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  1. bunwalker

    John Doe No Special Skills

    I have played this game since Alpha Beta, and I really love this game, and that is why when there are errors. I say it. For a game that when I saw in Flamu and Jingles videos that has so many people working for the company, they should spend time, taking care of these errors. Every time they update the game there are always errors that happen when you are in port. For example, in the santa presents, the picture of the container did not appear at all, you only got a sound and when you open the container sometime later I got the item in port. In the case of my post above, in which I’ve had John Doe, since the beginning, and I have him in several different servers, and somehow, when I tried to change captain points, somehow his special abilities disappeared. Fixing grammar mistakes, which I did not enter, and even this is the servers’ error. Recently when I entered the intro for a clan I run in Asia server, the intro text kept entering the wrong words, and just recently this was fixed. So please fix the real game oriented bugs before launching the updates. Why do you run a test server. In my opinion, the only thing you test on test server are ship abilities. You should check for possible errors when updates are applied to the current servers. If I didn’t care I would not write anything, on the posts. Next time I will screen shot the images for you.
  2. I just loggin and played a game with John Doe, but however when I reset the captain points, John Doe's special capabilities just disappear, like the better turning angles and change of ammunition does not exit. Common Wargames what are you going doing, you're errors are getting worse!
  3. I agree. It never happened before. Maybe new developer had too much vodka yesterday. :P
  4. bunwalker

    Update 0.7.8 Bug Report

    After win in ranked battles the icon does not show after the iron steel icon. It did that for every single battle I played, and I have a decent graphic card and computer system. please fix the bug. WoWS_report.wgc
  5. Thanks for reply. There were no 50K boxes. :P
  6. After the ranked game, I was given something however, don't know what it is, and this has happened two times. Fix bug please.