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  1. RNG/MM can have a huge impact over small sample sizes, which is what you are comparing here. Over large sample sizes, these even out, and your long term stats show that you do have a significant impact. Just keep playing like you are, and you will do very well over the long haul.
  2. Ninja'd by the master!
  3. Thanks for all of the great advice!
  4. For me my thanks go to meatlessrock12 who got me started on the game, and has divisioned with me and given endless tips and advice. Also, LittleWhiteMouse, both for her great reviews, and for her other outstanding content, particularly the How to Control your Win Rate thread. Finally to AlloyedClavicle who has been a great division mate, clan mate, and patient friend.
  5. God Bless, and I hope that you recover quickly and well!
  6. Mouse, any possibility that the stuff is still in your trash folder? Just a thought. I am really sorry for your loss! Good luck with your recovery.
  7. I believe the LittleWhiteMouse is hands down the most respected. Not only is her content extraordinary, but she manages to remain kind and positive in almost all situations. She is also very funny, which is a huge plus. I am also very fond of Lert and NoZoupForYou, and follow their posts and other content closely.
  8. Good job Talon! I too am having a pretty good week and weekend. After a very rough weekend last week, I have now managed to get Gearing and Roon, and I finished the Shinonome and Bismarck campaigns. I have also been re-evaluating my play, and seem to be back on an improving trend after a rather large and frustrating plateau. Special thanks to Pope_Shizzle for a great post and analysis on BB play that helped me get back on track! Now back to earning more credits so I can outfit my new ships!
  9. I have found the Hood to be an excellent ship at Tier 7. The guns are not as bad as folks make out. They are just different. They do not have as much penetration, so they don't deliver consistent citadel hits, but because of their short fuse and their auto bounce angle, they deliver more penetrating hits than similar guns (read Warspite or Gneisenau). The ship is fast and surprisingly tanky. The armor is pretty solid, and I have only taken citadels when I made a mistake. The ship has lots of HP, and the AA is really effective unless you have been getting pounded with HE (and that is true for other AA systems as well). If you look for the thread by CaptainDorja, he has a very nice analysis of the ship's performance. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
  10. Nice write up. I am really enjoying my Hood. I did spec my captain for CE, and it really helps with the redeployment actions, and staying intact while getting close enough to have impact when you are against higher tier ships. I have been really impressed.
  11. I get an error message saying this item is not available for me.
  12. Just the Hood.
  13. NO! Free speech is irrelevant in this context! Free speech is about not allowing the GOVERNMENT to silence dissent! The people who bring up free speech in the context of a computer game are demonstrating a woeful lack of education regarding both history and politics. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any right to say whatever you want, about whatever you want, anywhere you want.
  14. The part that is most significant for the de Grasse is that, while it may be better than its Tech Tree counterpart, it is very far from being either overpowered or the best cruiser in its tier. It is actually pretty average, and the real truth is that WG probably nerfed La Galisonniere too much pre-release.
  15. I got one too, and love it! I had a game where I went 1-1 with a Colorado and won easily. The ability to control the range, and to angle and dodge is really powerful. The AP is not horrible, just not great. I aimed higher and went for pens rather than cits, and got consistent 5-10K salvoes. It doesn't take that many of those to sink a Tier 7 BB. This ship requires a particular style of play, in some ways more similar to cruiser play. Given that style, it seems very effective. By no means OP, but solid.