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  1. gil5461

    Load screen only - can't play

    Same another weegee bork job
  2. When I am bad WG sends me into randoms...........
  3. gil5461

    FINALLY!!!!... (PVE Thread)

    Very Impressive!!!!!! well done A.T. !!!
  4. yep I am also de-mounting all mods and removing captain skills as well. I will have only one 21 pt. captain after the re-screw/re-set and will just play my handful of games a day....or not with him.Hang around to enjoy what remains of friends in game and ignore further game balances and re-works and become a free to play player...................
  5. Well here is my feedback .....NO! Ironic that the most fun thing to do with this game is now hitting the off button. I been farting around with this game as a kill-time these past 14 months as opposed to the former past-time. I know of no intelligent players who wanted this crap so please do not insult the intelligence of the longtime players and others.
  6. gil5461

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    After reading the first post man If I did not no better those words were coming out of my mouth.Although Bro you have many more random battles then myself I was in the exact same situation.Because of it I retired from my beloved random battles and have existed only in co-op. At least there I can continue my friendships there most of the time and enjoy the best of wows The Ships! If it were not for my clan-mates and the many twitch streamer friends I have made over the years I would have pulled the plug as well. Long past grinding up the lines I wanted and have hundreds of million credits and perks there is just nothing left. Who knows maybe this thing will come back around someday. Best of Luck
  7. gil5461

    Co-op Strategies for a New Paradigm

    the only things I have faithfully payed for since the game went live are my years worth of PT and any Premium ships I really wanted. I have always bought the Permo Camo's for all of my T-10 ships as after all that work and time it would be foolish to not get them. I have never had to worry about credit making playing high tier Co-op games because of this,in fact just the opposite as my credits continue to build and I have no actual uses for the still increasing credits which I have easily maintained at or over 300 million......other then Years supply of PT I plan on only spending monies for a Premium ship I consider to be a must have for me and that still depends on WG's ever increasing prices.
  8. gil5461

    PSA: Free Santa Crates Info (PVE Thread)

    thanks AT!
  9. gil5461

    Wows CC's who is the best

    Mouse for sure!
  10. gil5461

    unable to connect

    ahh another delay ......and the usual repair after game update.
  11. gil5461

    How to turn orange in 45 minutes or less.

    This is funny but also not for the account holder,my sympathy's. I had a simuliar experience a few years ago with a visiting youngster gamer however he did not do damage to team mates for any kind of pink or orange.He just kept playing and playing.....the longest losing streak on my acount 26 straight games!....LOL....afterwards I created a second account for a guest to use and now that I retired to just Co-op I use it from time to time to check on things and remind myself why I went back to co-op.
  12. gil5461

    super containers Useless rewards

    I always choose resources.....always good stuff and I have gotten all of my SC's from there.Free stuff is free stuff!
  13. gil5461

    LM/UU PVE Thread - Racing The Deadline

    Just finished my LM for my Yammy this past week. About the only other one I might get finished before years end will be the DM.....or not. 1 is better then none ...lol