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  1. Aiser50

    Whats the best nation for carriers

    I've only ever made it Hakuryu + Lexinton. A few games into the UK T4 + T6 CVs, IMHO, I think the UK CVs will be the overall most solid CVs soon. Each CV tree actually has its own niche. IJN TB have the most concealment of all planes, UK TBs are easy and reliable to use, USN DBs are devastating and so on.
  2. Has this happen to anyone else yet? I used 2500 doubloons yesterday for 30 days premium. Todays 24 hour shipment has me at only 24 hours of premium, it should be 30 days.
  3. Aiser50

    Molotov - IFHE?

    I use myy Dedicated Chapayev captain on the Molly. It has SE/CE/DE/IFHE. The 180mm base HE pen is actually 29mm, You wont be able to pen the few ships that have thicker plating then that. IFHE brings it up to 38mm and 14% fire chance since I had so many fire signals. Its only with this build + spotting aircraft mod 1, that this ship reaches its best potential.
  4. Aiser50

    Fun Fact: You Can Type Ship Icons In Chat

    Whats the point of the neutral color?
  5. Aiser50


    Ranked out in 18 battles. 13 wins, 5 losses. 10 games in La Gal, 70% W/R, 5 in Nurnberg 60% W/R, 2 in Fushun 100% W/R, 1 in Dunkerque 100% W/R. La Gal is a monster with DE+IFHE+AR+Both fire signals.
  6. Aiser50

    DON"T buy the Black

    Black is an awesome DD. I wish I had been rewarded black for my 5th time ranking out on Season 10. Many complain about Black having bad torps. Torps are actually Blacks unique strength. 21,600 dmg, 0.9 detection, 96 reloadS and 13.7km and 43 knots. Once buffed by torp acceleration, reload expert and torp mod 3, it goes 48 knots, 11km, 73s reload. With Andrenaline Rush, it can easily fall down to 58s reload. You can chug out a whole batch before the previous has died out. Target leading the torps is where you have to develop a skill unique unto Black itself. But done properly, one sees how powerful this ship is. Although, I will ALWAYS maintain the view that Black and Flint should NOT be available in the arsenal to the player base, as it undermines the grinding that us Ranked #1 vets made.
  7. Aiser50

    Rewards that need a buff.

    There are 3 rewards/buffs I can think off. 1) Buff the Type 3 Camo which gives only 3 bonuses and can ONLY be earned by reaching Ranked 1. These camos were awesome back in the day, not anymore and make reaching ranked 1 less rewarding. 2) Reward x10 Zulu flags for First blood achievement as opposed to x1. 3)A reward for Devastating Strike Achievement.
  8. Aiser50

    Signal Flag Menu - Suggestion

    While they are at it, PLEASE make it so that we earn 10x Zulu flags for First Blood as opposed to x1.
  9. Aiser50

    IFHE for Jutland/Daring?

    IFHE on Daring only helps you vs other non Khab DDs as stated repeatedly here. Other then that, it only gives you a placebo effect. The trick is to just use AP most of the time. These UK top tier DDs and perhaps the rest of the line have the optimized AP rounds when it comes to ricochets. Angling against Daring's AP does not matter, as it should be aiming for the super structures anyways. If you want to enhance Darings HE, why not go with DE and save an extra point? It's fire chance is decent enough to justify DE.
  10. Izumo is an awesome BB as it is. While I don't think the buff is necessary, still welcomed. Izumo is easily imo one of the best ships overall within the t9+t10 Bracket. Certainly was a keeper for me.
  11. Aiser50

    Last day to get the Cossack?

    You can only get 40 Guineas from the UK mission. The remaining 10 can be purchased for just $0.99 one time offer.
  12. Aiser50

    Looking for Clan

    Hey there chap. My clan, AR is looking for some new blood. We have about 3-4 vacant openings left before clan is full. We are pretty much a laid back, have fun and can-be competitive clan. We have our own discord server with a channel discussing anything from history to school. A channel for all the weebs and a gen chat for WoWs related. We have also participated in all the clan battle seasons and have made it to Typhoon league 2x. I also see that you've ranked out x6, though not a requirement, is awesome nonetheless. I've ranked out x7 and would like to see another fellow clan member up there also. We also help each other out in speed grinding lines, getting 5 stars in scenarios and discussing game tactics via voice chat for CBs. Reach out to me with a DM if interested. ~Aiser
  13. Well white rodent, for something this fast, I think Vigilance + Target acquisition mod would be an alternative build. If you are moving head on towards torps moving at 60 knots + and your ship at 54 knots, you really have as much reaction time as a BB with no torp spotting bonuses vs deep water torps.
  14. Aiser50

    Nelson needs buffs...

    Why? Nelson can take as much damage as a GK that uses up all 4 repair parties. That is nearly 200k worth of damage.