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  1. Football's back Boi's!

    Those were the days! Oh to still be undefeated in super bowls!
  2. Football's back Boi's!

    Something every country in the world (but one?) competes for, and wants to win.
  3. Further proof afk in random doesnt matter.
  4. Sounds fun! What captain skills do you have for her, i’m curious how it would require a specific build?
  5. Reward Whales WG

    Good eye! Sometimes me mobile is wittier than i lol!
  6. Reward Whales WG

    This already exists, it’s called fee xp conversion and is the reason you see tier 10 ships as soon as a new line is released.
  7. Broken game

  8. Improving the Game

    Why not just make tier 10 a protected mm like tier 1?
  9. Football's back Boi's!

    France, looking forward to champions league now that Mbappé is on PSG. used to be a niners fan, but haven’t been able to watch for several years.
  10. Fire into the stern of warships is what won nelson his place in st paul’s. This was the first successful crossing of he t in history and is the reason why trafalgar was the first decisive action in the age of sail. The continual raking of the french/spanish ships is what led to victory by the fact that not only the gun crews but he guns themselves were destroyed due to cannon shot traversing the length of the ships. Ships of the line were as their name suggests designed to follow each other and thus present only heir sides to the enemy. They were fairly impervious to shots to their sides (see « old ironsides »). It was the realization of this devastating weakness along with the will to exploit it, since for the 300 or so years of gunfire powered ship combat the tactic was only attempted once before i believe, and unsuccessfully at that ( remember that at the nile nelson chose to attack both sides if the line simultaneously, and it was only the manœuvreing to do so which led to the raking fire) combined with the adoption if irinclad technology which led to the abandonment of windows in the aft of ships.
  11. Free xp for me is only for buying the tier 9 ships. These give you more free xp and more money, so you can grind new lines. You can also use them to work the campaigns, and since they have special camo, you wont lose money while doong so. if you feel you absolutely must use free xp i would save it to skip whichever tier 9 ship you are working on your way to a good tier 10, for example roon to hindy or izmo to yammy. The non dd tier 9 ships all suck, so this would be the best use of free xp (not including free ship purchase) in my view.
  12. Random Generated Maps

    Simple math, divide by 10 tiers, average 3.1 maps/tier. I would say that is a bad selection.
  13. Random Generated Maps

    Try reading. Then tell me again i claimed to do their job.
  14. Random Generated Maps

    True it was much more than 20 years ago, time flies dont it? 28, just looked it up lol