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  1. gil5461

    How long will the dockyard still be around?

    I am operating a Flea Market at mine.......
  2. gil5461

    AIMBOTS Iin the game

    Yes in fact , I use one thats pretty old but works great. Its mounted between my keyboard and my computer chair...........
  3. Mine took 5 random bundles. Thank you WG for the free Premium ship!
  4. gil5461

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Ok I will throw my hat into the ring
  5. gil5461

    Random Battles vs Co-op battles

    I enjoy both modes for different reasons. PVE for fast games and aggressive play and much more civil battle chat. PVP for just the sheer joy of sinking fellow humans and listening to them complain/whine. Yes bots are predictable but then again in randoms I can usually expect BB's camping in the back, cruisers forgetting they have guns and getting off their torpedo crack to certain death and DD's either yoloing into cap or playing too passive. In the end what ever floats your boat and enjoy the game!
  6. gil5461

    Game not fully unloading when quiting.

    Worked for me thanks Fem!
  7. gil5461

    Yes people Capping in Co-op DOES matter!

    Could not agree more on this Admiral!.....once again I will state I play a dd in co-op as close as a random type battle as is possible. Map control- spotting-point capture,which equals Victory as much XP and credits as can be aquired. And usually top of the score board.
  8. gil5461

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    as a co-op dd player,heck I play all classes I have been in both positions. I try not to hog the game when in my dd's but with all these contests for kills just have to put up with it I guess.Heck I hate having 4 dd's in game as well when I am in or out of them.
  9. I Pulled the Degrasse which I have never bothered to purchase so happy with that. Thank you War Gaming and here is to 4 more years!!!
  10. gil5461

    Co-OP cut off too quick

    I must say that over the past week the games do seem to be getting over much faster then usual?....even with all the snowflake farmers around
  11. gil5461

    My first 19-point commander

    Congratulations! I just picked up my 5th 19pointer for this year very lazily playing the game as I do nowadays so the rest will come soon. Good Luck!
  12. gil5461

    Play a line from T1-T10 + Premiums for a win in each

    I am always trying stuff like this to re-fresh the game or just make a different light on things. For the past few months have been trying out all my lines/ships with no up-grades / modules and 0 point Captains. Have seen too many Captains get run down or burned out from the typical grinds or Random play woes. One of the reasons I do not mind WG's continual Contests/ events....etc..etc
  13. Babies crying about a bunch of pixels....Yup its 2019. Heck I get reported for playing Atlanta,the only reason I play the dang thing!
  14. Make them have to buy a premium ship bundle!....that'll do the trick