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  1. Sir_Loin_

    PSA: Free commander respec!

    Maybe he did- maybe he did not....and DON't call him SHIRLEY!!
  2. Hey all: About 9:30 Central time on the NA server, I was able to reset my Capt skills for free, not sure how long it lasted, but it was there. Anyone else catch it?
  3. Sir_Loin_

    Destroyer Guide to Countering Carriers

    I don't think Zoup is a shill, but I prefer someone that is a but more independent and not too worried about potential wrath from WOWS. Listening to him when he is on the podcast and watching his vids, he is very reluctant to criticize WOWS at all and that indicates ( to me anyway ) he is rather too close to Wargaming . Nice guy though.
  4. Well, we Don't know new players are not happy because we don't have the data. Seems to be I am seeing a lot of lower tier CV's in action, so there is that indication that there are more CV players. Fine by me, i'm not into them myself, but enjoy them!
  5. for me - it's simple ( and I own the usual suspects of OP Premium ships ) I cant make Wargaming change their minds, but I can change my spending habits. I will keep playing, but not spend any more money. At the end of the day, that is how you influence a company. If enough people vote with their wallet, it may change future behavior of WOWS, on items like this. As another poster wrote, I don't think they are being mean or anything....just weird. It just looks to me like somebody else has been put on charge of this "area" or department, and decided this is how it will be.
  6. When love is no longer felt?
  7. Sir_Loin_

    I read on reddit that Sub_octavian had quit

    I just hope all remember that MOST players are happy and I am embarrassed how things get toxic over a game.
  8. shipcomrade.com is a valuable resource as well. They seem to keep their information more updated. Wiki is good, but some specs are outdated..decide for yourself. Your Welcome
  9. Sir_Loin_

    Alaska will not be available: confirmed?

    This is the most over-hyped ship....I would not be surprised if its crap.
  10. I hope they dont change it on my Kronstadt, but if they do- I will adjust and life goes on.
  11. Sir_Loin_

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    I dont have a Twitch button on my account management screen, what am I doing wrong?
  12. Sir_Loin_

    1x Anniversary Container is not enough compensation

    hey- its a server based computer ARCADE game-lol. Things happen- chill people. As far as I am concerned, WOWS does not have to give ANYTHING, it's not like there is a contract for a flawless, error free game with 100% uptime.
  13. I REALLY enjoy the Podcast- the information is concise and informative. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Maddminister


      Thank you, glad you like the show.

  14. Sir_Loin_

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    "Change course and heading"....um you cant do one without doing the other!