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  1. Nostromo_LV426

    Appreciation for CC and Retired CC’s thread

    My friend- They are not "EX CC's." They are "retired" If your a fan of Bruce Willis movies, you might remember RED ( Retired, Extremely Dangerous ) just like our "retired" CC's.
  2. Nostromo_LV426

    Shot down

    The Vice- Admiral has spoken- but I did it anyway.
  3. Nostromo_LV426

    Shot down

    Actually, if you think about it, many players have easily gotten that amount from missions or containers, but hey I get it !
  4. Let them close the servers! I DOUBLE DOG dare them,
  5. Nostromo_LV426

    Shot down

    So my idea has been judged as flawed ( guilty ) ,but my heart was in the right place. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Nostromo_LV426

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    I have had her since she came out- Now I have more credits than I could possibly use ( 900 million )- so it worked out for me , but nobody needs that amount of credits. If they removed it from the game that's fine. Really, its just a T9 BB with radar and power creep has taken a toll on her anyway. Its just a money grab from WG and many WILL pay- well played WG, well played!
  7. Actually the only ones that won't know are the ones that get the ship within hours of release. At the VERY minimum, wait until reviews come out or @littlewhitemouse has done her usual fantastic reviews.
  8. Actually, this is LONG overdue..the ships change so much that the CC's would often get embarrassed when the final product came out and it was different than what they reviewed. Thumbs up
  9. Nostromo_LV426

    So, we alread back to normal?

    Thanks.. its all a matter of perspective. I chill and shoot at boats, I win..I lose..I have fun
  10. Nostromo_LV426


    Nancy Pelosi is also holding this and not forwarding to appropriate departments for release to sale . This ship is named after the state she represents and thus within her rights as Speaker of the House to do this
  11. Nostromo_LV426

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Hello Mouse and Lert: I am rather enjoying the Friesland because even without torps, she is a distinct threat to every ship class in the game, which is a rare thing, in my opinion. Like you, I have limited my game play this past year, I joined in Dec 2015 and I am not entirely sure if I enjoy the game as much as I used to. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE the game, however, its like watching my kids get older and getting ( and acting ) on ideas that they may regret as more time passes. I believe that some of Wargaming's decisions continue to have undesirable effects to players and themselves. So, I get my 3 crates of the day and log off. Anyway, I have enjoyed your reviews during my time here and I feel grateful that your reviews have helped me stay clear of buying premium ships that would not match my play style. Regards, Sir_Loin_ N/A
  12. Nostromo_LV426

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Mine is in-port for a few months- not only do I get focused, my Karma rating has been getting whacked ( reported ) by multiple players. I know it does not mean anything, but it is still wrong.
  13. The 1960's called, they want the term "chick" back...
  14. Nostromo_LV426

    California HYPE

    Those were urinals for back in the day when "men were men"
  15. Sources???????????? FYI- as a player if this game since 2015 Tier 1 & @ are always deserts....