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  1. Tips on the Anshan

    Anshan is a rebranded Gnevny class DD with better torps. For good advice on fitting her out, see @LittleWhiteMouse review. She is a strong russian gunboat with better torps and a Pan Asian captain, so she is pretty versatile and quite strong at her tier.
  2. I believe that the new LCS ships are made with welded aluminum hulls. Many people feel that these hulls are not durable enough, and that the Navy should use steel alloys instead as they are better at resisting combat damage. I believe that almost all modern navy ships are welded hulls. The point is that the welded hulls are supported by a frame made of alloy steel that strengthens, stiffens, and distributes the loads over a greater area of the hull. If you look at some of the analysis of the USS Cole damage, you can see an example of a welded hull DD with a backing frame.
  3. I disagree. Adrenaline Rush is great for BBs as they tank a lot of damage and have very slow reloads, which BFT doesn't help. Now on a DD where BFT will help, AR may not be the ideal choice. I would guess that taking both AR and BFT might be worth it on some of the Soviet gunships for instance. You will take damage, and your guns have to do all of the work.
  4. I got only 1 ship from a 20 pack, which is a 5% drop rate. Clearly there is significant variance!
  5. This is a stupendously complex subject that would take many texts and graduate courses in materials science to cover. In simplest terms, the various elements that are added to iron to make different types of steels affect the way that the iron forms crystalline structures when it converts from a liquid to a solid. The impurities (carbon, nickel, etc) cause the size, shape and orientation of the crystalline structures to change. These changes affect the properties of the metal in a wide variety of ways, including its tensile strength, brittleness, hardness, ductility, elasticity, and even its chemical reactiveness (an example is chromium in modest proportions inhibits oxidation). These properties can also be modified by the conditions under which the metal makes its transformation (temperature, pressure, etc.). As for making warship hulls, that is also a supremely complex topic. In theory, any material with a combination of sufficient tensile strength and sufficient elasticity could be used to make a ship hull. In practice, economic realities have a huge impact on what materials actually get used. Ship hulls undergo a lot of complex stresses, and need to not only be strong and flexible, but also cheap to make and easy to repair. Various reinforced plastics are often used to make small hulls that can be formed in a single build because they can be cheaply made that way. Unfortunately, mechanisms to join reinforced plastics to one another tend to be much weaker and more subject to working stress than "solid" pieces, so they are rarely used for really large hulls. Steel, and frequently these days, aluminum alloys are common because they have high strength to weight properties, good elasticity (when properly manufactured), and are relatively easy to join together into very large structures that maintain the strength and elasticity of the base materials. You can access some pretty good basic texts on marine architecture through iBooks. They will discuss the basic uses of materials for various structural components of ships from both an engineering and an economic standpoint. I don't know of any freely available texts like that although you might try a local university library. Good luck in your search. Oh, and yes, welded ships to indeed have frames. The welding does add structural strength, but would not inhibit inelastic deformation enough without the hull being overly thick (and thus both heavy and expensive).
  6. If you buy them one at a time, you have the lowest chance of duplicates. It is very tedious though! The algorithm did not give you a ship you already have with the exceptions of Emden, Ishizuch, and I think one other ship. However, it determined the legal set of ships once for each purchase. So, if you purchased 50 crates at once, you could get 50 copies of one ship (unlikely, but many people got duplicates that bought crates in large numbers). I personally did best with buying $3 crates, one per purchase. I got my Nikolai and Gremy, as well as Atlanta, Lo Yang, Blyskawica, and Molotov, and several Emdens and Ishizuchis (which gave gold and 10-pt captains since I already had the ships). YMMV!
  7. I think that issm may be on the correct track. The key problem is that CVs now are worth 2-3 other ships on the team. If the CV player is strong, and his opponent is weak, it is a crushing advantage. That is not true for any other ship type. This has already been tacitly recognized with the MM rules matching CVs. Fix that core problem, and balancing CV lines becomes much easier. By reducing player control over the planes, you are bringing the CV play model back into line with the other classes. Then they no longer have the current effect of both unlimited range and unlimited vision, which no other class has, along with devastating alpha strike potential. If CVs were truly balanced with the other classes, then the CV MM rules could be the same as they are for other classes, and this would benefit the game tremendously.
  8. Given dispersion, I don't think that you can accurately make this statement. I suspect that it would be very difficult to detect any difference in how many shells hit a given section of the ship between volley fire and single fire. It is truly random except at very close range.
  9. I'm done...

    Congrats! I'm still at work, so I have not even started!!
  10. Fix BB AP against DD

    Inspect all of your posts in this thread. Proof made!
  11. Fix BB AP against DD

    You needn't go on since not one of your arguments is based upon logic or factual data that is relevant to the discussion.
  12. Fix BB AP against DD

    A disproportionate number of the really top players are DD mains. There are also some really good cruiser players like CatOnBoard.
  13. Fix BB AP against DD

    Given his game performance vs yours, it is abundantly clear who understands the game mechanics better. It appears that his understanding of gaming mechanics is much closer to your ability to commit logical fallacies, which is truly awe inspiring.
  14. I actually don't mind that one much. The bot DDs are not good at staying unspotted, and I like shooting DDs with my BBs. You do need to be careful not to get too close though! I recommend Missouri. Good speed and radar work wonders in that situation!
  15. Yeah, these days the bots are very good at dodging torps. If you have a torp hit mission, it is much easier to do in randoms, especially low tier randoms.