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  1. Aiser50

    No more uk dd container?

    Can we still get sovereigns from the UK mission pumpkin containers?
  2. I am looking at names on the contacts tab in port of other people that also ranked out. On my port, it shows "15" but other people that ranked out shows "Rank 2".
  3. Will the UK container missions still be available ?
  4. Aiser50

    Best Secondary Ship?

    Ever seen a secondary build (B)Hull Izumo? nasty thing.
  5. Aiser50

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    IFHE benefits any secondary build BB more then CE.
  6. Aiser50

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    Because I cannot play CV's any more in the current meta. The AA creep has gotten way to out of hand.
  7. Aiser50

    USS Black Ranked Reward

    Yup, This is my 5th time ranking out also. I purchased the Black with the coupon just before this season. I should still be receiving another coupon as a result.
  8. Aiser50

    What Is This For? Humor?

    It is a good idea. You look at that area and you see that place is NOT A good place for BBs to go. Keeps them out of the battle and useless and makes them easy to get blind sided and nuked by a DD around the corner. But you know what? BB's STILL venture there and the outcome is ALWAYS the same. Such people should never be given a drivers license IRL.
  9. Aiser50

    Welp, thats the end of Ranked for me.

    TurboTush, I am surprised you did not rank out. This is my 5th and probably the last season where I rank out. Out of all the names I come across in the premier leagues, your name is one of the more memorable ones. In fact, I have consistently played against and with you from seasons 3 to 10. Only a small handful of names I remember through all these seasons. I agree, it's not fun. Each ranked season takes me ever more games to rank out. 700 games for me to rank out season 10, 600 games for season 9, 300 games for season for season 8 and 400 games for seasons 6+5. I was away from home during Season 7, so IDK what would have come of it. The problem is that T10 is just a massive burnout and not a great tier for ranked. It is not a tier where comebacks are likely. Everything is massively strong, massively accurate and it's simply not fun being in the cross hairs of say an experienced Yamato with it's 2.10 sigma and legendary upgrade + aiming system mod and getting consistently hit from around 30km away. Or being in a DD and getting radar by a Mino or Wor with radars that extend beyond their spotting radius. Also the unprofitability unless you are willing to fork over $20 for a T10 camo. T10 ships are fit for 10v10-12v12, but NOT fit for 7v7 IMO. I already have my Flint + Black + black special camo so... I probably have no need to rank out any more.....Unless future seasons have some major changes to them. The up coming mini ranked T5 season might just be a major relief H/E.
  10. Aiser50

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I've wanted them to nerf the Wors and Minos radar especially. Ideally, I wanted them to have the same radar distance as Salem/Atlanta at 8.50km. But this works also. Nothing was more annoying back in ranked then getting radared in a DD by a Mino or Wor less then a second after spotting them.
  11. WG, it is high time that the A cap on this map is removed or placed elsewhere. It appears that the player base on this server is unable to learn a basic lesson. If half or more of the entire team flows into this cap at the start, you are almost certainly guaranteed a loss. What's more, this cap operates as some sort of magnet for players to go there for what ever reason that you don't see on any other map. The proper name for this map should just be "Lemming cliff".
  12. Aiser50

    tier5 ranked and the ships

    I would use the Emile Bertin. With Sierra Mike, they move at 41 knots. No need for EM since turrets move fast enough, hard to hit and will catch those pesky Kamikazis any day.
  13. Aiser50

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    What you don't take into account are the following. 1) Torpedo speed. 2) Torpedo detection 3) By how much 25% will increase the torpedo detection. If we take at8 Benson torps with 1.1 detect, then 25% will give you around 1.3/1.4km KM to react. Then you take it's slow 55 knots speech, you get more then 1 second to react. Or kageros 1.7km detect torps brings it up to around 2.1-2.2km additional room to compensate for those faster torps. It's not whether they "almost never never comes up being useful" but rather ALWAYS come up being useful.
  14. Aiser50

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    Most of my ships use Vigilance. Including most of my DDs as well. Take my Z-52 for example. I have the Fran Jutland special Cmdr on it that comes with 35% Vigilance over the normal 25%. The base torp detection of Z52 hydro is 4.03km, 25% Vigilance brings it up to 5.03 km and the 35% Vigilance brings it up to 5.43km. This way, I make sure that the rest of my team has PLENTY of time to react. The more reaction time you have for torps, the better. Especially if you will get cross torped. There is this myth that needs deconstructing... "DD's don't need Vigilance". None sense, DD's need it more then any other class because we don't have heal and have low hp. I see DD players get torped all the time including in the ranked 5-2 brackets. One of the things we DD capts like to do, but at our own peril in the absence of radar is capping and sitting. Some like to do so broadside. Next thing you know, you eat 1-2 torps because the time it takes to accelerate and without Vigilance means you are taking a big risk. Take Khab for example. If you are moving at 43+ knots in Khab and you are sailing head into a torp that is moving at 65++ knots with a detection of like 1.6, then really you have even less time to react because of the speed of which both objects are moving towards one another. I see Khabs getting torped all the time. I use to get torped in my Khab a lot, but with Vigilance? not any more. There are few ships in my port that don't run Vigilance. Not because it's not needed, it's because the desirable build for those ships won't allow it or because it's a CV.