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  1. All I can really say is that the guns do work but they visually don't rotate client side. I have done all the normal things such as a general repair, system check followed by going to support, and going as far as to re-download the game and the issue persists. While I do have mods installed as of a few months ago the issue started when Azuma was released, and it has been grating on my sanity when I don't manage to ignore it.
  2. Is there an alternate site the line is posted to.....for some reason it wont open on edge or chrome.............Though what im seeing in the comments is promising.
  3. Wonder if its going to be the (community...as in like 3 guys) made pan America bb line. The t10 is a truly glorious Frankenstein's monster.
  4. Pork999

    What happened to USS California (BB-44)?

    So in lamens terms what is expected/what I wanted......SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY (though some extra base sec range for lulz couldn't hurt :3)
  5. And then im wondering what a pan-euro bb with these as its secondary's would do...…...bye bye aircraft Also thanks for bringing this boats attention to us talley :3
  6. Pork999

    Destroyer Guide to Countering Carriers

    Played 2 games with Gaede today. The one with the CV presence went quite well (has such short aa range it don't matter XD) gave one gneiss and a gaede a real bad time (poor war wagon tried but 5km is close even for t6 german torps) the gaede just couldn't turn due to proximity with the bb. Carrier dint blap me until sub 3k health and it still took 2 drops. Is 56k, 2 kills, and being a legitimate thorn in the side constitute a decent t8 game as gaede?
  7. Pork999

    I went on The Internet, and I found this...

    I had originally downloaded this image on my phone 2 years ago.....if the reverse image result is correct then this image was deleted from the entirety of the (publicly accessible) internet. Lets save this lovely shipgirl version of the Iron Dog please :3
  8. Pork999

    More premium CVs??

    Don't forget the drawn up carrier conversions for the Iowas, Alaskas, ect.....also Shinano (like Georgia...who admitting had different guns) was in beta so why not bring her back. Also the "battle carrier" Jean Bart with the main battery being treated as secondaries ( or you know....the wows blits treatment where carriers and Ise can directly control the secondary and main battery respectivly)
  9. Pork999

    No, just.....NO

    When the brit bbs came out I was in a queue of over 120......literally full bb v bb matches :3
  10. I believe everyone here has at least heard of Stalingrad, and those with a bit of knowledge knows Stalingrad herself survived the death of Papa Stalin......by being a missle target (survived it all btw). However when we get to her sisterships, particularly the last 2 (1 if you don't count those who wern't laid down). I'm just a tad bit confused on a simple, though really rather important, bit of info...….What the hell are their names. The third seems to be somewhat debated on with the names in question being Kronshtadt or Arkhangel‘sk. The fourth was likely never named as she(he?) was never laid down. So as the thread name implies does anyone here actually know the name(s)?
  11. Pork999

    Azuma in 8.2, Crates o Premium CVs, Oh My!

    So......I passed outright buying Alsaska because I prefer IJN cruiser playstyle anyways...….are they really selling Alaska but not Azuma?.... Granted they are probably just holding her in a few days so the plebs that throw them ALL THE MONEY get sufficiently jealous of those that get her via frexpy
  12. Meanwhile im wondering if this means the bc line is coming after brit dds (gimme derflinger pls :3) May buy this girl though...will have to check the old wallet when she releases XD