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  1. SonicAnatidae

    CV Issues in 0.9.9

    Not accurate. Just last night, I watched planes that already dropped getting shredded by AA/Flak. So, now, it's unintended bugs AND misinformation? What I love about the patch cycle is ripping out the code that's buggy appears to not be an option. Instead, it'll likely be the option of a longer cycle of manual patches that most of the playerbase won't see/get/use, and 1 and counting attempts to address the issue, on the LIVE server, because players don't mind at all. They just pay (premium time, that will not be refunded) for the joy of playing on buggy code. Had the test environment been the clone of the LIVE server it should have been, these problems would have been evident in the first testing game of CV play, but no.. that didn't happen, evidently. Mistakes happen, but this "push the problems to the playerbase to deal with" approach frankly, sucks. Revert the code, fix it, then roll it out another time. Deal with the knock-on issues this will cause with subsequent patches and learn that maybe, testing is a bit more important than previously thought. Is this WG or the White House?
  2. Duplicate. Please delete. Thanks!
  3. Plane Aiming, as in aiming the reticle, Plane boosting as in using engine boost to accelerate planes, AA affecting planes after they drop. Perfect example of why there is an Oxford comma and the confusion that not using one can cause. I understand that not everything gets caught in testing, but these massive changes were missed? It's like a pizza leaving the kitchen with zero toppings. How exactly does *that* get missed? lol It's moot anyway.
  4. Happa, I get your role is to post what they tell you to post, but FFS, this is really what WG is going with? So, how exactly does one accidently make multiple changes to how plane aiming, boosting and AA work?
  5. 110% yes. This is especially bad with fighters, as their speed tends to decrease and increase at a more rapid pace. After 2 games of having planes wiped from the sky by a [edited]crew member on the deck with a pistol, and the nausea inducing FOV changes when speeding up or slowing down, made it a waste of time. Nice work WG, but I'm glad to see that the new loot boxes seem to be bug free, so at least the important crapis working.
  6. SonicAnatidae

    List of CV & AA changes in 9.9?

    That seems..."unusual".
  7. SonicAnatidae

    List of CV & AA changes in 9.9?

    There seems to be some major changes in the planes and how AA works and how planes use boost, etc. Can anyone direct me to an official patch log that details these changes to CVs? I cannot seem to locate anything specific. Notes: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/68 It's mentioned that there are a couple of UI and plane flight mechanic improvements. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/77 Implacable gets small buffs to Bombers. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-099-us-battleships-in-early-access/#technical-changes Updates to aiming, fixes to how planes get replaced during runs, visual improvements. What I'm not seeing is the AA changes and surely, there is no [edited]way WG would make such a massive change to CVs without posting notes about it. Thanks!
  8. SonicAnatidae

    Removed from queue....

    Getting it in Randoms, Coop, and Scenarios. Every single person getting this should open a new support ticket. That should help them track the issue. *votes aye for the Benham motion*
  9. SonicAnatidae

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    The 913 requests for a location to put the code provided should tell WG something about this approach.
  10. SonicAnatidae

    [ALL] ModStation

    AA ratings? I used Hakabase side panels for them prior, but haka ended the mod. I'm using the BadoBest panels, but can't seem to find a way to add AA ratings to the listings. It's very handy for CV players. Maybe I'm just missing it. Anyone?
  11. SonicAnatidae

    The joys of being a CV

    What you're not seeing in my stats, is that my last 400+ games are in CVs. I did play cruisers a great deal, learning the game, but they never really clicked for me. I stated this game with the RN CL line. That was a bit of an uphill way to learn the game, frankly, and I don't recommend it. I got to Neptune, then decided I was done with it. I did pick up the Minotaur recently, but that was solely to pick up an SC. I've also played DDs and BBs too! Months ago, when I decided to try CVs, it worked for me, so I've been playing them almost exclusively, and don't plan to change. I've spent an inordinate amount of time learning about CV play outside of the game, via youtube, twitch, forums, etc. Stats also don't show that, yet these activities give me a stronger perspective on the CV class, as a whole. Next time, you need to avoid making assumptions on incomplete data. That's the problem with data. Unless it's detailed and you understand it, its source, and what's not included, you make mistakes like yours. My favorite version of this is when someone points at my WR or PR and laughs, but ignores the steady increase, as I learn more and play better, because unlike them I didn't fall out of Odin's [edited] knowing everything. I have to learn by doing. Lastly, it's stats. Stats only show a narrow view of a player. Game play is much more than 18 data points. Try again.
  12. SonicAnatidae

    COOP is sooooo easy

    This was a bot DD, not a CV, that was shooting at an enemy on the other side of me.
  13. SonicAnatidae

    Need advice on how to Saipan.

    Consider playing the T6 CVs to learn on. Enemies have enough AA to make an impact, but it isn't super harsh. T8 is where you start to require some of the CV tricks to make the ships work, as AA effectiveness jumps greatly, despite the players crying AA is useless. T4 is really just seal clubbing, since a lot of the ships you will face will have little/no AA. T10 is painful and expensive if you don't know CV play fairly well. Like all ships in T10, mistakes are punished harshly. GL!