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  1. Ram101_1

    Alaska opinions

    When the Alaska is released I will pick her up right away. I have close to 3 million FXP so no problem.
  2. Ram101_1

    fairness of penalty for torps

    Because you fired the torps, LOL
  3. Ram101_1

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    What about the Alaska, we keep hearing soon. That was about 1 1/2 months ago???
  4. Ram101_1

    Why do people think the orville is great?

    alexf24 has said it all, no need to say anything. I agree with him 100%...
  5. Great comment about the care people should take anytime fireworks might be used, Thank You
  6. Ram101_1

    What is the Steel ship SOON?

    I saw the same thing, the wording os "soo", but no picture or name of a ship
  7. Wait till you play in very thick fog, you can not see very much at all. Fun , but it will take some time to get used to it.
  8. Ram101_1

    PSA: Polish Navy Patch Mission

    Thanks for the Info
  9. Same thing for me, It's getting old. Sent ticket in, and I bet they will say that I did get them because their computer show's that I did .
  10. Ram101_1

    Cannot Open Launcher

    Hello, Check your taskbar line. You may find the icon there, hiding on the bottom of your computer.
  11. Ram101_1

    Remembering me Father.

    Hello, I think the post from DJC_499 says it all, nothing more needs to be said.
  12. Ram101_1

    Charge Event Dobloons Missing?

    I wonder if this event is like the T61 event. Only items that our purchased with gold will count?? WG really has to make it clearer in the future if this is the case. Getting real tired of spending my money, and getting ripped off.
  13. Ram101_1

    Kitty Purrfurst flag

    Like Bear_82 has stated the 2nd mission starts automatically for the players that have completed the 1st mission. I don't really understand why, I thought we had to get the code from a second video , but I guess I was wrong. Hope this info helps.
  14. Ram101_1

    Charge Event Dobloons Missing?

    This is now 10/11, and still no gold added to my account??