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  1. Legendary Upgrade theory crafting

    My problem with many of these Legendary Upgrades is that they require you to give up the Concealment mod. That is a non-starter for most ships in my view. Gearing is special because it replaces one concealment mod with another, and there are a few that take slot 6 (for instance Republique) which might work out. Overall, I don't see much real benefit for most of these. In particular, I would never give up concealment on Hindy because when the Yamato starts shooting at you, the cloaking device is really handy! Hindy is tanky for a cruiser, but long range 18" AP really hurts!
  2. How to Control your Win Rate

    Nice attempt at deflecting away from your flawed logic. When you misuse mathematics to try to prove an invalid point you are not "quantifying what you have observed" you are forming invalid conclusions from bad data. Your amusing attempt to characterize my statements as "(win rate dur (sic) to reading)" is equally disingenuous. If you actually read Mouse's thesis, you would know that it has very little to do with reading, and a great deal to do with changing the way that you play and how you think about your performance in the game. In addition, your expectation that players who rank out are more skillful than those who do not is also flawed, and completely without any evidence. Some are extremely skilled, some not so much. Some of the best players in the game do not even take part in ranked. You are trying to take a very small biased sample and apply statistical methods to it. That simply does not work, as any statistics text book will show you. Also, you need to think more about the difference between correlation and causation. They are not the same.
  3. How to Control your Win Rate

    There are a number of problems with your analysis here. First, players who play ranked do not include all players. Second, many players with very high win rates did not get to low ranks (time constraints, lack of interest, etc.). Third, you take a very small and heavily biased sample (the games you are in) and try to generalize that to averages of large populations. This is bad mathematics. As Mouse pointed out, you are just blaming your outcomes on some outside influence rather than taking responsibility for them yourself. This will not help you to improve. When I first read this thread, I was a 47% win rate player. Having followed Mouse's advice as well as I could, I am now a 56.5% win rate player. You can either make excuses based upon data that is not really relevant (ranked has a very different skill profile and win rate to randoms, and really rewards perseverance even more than skill) and not improve, or you can take responsibility for your own destiny, and improve your play, and your win rate will improve. PS - Thank you @LittleWhiteMouse for all that you do for this community, but particularly for always being willing to help those who want to improve!
  4. Abruzzi AP is nasty!

    Good game, but not representative of the critiques by the CC's. They pointed out that it is fine as top tier (which you were), but totally outclassed when not top tier. If you can get that many citadels against Tier 8 & 9 opponents, then I'll think she is a strong ship.
  5. Do you suppose that this is why the T-Tex in Jurassic Park was so PO’d, because we have been chowing down on its ancestors?!
  6. Russian Cruisers and PvE

    I have the whole line and have played both PVE and PVP. One additional point I would make to those above is that in PVE it is important to stay with other ships so that you are not the sole target of the bots. The bots are quite accurate, and these ships are all rather delicate. I personally really like Budyonny for Operations as she is a DPM monster and very accurate at long range. One other point is that, except for Moskva, IFHE really helps these ships to do consistent damage. Have fun! These are interesting and challenging ships that require their own style of play, but reward you greatly if you learn their idiosyncrecies.
  7. Why I'm not that good at this here game.

    Looks like my setup!
  8. Those are called paravanes, and they are towed via a steel cable in order to sweep mines.
  9. I suspect that it must be a personal style thing here. QE and Bayern are two of the strongest for Tier BBs that I have encountered, at least for me. They do require a very different play style from either the IJN sniping style or the New Mexico "spray & pray". I tend to operate significantly closer to the action, say 12 km or so works very well. The ships are maneuverable and very tanky if angled properly. They also have strong secondaries for when torpedo boats try to close for a kill. The guns need to be in this closer range to hit consistently, but they hit like a ton of bricks at this range and do great damage. At least that has been my experience. Queen Elizabeth 6 BB UK 15 66.67% 51,155 1,458 3.6 1.2 1.5 67% 30% 0% 1,262 Bayern 6 BB Germany 20 70.00% 52,230 1,623 2.9 1.3 2.5 55% 26% 0% 1,336
  10. +1 to WG for giving us good deals

    They have indicated that it will work like previous splits. In the RU DD split, you got the camo of the replacement ship and kept the camo on the new ship. So, for Baltimore, I expect to get the Buffalo camo and keep the Baltimore camo. So, I bought it last night for 2K and now I should end up with a Tier 8 camo and a Tier 9 camo all for the price of a Tier 7 camo!
  11. This is not a problem with GZ, it is a problem with all CVs. If one CV player is really strong, and the other is weak, the strong CV player dominates the entire game, and there is very little that any non-CV player can do about it. Notser points this out in his latest video about the CV rework. WG desperately needs to rework and rebalance CVs vs every other class so that all players’ contributions matter, not just the CV players. I have seen this same thing happen with a Bogue and with other CVs. There is a core problem in the game design, not just a problem with one ship.
  12. Monarch

    I had very good luck with Monarch. In fact, or me, it has been the best of the whole RN BB line (76% win rate and 73.6K avg dam). I used ASM1 and the Concealment module. I had PT/EM/AR/SI/BoS/CE on a 15 point captain. Her guns are deady both with HE spam, and with AP on broadside targets. Have fun!
  13. Ranked Trio Question

    This is correct. I just did the purchase and checked the result. 32,900 doubloons, 3 slots and 3 - 10 pt commanders, plus a bunch of missions.
  14. Ranked Trio Question

    Thanks Lert!!