    thanks, i see the error in me logic now. +1
  14. Bad Bad Players

    another factor that inhibits learning is the fact that "alternative battle mode" is not default. when i started i played many many matches before discovering this, and as such i simply assumed hits did damage and crossing the t was a sound strategy, as one might infer from actual naval warfare! since no one but experience teaches you the tactical folly that is this game, how do you expect him to learn? nevermind the guy might be 5 years old for all we know!
  15. Bad Bad Players

    this is a very valid point. they should implement a protected mm for new players, maybe players with less than 200 matches or whatever appropriate number. this way they are protected from purple div 19pt captain seal nightclub frequenters.