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  1. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Rest in peace Sean Connery

    "Losers' always whine about their best. Winners get to go home and f**k the prom queen." You were a true winner Mr. Connery Rest In Peace.
  2. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    A serious nerf to german CVs that may come

    the one thing I want is Manfred's secondary guns to be upgraded from 105mm to 127mm. This makes sense when looking at very late German carrier design.
  3. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    ST 0.9.10, Tone, Ise, Werner Voss

    I think it was what they were doing when they first announced the concept about three weeks ago. Then FDR was released so testing went to a new carrier. Edit I just checked and the announcement from September 4 did use the German carrier not the FDR.
  4. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    ST 0.9.10, Tone, Ise, Werner Voss

    If you talking about the skip bombs I think initially Wargaming was testing in on the FDR before she was released.
  5. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    No Italian tier 3 battleship?

    Both the French and Russian tier three battleships were based off designs instead of actual ships because there were none built. Same with the Italians, there is only a ship design from 1903.
  6. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    No Italian tier 3 battleship?

    I'm curious if Wargaming is aware of Vittorio Cuniberti's Battleship design from 1903? I feel like this would be the Italian tier three battleship if it comes to the game. Personally I think that having a tier three is warranted. I play through the low tiers and enjoy them but I understand if others don't.
  7. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    No hope that the Oklahome will ever be a good ship

    Can you guys please sell the Bismarck's Baltic Camoflauge the one with the strips on the superstructure? It was only available for the Sam the Cat event.
  8. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    WoWs Waterline - Snowflake Event

    But the sky was falling.
  9. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I’m sorry it’s a bit of OCD. Also some special commanders have an advanced SE skill which I also use. I feel the SE is a universally good skill and to remove it from Battleships is something I don’t want. Also the removal of increased secondary guns for cruisers.
  10. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I second this because we need balanced aircraft carriers gameplay before we add hybrids because this could led to the German flight deck cruisers which got pretty crazy in designs.
  11. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    For the commander rework please allow battleships to take Survivability Expert. I know I might look dumb to some people but there are battleships that I like to increase their hit points to a rounded number. Bismarck 69,000 to 72,000, Yamato 98,000 to 100,700 and others. Removing this option will drive me nuts.
  12. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    ST 0.9.9; New permanent camouflage for Bismarck

    Can you please sell the historic Baltic camo with the stripes on the superstructure? That is the one camo I want.
  13. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Karl von Muller and other premium Captains

    This is Legends not PC. None of these captains have been released on the PC. I wish Wargaming would allowed us to get them.
  14. IJN_Yamato_BB17

    Past Custom Ship flags

    there are a bunch of premium ships that were released before custom flags were a thing. Wargaming has created their flags but never released the flags.