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  1. monpetitloup

    How to Encourage Playerbase Growth and Retention

    And yet wg does the opposite of all your suggestions. Maybe they are trying to sabotage their own game?
  2. Just leave cvs out. They only beling in tier 4 anyway where they can convince new players to move on to the next game as fast as possible.
  3. monpetitloup

    What happened to USS California (BB-44)?

    Dont really know but not sure we need yet another standard us bb they are so boring to play...
  4. monpetitloup

    PSA: 50% off sale on upgrades starts tomorrow

    I been waiting. Of course i dint have enough cash to buy upgrades after having bought ships for snowflakes steel/santa crates.
  5. monpetitloup

    How Do You Not YOLO and Push to Much?

    Its a general rule, but unless you install mmm to make sure, dont lead ships who are unaffiliated (not in a clan [examp]). Then make sure you have ships that are moving when you go towards a cap, if they are not go to another cap. NEVER be the first ship spotted - he is dead. The real challenge is to not be so aggressive you get killed, but not so passive that you don’t contribute to the outcome of the battle. This really comes with experience and trial and error. Check streams from notser ichase flamu flambass etc but in the end you need to find the balance.
  6. monpetitloup

    Where is our info on the Lunar New Year Event?

    Lny is cancelled due to virus. Check the newspapers.
  7. monpetitloup

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Why care? Only chat bans count. And those you can get around by not using chat.
  8. monpetitloup

    Password Breach

    Cool so fools can break you, cut out your eye or off your finger... weenis, etc. I dont like passwords, but i hate biometric anything. on topic, could changing wg email be easier? Cause it seems harder than it should be in the current state...?
  9. monpetitloup

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Isokaze, but good luck torping fellow seal clubbers. i like kuma. St louis or buggy eater are good.
  10. monpetitloup

    How do Twitch drops work?

    what are the stats for reading a post? you need to leave it running in the background all day with the sound on in order to average as many drops as they give over a certain time period...3-5 per week/2weeks?
  11. monpetitloup

    Super Container

    ive gone more than a year in between them, but it averages about 1 every 6 months or every 2-300 odd containers or so. if you really want to control, dont open any containers and then see how many it takes before one drops. i did this for 3 rounds, then got bored because the supercontainers are worse than the coal drops.
  12. monpetitloup

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    Thanks Mouse!
  13. Early access ships i have gotten. I was referring to the santa crates etc we sometimes get for free in game as was mentioned by an earlier poster.
  14. monpetitloup

    Second Round Of Directives

    Hey, you don’t play scenarios ? I like some for example aegis is pretty easy and fun to cit bots in, narai is great to farm xp. as for the ship, the directive should stay active anyway and when you buy it you will finish the directive.
  15. monpetitloup

    Why I Bought a lot less containers this holliday

    Careful or you’ll go blind. stupid methanol...