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  1. Vive la France Event

    My point is that for an in game reward it should be achievable without buying from premium shop
  2. Vive la France Event

    I'm missing 1 double to get the last item. Completed all missions.
  3. Vive la France Event

    I just finished all the missions and came up 1 item short! I'm very disappointed that one can not win the commander simply by playing the missions, ie without paying for extra containers. Your experiences/thoughts
  4. funny question about MO going away

    sell the tier 5 asian dd. buy MO. problem solved.
  5. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Jan 22nd, 2018

    I would like to see more content with missions allowing us to win ships, exactly was like was done with the Arpeggio. I think it was unfair to provide high school fleet only for purchase simply because some complained. If people dont want the content they dont need to do the missions. For those who want it, a mission with ships as rewards would be great. Thank you!!!
  6. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    Thanks for another great review!!! I like the vampire, she's great at killing dds and at the tier you get some fun matches because they play out quickly. She is a great answer to the tier 2 asia dds as I found out earlier!
  7. The Greatest Play I Have Yet Seen

    In this case i use taco for Takao, the arp atago. I say "customary" because my luck of the non Irish means i'm always bottom tier regardless which tier i pick, 6, 7, 8
  8. Make it so that hitting R in a bb does not equal instant death from fires
  9. I just saw the greatest play ever (yet)! I was, as is customary, bottom tier in a tier 9 ranked (aka match maker "doesn't have enough players") 7 on 7 cv battle. Everything is proceeding as normal, the top tier bb hangs back, cv's attempting to snipe each other. It was a pretty decent battle, going back and forth. The enemy team takes the lead killing our dd, I (in an Algie) manage to devastate a Taco who came round an island and follow it up by sinkng the Yug (thanks friendly cv for spotting him!). We're down by a couple hundred points, but the Neptune and I start to cap B and C. The cv burns down the KGV leaving only the USS Child, Miz and enemy CV and us still down by about 100pts. Great! we start chasing the cv (who only has a few hundred hp left) having all 4 caps in hand, low and behold right as our cv is torping him he does what? HE BOMBS HIMSELF! "Scuttles" his own ship!. This as it turns out denies us the points for his kill, thus preserving their lead. Our cv remained immobile behind a rock and their Miz bears down on him killing him and securing the cap. As the nep and I hunt the Child time expires and they win. This is by far the greatest play I have yet seen. Ok,ok, people lone warrioring 19 ships etc, but it was the impact of the play on the outcome and the complete surprise with which it took all of us. Imean who knew that killing yourself denied the points to the other side right? Your thoughts, feel free to share your experiences!
  10. They Exist!!!

    Congrats! Do you have to ask for supercontainer to get these? Has it ever been stated how much the probability of getting a supercontainer is increased versus the credits container option?