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  1. Ram101_1

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Hello, I have 324 ships in port. Should have award for 300, and 350 also.
  2. Ram101_1

    I finally broke 100 Karma....

    Great Job, Keep up the good work
  3. Two battles with the Italian ships
  4. Having fun with my Akizuki , and my Yudachi
  5. Here is my new West Virginia in her 1st Battle.
  6. Here is the USS DD Clemson with 3 Kills
  7. Ram101_1

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Here are my two German Shepard's . Hugo, and Baron. The cat's name is Charlie .The cat lay's between the paws of Hugo during the day after they play.
  8. Ram101_1

    Can not join a battle

    I am having the same problem.
  9. When I finally received my Akizuki. , And I realized just how good she is. I have been in battle's with tier 10 and I do well. My birthday wish would be the Flint.
  10. Just a fun ship to play
  11. Here you are 3 flood ribbons from my favorite DD.
  12. The rewards are paid out the Friday after the update goes live. Should be this Friday.
  13. Please send me the French DD Bourrasque if I should be so lucky.
  14. I would like the second captain if I should be so lucky.