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  1. NoCoGaming3645

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Except dollars to donuts you'd have even FAR better in a Kagero, because they had all sorts of useful tools the Asashio doesn't have. That's true for the general population too: Kagero >>> Asashio for all the uses you want a DD to do except torp BBs, and given that BB/CVs very rarely consist of more than 2 in a Ranked game... And that's what I repeatedly saw: people with the Asashio struggling to get anything done because of the ship's deficiencies (compared to any other DD selectable) when not trying to torp BBs. Yeah, Asashios have a horrible time capping in Ranked, when faced with LoYangs, Z-23s and Bensons. The only places I ever saw a Asashio cap was in completely free caps with no opposition at all, and that's something most CAs could (and I did see) do. An Edinburgh has a far better chance to cap than an Asashio, and that's pathetic. The miserable performance of Asashios in Ranked is even more marked because the typical IJN DD player is significantly better than the average non-IJN DD player, as has been noted here before.
  2. NoCoGaming3645

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Well, of the 8 games so far I've played in Ranked that have had an Asashio on my team, 6 were losses, and the other 2 didn't have the Asashio(s) make the top half of the XP table. They're awful for Ranked, by far the worst DD played. Can't cap, can't spot vs the other common DDs (LoYang, Benson, and Kag all have sufficient speed and close enough concealment to murder the Asashio). And of course very few Ranked games have more than 2 CV+BBs, so they can't really do much against 75% of the opponent's team.