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  1. HMS Conqueror HMS Minotaur
  2. Leningrad is a DD
  3. or you can buy silver in Premium shop for real cash
  4. I was in the middle of a battle when the update occurred. Received an error after fighting 2 minutes, then had to restart. That is [edited]
  5. Rgr that. Thanks
  6. do you get oil when you earn or buy the Halloween crates?
  7. Come join [TAZ] Tazmanian Devils
  8. Looking at your location, I thought Wargaming NA was in Emeryville, CA; do you remember Silks & is Yoshi's still open?
  9. What can be done to accelerate your boredom? I need another flag, so i am looking for it
  10. Welcome to the NA server!!!
  11. Pigeon, I thank you for your email regarding my donation to Team Rubicon. There is one thing I woud like to discuss if possible, regarding the utilization of the 15% discount coupon on a tier VIII premium shop vessel purchase which expires 29 September. I have asked the Customer Support team about my desire to use it to get the Graf Zepplin or an extension of the expiration date untlil when the GZ is available. Their response was "No it could not be done"; the problem is the unbalanced GZ was pulled from the premium shop before the award of the coupon, so I had no opportunity to use it. That is the only tier VIII premium vessel that I am interested, so if WG does not allow something for this circumstance the coupon would go to waste. Maybe you can speak to someone regarding a possible solution other than "NO it can not be done". Thanks in advance.
  12. WG should honor the discounted price for everyone that created a clan, regardless of when. REFUNDS are due.
  13. This is the HMAS Vampire (D68) launched in 1917 as HMS Wallace. Transferred to RAN in 1933, Decommissioned in 1934, then recommissioned in 1938. NOT the HMAS Vampire (D11) musuem ship in Sydney Harbor (Daring Class) built between 1952 and 1959.
  14. Currently have 19 pointers in 22 of 39 vessels: I level the Captains up as soon as I have enough Elite XP. Lowest point captain in the fleet is a 13 pointer on Anshan.
  15. i get the same error, even after performing an integrity check on the game.