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  1. So put it on sale since it was promised to be available 3 months after conclusion of the testing which was announced in March; and let the community purchase it if they want or not, while WG works on the rebalance . We have other CVs in our ports that will be affected by the rework, so what is the difference. Open purchase as it is since you already have so people who have been awaiting it since it was pulled off the market. This way not only the current owners get to enjoy it,, but those that want it cam do so also.
  2. What are you grinding out?

    working off the last 20K of 467K on Cleveland required to have enough to fully research Seattle immediately and use the rest converted to FXP to get Worcester.
  3. I understand from a historical aspect the Commonwealth nations used the RN Nava Ensign; but just as the Pan Asian and the Argentine vessels are able to select their National flag to display, would the Devs consider allowing the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand vessels to fly their current national flag. Commonwealth vessels could have 3 choices, in cases some wanted to fly the RN Naval Ensign
  4. What are the odds?

    No, the kids are in fact out of school
  5. Cherry Blossom on PTS

    5 star finish last night in Charles Martel
  6. If memory serves my correctly, re-work was completed in late February or early March; was expecting sale sometime in June
  7. the victory where you had 56K damage, was it the first win of the day
  8. Hermes & the USS Helena

    The general population has not tested Helena except maybe in the Public Test.
  9. What flag is this?

    looks like Stalingrad, did you achieve rank 1 in any ranked seasons?
  10. Thanks for adding the Campaign companion, but it is not working. (what does the + next to it mean)
  11. will you add the companion (campaign companion) to your list of mods. It tells you yor progress in the current campaign in the game. It''s on Aslain and the WG Modpack
  12. Dude, pull your head out
  13. Give us Haida 1st: and use Cossack for the RN DD branch
  14. REVIEW #100

    Either Cossack or T-61, only based on the clip