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  1. monpetitloup

    RN Even On Pause?

    Apparently they will no longer give out sovereigns
  2. Harrys kittys and khabs can do the same to bbs just takes a few minutes longer ( and let’s not even talk about 15 torp shimmys and torpedo reload boost yugs etc). Why should dds get a break? If they nerf bb AP hen bb HE needs to do full damage on dds. Otherwise dd guns with ifhe need nerfing and torps do as well, for instance introduce rng for torp damage so duds etc become possible.
  3. If you normalize for ship size, dds still come out bigger whiners!
  4. I can tell you i already ran this experiment meself. I was bottom tier 66% of the time. Slum time, not prem time. Sample size 70+\- 10 games. I dont need verification to convince meself seeing as how i made a decent living out of my powers of observation and data gathering. It would nevertheless be interesting to se what you get although any results you find are biased by one fact: you being Lert. Hence if tou find anything other than what i’ve seen it will be contentious (unless of course you end up with more games bottom tier).
  5. monpetitloup

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    That’s fine. Then make bb HE do 100% damage to dd. And nerf dd IFHE damage to bb.
  6. monpetitloup

    Happy Birthday Skipper!

    Happy birthday to Skipper, seems a lot share his birthday lol! Happy birthday guys!
  7. monpetitloup

    Why isn't Arms Race T8 only?

    Because it’s tier 9/10 only.
  8. monpetitloup

    The "Stock win challenge"

    i did and still do. dont care much about stats though.
  9. monpetitloup

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    This is true. Millenials have a nonoscopic attention span. It took me two years to unlock my forst tier 10 in free mode. If people are not inherently masochistic or otherwise really enjoy the naval theme. There are alot more alternatives to waste their time. The question is what can wg do apart from giving each player a fully unlocked line to keep them asking for more cr@ck?
  10. lol for the glasses! what would you say is a better tank?
  11. monpetitloup

    GK is actually not bad

    What i hate most are the small guns. I admit only having played gk in halloween and one sc unlocking match. Sonce theyre the same as fdg, i assume they perform similarly. The guns are useless on anything but broadside targets, ands that’s assuming they land on target. I dunno tell me the truth.
  12. We can debate the abrams, tell me your thoughts. as for the spee, you clearly need bifocals. I never said a word about her.
  13. monpetitloup

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Do you think doing so is challenging?
  14. Yes to your first. There simply is no excuse for a shooter game to have health display be optional. I mean at that rate they could make loading ammunition be optional and bury its functionality in the settings somewhere. A game should be playable upon install, settings are for fine tuning and personal preference, ie volume, contrast, turn off the fire animations etc. There is this argument that this is not a simulator, as such one shouldn’t have to do research to grasp the basics. It doesnt get more basic than knowing how much health ships have. You are absolutely right that there is much to learn, but how can one learn when the default information is simply “hits?” All of us now know that hits dont mean anything, one can stack up hundreds of hits for zero damage, only when seeing the health of what you are shooting can you realize (or not lol) if you are hurting it.