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  1. Honestly, WG, why do you have release a new incredibly annoying ship with such ridiculous gimmicks just before each ranked season? This ship coupled with smoke, 16 guns, Grozovoi shells and its incredible long range is really too much. This ship seriously needs a range nerf. How do you give Khab so many nerfs a few years back and release a ship like Smolensk?
  2. WG, this is a very disappointed turn of events for Conq. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-088-fourth-anniversary/ I really enjoy using the 457mm AP on my UU spec Conq. The gun options on Conq really gives the player between choosing less guns but 0.2+ more sigma accuracy, better AP and AP ballistics with less reliable HE ballistics and the 419 with good HE ballistics, worse AP ballistics less accuracy but more guns. I do hope this supposed change gets a second review and is not implemented.
  3. Aiser50

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Indeed it is a strange phenomena. But I would like to add, this for some strange reason is a uniquely American behavior phenomena. There is a tendency in American psyche that I've observed, where many seem to have some favorite brand/company like say WG and its WoWs game. But at the same time, they root for the company/game/what ever to fail, yet continue to consume the product. You don't really see this kind on of mentality elsewhere and I don't really understand why.
  4. Aiser50

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    Only have the Guepard. Right now, I am comfortable having IFHE first and CE later on. I use main bat mod 2 for better turret traverse to preserve 2 skill points. Right now I only have PM, LS, SE, IFHE since its 10 points. I feel that the accuracy is good enough to not need aim system mod 1, but I will have to invest in either bft or DE later on. You can bring the fire chance of these French DDs up to 11% max if you have IFHE on which is not so bad. A French DD with IFHE gives those 139mms the equivalent pen power of Donskois 180mms at 29mm up from 22mm. To me its worth it due to the raw 2000 HE shell dmg to pen those 25mm plates.
  5. Aiser50

    Hakuryu vs Midway

    Hakuryus 4 Torp bomber squad has the most potential and takes the most skill. When you max concealment on yourplanes, then your torp bombers reach 6.1km concealment. The 4 torp squads have torps that travel a total of 8km. If you know how to aim those torps from a long distance while remaining unspotted, then I give you the title "God of CVs"
  6. Aiser50

    WOWS single player mode unlocked

    The best co-op is when none of your allies are humans.
  7. GK is one of my favorite ships to play. As someone whom does not like to play T10 unless some event/mission/campaign forces me to then it means something. Really the only thing I can think of to buff this ship, is for WG to PLEASE BUFF THIS UU!!! That "Legendary" is just horrible. GK already has the shortest range of all T10 bbs at 20.6km. But this garbage UU brings it down to 18.96km when you view it from the reticle. It also only adds a negligible -1s reload in comparison to main bat mod 3. Why equip it for a 15% buff to your secondaries when secondary bat mod 2 gives a 20% buff? What is really unfair towards GK is how the UU for Conq and Monty give no bad side effects at all. While the bad side effects to Republiques UU are tolerable. GK's UU is up there as one of the worst if not, then THE WORST UU of all. What I want for WG to do, is to remove the range nerf on GK's UU and perhaps replace that with say another -7% to shell dispersion. And perhaps add a little bit more AA. GK's AA is simply the worst of all T10 BBs.
  8. Aiser50

    Georgia Max Dispersion

    The more range, the more dispersion. When you input art plot mod 2 without mod 1, the 194 dispersion will give 20km range the dispersion of say 18/17km IDK.. You can play with these stats here. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASB729&modules=1111&upgrades=004004&commander=PCW001&consumables=1111&lang=en
  9. Aiser50

    Georgia Max Dispersion

    You are using Artillery plotting mod 1 and the Artillery plotting mod 2 upgrades. While they are just using Artillery plotting mod 2 upgrade.
  10. Aiser50

    T8 CW

    Whats the big problem here? All this emphasis on T10 started to get annoying many months ago. It's such a stupid tier packed with super gimmicks. It's about time they lower the tier to something less stressful. It would be even better if they lowered it to T7 or T6. T10 is really the most annoying tier of the game and also where many get burned out quickly. We don't need every event to revolve around T10 after T10 after T10 after T10 over and over again. That's it....enough already.
  11. Aiser50

    German Legendary Commander

    This is silly. By this logic, why do we have a bunch of weebish captains, Steven Seagull/ Doe, Halloween and Dasha Perova introduced as Cmdrs? I have nothing to rethink from my words simply because I know there is no such hypocrisy from my statement as you think. It's just a hard truth about America, you can introduce a historical cmdr/captain or what ever to this game and only really Americans would be upset. It's the same thing that happen when Molotov was introduced. No one created any fuss but Americans because of its name. Americans even get offended by a Japanese Manji. They still stay upset when a Manjis historical meaning is explained to them. Keep this garbage "outrage culture" confined to it's borders of origin.
  12. Aiser50

    German Legendary Commander

    German WWII special Cmdrs should be included in. But the problem is the out cry from Americans and perhaps British players. Present day America is too SJW, politically correct and degenerate to not see passed entertainment and a video game and somehow assume the inclusion of a historical person as some kind endorsement of that person. America is the problem here. The rest of the international player base most likely would not care. I myself would not even minded if FDR, Stalin and Hitler were to be introduced as special Cmdrs.
  13. Yes, absolutely yes. I am tired of all this T9/10 ranked seasons, high tier events such as the current one where you gain the most points towards provision tokens the higher up the tiers you go. Even some campaign tasks require T10 ships. All this emphasis on high tiers has heavily distorted my my tier ship usage statistics in my profile. I have nearly 3k games on T9+T10 out of 9k games total. Without all these events, I would be having around 1k games at these tiers. The lower tiers are simply much more fun then the top tiers. There is no super accurate lolpen ship on the lower tiers. There are no Gatling gun ships with 152mm guns on the lower tiers or no super battle cruisers or even a heavy cruiser with a reload comparable to a DD. Many of the gimmicks found at T10 that makes every single ship their OP in its own unique way really makes for annoying games to play I would like to see ranked seasons returned back to T6-T7-T8.
  14. Aiser50

    Books on Russian navy?

    See, comments like this are typical of someone more simple minded. No one here is rewriting history, no one here is "apologizing" for Communism or the USSR. But I don't think you understand this, so I will put this in the simplest way. When Aleksandr S, wrote his seminal book "200 years together" he writes about the Jewish influence behind the communist revolution and how most of it's leadership were actually not ethnic Russians. Not surprisingly, this did not make people in western Academia happy, so there was push back from translating his works. Thankfully the translations happened nonetheless. Originally the work was published sometime in the early 2000's or so or at least the English translation was. But before that, other works regarding the subject were frequently leaked. If you think that the West does not do any kind of censorship or information suppression, then you are quite wrong.
  15. Aiser50

    Books on Russian navy?

    Resistance came from both sides actually.