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  1. Engine Boost, Radar & Def AA modules, 25 each Red Dragon & Dragon flags, and, wait for it ... Krazny Krym! Hey, it's free stuff! I will certainly use the Engine Boost and the flags, and at least Krispy Kreme comes with a 10 pt Russian captain!
  2. Congrats fellow Corgi Captain! I recently hit the same milestone with my Montana (209,141), and it really felt good!
  3. Sorry, but your logic and your mathematics are wrong here. Who wins a particular match is heavily influenced by outside factors. Statistically over a large sample of matches, that effect largely disappears. As LWM points out in her first post, there is a range of win rates (here in the neighborhood of 35-65%) that almost all players fall in. Over any large number of games (1000+ say), where you fall in that range is solely determined by your performance. This is because for every potato team you see, you will eventually see a unicum team to even out that loss with a win. Win rate over any small number of games can be hugely impacted by the random factors, but over very large numbers of games the only common factor is you.
  4. Just to be clear, LWM was not originally focusing on WTR or other stats. She was originally solely focused on win rate. Her key argument was that win rate is a useful measure of skill, and that you can strongly influence win rate by improving your skills. This appeared to be, in part, a reaction to many threads claiming that win rate was completely irrelevant due to other players impacting the outcome of a battle.
  5. Thank you @NikoPower and WG team for the great rewards! Also thank you to the rest of the Corgi Captains for a great event, and especially Doomlock for setting up the discord server! Captain_Corgi_218 looking forward to the next Corgi Fleet event!
  6. It is interesting that the after action reports on the Taffy 3 engagement reported that some of the DDs were hit by IJN main battery shells (14"). I have no idea what kind of shells they were, but in a pinch, a BB will shoot everything it has to keep from getting torped! But, in the end, it is a game, and they have compromised a bunch of stuff to balance the game.
  7. It was true at Jutland, but may not have been in WW II. I know more about the early Dreadnaught period. By WW II BB AP had much better penetration and much better fuses. They were also designed for long range gunnery. During WW I most of the ships had been actually designed to fight at 10K yards or so. Everyone on both sides was surprised by how things went at Jutland, and those surprises were reflected in massive design changes to capital ships after that battle. HE was carried for shooting at smaller/softer targets in WW II (DDs and merchant ships as examples). There is a fascinating book, the title escapes me right now, and I am at work so I cannot check it, by the gunnery officer of the German Battlecruiser Derfflinger. It talks about this and other interesting insights into how they thought about naval combat at that time.
  8. They were not destroyed by explosions. They burned for many hours, and the crews could not put out the fires. However, all of this is meaningless. This is a game mechanic. In the real world, a heavy cruiser had absolutely not chance of sinking a battleship in a one on one encounter. However, to make an interesting game, that has to be at least possible. So, for the sake of the gaming experience, WG has made it possible. Trying to justify a nerf because it is or is not historical is not reasonable. If British BBs are unbalancing the game, then nerf them to rebalance the game. There are so many features of this game that are not remotely historic that arguing about HE and fire mechanics as not historic is silly.
  9. All four Japanese carriers at Midway were destroyed by fires, and these are just the easiest examples, not the only ones. You don't have to sink a ship to take it out of action in the real world. But, this is not a simulator so they show a lovely sinking animation any time a ship is completely disabled.
  10. Wait! That's the AA suite from an Imperator Nikolai I right? I mean Arkansas has absolutely NO AA right??!! I do realize that you are referring to adding advanced tech modules to a WW I blunderbus, but that so much looks to me like my impression of the Nikolai's AA battery!
  11. Actually, it was much more complex than this. For instance, at Jutland, both British and German ships used HE shells at long range because they expected that their AP would not penetrate. There are some interesting first person accounts from participants that describe this. Also, they used HE against smaller ships because they would not trigger the fuses on the AP.
  12. Congrats! It always feels good to reach a goal, and it always feels good to improve! For me it is my WTR that is lagging. I am happy with my WR improvement so far.
  13. Many Corgis died to bring you this fun! Captain_Corgi_218
  14. Captain_Corgi_218 here. Thanks Niko! This was a lot of fun. I hope I get a chance to do it again some time! 78 Battles, 62 deaths/awards, 60% win rate. I am very happy with my performance, and I enjoyed giving so much stuff away. I also enjoyed meeting a bunch of new folks in the Corgi Captain Discord. Overall, a brilliant event!
  15. @LittleWhiteMouse I hope you feel better soon!