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  1. The counter to British BB's is good accurate AP fire. They heal back less of that, and with relatively weak non-citadel protection, they eat full pen damage very rapidly. So, if you are in a BB or one of the strong AP cruisers (US/German in particular), stick to AP and shoot the ends of the hull and the upper belt and up to the superstructure. The damage adds up fast, and does not all heal the way that fire or flooding do. They are almost invulnerable to HE spam because of their heal, so that is not a winning tactic unless you have overwhelming concentration of fire and take them down during their cooldown.
  2. What's your solo WR

    Solo win rate: Overall - 52.35% 3358 Battles (63%); 90 Day - 61.64% 318 Battles (64%) Total win rate: Overall - 55.95% 5308 Battles; 90 Day - 64.31% 496 Battles My win rate is slowly but steadily improving, and Divs (~37% of games) raise my win rate by about 3% so I am doing significantly better in divs than in solo.
  3. Happy Birthday @LittleWhiteMouse Have a great day!
  4. Um, NO! Your understanding of the history is not correct. Battlecruisers were the brainchild of Sir John Fisher. They were a response to the stated intended use of Armored Cruisers by many navies as both scouts and commerce raiders, which posed a significant risk to British commerce supremacy. Fisher's core thesis was that a ship with cruiser armor, battleship guns, and a significant speed advantage over current armored cruisers would allow the Royal Navy to hunt down enemy armored cruisers used as commerce raiders, while also allowing them to serve as a scouting wing for the main fleet. This allowed the Royal Navy to meet all of its challenges while constructing fewer ships. His base thesis was proved correct in the Battle of the Falklands, but the initial design's weakness as a scouting squadron was shown at Jutland. This led to the development of the fast battleships, of which Hood, which started out as a Battlecruiser design, but was significantly revised after Jutland and through the 20's and 30's, was arguably the first example. Other navies did not build BCs because they did not have the commerce protection challenges that the RN did, or did not perceive a need for a fast squadron to scout for the fleet. Germany built BCs because they did perceive a need for a fast scouting squadron, but did not perceive a need to hunt commerce raiders. Thus, even their initial designs looked more like the eventual fast battleships, with near BB levels of armor, slightly reduced armament along with high speed.
  5. You have some fundamental misunderstandings here. Your job is to sink ships and take capture points. Survival doesn't figure into it unless it helps to accomplish sinking ships and taking capture points. Your bad play is the reason why your teammates are not doing what you want them to do. If you want them to change, change your play. Raging at others when you are clearly the problem is unlikely to improve the situation.
  6. USS Arizona reload times

    Sounds good to me.
  7. USS Arizona reload times

    Honestly, if better players played it, I would expect a much higher hit ratio. My best guess is that this means that each hit is doing more damage, so you are getting a higher percentage of full pens and citadel hits. This is what you would expect from more of the shells hitting exactly where you aim (which is the effect of better sigma). That said, I agree that it is almost always true that there is a more highly skilled player base for any premium ship than for a standard tech tree ship. People have to like the idea of playing that BB enough to put money into it, where many people play the tech tree ship solely to unlock the next ship in the line. I agree that this can skew the stats some.
  8. USS Arizona reload times

    I understand that it doesn't seem that way, but the NA server stats show that AZ has an average damage that is a whopping 30% higher than NM overall and more than 33% better in the last 2 weeks. The difference is that sigma boost, and it really has a very large impact for a lot of players given the stats. Ships need to be balanced to a large part of the player base, not just the best or worst in them, so the average behavior is very telling. The average behavior indicates that AZ is already very strong, and a buff would make it OP. IMHO.
  9. This is the correct tactic, and it never takes you anywhere close to full broadside in most ships. Going full broadside is inviting the enemy team to delete you in high tier play. As you point out, even swinging out to 45 degrees or so is very risky and requires you to time your move after they have fired so you have a safe window while they reload. Even then, you have to hope that they don't have a stealthy buddy waiting on your move.
  10. silly reporting

    No argument from me on that!
  11. You are badly mistaken, and you would do well to take their advice. I am far from being a really strong high-tier player, and I routinely single shot delete high tier cruisers at 15-18 km when they sail broadside. That same shot would typically take roughly 30-50% of the HP of your NC when broadside. Good players will watch you start to turn broadside and fire before you get there. Then their shells will hit you broadside, maximizing their damage potential. You can get away with this against weaker players, and sometimes against German BBs because of their poor dispersion at range. If you try it against competent players in US BBs or worse still Yamato, you will get hammered. Also, they don't have to citadel you to wreck you. 6-8 normal pens really adds up on the large caliber BB guns.
  12. USS Arizona reload times

    If it was so fragile as you suppose, it would not have the best win rate. The ship is balanced as it is. It is weaker in protection and speed than most (mind you it has much better overall protection than Fuso), and better in accuracy and damage production than most. The key is that you cannot simply point your bow directly at other ships in AZ. You have to use a ~30 degree angle or so to bait attacks at your angled belt. AZ is quite tanky when played correctly by staying back at medium range (12-15 km) and staying angled. Notice that AZ has the highest survival rate at Tier 6 of any non-CV as well. It clearly does not need better protection.
  13. silly reporting

    While I agree with this statement, my experience is that the clan referenced here is actually generally pretty good. Both good players, and reasonable teammates.
  14. USS Arizona reload times

    This is a very different proposal than buffing AZ. AZ has very accurate guns already, so making them also faster reload would make the ship OP. I actually do think that NY in particular, and to a lesser extent NM & TX, have been power crept by new lines and ships. NY is simply not competitive at Tier 5. There has to be some ship which is the bottom ship at each tier, but it is important not to allow the range between the bottom and the top within a Tier to get too large. NY is just painful to play now, and definitely could use a buff to bring it more into line with the other same tier ships in my opinion.