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  1. gil5461

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    I spent mine on another Premium DD since I will be buying the JB with coal, so picked up the Z-39 for 20 bucks.Thanks WG!
  2. gil5461

    Dasha Absent

    Spending the week with me......
  3. gil5461

    Salem or Musashi?

    I been out-scoring and sinking Salem's left and right in my Des Moines.I went for Musashi with my coal and so far not a bit dissapointed.
  4. gil5461

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    I agree that WG has flooded us with content,however I think its a good thing as opposed to the way it used to be with long periods of nothing much new to look at. It is overwhelming at times but I just play the game and really do not focus all that much on any specific contest or operation. After a while suddenly up pops a new captain-ship-credit...etc...etc. Not bad to get so many free goodies just for playing the game.
  5. Cannot go wrong grinding toward the Hindenburg,and also if your cruiser skills meet expectations up and including tier 9 then I highly recommend the DesMoines as well. Make sure you spend a few bucks for the permanent Camo's for either so you can enjoy credits even in PVE to polish up those cruiser skills!
  6. gil5461

    I have gone far in this game.

    I have 74 ships in my port and almost all are Premium Ships I have bought or won.I only have a small amount of low tier favorites I have kept,Clemson-Iszy-Cleveland- are just a few.Have always at least maintained a 100 Million credits in the bank just so I never have to worry about credits when I play anyship PVE or PVP. I recently sold my Zao as I found I do not play it much and Enjoy my Yammy-Hindy-Gearing-DesMoines much much more.I have decided to Grind to the Khaba and finally finish out my Shimakaze grind.Other then start to grind out 19 pointers I can finally just play and have fun and no more work.....Life is good now in my WOWS world.
  7. gil5461

    "it's just a game"

    I have always watched over my W/R mainly as a guide to tell me if or how much I am improving at this Game.That being said as a player who has seen 12 Presidents in my lifetime I play this Game for enjoyment.However I do play to win be it in PVE or PVP in any ship class I feel like playing at the moment.I enjoy those fairly rare games when all team members are playing well,know how to play and the enemy as well.I Have found that I get more games of better team play in PVE then I ever get in PVP which is another reason I enjoy PVE as much as Randoms. Lately it has occured to me that maybe I am guarding my W/R more then just playing this Game for fun and thus not having nearly as much fun as others? Maybe its time to just play the Game..........
  8. Looking forward to this test.
  9. gil5461

    Garbage boats you like...

    Dunno this 10 dollar Huanghe er whatever its called is starting to grow on me. Or I had to much Taco-bell
  10. gil5461

    Gudbotes you suck in...

    Zao without a doubt for me,in fact I just sold mine after not being able to do very much with her. I am fine in all the others and in fact love my Mogami and Atago.I even still play the Furry-Taco a bunch. Zao just does not play nice with me so finally decided to just get rid of one of the few boats I have never had much fun with.
  11. I enjoy ranks concept and most of the rewards from it. I just do not get all worked up about it if things go south.I play until it gets too silly and then reap whatever benefits I collected and move on out. That being said this current season I have played my absolute best ever thus far almost prodding me onward to see if I can get to 10. Nah then I would be raging like everyone else.
  12. You did the right thing Taylor,although I actually liked the Roon and ground through it The Hindy is just a dream to play compared to any other Cruiser as you have already found out. Once you get fully comfortable with it the dividends just get better and better. I used my loot from the SCs this weekend to buy permanent Camo's for my Yamato-Hindy and Fletcher.Now really enjoying Hindy even more with PVP and PVE....credit earning!
  13. Great job here on the thread Kiz!....I must say that I have been most fortunate thus far with WGs 3rd Anniversary Gala.Lucky enough to have 5 T-10s so just from the SCs today 100K Free xp - 3000 Doubloons and a Ton of the best Flags. Very tempted to take advantage of the 1-35 exchange rate and just pick up 2 more T-10s but came back to my senses and finished out my grind to the Kiev. A Big Thank You to War Gaming for being so Generous with my Loot and I hope my Clan-mates make out even better!
  14. gil5461

    Alas poor Black Swan I knew you well...

    I enjoyed slinging shells with the Pro's in T-1, a re-freshing break from high tier gimmicks and poor players.