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  1. gil5461

    WG's Match Maker fair?

    Win rate percentage is a meaningless stat,the Only win-rate that can be held in any regard is Solo Win-rate.Win rate cannot be controlled only artificially manipulated.Bottom line is damage and XP along with Kill/death and survival are the only controllable and meaningful statistics! I play everyday with and against players whose win-rate defies their game skills as they are some of the Best I have ever seen,and nobody Knows them because they do not stream or make videos or spam the Forum with Git Gud or Division Division Division!
  2. Its just more FUN!....after 3k plus random battles I have returned to PVE for the fun of it. Heck virtually no salt, unless we get raided by the self-important ones. New players,experienced players competing against each other for top honors and still making a decent coin if you know how. I have removed all of my modules to inventory and zeroed out all my captains till CV rework gets figured out including my Three 19 pointers . I am still attaining my usual results with all the ships in port and some even better. Could never get away with that in Randoms!!
  3. gil5461

    NA server unavailable?

    I just was able to log-into the server now at 6:26am EST.
  4. gil5461

    NA server unavailable?

    mine keeps saying cannot log-in with this account/change account....I have no other account?.....
  5. gil5461

    NA server unavailable?

    still cannot log into game...........
  6. gil5461

    NA server unavailable?

    Got booted from the game ,cannot log in now
  7. dabbled with WOWP.....started playing WOWS Jan 2016
  8. gil5461

    Wait... how long has this been here?!

    I like toast....
  9. gil5461

    CV's suck so bad now

    The only positives I see with this new Mode is a swelling of players in Co-op,and a new Toy to play with in training rooms to fiddle about with in idle hours when bored or tired of random/rank/clan battles........or waiting for the newest OP premium to get nerfed.
  10. gil5461

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    Everything has seemed to work for me as well no problems noted thus far.Open all crates a Big Plus on this update.
  11. gil5461

    I can't believe today's Coops

    yah today was a joke in PVE, too many "Pro's" barking orders and camping in the back behind islands all the while reporting anybody who did not please them. you have to laugh!
  12. gil5461

    Weekend spree

    Grinded out another 19pt. Captain grinding Dynamo with my clan-mates and finally purchased the Shima! Good weekend
  13. gil5461

    Best looking ship in the game?

    How about the T-61 for pleasing lines.
  14. gil5461

    Santa Crates coming back this year

    I have always made out pretty well so looks like I better save up a hundred for a snowy day....... : )
  15. gil5461

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    I spent mine on another Premium DD since I will be buying the JB with coal, so picked up the Z-39 for 20 bucks.Thanks WG!