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  1. What with the constant uptiering of the T8s - you VERY rarely play a game that the Hipper is top-tier - the lack of DPM combined with the lack of Heal is really starting to show. You're simply too much of a target for those T9s and T10, since your concealment is by far the worst of all T8 cruisers, and the lack of a heal is crippling in those battles. It absolutely needs an ROF buff, since you seldom can use all 8 guns - typically, it's 4. The rest of the T8 cruisers easily can bear 6 or more in the same situations. So, frankly, you're looking at a 30-40% lower DPM than the entire rest of the T8 line, in actual play. Because you REALLY don't want to expose even a slight broadside to stuff shooting at you - the "better armor" is useless against BBs, which citadel you regularly from any angle, any distance. I eat citadels in my Hipper from BBs at the same rate my Mogami does, and the Mogami's armor is half that of the Hipper's. And you really don't want to be getting into short-range knife fights in a Hipper (where the armor is most useful), because, again, the low ROF is a significant disadvantage. I enjoy my Hipper, but the power creep among both BBs and CAs over the past year has sorely left the Hipper behind, and the "built-in-IFHE" for the German HE shells really didn't make any useful (or even measurable) difference to the Hipper. I'd probably vote for a slight AA buff of the NOLA to help make it more distinct as THE AA cruiser for T8, but the main-gun ROF for the Hipper needs to be buffed to probably a 11.5 second reload time. That's a 11% increase in ROF, and puts the typical DPM output on par with the French and US cruisers, but still behind the IJN, UK, and Russian ones. If the Hipper is supposed to be a long-range sniper with fleet AA escort capability, then the current design fails at that quite badly.
  2. Also, the Scharn is NOT a BB-hunter. BBs are NOT your primary target, Cruisers are. It's similar to the Graff Spee in that regard. The Scharn has small-caliber (for a BB) main guns, but high reload and traverse. Run it like a Battlecruiser, not a Battleship. You should be shooting CA/CLs first, then DDs, then BBs. The Sharn's armor gives is a good chance of surviving close encounters with BBs - and the torps help immensely in that regard - but don't think you can slug it out with them. Run, and if you're shooting at them, aim for the UPPER belt armor, not the MAIN belt armor. Go for Pens, not Citadels, when fighting BBs. At distance where you can count on plunging fire, you can reliably pen BBs, so that's possible as an alternative - the long-distance anti-BB sniper. But the Sharn's dispersion isn't good, and her lightweight shells make flight times pretty bad. So, once again, prioritize anything but a BB as your target. And as a KM ship, it should be AP all the time, everytime, every target. Don't bother switching ammo unless it's very rare situations. AP should be your go-to round for shooting at pretty much everything.
  3. IFHE does this: For the 105mm, increases penetration from 17mm to 26mm. For 128mm, the increase is from 21mm to 32mm. For the 150mm, increase penetration from 25mm to 37.5mm Now, since the very large majority of 2ndary hits will be straight on, rather than plunging fire, there's very little chance that it will impact Deck armor, so we can effectively ignore that. It's only side hull armor and superstructure that matters. Turret are far too heavily armored, and the main belt is too. Upper tier DDs (T8+) tend to have about 19mm armor all around the hull. So, IFHE will increase the amount of 105mm pens, but not 128 or 150mm ones. They have under 17mm on the superstructure, so there's no benefit there for IFHE. Similarly, BBs tend to have 19mm superstructure armor, so only the 105mm gets a pen boost there. In addition, most BBs have 30-32mm of armor on their bow/stern, so IFHE will help the 128 and 150mm pen there. Against cruisers, there's a lot of 27mm plating, so the 128 and 150mm will benefit from the IFHE bump. The 105mm won't, though, as the superstructure is again already sub-17mm. Overall, though, I'd be surprised if you saw any more than a 15% increase in pen rate against all targets. For 4 points, there are massively better things to invest in. Certainly, you'd want AFT and BFT long before IFHE, as those two significantly increase the range and DPM of your secondaries. Same goes for DE - the significant increase in fire change from DE almost certainly would be better than IFHE, as DE applies no matter where the round hits, and it's a non-trivial increase for fire (between a 20 and 40% increase in the per-shot chance for fire). I'd only ever consider IFHE as the last 4 points on a 19-point captain. On a BB, the first 10 points go to PM, EM or AR (depending on your preference), BFT, AFT. That leaves you with 9 points left. Problem is, there are a lot of very desireable skills left: AR or EM (whichever they didn't have) for 2, BoS, SI, VI as 3 pointers (and maybe even DE), and MFCAA/MFCSA for 4. That's up to 20 other points of worthy skills competing with your 4 point IFHE for those remaining 9 points total. Yeah, I can't really ever see IFHE worth the points.
  4. I have no idea what game you're playing, because it's not World of Warships. The facts simply don't support that wild supposition, and if you'd look at the statistics available, you'd see that your statement has no basis in reality. DDs get deleted by BBs ALL THE TIME. Anyone with 4 brain cells - and virtually all the various video commentators - point out how broken Radar is, and why. DDs don't win 1:1 with BBs anymore with any reliability - has been that way for well over a year. BBs absolutely have the accuracy to hit DDs at significant ranges 10km+, all the time. Either you have no experience in this game, or you've never played about T5. What you're saying is simply completely false.
  5. The game does NOT need more radar. It's horridly broken as is. That said, I do like the idea of differentiating Hipper from Eugen. I'd go with a ROF buff for Hipper, and a Heal for Eugen as proper balance. This gives the Hipper more DPM, while the Eugen more staying power.
  6. Oh please. Those of us who DO have lots of experience in them know how broken they are. We're not whining, we're pointing out how badly stupidly nerfed WG has made them. All the skill in the world doesn't compensate for the hideously uneven game play of the IJN DD experience, nor does it counter the way that the IJN DDs are fundamentally flawed. "Don't play it unless your unicum" is one of the dumbest retorts I've seen in a long time.
  7. I very sincerely hope we stop getting any new ships. WoWS has a list of bugs a mile long and a balance issue that looks like a 800lbs gorilla vs an ant. The VERY last thing this buggy, unstable, isn't-even-close-to-fair game needs is more of the same. They have FAR more pressing things to do, but, of course, it won't happen.
  8. Smoke will be a a screen, not a camping spot. Since it still blocks LOS, you'll put up a smoke 2-4km in front of your forces, blocking view. The Radar cruisers then can't get close enough to spot through it without they themselves being erased. That's where the DD will play it's small role: creating the smoke, then going WAAAAY outside to spot. I'd actually vote for a Gearing over a Khab, but both should be quite effective. And radar is still really useful for it's See-Through-Mountains thing, which severely negates a whole lot of positional strategy.
  9. Ultimately, if you don't want to listen to Flamu drone on, even with the only 1% reduction pf IFHE, it boils down to this for the Khab: The increase in penetration is from 22 to 28mm of armor. The only thing that increase in penetration helps you with is against cruisers: T8-10 bow and stern plating, T8+9 deck armor, and some T8+9 upper side armor. Everything else you can either already penetrate, or requires more than 28mm of penetration, so IFHE won't help. Against those cruisers where IFHE should help, you can do at least as good by being smart with using AP (when they're broadside) or HE (and aiming at the superstructure, particularly when end-on). The (now) 1% reduction for fire using IFHE results in a best-case scenario of 10% reduction in the number of fires you start, and, worst case (if you don't run DE and the flags) a 25% reduction. That's a LOT of fire damage you're giving up to obtain *possibly* some additional shell damage against cruisers. The 4 captain points you give up for IFHE really hurt, because there's lots of other skills that provide substantially better benefits. You'll be giving up two of: SE, DE, SI, AR, PT. SE/SI/PT provide a large amount of damage reduction/recovery capability, DE is your fire chance, and AR is ability to inflict more damage. Number 5 is the killer: you simply have to give up a lot of other benefits to get IFHE, which in and of itself has only marginal improvement.
  10. Actually, yes, I play DDs a lot. And I'm familiar with what DWT will do. Torpedoes have well under 10% hit rate, most hovering in the 6-8% hit rate, according to the latest NA Server stats. It's certainly NOT all me, and that's just an ad hominem fallacy, anyway. The answer to a problem is not "Become Unicum". The answer is fix the problem so that the AVERAGE player isn't hurt by the issue. Because DWT will STILL absolutely be detectable by DDs and aircraft in exactly the same manner as they do now - well away from any targets, giving them plenty of time to maneuver. So DWT will be useful against pretty much just one target: lone BBs. Which, if you get above T6, are pretty vanishingly small. And of course, DWT torps address none of the problems with why torps are launched the way they are: far away from their targets, allowing for large gaps in spreads that make dodging trivial, because of the game's broken detection capabilities (among other things). So unless DWT can't ever be spotted by anything not running Hydro, or can never be spotted by aircraft AND any not by ship more than 200m away, it's just more lipstick. If those are true, then we're back to the time of "invisible" torpedoes, and that's another whole bad thing. Once again, it's adding a new "feature" that doesn't address the root cause of the problem, but instead brings its own host of issues.
  11. Well, unless the DWT do something to address the very low hit rate of torps in general, they're pretty much useless over existing torps. Torpedo damage isn't an issue with torps. It's getting them to land in the first place, and the last year+ has been dedicated by WG to making this less and less likely. Until WG addresses that fundamental problem, this is just lipstick on a pig. As another posters said elsewhere, this falls directly in line with WG's institutional obsession with new features and never bothering to go back and look to see how older ones are fundamentally broken (and, you know, just FIX them).
  12. [emphasis mine] Sorry, but that's one of the stupidest things I've heard in a long time. That requires PERFECT map awareness. Something not even the most attentive player has, let alone the large majority of players. In order to avoid what you demand, that means ships have to effectively abandon huge swaths of the map, as the number of "risky" positions is all over the place. You also not only need to know WHICH ships have radar, but IF they're also been mounted. And, of course, you're gonna need to know WHERE all those nice radar ships have, and that's fantasy. Given that a typical T8 or higher match has at least 2 ships capable of radar, you suggestion is what? That no one caps for at least 5 minutes? That DDs only ever play out in wide ocean areas where they have at least 12km vision? That if you're somehow spotted by radar, you should just expect to dodge the almost-certain hail of fire from every ship in the area with no more difficulty than pushing the WASD keys, and NOT get deleted well inside 15 seconds (since the incoming fire from 3+ ships can easily strip 20k from your health inside that time)? That angling will somehow work for CAs that get LOL cits from ANY BB they face, any angle, or that every ship in range won't immediately turn their turret towards the just-spotted ship (which was plainly trying to sneak up and do something bad, so delete-it-now is the rational reaction)? Even worse, Magic Radar removes any reward for GOOD positional play on the opponent's side. It's a great "Get out of Jail Free" card for being a bad player, because it allows you to magically compensate for stupid positioning on your part. Here's a VERY common example: Radar ship approaches a cap point, and wants to cap. Wasn't paying any attention to anything around the cap, doesn't know where any other ship is, and has been shooting ships on the other side of the map for 3 minutes. But, hey, pop that Magic Radar, and any opponent who's gone to lots of trouble to position themselves well, looking to stalk you and punish you excruciatingly bad play, is detected, and Ooops all that effort in the toilet. Or, hey, want to help your DD cap without ever having to risk anything on your own? Just Magic Radar while sitting behind an island next to the cap, and have your entire time shotgun the opposition! Don't bother WASD, just sail in straight lines at constant speed, because that Radar means your ship doesn't have to worry about torps shot from anything less than 12km away, which are almost trivial for even below-average players to dodge! The list goes on and on and on, where Magic Radar is nothing more than a crutch for rewarding bad play and beating people who play FAR better than you. Your idea is as dumb as a doctor saying "So, don't do that then" when you complain that bending over hurts your back. It's a "solution" that doesn't fix the problem at all, and doesn't address the bad side-effects the root cause has. The Magic Radar problem has no compensating gameplay counter, EXCEPT "literally don't play". Everything else results in a very high risk of deletion. It enforces a VERY risk-adverse, passive form of gameplay, one that is very little fun for people of even above-average skill. Not to mention rewards people for sloppy play (the Radar-equipped folks, that is). It's like planning for a WWF cage match, but then giving a couple of people on one side Shotguns, then suggesting the other team just "suck it up and get better". Radar that doesn't obey LOS rules is simply completely broken, and makes as much sense as equipping ships with cruise missiles. If it's not, then please explain to us (we're all waiting with baited breath) was to why the current Radar implementation is superior to a LOS-Radar one, or heck, why Magic Radar is better than no Radar at all. Because, ultimately, that's what your trying to advance.
  13. Let's be clear here: in the kind of game that Clan Wars is gonna be, here's what's gonna happen: Only Radar-equipped ships will be played if there is an option. Every team will contain a minimum of 3 radar cruisers, which means you can chain radar for almost 12 MINUTES continuously. If things go as I expect, a team will consist of 1 DD, 5 CAs, and a BB (heck, there's a good chance it will be 6 CAs and 1 BB, the setup is *that* unbalanced). Which means they're been theoretically able to chain radar THE ENTIRE GAME. Even with losses, expect that well over HALF the game will have radar over the large majority of the team. Radar, with it's magic no-LOS issues, has between a 10 and 12km range. No sane DD player will approach closer than 14km to launch, to give time to back away. At 14km, that means you'd have to use the 20km Shima torps, which are excruciatingly slow with terrible visibility. Even worse, at 14km, the spread is horrendous - gaps between torps shot at a "tight" setting are almost 500m when they get to 14km - big enough to almost park a GKF broadside between them. To compensate for #5, you have to throw all 3 sets down essentially the exact same path. Which means the total area covered drops radically, making is simple to run around the edge of where the torps are going. Multi-Shima drops are a fantasy for effectiveness. The maps will be the typical T10 ones, which means they're not Ocean, and have LOTS of islands scattered around. That channels the effective torp shooting places, which in turn means that watching them becomes a priority, and again, with the Hydro/Vigilance meta going to totally dominate, it'll be simple to drop behind hard cover with the 30-40 seconds notice you get of incoming torps. There will be no ambushes around islands. See #2 for why. DDs CANNOT cap in the face of continuous radar, or even the valid THREAT of radar. No matter what you do as a DD, you'll either be murdered with direct fire almost instantly, or you'll be stuck behind some well-place island, doing nothing useful except hoping the enemy team leaves the cap area so you can finish the cap (fat chance of that, too, since they now know where you are, and will maneuver to kill a stationary target within a minute or two at most). As a result of #9, no one will cap. Ever. Or, at best, the entire team A will take one cap unopposed, while team B does the same to the other cap. Every game will de-facto be a Domination game, where controlling caps is completely irrelevant to the outcome of the game. Heck, even smoke will be much less useful than before, due to #1. Smoking will only be useful when the range is 14km+ from the enemy. Every single Shima on your team reduces the number of cruisers you can bring. Given the VERY limited number of ships in Clan Wars, that's a huge reduction in DPM that absolutely will be felt as soon as the shooting starts. Maybe 3 Shimas could theoretically be useful. But the other team, stacked full of cruisers, will VERY quickly sink all the non-Shimas on your team, due to a 7:4 firepower imbalance. So where does that leave your team? You'll be down 2 or 3 ships LONG before your Shimas can get in position for their Torp Wall attempts. And your team will probably all be dead except the Shimas within 5 minutes. Which leaves the enemy team with 3 or 4 radar cruisers to go Shima hunting. I leave it to you as an exercise to figure out who's ALWAYS gonna come out ahead on that scenario. Heck, the same logic will probably apply to all DDs, but the Shima is especially useless in this kind of meta. Also, something people haven't brought up yet, but again will negatively affect the ability to torp: Clans will demand VOIP for all players, so reaction times to any threats will drop drastically. The instant any torp is spotted by anyone on the team, EVERYONE will know about it and start to react. Unlike now, where people regularly ignore warnings from teammates because they're not paying attention to Chat or don't care about the minimap pointers. Heck, even in the current T10 meta, long-distance torping is really iffy. I've played in well-coordinated divisions, and it helps very little, if at all - the divisions are mostly useful for gunships and capping utility in Random. So, given the above, which is all blazingly obvious for anyone who has played T10 for more than a gnat's worth of time, what can a Shima contribute? Torps are completely ineffective, even with 2 or 3 sisters trying to spam. You can't cap at all, nor can you shoot at anything, and ambushes are impossible. Your smoke ability is not terribly useful (and US DD smoke is far better, anyway). That leaves.... spotting. Out at 14-15km away from your opponent. Which means you're only spotting them when they're firing. Yeah, that's terribly useful. And can be done just as well by any other DD. Clan Wars are a dumb idea, because, as pretty much all the various YouTube WoWS commenters have pointed out, the restrictions mean that the number of viable ships to use boils down to about 1 for each type, and the tactics used will be boring and predictable, because nothing else has a snowball's chance in hell of working. The ONLY thing Clan Wars is useful for is to give WG the opportunity to make money renting ships to clueless people. I leave it to you to decide how it feels to play a game where the company is willing to screw over it's player base for cash. Not "make money providing value", but "Exploit people who don't know better to make a buck, while hurting it's existing customer base"
  14. Well, since this game really has been "World of Battleships [and some other things we let them shoot at]", it's no surprise that BBs are overpowered. WG caters to the BB players. it's that simple. Everything else gets treated like a redheaded stepchild, except CVs and IJN DDs, which get treated like Marvin from Pulp Fiction. If there's ever a accidental buff to an IJN DD, WG profusesly appologizes to the BB players, doesn't even wait for the next scheduled patch, and not only removes the buff, but makes sure that they nerf the IJN DDs even more, for having the temerity of asking that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, a BB should NOT be able to regularly hit them with AP for 50% of their health at 15km away, and that they could possibly average more than 1 or 2 torpedo hits per game. WG to DD (and especially IJN DD) players:
  15. Widoch is correct: without CVs, everything will be equipped with hydro and radar. Which means the 6% Shimakaze hit rate will drop even further, because not only will everyone be in highly-maneuverable CAs and DDs, but the 1.8km spotting distance of the Shima's torps will double to almost 4km with all the hydro running all the time. The Shima's 8km torps are suicidal to run - you'd die just getting them off with all the radar running around, and it's unlikely they'll hit anything anyway with the hydro to spot them. The 20km torps will just be area denial and you'll never hit anything with them, and the 12km torps probably offer the best chance of scoring 1 or 2 hits per game, max. Basically, Clan Wars reduces the IJN DDs to a purely support roll: smoke your allies, spot for them while in smoke, and do some area denial. Don't ever expect to cause any damage, you'll never cap, and you'll get HORRIBLE XP. Clan Wars will be filled with mostly KM and US DDs, as they've got the proper combination of stealth, guns, torps, speed, maneuverability, and special abilities to survive for more than 10 seconds in the kind of Cluster-F of a game WG has designed. And, of course, everyone is going to re-spec their ships for zero AA (so, massive secondaries on everything) and they'll do the same for the captain skills. Vigilance will be run on everything, making scoring a hit virtually impossible. RDF will be everywhere, so the Shima's stealth is significantly discounted. Basics of Survivability makes the small likelihood of flooding even tinier. As much as Clan Wars was a middle finger to CVs, it's a poke-in-the-eye to IJN DD players. It's almost like they set out to intentionally screw over as much of their player base as possible.