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  1. Ram101_1


    First battle of the day with my Akizuki, 2 ships sunk.
  2. Ram101_1

    Super Bowl LIV

    Hello, Should be a great game. I am hoping for a different outcome from you. My main concern is that it is not a blow out for either team. I plan on enjoying the game no matter the outcome. Good Luck
  3. Ram101_1

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Hello, I have 324 ships in port. Should have award for 300, and 350 also. I have to update my ship count, it now stands at 327 in port
  4. Ram101_1

    I finally broke 100 Karma....

    Great Job, Keep up the good work
  5. Two battles with the Italian ships
  6. Having fun with my Akizuki , and my Yudachi
  7. Here is my new West Virginia in her 1st Battle.
  8. Here is the USS DD Clemson with 3 Kills
  9. Ram101_1

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Here are my two German Shepard's . Hugo, and Baron. The cat's name is Charlie .The cat lay's between the paws of Hugo during the day after they play.
  10. Ram101_1

    Can not join a battle

    I am having the same problem.
  11. When I finally received my Akizuki. , And I realized just how good she is. I have been in battle's with tier 10 and I do well. My birthday wish would be the Flint.
  12. Just a fun ship to play
  13. Here you are 3 flood ribbons from my favorite DD.
  14. The rewards are paid out the Friday after the update goes live. Should be this Friday.