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  1. You did the right thing Taylor,although I actually liked the Roon and ground through it The Hindy is just a dream to play compared to any other Cruiser as you have already found out. Once you get fully comfortable with it the dividends just get better and better. I used my loot from the SCs this weekend to buy permanent Camo's for my Yamato-Hindy and Fletcher.Now really enjoying Hindy even more with PVP and PVE....credit earning!
  2. Great job here on the thread Kiz!....I must say that I have been most fortunate thus far with WGs 3rd Anniversary Gala.Lucky enough to have 5 T-10s so just from the SCs today 100K Free xp - 3000 Doubloons and a Ton of the best Flags. Very tempted to take advantage of the 1-35 exchange rate and just pick up 2 more T-10s but came back to my senses and finished out my grind to the Kiev. A Big Thank You to War Gaming for being so Generous with my Loot and I hope my Clan-mates make out even better!
  3. I enjoyed slinging shells with the Pro's in T-1, a re-freshing break from high tier gimmicks and poor players.
  4. Doing a great job

    Ditto for me as well, thank you WG!!
  5. I am quite enjoying the Dallas,with correct Captain skills she is a good damage dealer to all.The short range and limited armour she has is what makes her interesting/fun to engage with.In a day or two I can only hope the Helena will do the same for me as I am keeping the Dallas as a go to fun ship.
  6. So about the server disaster

    I logged in and shockingly my first game was a win! Knew something was wrong as all first games for me are always losses no matter what tier. Sure enough ship stuck in battle= no record of game.I informed fellow clan mates as of the server issues and that was it. WG gives us plenty of Free stuff year round, and my life did not end because a PC Game did not act Perfectly like the Players always do. Relax and enjoy the weekend and sooner then later the Game will be ready for the player to continue his life in World of Warships.
  7. Solo win rate then yes decent indicator.Divisioned up play no way whether its 20% or 100.
  8. I dunno I found it quite refreshing,warships in its pure form.No gimmicks- no high tier ego trips- few drive around shooty-boats etc....etc. And more then few Highly Skilled players who can wreck you up tight as well as offer useful advice -tips- and experience to noob players and a few old farts like me not often found in the upper tiers boys. Be warned they are not fooling around in there and your new 10 point captain is not gonna cut it there stuck into a little gun boat.
  9. Got my T10! FINALLY!

    WTG Mate I just picked up the Des Moines myself this past week,great ship and very fun to play. Now I have 5 tier 10's to enjoy. Good luck on the High Sea's!
  10. How To Get Out Of A Slump?

    Yah I know your pain...back last Sept. I had my WR up to 53.55 Strictly a solo player. Had a losing streak throughout Oct-Nov and have been on the lose/win see-saw ever since with no end in site.Stuck in the high 52% since,but at least my personal stats keep on climbing so just hang in there and enjoy the game. Easier said then done however huh.
  11. Do you have a cursed ... tier?

    Any tier can be cursed for me if the MM is bad or the teams a fail or my play is less then stellar....lol
  12. I do not agree with WG dumping the pinkies into PVE , I think it should be more severe then that honestly.However it really will not make a difference since PVE has always had the pink ships in it working off the penalties myself included.Not really a big deal,want less credit problems above tier 8 just grind for credits in a few random games and co-op and get your reserves up over 50 million or more.I never have to worry about what I make or lose at this point and I have plenty of Premiums to keep the bank stocked up.
  13. One of my fav's to play I have 5 of my 23 Krackens in her.Just cannot get hit.... : )