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  1. monpetitloup

    War on the Sea on steam

    What anout navy fields 2? Or 1 for that matter?
  2. monpetitloup

    How to destroy the death star

    That’s impossible! Even for a computer! womprats...
  3. monpetitloup

    Statistical Analysis of Captain's Skills

    Nah, just do a t test. Two columns in xcel and good to go.
  4. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    Youre reasoning on the value of sailors/ equipment is completely wrong vis a vis american strategy in wwii. They faced it as a war of attrition and won it as such. Just look at the sherman- spit on it and it goes up in flames, but build one every 5 min and it doesnt matter. Fill it with farm boys riled up over pearl and send them on their way. Victory.
  5. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    Thats exactly what i’m saying and why the government allowed pearl to be attacked because that’s the only way to get the ignorant american public to support a war. See iraq ii for the suite. compare both to vietnam for the contrary.
  6. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    You clearly don’t understand wwii or warfare in general. All the ships/sailors sunk/killed in pearl were replaceable, were replaced, and the us won the war easily with the resultant industrial respecification and mass volunteering directly resulting from the sacrificed casualties at pearl. logistics, costs of ship, lives etc only mattered to japan. They simply did not have the capacity to fight the war and lost pathetically as they dideventually having to resort to kamikaze tactics in a vain attempt to inflict some harm on the us forces. Harm which was irrelevant because as i said by that time industrial production was so far advanced that the us could have fought the rest of the world combined and still won. This was only possible because the american public fully supported the war due to the attack on pearl. play risk and you might have a more realistic sense of the world economy at that time, because your reading on the matter clearly hasnt helped you. And reasoning the thing through the logic of wows is by far the worst way to look at it.
  7. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    The battleships were pointless and the outcome od the war shows it. A multi million dollar (at the time) ship manned by thousands of sailors could and would be sunk by a single multi thousand dollar (at the time) plane manned by one (or 2 for naval planes) airman is by far the most efficient course of action. And like i said the majority of the pearl harbor ships sunk were back fighting 6 months later not to mention the hundreds of ships produced y the us, the attack was irrelevant in terms of effect. Indeed nagumo’s monumental failure to destroy the fuel stores and finish the attack with the third wave are the primary reason the attack was not successful. Let us not forget the us broke japanese code (on paper in time for midway, but who really knows) so the flattops being away and as you say carrying planes that were guaranteed to survive pearl harbor, is just too convenient. The big slow defenseless battleships were left to be the sacrificial lambs while the main offensive power was kept aside. doing naval battle gun to gun jutland style was already obsolete by the time of war, this type of battle neither being decisive nor cost effective. However the doolitle raid 4 months after pearl shows how the vastness of the pacific allowed for carrier warfare to dominate but most importantly terrified the japanese to the point where they completely ceased all offensive actions against the us rather seeking to enforce a defensive perimeter to prevent another such attack. The war shows the us did not need to fight because taking an island in the pacific is irrelevant strategically because you can go around it and take another one thus cutting off the enemy: island hopping. Time was clearly on the side of the us and all surface actions were merely sideshows for the carrier battles which ultimately led to japan’s defeat. Once they had no carriers the us could simply sail up to an island, bombard it (again the last functional role of the battleship, but planes proved eventually better in close support) land the marines, plant the flag, repair the airstrip and repeat all the way to okinawa. finally i think you don’t understand the industrial power of the us at the time and its ability to produce ships planes tanks munitions and men to man all of them in a capacity the japanese could never dream of. The us fought a war of attrition on both fronts and none of the axis powers could dream of keeping up. The us produced 124 carriers to japan’s 18 and 23 battleships to japan’s 2 during the war. Japan could have invaded and taken over hawaii, they still could not have won the war. The war was over once japan lost its carriers at coral sea and midway because they simply could not rebuild them, and yet again surface warships were already obsolete. The last desperate attempt to fight yamato proves that no ship is a match for airpower. This was true from billy mitchells tests and continues to be true today.
  8. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    Clearly you didnt learn your lesson. Pearl Harbor, coral sea, and midway clearly show that battleships were already irrelevant at this time, this was already known (see Billy Mitchell, project b in 1923!) and cv/air power was the decisive factor in winning both wars (see battle of the atlantic, sinking of the bismark etc). Battleships were nothing but floating gun support for the marines by the outbreak of wwii and did not even fire shots in anger at the most decisive battles (which were fought well beyond battleship range with both fleets not even within sight of each other), their inability to protect themselves at pearl speaks to their value as aa support. Most ships sunk at pearl were returned to action by mid 1942 - 6 months, pearl was at best a minor setback which served most importantly to fully militirize the us economy. This is the greatest achievement of pearl because the us public was thereafter willing to embark in both wars, put their lives on hold at best or sacrifice them at worst in order to win both wars. Yamamoto’s sleeping giant and Ike’s military industrial complew were both born out of pearl harbor, it is unlikely both would have happened to the extent they did and certainly not with the rapidity they did were pearl not allowed to occur. the flattops being safely away is the proof pearl harbor was a calculated sacrifice to ensure the american public supported the war. Remember pearl, avenge dec 7 etc were used as propaganda throughout and quite frankly are still effective even today, merely visiting the Arizona is still enough to get ons emotions going 80 years later. And clearly this strategy was conceived by people who understood naval strategy and the american public better than you.
  9. Aa is completely useless post rework. The cv always gets the strike off and always does damage. Not tomention aa gets stripped as the game progresses so it always gets worse.
  10. monpetitloup

    Australian Message to US Intel before Pearl Harbor

    The US was well aware of the attack. Why do you think the flattops were conveniently « away on training » and thus safely away from the target zone? FDR allowed it to happen because it was the only way to unify public opinion to support the war. And guess what support they did, ever heard a better speach than the day of infamy? Folks were lining up to enlist afterwards for the duration and not a shred of dissent.
  11. monpetitloup

    ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships and Lepanto

    For now at least. Last time i checked in he was increasingly streaming other games including one i have no reason why anyone would play which involved some sort of zombie robot standing around and looking at another robot’s skirt... ah i guess covid is starting to bore everybody...
  12. monpetitloup

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Dont get fooled by numpties. Flamu is not his in game name at least the last time i watched it seemed to me he changed it all the time.
  13. monpetitloup

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Wg encourages toxicity with the cv rework and every new cv they add to the game. Clearly toxicity doesnt bother them. i think flamu was getting bigger than wg, i mean he draws more crowds than their official stream with all it’s time sensitive code glory. therin lies the real reason for him getting the axe, btw what are the odds of it coming back home this century?
  14. monpetitloup

    ST 0.10.2, changes to test ships and Lepanto

    Not really sur it matter, now that flamu’s gone i think there may be less players sticking around...
  15. It’s funny i was wondering how long it would take for the muppet to show up: around 15 pages, but now he’s posting every 5 seconds trying to intimidate people and stirring the pot. funny i think he actually thinks he can/will replace flamu rofl Must be fun to be that delusional.