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  1. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    The Rhein is not a direct design from any German Aircraft Carrier design databases that I know of. She appears to be based of both Kleiner Flugzeugtrager 6000 ton design and Flugdeckkreuzer E IV (Small Carrier 13,287 tons). Her superstructure is a combo of both designs.
  2. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    First I never heard of a proposed additional 10.5cm guns on sponsons on Graf Zeppelin after the removal of the 15cm guns. I feel that the picture used for the model Peter Strasser is what we would get. Second, the August von Parseval is not the Europa conversion for several reasons. 1.) the funnel. 2.) the superstructure and 3.) the bow. She is more of an upgraded Graf Zeppelin with a dumb tiny funnel and no 15cm's. Its easy to tell because of the difference in superstructure.
  3. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    Can you please not remove the AA c hull for the American destroyers and the Nurnberg. I actually use and prefer the AA hulls. If you are planning to rerelease them as separate premium ships that would be one thing but because it is not stated I would like to keep my AA hulls. Was this decision made by Wargaming looking at the data numbers of the players that used these hulls? I fell like Wargaming should allow the community to vote on the removal of these hulls. This is not like stock hull Kongo, Fuso, Nagato, Amagi, Colorado and other stock hull removals. Those were removed because complaints over the grind. The AA hulls on destroyers are probably less used compared to B hull, but the AA c hull on Nurnberg is used a lot. Please take some time before making the decision to remove the AA hulls. Thank you for your time and fair winds and flowing seas.
  4. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    So she returns after 4 years. That leaves Tone and Shinano as those ships that still have yet to return or be released.
  5. Yes please do this. But I think it might be Italian Battleships. Other lines might be a German heavy light cruiser split as the m class is being worked on. i can’t wait until tomorrow. Also is it just me or is Wargaming releasing to many premium ship each month? It used to be one a month but now it’s crazy.
  6. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Paragraf Elf Bestätigen 101 years ago

    A link to the ringing of SMS Von Der Tann’s bell.
  7. On this day a 101 years ago the German High Seas Fleet Scuttled it’s self after Von Reuter’s single Paragraf Elf Bestätigen at 11:20 Orkney time. Nine German sailors were killed being the last casualties of the Great War.
  8. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    ST, asymmetric battles

    bring back Bastion.
  9. true but I don't understand Wargaming's stance for the Imperial German Navy Flag.
  10. anyone notice that the imperial Germany navy flag has an iron cross instead of the eagle?
  11. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    79 anniversary

    At 10:40 gmt-02 (3:40pst) and 79 years ago after a two day chase and a two hour battle the battleship KMS Bismarck slipped beneath the waves taking 2,086 of his crew with him.
  12. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    Yes do it Wargaming.
  13. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    79 anniversary

    2 hours, 49 minutes and 79 years ago the valiant Battlecruiser HMS Hood was blown up in a battle with the Battleship KMS Bismarck taking 1415 of her crew with her. Message #general
  14. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Svetlana (CL) flag ops.

    Honestly I think Wargaming should add the Imperial German Navy flag for the low tier German ships.
  15. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    The one thing that has me ticked is that the two feature the Marine jack of the Imperial German Navy but we still don't have that flag for the low tier German ships.