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  1. Ram101_1

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    As of today I have 404 ships in port.
  2. Ram101_1

    'Server Unavailable'

    Yes same problem
  3. Just consider the source of these insults. People that make these kind of remarks are showing there own disorder.
  4. Ram101_1

    4X Free Camos

    Thank you kind Sir...Ron
  5. Ram101_1

    Super Bowl LIV

    Hello, Should be a great game. I am hoping for a different outcome from you. My main concern is that it is not a blow out for either team. I plan on enjoying the game no matter the outcome. Good Luck
  6. Ram101_1

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Hello, I have 324 ships in port. Should have award for 300, and 350 also. I have to update my ship count, it now stands at 327 in port
  7. Ram101_1

    I finally broke 100 Karma....

    Great Job, Keep up the good work
  8. Ram101_1

    Can not join a battle

    I am having the same problem.
  9. Ram101_1

    lag and disconnecting

    Yes I was having a lot of problems. I went ahead and removed wow from my computer, and re-installed the program. So far so good. I have done this once before, and it helped that time also. The only problem is the time it takes. Just an idea to consider...Ram101_1
  10. Ram101_1

    I'm having trouble with the Kitakaze

    Keep with it, it is a fantastic ship. You will have some bad games , but then you can destroy the other team with the Kitakaze. To bad you had to sell the Akizuki.
  11. Ram101_1

    Alaska opinions

    When the Alaska is released I will pick her up right away. I have close to 3 million FXP so no problem.
  12. Ram101_1

    fairness of penalty for torps

    Because you fired the torps, LOL
  13. Ram101_1

    Why do people think the orville is great?

    alexf24 has said it all, no need to say anything. I agree with him 100%...
  14. Great comment about the care people should take anytime fireworks might be used, Thank You