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  1. Yes the Bismarcks colors were still up but the ship as a whole really didn't receive any order to surrender. Bismarck's topside was completely shot to crapand both Ernst Lindemann and Günter Lütjens was already dead at this point. There is a few resources from the British stating that the saw the Germans aboard Bismarck trying to surrender. If this is completely true I don't think the Royal Navy would of come out and said we killed men trying to surrender. Also it might of been difficult trying to strike Bismarcks colors during the height of battle when your being constantly bombarder by shells.
  2. The Bismarck would of not been towed back to Britain. The Royal Navy was set on destroying him and would of not taken him as a war prize. It is speculated that the Bismarck could of floated for about half a day but he was going to go down. The Germans scuttling the Bismarck just hastened the end. In regards to the Scharnhorst the threat of u boats wasn't really a concern in the North Cape. I believe that a British sailor overheard his superiors say take a sample (referring to the German sailors in the water) and left the rest to drown. I'm not sure of the source but I'm looking for it. The sailors aboard Bismarck did try to surrender after all the Bismarck guns were silenced by singling in mores and semaphore, even rising the naval flag of parley.Some British sailors testified to seeing this but when they brought it up to their superiors they didn't want to hear anything about it being dead set to destroy the Bismarck and avenge the Hood.
  3. The Yamato actually had enough fuel for a round trip (this is not widely known) but It wasn't believed she would of needed it. Kamikaze planes were loaded with fuel for a round trip so they could fly longer one way distances.
  4. An interesting thing about the Bismarck's AA was that it was prepared to fight fast metal aircraft not the slow canvas swordfish. One plane was hit 175 times but the shells past through the canvas without arming. Also the Germans didn't plan to fight the swordfish so its unlikely that his AA would of been changed to combat this.
  5. Even if the task force made it to Okinawa and beached themselves all that would of done was slightly delay the surrender of Okinawa the Yamato would of been destroyed and would of only really been able to engage ships not ground targets because the guns couldn't be depressed that low. All it would of served is an "honorable" end to the ship because it completed her mission and engaged the Pacific fleet. However in my opinion the Yamato should not have sailed as it was a suicide mission brought on by the people who asked why was the navy not doing much when other branches were fighting to the death. The Yamato would of not survived the war but the thousands of young men might of. The defeat of Japan was inevitable.
  6. British aircraft carriers

    In my opinion British Carriers will be coming, but after the carrier rework which has been rumored to happen this year from the CC's Summit. The Royal Navy carriers are to historical not to include. Now they most likely will have the gimmick of great survive ability due to their armored decks. Secondary range would go to German carriers because of their 5.9" battery but it can only go so far with that. Secondary range as a whole needs to be reworked because for most ships from tier 6 to 9 the base range is 5km with a max of 7.6km. The Germans do have enough carrier designs to create a carrier branch but they will be after the British. Now I know that British carriers have a low plane count but Wargameing could give them great survive ability or just increase their number like they did with the Graf Zeppelin. I cant wait for the carrier rework and then the British carriers but we need more in the game. Only the Japanese, Americans, and the British could give two carrier lines, with a few other countries offering a few premiums like France and Italy.
  7. USS Lexington CV 2 Found

    She is consider a war grave so even if people want to recover these planes to put on display I'm not sure they can do it unless the US government gives permission. Also giving her location and depth a recover operation is not possible in the near future.
  8. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    The Japanese, the United States, and the United Kingdome are the only nations that can give us a full line of carriers possible two, they built a lot. German can only give us one and its line while only on paper is grounded in realism. The Russian line is all paper and there is not enough data for it. The French could give us 2 carriers possible four while the Italians only had two and one of them would be tier four or tier five.
  9. How Many CV Secondary Kills Do You Have?

    The Graf Zeppelin base secondary range was going to be 7.5 km.
  10. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    The Royal Navy carriers will have great survivability due to their armored flight decks. The German carrier branch will be paper ship but realistic ones that were actually designed. I'm not expecting them after the Royal Navy Carriers but I would like Wargameing to actually look at the German designs instead of just dismissing them out of hand. Plus having four carrier lines is a lot better than three. The only other nations that can receive carriers are France, Italy, and a few nations that both the United States and England gave carriers to.
  11. How Many CV Secondary Kills Do You Have?

    I got a few on my Graf Zeppelin. Secondary guns on carriers need to be buffed because a base range of 4km can't do crapto ships that get close. Im not asking that carriers can kill close dd's with their secondaries but I would like more range and a bit closer depression. DD's can sit out of range and kill you and you can't do crap.
  12. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    What they really need to do is complete the CV rework then give us the Royal Navy Carriers. Then work on the German Carrier line.
  13. Possible removal of Zao

    In this regard I feel like we would get submarines in the game before hybrid carrier's. It would require a big change in game mechanics and it would also have slightly abandon realism. Even if the Ise class of hybrids had a full aircraft complement give the time of the war they would not have been effective due the the complete lack of experienced pilots. I would love to see Wargameing work with these ideas but it will take a long time. IF I am remembering correctly Wargameing has confirmed that the will work on this concept after the carrier rework and general game mechanic changes. This applied to the Tone and the Ise hybrid.
  14. well Russian Bias for the win. I will admit the Russian designs are not bad but like the Germans the lack of carrier aircraft will force Wargameing to get extremely creative.
  15. In regards to the Russian CV line even though the blueprints exist the German carriers still make more sense in Wow's.