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  1. Those are not server problems. Your problem, and likely OPs is client side bugs. The Client locks up and loses the connection. This happens periodically, and more frequently after certain updates. It would be nice if they got the client a bit more stable.
  2. I paid for 25,000 doubloons. I received 11 permanent camos, 75 1-shot camos, ~750 signals, 1.4 mil credits, and 40,000 Doubloons! All things considered, I have no problem with how WG handled that.
  3. 1 battle so far with no detonations.
  4. I have been on several ships. These are the ones that I could remember the names of: USS Texas (BB) USS New Jersey (BB) USS Missouri (BB) USS Constitution (Frigate) USS Cavalia (SS) USS Stewart (DE) USS Hornet (CV) USS Pampanito (SS) Balclutha (Square Rigged Cargo Ship) U-505
  5. Based upon the Russian DD split, you should buy Baltimore and keep New Orleans. Then you will receive Buffalo for free.
  6. My thinking was that I can use the doubloons for something else later, and give a bigger donation. I may just buy the camo though. Thanks for the info!
  7. If you already have the Texas and you purchase one of these bundles, do you get the camo, port slot, mission, and some doubloons? Thanks!
  8. Best part of my weekend was teaming up with OP to get 5 stars on the Halloween mission! Thanks! Otherwise, I had limited time, so not too many games, but played reasonably well, with a very solid win rate. I got frustrated with Tashkent, so I took some Free XP I got from Halloween containers and researched Khabarovsk. Of course, now I don't have the credits to buy/equip her, but at least I am not frustrated with Tashkent any more. Almost finished the QE grind. While she is no Warspite, I have enjoyed QE and done pretty well with her. I am excited to try King George V, but I need to save up a bunch of credits to buy ships now. Time to pull out Mighy Mo again!
  9. Thanks for the clarification on your distinguishing of the different magazines. I agree that I certainly don't have the expertise to answer this question, and only have opinion based upon the reading and studying that I have done. It is an interesting and hard problem because these interactions combine inelastic collisions with potential elastic ones. Also the details of shell shattering are very complex. One clarification. I did not mean to imply a 180 degree change of direction. That won't happen. A bounce would only require a 30 degree change of direction if my eyeballing of the diagram is roughly correct. It would be very interesting to hear an expert's opinion on this issue. I, for one, am not an expert, just a reasonably well read amateur. Thanks for the interesting discussion!
  10. I am not sure that I understand your reference to refrigerated spaces. I think that the shell trajectory that you show with a line could not happen. Once the shell was decapped by the main belt, the slope of the turtleback would certainly have caused a bounce/shatter, and not a penetration. The shell would be directed up and into the barbette armor, having already lost most of its energy. This was the core strength of the turtleback design, and the Ansaldo's flat trajectory works against it here. That makes the angle worse for penetration. It is not about the effective thickness, it is about the ability of the shell to "dig in" to the armor.
  11. I agree that Tier 4 is a great place to do some learning. Also, I suggest that you try several different lines and types of ships up to Tier 4 as each line and class is different, and teaches different skills and lessons. For what it may be worth, I found Karlsruhe to be the weakest cruiser in the German line, and the weakest overall cruiser at Tier 4. Phoenix was OK, but the strong ones for me were Svietlana and Kuma. There are several very strong DDs at Tier 4 representing all styles, so that is a good place to learn DD basics as well. I also enjoyed all of the Tier 4 battleships. Good luck, and feel free to ping us for more info.
  12. A couple of significant points. The penetration numbers can be very misleading. They assume a single face hardened (technically "cemented") nickel steel plate. A very effective technique for defeating AP shells is to have a first plate, which "decaps" the shell. The hardened "cap" on the shell served to lessen the tendency to deflect on impact. In the process of "decapping" the shell's trajectory is changed, the exact amount is affected by the thickness and angle of the armor which causes the decapping. The penetration power of a shell is very seriously compromised by this decapping, and the Bismarck's belt is thick enough to decap any shell ever produced. The analysis of what a shell from Littorio would have done at exactly that location is immensely complex. Note that the Barbette wall that you show is not flat, it is rounded. This affects the angle of the hit also and reduces penetration. I am inclined to believe the experts opinions that the Bismarck's magazines were not penetrable by any contemporary naval shell at combat ranges. In addition, as others have noted, the German propellant was both less sensitive than British cordite, and encased in metal containers, which made it very unlikely to explode from a hit. The durability of German ships both during WW I and WW II was exemplary. That didn't result from a single factor, but from the sum of many factors. That having been said, those ships were notably easier to take out of action than they were to sink. They had serious vulnerabilities, which were exploited (single lightly armored rudder/steering mechanisms, weak overhead protection, and some significant torpedo vulnerabilities come to mind). This is a very interesting discussion.
  13. In this case, an Enterprise would have done exactly the same thing, and it is not a test ship.
  14. Have you considered the secondary modules, AFT and Manual secondaries!? You'll be the terror of the seas! Torpedoes are overrated anyway!
  15. Izumo is vastly harder to kill than Iowa. If you are not outright deleting any Iowa that gives you its side, that is your fault, not WGs. Just last night I had an Iowa turn to use it's rear guns, and it turned just a bit too far. At 16 km, one salvo with just the front guns of Missouri resulted in 3 citadels and a dead Iowa. Likewise, I have been deleted with one salvo when I have showed too much side in both Iowa and Missouri (also true for Montana). If any of these ships show their side, you should be deleting them. If you don't, it has nothing to do with the height of their citadel.