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  1. monpetitloup

    Sub Cannot Be Hit

    A far easier option is to run the remove fog and glare mod from the official modpack.
  2. monpetitloup

    Need tips on dealing with subs while in BB

    Use your planes even if you dont see the subs. Sometimes you will get lucky hits if you aim for common choke points. use your planes based on the last known position/trajectory spread your drops to touch but not significantly overlap, this way you can maximize chances of hitting vs dropping both on the same spot. practice makes perfect regarding lead
  3. monpetitloup

    left mouse button stops working?

    had this happen to me in a schieff in ranked. not fun when you cant shoot or aim your secondaries...
  4. monpetitloup

    What has become of the Free XP Ships?

    they are now called research bureau ships.
  5. monpetitloup

    Is IFHE good for GK's secondary?

    GET SOME!!!
  6. monpetitloup

    Balanced Game Mode

    i took out the sherman and had a blast, came in first but forgot to take a screenshot. it was actually easier than shlieffen, cause the bots all ignored me.
  7. monpetitloup

    A game too far for me at this point

    whose fault is that? wg would do better to fix randoms (remove multiple cv, multiple sub matches, improve ability to defend from cv/sub attacks, etc.) than attempt to force players into randoms by denying fun mode(s) during certain times.
  8. monpetitloup

    A game too far for me at this point

    Only if you are able to play when wg allows you to play asymmetric…
  9. monpetitloup

    12.5 is a little ridiculous...

    i wonder if being forced to play during certain hours is the reason for some leaving (hint, it is)? btw cvs and subs is the main reason for people leaving as well as refusing to play randoms. personally i wont set foot in randoms anymore due to the state of cvs and subs, so if brawls, ranked, or asymmetric, or convoy etc is not offered, i'm logging back out and looking for something else to do. i can't be alone.
  10. monpetitloup

    A good way to farm steel in ranked?

    silver gives 200 more steel than bronze although i think bronze gives more dubloons. Personally i found that silver was better rewards for the time since it’s based on wins, not ranks
  11. monpetitloup

    So we are talking Steel and coupons...

    W/o prem time, the steel or coal cv is worth it to limit credit costs. Although indeed if one insists on playing cv for missions and doesn’t have prem time doing it at tier 6 or 8 is a better credit option despite less damage output efficiency
  12. Convoy And brawl are for completing secondary hits , pot dam, missions etc, and in general fing about. Since randoms afe no longer worth playing due to cv and subs, ranked is the only mode left where winning actually matters/is rewarded. There is no reason to play seriously in convoy or brawl mode
  13. monpetitloup

    PTS 12.4 pt 1

    are the economy permabuffs (old perma camo equivalent) for zikorsky and edgar for the live server or only for the test server?
  14. monpetitloup

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

  15. monpetitloup

    Who have you seen in game

    somehow caught @AdmiralThunder in a rando match. sorry i'm grinding the us cv/bb... and some jerko stole my kill, me shells were inbound lol gg +1! btw i no longer dishonor myself by using the battle chat so in case you might have said hello i didnt see it, only noticed you at the end lol!