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  1. So, I saw the WIP premium cruiser Siegfried, and I was thinking, it looks a lot like the Fredrick Der Große. Is this perhaps a coincidence, is this intentional, or is there no connection between the two whatsoever? To me, it is kind of similar to the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau in game. What I mean is, The Scharnhorst is somewhat lesser than the Gneisenau, while at the same time being a really good ship on its own. It is somewhat lesser than the Gneisenau because it has smaller guns, and having a harder time dealing with battleships. But it is better than the Gneisenau in the fact that it has more guns, better HE shells, and a shorter reload time. I don’t know how to compare the FDG to the Siegfried, but I am sure that there are some comparisons. One that I can immediately think of, is how the FDG is a battleship with more guns, while the Siegfried is a Cruiser with smaller guns. The FDG and the Siegfried also look similar. IDK about else, but the Siegfried looks like what I’d imagine the FDG would look like if it was a cruiser. Does anyone else share similar thoughts? Does anyone else’s opinions differ from mine? Does my opinion make sense? Please let me know what you think! Feel free to share you opinion!
  2. Can someone please tell me what font type this is? I am wanting to use it for a personal project!
  3. I was attempting to put IFHE on my Bismarck to boost its secondaries, but the option was locked. Is it possible to put IFHE on the Bismarck and if so how?
  4. I was doing more research on the Bismarck, and I was taking a look at the swastikas on the deck of the Bismarck, and I was wondering, how were they put on the decks? Were they painted? Were the teak boards dyed? Were the swastikas made with metal sheets that were colored or dyed? If someone could answer my question(s), I’d really appreciate it!
  5. Hey, I am also needing this for a history project. Could anyone link me to a website of all of the Tirpitz’s camouflage schemes through out its career? Or maybe post pictures of the ships design throughout its career? I want the to be pictures like the one I’ve posted, but for the Tirpitz. Also if you can, can you date the pictures and give a brief description of when these picture took place and what was going on at the time the ship looked the way it did? If possible try to post them in order please. Thank you for your consideration.
  6. 313_iron

    The Bismarck’s Swastikas

    I was wondering, what happened to the Bismarck’s Swastikas? I heard that they were painted over. Is this true, or is it not? I am asking because the Bismarck is my favorite battleship from WW2, and because I am doing a school project on the history of the ship. I was also curious because I saw a picture of the wreck of the ship, and the swastikas are on the wreck. If the swastikas were painted over, why, with what and what color, and why are the swastikas on the wreck, but they aren’t painted over. If anyone can answer my questions, I’d really appreciate it!
  7. 313_iron

    Noob CV Player Comments

    It’s still possible even if the CVs have been “balanced”. I say that because though CVs can’t launch as many torps and bombs not as they could, they still are able to use more than one squadron of bombers of various sorts, so yeah even a less than adequate player in a CV could bomb and toro and rocket a ship to death. Without being close to the target. I’ve seen it in replay vids, and random compilation vids. It’s pretty evident that the CVs can be very imbalanced, even without a highly skilled player. And unless you are a player who has played the game for years, and have mastered the skill of looking at your mini map every so often, you are never going to be aware of incoming aircraft until they are right up on you. I have seen sooooo many people make that mistake, and then they get deleted because of it. Although I will admit it is semi balanced if only because even if you aren’t looking at the mini map, you still get indications and alerts when enemy aircraft have spotted you and when they are coming towards you, but even when this is the case, usually there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you are just that lucky, or skilled at dodging, you are going to get hit by torps, rockets, and bombs no matter what. It may not kill you, but it is very annoying since you don’t have any control over your anti aircraft guns.
  8. *extreme levels of sarcasm detected*
  9. Maybe the problem isn’t you’re team or the game, maybe it’s the fact that you need to get better at the game. I was in (and still kinda am) a similar boat when I started playing the game in mid to late 2018 after not playing the game since early 2017. I kept getting loss after loss, suffering defeats left and right, and not having much fun playing the game. Then, I started watching tutorial videos and ship review videos (especially on the ships I was focusing on in particular) and I started getting better. Back then, I had a win rate of less than 12%, and now I have a win rate of 44.18%. It’s because I practiced and realized “well maybe it’s not because the game is biased towards me or my team is terrible, maybe it’s because I am bad at the game and need to get better. When I put myself in THAT mindset, I started getting better and improved. Even to this day, I try to improve my skills and ability to play the game, because even now that I have gotten better, I still make mistakes, and have losing streaks. When that happens, it is frustrating, and it can make the game seemingly less fun because of it. But when you take the time to understand what went wrong then you can become a really good player, and ditch the losing spree.
  10. 313_iron

    Noob CV Player Comments

    Honestly, I think that CVs are a big issue when it comes to balance in WOWS. Especially when it comes to the fact that CVs have the possibility to completely wreck your ship without a chance for you to do anything about it. This is extreamely evident when your ship has less than average AA defense. I know it is stated that ships will do better against CVs if they stick together, maximizing their AA firepower, but that’s when you realize the normal player won’t be trying to stick with other players, and that’s the player who gets targeted and is unfairly blown up because they don’t have the ability to shoot down entire squadrons of aircraft before they get torped and bombed to death. CVs are unfair in one way or another no matter how much you try to “balance” them.
  11. 313_iron

    I want Bayard, but had to buy Oculus Rift S

    I don’t think a human player can be a ship even in a virtual game. Ships are just too slow compared to humans for it to be even close to possible to implement VR in WOWS. The only way I could come close to seeing VR in WOWS is if you can play as a person on the bridge of the ship you are playing, or as a free roam camera. Neither of which you can do/be 100% of the time in WOWS. They’d have to completely or almost completely change the game play mechanics for VR to be implemented, and tbh, the game is fine as it is currently. I see absolutely no reads on why VR should be considered, let alone implemented. If you want VR warships, you might want to try a different game. I’m sure that there are plenty of games on steam you could look at that’d have what you want, but this one is a DEFINITE no.
  12. First world problems here folks!
  13. My best memory with playing this game is when I finally got the Bismarck after grinding for 3 days! It was so worth it! I love the Bismarck because it is my favorite ship in the game. I remember that I did battle after battle and grinded for at least 8 or 9 hours over the three days. My birthday wish would either be to get the “The Last conquest” and the “At The Bottom Of The Ocean” camoflouges for my HMS Hood! =) I wanted this historically acurate camoflouge for my Hood, but I can no longer get it due to the fact that I missed the campaign that gave me the camoflouge. 😭 😉 👍
  14. 313_iron

    HMS Hood premium camos

    Thanks for the help!
  15. I recently got the HMS Hood, and I was looking at pictures of the Hood on google, and I saw that the ship in wows had two premium camos named The Last Conquest and At the bottom of the ocean. Similar to that of the Bismarck when getting the Humt the Bismarck containers and completing the Hunt the Bismarck collection. Are the camos for the Hood still accessible, and if so how do you access them? (The photo that I inputted in the forum page is one of the pictures I saw.)