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  1. HE will destroy modules just as often as AP will (both secondary and AA), and will also knock out torps, engines, rudder that AP almost never does. The only place AP is superior to HE for module damage is on main gun turrets. I'm not asking for HE to NOT destroy modules, I'm asking that HE be limited to JUST ONE module destruction per shell. Right now, it's often 3-4 per shell.
  2. Dev Blog- ST IJN Tier 10 DD Harugumo

    Frankly, these new T9 & T10 DDs are going to get murdered, and it all boils down to their lack of speed/maneuverability. As pointed out above, with no DFAA, they stand ZERO chance against a CV cross drop, where they'll absolutely eat a bare minimum of 1 and most likely 2 torps, which is a death sentence. Even worse, they can't dodge a dive bomber drop, and taking 3 bombs from a single Midway squad is all too likely, and again, you're dead. Too big, too slow, too visible is NOT a winning recipe for a thin-skinned DD, particularly at T10 where virtually everything that looks at you cross-eyed has the ability to murder you inside 30 seconds. The simple solution is this: at T9, take the Akizuki, drop the turning circle from 730m to 700m, add 2 knots of speed. At T10, take the T9 and replace the 1x5 with 2x3 torpedo tubes with 100 second (base) reloads, drop the max concealment from 6.1 down to 5.8, and give it another 2k of health. That's nice progressive improvements over the T8 Akizuki, while keeping it competitive with their increasingly stealthy and maneuverable opponents.
  3. Overall, I've managed to find that the fire threat is quite manageable. I think we're pretty much at the point where it's fine. However, there are still two things that need to be addressed: 1. British BB HE should NOT be getting the /4 penetration bump. That's letting it punch through all sorts of stuff it shouldn't be doing, and reinforcing the "Just blap HE" meme for them far, far too much. 2. The amount of module damage and splash damage that BB HE does seriously needs to be toned down. I'm watching near-misses from BBs on DDs doing all sorts of crippling module damage virtually every game, and the number of secondary/AA guns that a single shell wipes out is stupidly huge against any ship. Splash damage needs to go away, period. Either you hit, or you don't - the idea of "near misses" is just dump for a video game. That will also take care of the module problem, as without splash, you only can hit a single module at a time.
  4. Best way to get Super Containers?

    I got a Krispy Kreme out of a SC last christmas. That's the only ship in almost 3 years I ever got from a SC. I'm guessing I've opened maybe 3000 containers of all kinds (including mission reward ones, but no purchased ones, since I won't buy them, ever) since they were first implemented, and maybe 40 total supercontainers - the slightly higher ratio due to getting SC for missions and such. As far as the special upgrade mods, I think I've gotten these so far: 1 Radar 2 Spotter plane 1 Smoke generator 1 Hydro AFAIK, virtually every premium ship is still available to be had from a Supercontainer, except the ones which have been permanently withdrawn (e.g. Kamikaze R, Arkansas Beta, etc.). Just that the odds of you getting one are microscopic. Don't pick the Chance containers - heck, even the "More Money" is a waste. Always pick the "More Flags" or "More Consumables". You'll benefit the most from those latter two than you ever will from the first two. And don't ever expect anything much from Supercontainers - heck, I've even started to get things like 100 November Foxtrot flags (-5% reload on consumables) pretty often now, and those are EXTREMELY disappointing. SC shouldn't have non-economic flags in them - they're really simple to get otherwise, and it's a bit of a F-U when you finally open a SC to get such a crappy reward.
  5. When Use Conqueror AP?

    You misread what I wrote. Though I admit that, looking at the sentence, that's not hard. To be clear: while citadel, fire, penetration, and overpen damage all are heal-able at different rates, the point I was making is that it doesn't matter whether the citadel was CAUSED by a HE shell, an AP shell, or torpedo. That is, a penetration caused by a torp will heal exactly the same amount as penetration caused by an AP shell, or an HE shell.
  6. So, secondary builds

    That is true, but it's hard to see how picking BFT over something like BoS or SI is a good choice. Oh, and given the existing ROF of the Republique, you can't ever get a secondary reload time under even 2 seconds. Even with AR on 10% health and the super captain skill, the secondary upgrade module, and BFT, you're talking a minimum reload of just under 2 seconds (1.9), which would be 2.3 if there was no BFT. If you're talking about the Alsace with it's 100mm guns, even there you can't quite get them below 1 second. In either case, it's not the absolute time that matters, it's the percentage difference between having BFT and not. Which is only 10%, by definition. BFT is a 10% increase in ROF, which translates into a 10% damage output increase. VERY few games are going to give you more than 50k in secondary damage, and 20k is more typical. So you're seeing 2-5k in additional damage inflicted when using BFT - that's 1-2% of your total damage output. Now, it does give a much bigger buff to AA, and that's hard to quantify, but overall, I'd be hard-pressed to think that's a big deal - maybe shoot down one or two more planes per match, and certainly not enough thwart a drop except by perhaps a one-plane squad at the end of the match. Both BoS and SI provide a large buff to Hit Points - SI's extra heal provides somewhere between 5k and 10k extra health, or 10-15% more health. BoS means you burn 15% less, which means it saves you 2.7% of your total health for every "permafire" you get. And virtually every BB lets single fires burn full duration these days, so again you're probably taking at least a 10% buff to your total health (if not more) per match with BoS. BFT's problem isn't that it is inherently bad, it's just that, given the limited amount of points available, there are more useful skills at Level 3 to take, particularly for a secondary build French BB, where you really only get to take a single Level 3 skill, because you have to take 3 Level 4 skills (AFT, MFCSG, IFHE).
  7. BB AP vs DD?

    My stats make no difference in this argument, so I don't hide them - I've got more experience playing all sorts of DDs, CAs, and BBs than 90%+ of the playerbase, and I've played all of them in all situations more than enough to have seen everything people talk about. I don't claim to be a unicum player. Neither you nor Skyfaller have in the least made any such counter. You two have made a whole bunch of assertions about the necessity of AP pens/superpens, without anything other than an Appeal to Authority as a reason. It's been repeatedly (in this thread and others) been pointed out time and time again that the AP pen and superpen ability is regular, easily repeatable, consistent, and almost completely without possible counter. Neither have you made a credible argument (or has Skyfaller) about WHY it's so darned important for the BB to be able to do this kind of AP damage, when it has a whole host of other tools to use. Sorry, but that's the definition of a poor, lazy player if they are in such dire need of AP superpens to survive. I'm really tired of folks not being able to make coherent arguments. @Destroyer_KuroshioKai and I have repeatedly explained a consistent, fact-supported case for why BB AP not only shouldn't pen/superpen, but why this is bad for the game. All we've gotten is a bunch of strawmen and provably wrong assertions in reply. It's the same kind of argument I keep seeing from people who oppose removing the ability of Radar to see through islands. Both arguments have consistently boiled down to "But I can do it now, it's easy, and I wannna!"
  8. So, secondary builds

    These days, I'm highly recommending NOT to take BFT for secondary builds. It's simply not worth the high cost for the very marginal DPM increase. AR is superior in every way to BFT, as it will buff your main guns and torps (if you have them) as well as the secondaries.
  9. Why no Mogamis in game?

    I play the 155mm Mogami all the time. It does demand a dedicated captain, however. The reason you don't see the IJN CAs as a whole much anymore is really this: They've been powercreep'd something horrible. Even worse, the upcoming US CA/CL line split is giving the new US CLs pretty much all of the abilities of the Mogami, with more features, and more advantages. the new T8 Cleveland is an excellent example here of where WG screwed the Mogami over. Most people already have the entire IJN line, so there's very few people leveling them now.
  10. BB AP vs DD?

    The point being here is that BBs ALREADY have a possibility of 1-salvo kills on a DD. It's called USING HE. Any BB has sufficient HE damage to kill a full-health DD with 4-5 hits of HE. The broken thing is that it's even more possible to kill in 2-3 shots using AP, and it's more RELIABLE to do so using AP. That's hideously unbalanced. If you want to kill DDs in a BB, you should be forced to use HE. It's that simple. And please spare me the "but my guns take too long to reload!" stuff - a DD's torpedoes take 4 TIMES as long as the BB's guns to reload, and you at least get some damage potential with a salvo of AP (even if it overpens). Not to mention BBs have pretty potent secondaries. BB AP should simply overpen all the time, any angle, when hitting a DD. Anything other than that is not merely just a huge advantage to the BB that it doesn't need, it encourages poor play on the BB's part to not have to worry about which ammo is loaded (and the situations BBs will consequently get themselves into).
  11. Z-39: How is It?

    Ahem: The 150mm guns of the Z-39 (and Gaeda and Z-23) are NOT dual purpose. Thus, they are USELESS for AA. Only on the Z-46 and Z-52 are the main guns dual-purpose in the German DD line. The "AA Meme" builds above are NOT in any way recommended for a Z-39. They're a complete waste of points, as AFT+BFT only benefit the AA (not the main guns), and even fully buffed, they can't keep even ONE torpedo squad from dropping on you, let alone stopping a cross drop. If you want decent AA, go find a US DD with DFAA (or maybe certain Russian DDs instead). To put this in perspective, the full AA build gives you a 4.2km range on your primary AA guns with a DPM of 51, and the short-range 2.4km guns give you another 22 DPM. The Z-39 has only slightly better mid-range AA and worse short-range AA than the Z-23. For comparison, look at a C hull Mahan, who, without even considering DFAA, when using AFT+BFT, has a 6km/25DPM plus 4.2km/25DPM plus 2.4km/20DPM. And no one is going to claim even a Mahan is that great for AA. Heck, the IJN T7 Akatsuki has better AA than a Z-39, and at least the Akatsuki can benefit from AFT+BFT on the main guns. Yeah, the Z-39 has better AA than a Maass, but that's like saying I can run 100 yard dash better than a quadraplegic. Not much of an accomplishment. For that anemic AA performance (which is only good enough to stop a T7 fighter squad from hovering over you for more than 2 minutes), you spent 7 captain points that could be far better used elsewhere on the Z-39. The torpedo/hybrid builds really are best. However, if you feel like you'd like to run your Z-39 with more gun focus, consider IFHE, as that allows the HE to pen 32mm armor, meaning that you can get HE pens on most surfaces of the BBs you shoot at, as well as T8+ CA armor. You do give up some fire chance for it, but don't underestimate the ability to shoot BBs and CAs at 10-11km from any angle, and get reliable pens all the time no matter where you hit (for the most part). IFHE gives you extremely reliable, all-purposes HE damage on any target. For this kind of a build, I'd recommend something like this: Gun Focused Z-39 build Two last notes: Do NOT run EM on your captain. It makes virtually no difference for the Z-39's turret rotation - it decreases the 180 turn time from 22.5 to 20.7. That's completely irrelevant in practical usage. Also, remember that german smoke is not for camping in, BUT you can definitely use it to shell enemy CA/BBs with a couple of salvos before moving on. I find that you have time for about a half-dozen salvos before you should reposition.
  12. Never Mess with a Yamato

    The issue with the Yammy is that it melts under focus fire, even worse than the Conqueror. Particularly against T10 cruisers. Want to see a Yammy die? Put a Zao and a Hindy on it at 18km, and it's dead inside 2 minutes. It won't even be a close contest. The Hindy's AP punches right through the deck armor, and the Zao will start 4 fires, watch you put them out, then start 4 more. The Yammy is so big that even at that distance, the cruisers are scoring hits with 75% of their shots. The Yammy absolutely requires teamwork - without it, it's just 70,000 tons of target.
  13. When Use Conqueror AP?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Repair_Party_Data It doesn't matter whether the hit was made by AP or HE. If it's a penetration, overpen, or citadel, the heal amount is exactly the same. The difference comes that AP is MUCH more likely to citadel on stuff (and citadels are not very repairable). The converse is that AP overpens a lot, and HE almost never does. So, HE tends to pen or shatter/bounce, and thus you have a pretty consistent direct damage repair amount from HE. AP is all over the map, so it's not easy to say how well (on average) AP damage is to heal. To the OP's question for the Conqueror: I'm of the opinion that you use the smaller 419mm. Because they're FAR more useful when shooting anything but another battleship. The AP from even the 419mm overmatches pretty much every single part of any non-BB (a couple of cruiser deck armors excluded), and moving up to the 457mm won't improve that against CA/DDs, while being able to shoot 50% more shells will get you a lot more hits. The other thing I find is that the 419mm pen much more reliably: the number of citadels using the 457mm is higher, but so is the number of overpens, compared to the 419mm. And, again, when I'm throwing 50% more shells downrange, the more reliable pen ability of the 419mm means I'm doing MORE damage than the odd citadel that the 457mm scores me. Bottom line for the Conqueror: AP always against cruisers. Keep HE loaded for most situations (including when you don't know what will materialize), unless you can see that a BB is lining up to give you a perfect broadside.
  14. It really boils down to this: 1. IJN DDs have an incredibly high skill floor. That means you average player simply is awful in them, instead of mediocre. Their limitations and the vast power creep of everything else make them extremely difficult to master good play in, and for the casual player, they're not fun at all anymore. I'd estimate that until you're at a minimum of a top-25% player, you're cannon fodder in an IJN DD. 2. Even for skilled and Old Skool players, IJN DDs are incredibly uneven in performance. It's long periods of famine with short feasts, which again, leads to heavy levels of player frustration. Here again, you don't see consistent performance from IJN DDs until it's a top-1% player. Everyone else spends 10 matches being bottom-of-the-team score for that one top-of-the-table game. I've practically given up playing them anymore, and I've been at them for almost 3 years at this point. They're not really fun at all - it's like beating yourself with a whip: if you do it long enough, it gets to feel OK, but if you stop at the wrong time, it's just pain. Sad as is sounds, the German boats are now the most effective torpedo boats in the game above T6.
  15. BB AP vs DD?

    Don't count your chickens. Given the long, sustained, validated, and fully justified screaming for TWO YEARS about Radar (and almost as long about IJN torpedoes), I'm no longer hopeful that WG has any real clue about things related to balance - they seem to be playing Whack-A-Mole with no plan, no strategy, and not even a decent crisis management team.