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  1. Nutaz

    Sa Zhenbing

    @Ahskance Since Mysore came out there have been numerous event commanders to enter the game, when will WG create an avatar for an Indian Commander designated for the Mysore?
  2. Nutaz

    Age of Sa Zheng contianers??

    I think the event starts tomorrow.
  3. Nutaz


    I'm talking about the fact that the compensation situation os of WG's making. The players were/are living with the parameters that WG set up. it is not abuse because WG set the situation up, players just took advantage it.
  4. Nutaz


    Don't think it was abused, WG set the compensation rules, players just made the best of the situation according to what WG's rules allowed. Besides WG has been screwing over players more than ever now! It's OK to make a profit but continually gouging your player base is ridiculous.
  5. Nutaz

    Research Bureau: Hector

    I accept all of that but, why is Hector flying the Australian flag, New Zealand "NO" representation in game. WG could have easily designated it as a New Zealand ship after all its prefix is HMS. (RN ship on loan to a Commonwealth nation).
  6. Does anyone know what "Nation" this ship represents? Speculation that it is New Zealand, but that has not been confirmed, and the WIKI page does not address it. The last minute nerfs really suck, the Russians battleship looks like it got last minute buffs. Go figure WG
  7. Nutaz

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year

    WOW!!!!! Standard Crates only pay out 250 or Premium Crates only 1500 doubloons for previously owned Pan Asian ships received. Kinda "cheap" WG, what happened to the old value payouts?
  8. So sorry, senior moment, could not recall USCGC Campbell
  9. They would probably excel in OPS (scenarios) since they are actually similar to Destroyer Escorts.
  10. USCGC Taney USCGC Ingham USCGC Duane And any other "Treasury" Class cutter REPORTING FOR DUTY!!!
  11. Nutaz

    Ship Captain Command School

    When will WG provide access to "Event" Commanders. There are many in the Commanders section of the "Captain's Logbook" that would be nice to have access to.
  12. @Ahskance, How about in the future WG shorten the "Early Access" period to 1 patch vs 2 patches
  13. @Ahskance or @Boggzy when will WG put the event commander such as Boris the Pipe, Theodor Murphy, Kappa or some of the other Commanders that appear in the Commander section of the Captains Logbook.