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  1. Nhi_Vanye

    Warspite: Yes or No?

    One other thought is that you can get her now for the discount. If you get the sovereigns, then you grab Warspite in the Arsenal, and you get your doubloons back.
  2. Nhi_Vanye

    Warspite: Yes or No?

    Warspite is one of the most fun ships in the game IMHO. It is one of my key go to ships when I just want to have some fun. It is a solid credit earner and RN BB trainer, but not outstanding in those roles due to the lower tier. It is obviously an important historical ship. For all of these reasons, I would say that if you enjoy BB play, you should get Warspite.
  3. Nhi_Vanye

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    The button to opt in for this event has disappeared from the page. I just got my doubloons, and now I cannot opt in for spending them. @Femennenly, @Gneisenau013 Whats up?!
  4. Nhi_Vanye

    Dev Blog - ST Balanace changes IJN and German BBs

    What, pray tell, is an “Izumo Fanboy“, and where can such a mythical creature be found?!
  5. Nhi_Vanye

    real life USN cruiser firing arc

    Actually there were no digital fire control systems. They used analog computers with mechanical components to do addition, multiplication and differentiation. Back in the early Dreadnought days, these were fairly simple, and only handled a few variables, but by WWII they were extremely complex and handled many variables. The analog fire control computers are still mounted on all four of the Iowa class BBs because even in the early 1980's, when they had their last major refits, the digital fire control systems were no more accurate than their analog systems.
  6. Nhi_Vanye

    sold indy

    I am still working on my cruiser play, but I have found Indianapolis to be a solid ship for winning games. I struggle alot on damage, but her solid guns and radar make her a deadly threat around caps, and that wins games. Indianapolis VII 33 +2 24 +2 9 - 20479 0,55 0,94 888,49 72,73%
  7. Thats true mostly in the US also, but since they did not put the wrong price on any item, it is totally irrelevant. The fact that you don’t like what it does say does not make it misleading.
  8. Sorry, but that is just ridiculous! No one has argued that people should not be able to "earn" free ships by playing the game. They have argued that those ships should not be exclusive. Interestingly I have not seen anyone arguing that some ships should be exclusively available for pay either. I have both purchased and "earned" ships. I see absolutely no justification for making ships exclusively available to just a few players, regardless of the exclusion mechanism. Making cosmetic rewards exclusive allows a feeling of accomplishment, but does not unbalance game play. Exclusive rewards should be purely cosmetic to provide a level playing field. Note that someone earlier suggested offering two identical performing ships with just cosmetic differences, one as a reward, the other for pay or whatever. That seems to me a reasonable compromise that does not negatively impact play balance.
  9. Nhi_Vanye

    Legendary Upgrade theory crafting

    My problem with many of these Legendary Upgrades is that they require you to give up the Concealment mod. That is a non-starter for most ships in my view. Gearing is special because it replaces one concealment mod with another, and there are a few that take slot 6 (for instance Republique) which might work out. Overall, I don't see much real benefit for most of these. In particular, I would never give up concealment on Hindy because when the Yamato starts shooting at you, the cloaking device is really handy! Hindy is tanky for a cruiser, but long range 18" AP really hurts!