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  1. Hey - have you considered night battles where you can only use radar or sonar to find a opponent.
  2. I have the same issue - normally happens at the height of battle (totally irritating ) - have hide in corner of map disconnect reconnect and hope I haven't been destroyed
  3. I Play DDs the majority of the time and what I find puzzling that if your a dd and try to cap (you get little support) , get killed trying to cap and your team flogs you as being a lousy player. Go the other way a go hunting - your team say that your not a team player. Smoke / not smoke they chastise you. Bottom Line (do your best to Play and Win) - your not going to please everybody - especially those who believe they are - "the Admiral"
  4. I agree "front door" ninja style capping is the key to a short life now, analyse and wait let the enemy team start to cap find a weakness and exploit it. I.e. the enemy rarely expect for you to be behind them at a Cap. patience and strategy makes for a better game
  5. High Class Bullys

    I agree there are players that actually think they are commanders of the fleet. they want dds to cap but offer no backup. when you don't cap and go seeking the enemy (so you can stay in the game for more the 2 minutes) they start barking at you and threatening to report you. I even had several team mates open fire on me, i thought it was Funny!. It's just a game and if you want to be "dd the hunter" rather than " dd the sacrificial lamb" do it ignore the admirals and have fun.
  6. Saipan problems as a premium ship

    I agree - I bought the saipan and was shocked at how weak the squadrons are (3 planes) its almost a joke and a bad one at that - now there advertising the Saipan with HUGE BOMBER SQUADS -- ARE THEY KIDDING!!! - unless they are changing the specs of the ship.
  7. I have similar issue with 2 ships stuck "in Battle" losing points and time behind this
  8. I have two ships which are locked "in Battle" after battle has ended - any fix to this