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  1. USS Lexington CV 2 Found

    She is consider a war grave so even if people want to recover these planes to put on display I'm not sure they can do it unless the US government gives permission. Also giving her location and depth a recover operation is not possible in the near future.
  2. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    The Japanese, the United States, and the United Kingdome are the only nations that can give us a full line of carriers possible two, they built a lot. German can only give us one and its line while only on paper is grounded in realism. The Russian line is all paper and there is not enough data for it. The French could give us 2 carriers possible four while the Italians only had two and one of them would be tier four or tier five.
  3. How Many CV Secondary Kills Do You Have?

    The Graf Zeppelin base secondary range was going to be 7.5 km.
  4. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    The Royal Navy carriers will have great survivability due to their armored flight decks. The German carrier branch will be paper ship but realistic ones that were actually designed. I'm not expecting them after the Royal Navy Carriers but I would like Wargameing to actually look at the German designs instead of just dismissing them out of hand. Plus having four carrier lines is a lot better than three. The only other nations that can receive carriers are France, Italy, and a few nations that both the United States and England gave carriers to.
  5. How Many CV Secondary Kills Do You Have?

    I got a few on my Graf Zeppelin. Secondary guns on carriers need to be buffed because a base range of 4km can't do crapto ships that get close. Im not asking that carriers can kill close dd's with their secondaries but I would like more range and a bit closer depression. DD's can sit out of range and kill you and you can't do crap.
  6. Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    What they really need to do is complete the CV rework then give us the Royal Navy Carriers. Then work on the German Carrier line.
  7. Possible removal of Zao

    In this regard I feel like we would get submarines in the game before hybrid carrier's. It would require a big change in game mechanics and it would also have slightly abandon realism. Even if the Ise class of hybrids had a full aircraft complement give the time of the war they would not have been effective due the the complete lack of experienced pilots. I would love to see Wargameing work with these ideas but it will take a long time. IF I am remembering correctly Wargameing has confirmed that the will work on this concept after the carrier rework and general game mechanic changes. This applied to the Tone and the Ise hybrid.
  8. well Russian Bias for the win. I will admit the Russian designs are not bad but like the Germans the lack of carrier aircraft will force Wargameing to get extremely creative.
  9. In regards to the Russian CV line even though the blueprints exist the German carriers still make more sense in Wow's.
  10. I have also thrown my hat into the ring for a German CV line: I need to go back and fix it which I will complete by spring break.
  11. Besides the Hybrid Carriers, Germany actually has more than enough Aircraft Carrier designs to create a carrier branch. It would be more believable than a Russian carrier line which was completely paper.
  12. The Germans had a few designs for carrier hybrids, both the Atlantikflugzeugkreuzer AIII and AIV and the Grosseflugzeugkreuzer AI and AII being designed with four to six 8 inch guns or four to six 11 inch guns.
  13. The real reason why Raider was fired

    Erich Raeder technically resigned on the 30th of January 1943 following Hitler's outrage of the Battle of the Barents Sea. Hitler accessed Raeder for disobeying orders and for the failure of "Capital" ships not being able to defeat an outgunned Royal Navy task force. With Hitler ordering the shutdown of the Z plan and all remaining surface ships to be scrapped and their materials to be used for U boat's and the Atlantic wall defenses, Raeder was done.
  14. Germany's 'almost' aircraft carriers: Part 3: Weser

    I feel the Germans should of completed Seydlitz as a heavy cruiser given that it would of never seen action as a carrier.
  15. I made the suggestion as a joke. I am happy the way Musashi is because it is easier to fit with the second High School Fleet Collaboration. the only Yamato class ship that I want to see at tier 10 is the Shinano because I believe that should of been the Tech tree carrier.