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  1. monpetitloup

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    Remember you can grind it in coop. It’s a guaranteed win even though the xp is lower. Also you can do it in halloween scenario, here a win is harder to come by if solo, but one win gives enough xp for one segment of the daily missions, so in theory you can finish both in six games.
  2. monpetitloup

    Kronshtadt game

    Do you have mushy?
  3. monpetitloup

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    I like the Miz, but the guns are too small and only hurt broadside targets. This make no sense since the same guns on monty magically do more damage than Miz, so i think its the same vs iowa
  4. monpetitloup

    Kronshtadt game

    I want to feel some of your shots were poorly aimed. Did you try taking it in training room to check?
  5. Allost every rank was irrevocable. On a loss you should have come out on top. It was very easy compared to real ranked. The question is will they bring real ranked back, or is clan battles the only way to get steel without paying from now on?
  6. monpetitloup

    Thanks Wargaming

    That’s just wrong lol!
  7. monpetitloup

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    Great point! +1 OP remember coop gives a pittance of xp. You will max your captains faster in randoms or if you like killing bots in scenarios.
  8. monpetitloup

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    You should be nonstop farming the halloween scenarios because they all have 19 pt ships and therefore generate elite captain xp. You should then use that xp to upgrade whichever nation’s captain for which you own the most premium ships. Then you need to do the same, playing those ships with the same captain and generate more elite captain xp to max the next captain, then repeat. It gets easier/faster the more max captains you have.
  9. monpetitloup

    Why is so arcane the clan battling thing?

    The competetive and the social guys are not in the same clans. Again there is no point for only the leaders to be able to start it.
  10. monpetitloup

    I got coal! Salem, Musashi, Jean Bart, or Wait?

    Bourgogne : steel jean bart: coal alsaska: bookies say fxp japanese alaska: steel, fxp, or coal russian dd: coal or fxp help me if i forgot something
  11. monpetitloup

    Why is so arcane the clan battling thing?

    Who says that can’t be done in the absence of a clan leader?
  12. monpetitloup

    Why is so arcane the clan battling thing?

    It’s ridiculous. Any seven member div should be able to start it, especially now with two divs per clan. Let’s face it clan wars is simply steel farming for all but a handful of elite clans.