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  1. I only thought the player gathering patch code was in the swag bag. I did not see anything about also getting a premium container or ship. Also I really had a blast thanks Wargaming.
  2. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    is there any Imperial German Navy camouflage in your mod?
  3. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    are you still working on Imperial German Navy camouflage?
  4. Finally someone speaks out against revisionist history!
  5. There are ways to fix that. Bismarck from Kancolle has torpedos I recall. Only Tripitz was equipped with them irl.
  6. Kantai Collection was launching sexy women ships long before Azur Lane existed. Also the fact that there were warships that were referred to with male pronouns, but are still drawn as women is annoying.
  7. Wargaming still has not explained why they left out the Imperial German Navy flag for the lower tier ships.
  8. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Submarines are Coming

    All I want is: 1.) I-400 & 2.) USS Stingray 131 captained by Kelsey Grammer as Lt. Commander Thomas Dodge. "Let's Kick This Pig!"
  9. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Admiral Graf Spee's eagle to be sold off

    If I remember correctly the plan was to salvage the Admiral Graf Spee and turn her into a museum. However due to a law being passed all salvage was stopped around 2009. The Spee's Eagle belongs in one of three places: 1.) On the back of a fully raised Graf Spee as a museum ship. 2.) In a museum. 3.) At the bottom of the River Plate next to the Wreck of the Graf Spee. The Eagle should not be destroyed. Its a part of history and the Graf Spee is the most honorable ship of the Kriegsmarine.
  10. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] The High Seas Fleet (WWI German ship colors)

    could you do this for some of the B hulls? Even though some of the ships are in configurations that they would never have it would be great to see the High Seas Fleet Camo on the upgraded hulls.
  11. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] The High Seas Fleet (WWI German ship colors)

    does it only work on the a hulls?
  12. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] The High Seas Fleet (WWI German ship colors)

    I clicked the link which brought me to google drive hub thing. I converted it to a zip file and then downloaded it. I copied it to res mods folder. Is this correct or do I need to go another way?
  13. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    [ALL] The High Seas Fleet (WWI German ship colors)

    I can seem to get the mod to work. Also how did you get the imperial German navy flag?
  14. I have to ask, when are we getting our German legendary captain? They're a handful of captains and admirals that are not absolute monsters. Just because they fought for German in WW2 dose not automatically mean they supported every action Hitler took. Captain's Hans Langsdorff was not a supporter of Hitler.