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  1. WG should honor the discounted price for everyone that created a clan, regardless of when. REFUNDS are due.
  2. This is the HMAS Vampire (D68) launched in 1917 as HMS Wallace. Transferred to RAN in 1933, Decommissioned in 1934, then recommissioned in 1938. NOT the HMAS Vampire (D11) musuem ship in Sydney Harbor (Daring Class) built between 1952 and 1959.
  3. Currently have 19 pointers in 22 of 39 vessels: I level the Captains up as soon as I have enough Elite XP. Lowest point captain in the fleet is a 13 pointer on Anshan.
  4. i get the same error, even after performing an integrity check on the game.
  5. way too early to start talking about nerfing RN BBs.
  6. the Conqueror's 419's gun config is not overpowered.
  7. Go to Ghirradelli Square for and ice cream, could kool you down.
  8. While stationed at Government Island (Alameda), I lived in Marin County, used to go to Russian River or the wine country for a good time.
  9. doesn't work for me.
  10. 1st battle I played in a Belfast, I was top ranked and got 29,999 fire damage; was pissed, because I was short of the objective by 1. Since 1500 or so yesterday been trying, NOTHING close, either I get in the top 3 but don't have the damage or have the damage and in 4th place (3 times). Tried Cleveland, Tirpitz, Perth and Kutuzov. Taking a break to do the US missions.
  11. you may be correct, but I have had battles with Orion, Iron Duke and Conqueror in them thia weekend.
  12. was able to complete it Sunday around NOON, in my Tirpitz.
  13. Aslain's mod pack has a mod "Naval Ensigns" where you can get the Imperial German naval ensign, the Nazi naval ensign as well as the Japanese "Rising Sun" naval ensign
  14. I know the link refers to compensation for the crash, do you have to enter a support ticket to get it and do we have to regrind what was lost?
  15. WG Devs, why is the rank not listed on the Unique Commanders? Looking at Jack Dunkirk, he has the ribbon which IDs him as a unique commander but his rank is not listed.