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  1. Eu participei do sorteio do Juruá e não obtive os melhores resultados para ganhá-lo, mas dei sorte de ganhar o Almirante Abreu com o comandante Francisco Ferreira Filho e 3 pontos. Só que eu acho que bugou e eu acabei não recebendo o Francisco Ferreira Filho, apesar de ter recebido o Almirante Abreu. Apesar disso confesso que estou feliz de ter ganhado o sorteio kkkk. Acho que no lugar do Francisco Ferreira Filho veio um comandante Standard com 0 pontos, e eu fiquei curioso e interessado em receber o Francisco Ferreira Filho. @Maredraco
  2. Well, thank you guys for the tips, I will look for some premium time, and I will get better at my Shima. Guess that's the only way.
  3. Can I sell camos in the game? It really seems a good deal lol.
  4. But, despite the shima performance, it's normal to sometimes do not earn any credits in a battle? I dont have premium, by the way.
  5. Well, where do I even start? I think we should start from the end, the main reason of this topic. I got my Tier X , it was a Shimakaze and I dont feel rewarded, You know, Im not talking about the ship performance, Im talking about the loots, the rewards that you earn when you play a battle. Since I got my Shimakaze, most of my battles I had to pay for play them, literally how its wroted, I payed to play most of my Shimakaze battles, like, the 13 first and maybe the last ones. The thing is, I don't feel like it was worth to play so many battles to get my Tier X. I don't feel rewarded due my efforts, it did not meet my expectations, I dont know how more words I can use to manifest my disappoitment and my frustration. My disappoitment is immesurable and my day is ruined. Memes apart, the real thing its like I said: I'm desappointed and frustrated. Now on, I'm considering to expent some money, and buy a camo to help me save some credits in game, since I don't wanna feel even more frustrated to know that I possibly wasted time farmming my Shimakaze. But, should I? Should I really expent money with every Tier X that I get just to play it? WG, tell me, It should be like that? Give me a reason WG, cuz I have to say: i'm brazilian and thing's here probably are more expensive. We pay arround 5x times more just cuz we use Brazil currency, I dont know if the same math applies here, but, to get the cheapest Shima camo, JUST THE CAMO, you have to pay 40 Brazil currency. Imagine pay 40 dolars to buy a Shima camo. I don't really think that you guys, pay the same price, no one it's crazy enough to expent 40 dolars in the CHEAPEST CAMO, is it? And I'm not saying that the prices should be the same, Brazil problems for brazilians deal with, WG has nothing with it. The experience of play in Tier X should be that? Is that the experience that you want your players have to? I know that probably the ones who read this will not be developers, so do not sorry for it, I know its not your fault. I'm a totally "free to play" player, never ever did expend money in this game, and, you know, I feel like I can't plat freely anymore. Im not such a good player, I have to say. I actually have something like 50% win rate in my main DD's, and something like 30k damage average. Its not a bad win rate, but its a awful damage, I know, But I swear that I do my best.
  6. Minha melhor partida até agora em um Fubuki, tier VI. Edit2.0: Got another better battle, in my Mutsuki tier V.