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  1. Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    I have absolutely no problem with this. I think it's great really. The "Swastika" has a LONG history that stretches back long before the NSDAP party. It's history is much more then the some 25 or so years of usage during the 20th century.
  2. That thing with AFT has the SAME range as pre-nerg khab, but with faster shooting guns + more guns + more HE pen + more concealment. Because of the anti-Russian biases on the NA server, this thing will most likely NOT receive the same level of hate as Khab ever has.
  3. I have always chosen Sharks since day 1. I will agree that that the consistent victory over Eagles has gotten out of hand. My suggestion for this would be the following 1) Eliminate the team contribution UI tab where it shows which team has the most points. That way no one knows which team is winning. 2) Have a different premium camo for a different T10 ship. As it stands, Worcester is the premium camo for both teams. 3) Implement a token penalty and other cost for switching teams and make a small window of when players can actually switch teams. 4) Unique possible random reward for the winning team. Say for example, 200 doubloons for shark and1-2 days of premium for shark or special signals. 5) Different Arsenal purchasing options for the teams unique tokens.
  4. Is Aigile a good boat?

    I can't think of a more mediocre ship for it's tier then Aigle. It has good range at almost 13km base w/o AFT with 139 mm guns and good HE/AP dmg. But so what? they travel at 700m/s, that is worse then US DDs. It's torps are not so bad, 2x3 18k dmg, 77s reload, 57 knots and 7km distance. But so what? you need CE + camo to reach 6.7 conceal for a small window of stealth torping. It has 5x1 main guns, but so what? You also need EM + Main arms mod 2 to get those guns to rotate at 18s. It is a fast ship how ever. With sierra mike signal + engine boost, it can travel at 45.4 knots. Which is awesome. It's turn circle radius and rudder shift are also not so bad. With SE, it can have a total of 19,100 HP. Which is something you find on a T10/T9 DD. A 9% fire chance which is pretty good for a DD. Lastly, it also has a pretty nice looking camo probably one of the best in game. It is the most mediocre mehboat IMO.
  5. I'd probably yolo my planes with that T9 mm. MM is unforgiving on CVs when bottom tiered by +2. It is especially vexing when you are a T6 CV.
  6. Getting the Z-23 to work

    Here is a video of my Z-23 during Ranked season 8 battle. It was a pretty awesome match up, where we should have lost. If I could find my other Z23 videos, i would post them. But this one is great. Z-23 has it's own unique playstyle. I personally like to go with the 150mm guns over the 128.
  7. I thought Izumo was bad.....

    Izumo is in fact, a good ship though.
  8. Best Credit Machine

    Playing well on any T10 ship with premium camo will earn you a lot of creds. T10 prem camos reduce post service cost by 50% and those T10 ships COST YOU A LOT. Those camos also increase your credits by 20%. You add India Bravo Terra Tree signal for another 10% and clan ship yard bonus for yet another 10% and service cost for a T10 can be reduced by 70%. Any ship that you do well in will earn you a lot of credits. For example , Also, here is a link for a credit earning equation to see how much you can potentially earn in a battle. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Credits CrTot = CrB · AT · (1 + ΣMCr) Where: CrTot - Total credits earned from battle CrB - Basic credits earned from battle AT - Account type: use 1 for "Standard"; use 1.5 for Premium ΣMCr - The sum of the coefficients of the modifiers to credits, which include: Usage of Signal Flags Usage of Camouflage Awards for the completion of Combat Missions / Events Usage of Commemorative / Special Flags Note: any ship service costs (repairs and ammo) are deducted after the battle, so for the purpose of the mission objectives that require earning Credits, only the final amount earned in battle matters.
  9. Best Credit Machine

    You have 3 options to grind mass creds. 1) Buy a T7/T8 premium ship. 2) Use free exp to get Musashi or Kronstadt. 3) Buy the premium camo for a T10 ship. A T10 ship with it's premium camo can rival a Missouri in credit earning potential.
  10. My clan leader was adamant about not letting me use Henri during CB's. But one day, I just forced my Henri into each game and by the end of the session, he acknowledged that the Henri really is a good ship. The thing about cruisers in general is that people tend to spec them out for full concealment. Henri does not need this, it only needs camo + CE giving it a detection range of 14.1km. You don't want too much concealment on Henri (12.7km max) because you want a safe distance between you and them unless it is late game when both sides have like 1 or 2 ships left. You also don't want too little concealment making it impossible for you to flank without getting spotted before you reach their half of the map. 14.1km is a comfortable concealment compromise on this. Henri's play style is really similar to Zao except that both ships have a different approach to their flanking methods. It has great range and only the Moskva out ranges it at T10 cruisers. Great charge in torps and can move at 43.9 knots max. It has the best base fire chance at 22%. don't need DE both fire signals are good enough. You can even reliably citadel a broadside Monty from say 16km away something I have never done in my Moskva unless up close. You can cit a DM from it's stern and bow if you know where to aim. The Henri is not for everyone, and I don't think many people know how to use it effectively. Of course this is also the T10 ship I used to land in Rank 1 with, so I know how to use it in the CB meta, what to expect and what moves to make.
  11. I'm done with the USS Buffalo

    Buffalo is one of the best T9 cruisers. A great ship and keeper.
  12. i cant wait, 2 more months!

    I have over 8k battles (Random/coop/ranked/team/clan battle/ops) and only Henri+Mosk+Khab+GK for T10 ships. I WILL be having Hakuryu in a few weeks.
  13. sold indy

    Indianapolis is a pretty damn good ship. One of the best cruisers at T7.
  14. My Shokaku is built around max fighter potential. That means max HP, DPS and ammo for my fighters. I once engaged 2 of my fighter squads into a dog fight with 1 GZ fighters squad.. I was told that GZ planes are not good as they are T7. Not only did 1 of my squads get wiped out, but the other ran out of ammo! It was then left with 3 fighters on its way back to my ship for rearming and wiped out by the GZ fighters on its way back!
  15. New York is awesome

    As a native New Yorker myself, I could not disagree more with the last part of your statement. We are known as one of the top two rudest cities/states in the U.S. The other being CA. Other then that, yeah the BB is pretty good. Worthy of buying the premium camo for it, the only prem camo for available for T5.