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  1. Edited with original sound track from Fate/Grand Order With your waifus together saved humanity, can you save the game? suitable to all versions of game play with special thanks to Cardeas_1st (XD) Download FGO voice mod.rar Installation 1. Extract the downloaded FGO voice mode.zip file and find the unzipped "banks" folder, copy this folder 2. Go to /World_of_Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x (current game version) 3. Paste the copied "banks" folder to the x.x.x.x (current game version) folder (If you already installed other mods and already have the /banks/Mods folder, just find, copy and paste the "FGO voice mode" folder into the Mods folder) 4. Run the game and open settings, under audio settings, find "Voiceover modification" and choose "Fate/Grand Order", apply and exit settings (If you are installing this while the game is running, you'll need to restart the game) 5. Enjoy! Uninstallation Simply delete the "FGO voice mode" folder and that's it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Update 9/19/19 - Edited to work for update 0.8.8 and later