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  1. monpetitloup

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    Quite right.
  2. monpetitloup

    Feedback - Weather

    While i agree it makes for boring games some times, it also provides an opportunity to get aggressive and brawl, something which these days is increasingly rare since all the bots tend to spectate from max range. Lots of times i’ve participated in turning a loss into a win during a storm, and a few times witnessed in desolation as a win was transformed into a loss in a storm. i guess if you get on a storm streak try changing tiers or playing ops to break it up...
  3. monpetitloup

    Spending doubs to get the two "special"captains

    As if on q 3 min later the white knight arrived. the dice rolls are not worth it in my eyes.
  4. What i’ve noticed is the squadron composition changes too much, sometimes all bbs sometimes myokos instead of kumas, sometimes all dds at the beginning etc
  5. Try going to settings enable dynamic crosshair, select monogram modern. Sometimes the updates disable it and you have to activate it again.
  6. monpetitloup

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    I played the original one and loved it, be happy ti see what the latest version is like. Thanks!
  7. monpetitloup

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    Fair point. Of course we would never be allowed to withdraw said cash. But nevertheless that digital can still be converted into a baguette, a bottle of wine, or a pack of toilet paper. so has the market bottomed or not?
  8. monpetitloup

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    Actually i was more thinking real is more valuable than digital... but your formula works as well. also digital + money = nonsense :)
  9. Premium ships have baked in credit multipliers independent from the reduced running costs provided by the camo. This is what op is discussing and is extremely interesting if true.
  10. monpetitloup

    When a popular CC quits the game because of...

    Totally agree. The game at tier 2-4 is unplayable with all the cvs running around and then they put you in a 3 cv match with only 3 non cvs! It gets annoying to play with cvs having unlimited planes and aa not doing anything to stop from getting sunk.
  11. monpetitloup

    Doubloon Price Increase!

    If youre that hard up for cash why would you waste it on digital nonsense ?
  12. cvs ruin the game for all non cvs. they drive players away. they have unlimitted planes and aa does nothing to stop their incessant attacks.
  13. AA is absolutely worthless and does nothing to stem or even deter the relentless attcack from the unlimited planes which cvs possess.
  14. monpetitloup

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    Definitely agree, but in the attempt to gather max support I compromised.