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  1. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Battle Results Screen Unavailable

    I just tried the Repair thing earlier, and still have the same issue. My Drivers were not updated for a couple of months prior to me having this issue around mid last year. And I only recently updated my drivers this year, thinking that'd also fix the issue, it never did. The game runs rather smoothly otherwise, locked 60 FPS, no real dropping, maxed settings. This issue seems benign in nature, as it doesn't impact actual gameplay experience. But it does impact me personally, as I don't get to see how well I did against the team(s), in order to improve gameplay, etc. So I'd like to fix it if possible. Might as well make a Ticket at this point I guess, just wondered if I could maybe get some assistance here before I did.
  2. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Battle Results Screen Unavailable

    Hello folks. Ever since around Summer or last year I've been having this weird bug where more than 90% of the time, after a battle, the game freezes for a bit, and instead of showing my Battle Results, takes me straight to port. When I try to click it via the battle history on the lower right hand side of the screen, I get a blank screen saying the screen is not available for the current game session. I've attached a screenshot of it. As far as I can tell, that's the only issue I have. The game loads quickly, as it's on mid-range set-up (GTX 980, 16gb RAM, i7-4790k, SSD). No crashes, no lag, etc. Just this one issue loading the Results Screen, that's the first I've been having since I've started playing. Game was installed in last week 2015. No mods ever used (Besides enabling Training Room, Replays, etc). I've tried updating my graphic drivers, but that didn't fix it. I've been contemplating just doing a fresh reinstall, maybe there's a corrupted file somewhere, but I want to leave that as last resort if possible. Could anyone help me fix this? I'd appreciate that.
  3. I've likely purchased over 1k USD worth of premium ships alone on this game. When I made the purchases of those ships, I never expected them to get directly nerfed at some point (I'm a realist, so I'm mostly fine with nerfs if they happen because of game mechanic balancing as they affect silver ships too). If they're going down this route, I got zero incentive to buy any more newer premium ships. I've got 600k+ credits, 20+ 19 point captains, 3m+ Elite Captain XP, and 1m+ FXP. Nothing will get me motivated to purchase more premium ships other than enjoyment out of playing them for their strengths. If they're gonna be subject to future targeted nerfs, then I've got no reason to invest on any further purchases. So my bit of keeping the servers running will come to an end. Oh well.
  4. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Look at how many premiums I have. Look at when I started playing this game. You go this route, you will never get a single cent from me again. I'm fine with it, and you're too in the short term I suppose. Nevertheless, it will hurt your business as I won't be alone in this, and it's me purchasing your stuff that helps keep the servers running, so too bad I guess. I do like the game still, but I definitely don't like these sort of decisions.
  5. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Colorado not buffed enough

    Use AR, it'll b like 29-30s
  6. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Hood - Post CV rework.

    I just tested it using my full AA Hood against an Enterprise used by a CV buddy on TR. I call some [edited] on that claim lol Not THAT impressive :/ OK, re-tested it. It IS an improvement. Without that module, the AA is utter crap though. If you're running AA build, it is a must now, unlike before.
  7. This whole update wasn't even needed in the first place. It's bee like this since day one. Hell, some of the DD's that they introduced, such as the Z52, had b=specifically been billed by WG as having their weakness be BB AP arming on them a little more often than other DD's, because their bulge made it easier for the round to arm and deal full pen damage. The fact that two DD's, the Khab and Haru, even got "exempted" from the nerf on BB AP is telling. Some people, particuraly DD mains of course, only started complaining about it in earnest sometime last year. In the end of the day, it was working as intended. DD's that got careless about being spotted in the open, and aimed at by an enemy BB player 10-15 km know to prioritize targets, got punished. Now, DD's don't have to worry about BB's anymore, and just rush into the areas that BB's are holding, sub-10 km at times. Switching to HE isn't even viable, as most BB's, even with EL, would take 15~ seconds to be able to switch to HE and shoot them at. Plenty of time for the DD in question to go dark, get behind cover, etc. Unless, of course, that you want BB's shooting HE all the time, even those that are nor RN ones. BB's have inherently large dispersion, and low reloads, so every salvo counts. And not being able to shoot at a DD with the "correct ammo type" is to be expected. So all in all, everyone loses to some extent. Because now, unless is an RN BB, *both* teams will be stuck with BB's not being able to support against the other respective enemy team's DD threats.
  8. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Let’s Talk About "Developer Bulletin 0.7.11"

    The over pen thing on DD's sorta sucks. The only silver lining is that rounds won't get absorbed by modules or saturated areas anymore, I suppose. Also, please pay attention to the feedback if gets too much that this update is crap. Please remember that BB AP doing full pen damage on DD's was here since the beginning, and only at some point last year did DD mains start moaning about it. DD's should be rewarded for good predicted ambushes from 8-12km, not for rushing at point black (5-7km), and eating 5-6k damage, rather than 12k.
  9. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    clan battles extension for tonight?

    Err, you're not alone. Many others are having the same issue, including me. Until they get around fixing this ghost division issue, you can't join any other division for anything, because the game still thinks you're on the bugged out one.
  10. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    clan battles extension for tonight?

    Well, the issue is that anyone stuck on a ghost division can't join a division for anything else, including CB, Co-Op and Randoms. A more sensible compensation for those affected by this would be adding an extra day to the clan wars season. It was already a shortened season to begin with, so something unfair like this happening should be address.
  11. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Server Issues

    I still see people complaining about not being able to log in.
  12. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Server Issues

    Just finished CB, and saw people complain about being disconnected from the game
  13. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    KNTAI x JKSDF [RECRUITMENT IS CLOSED] discord is still open for guests

    >Random animu picture goes here<
  14. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    Oh. Seems like a glitch to me. The sound-bit should only activate once, not for every individual hit. Though me being the weeb I am, I don't particular dislike it tbh kek
  15. Battlecruiser_Amagi

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    I wouln't call the show bad, per say. The story and plot did get weaker in the later half of the show, however. But the action scenes (Damn right epic, most would agree), slice of life moe moments, and the characters themselves, they were all very nice. So yes, there's a plot. It could've delivered better, though, since it was, initially, pretty interesting. Each episode (except the last one), was pretty much half slice of life schoolgirl stuff, and half naval warfare stuff. In that regard, it hooked me in, and made me like the show VERY much. Oh, and thx for the review, Mouse. Pretty insightful and well made.