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  1. Nutaz

    Flag Kaiserliche Marine for tiers 2,3,4

    Historical purest in the game support this post, unfortunately WG does not.
  2. Nutaz


    I was only missing the Admiral Markov as well, but I received doubloons for the IJN DD Shimone, though I already had it .
  3. exit the entire game; then re-enter. Usually that clears any minor bugs.
  4. Nutaz

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    @Gneisenau013, @Hapa_Fodder The current PTS issue so unfair, the mission requirement is to participate in random battle on the PTS to get 2 Million damage. The problem is you can not get into a Random battles, since the PT started I have waited 30 minutes, 25 minutes 15 minutes multiple to get into random battles. I made the suggestion to allow us to play bots rather wait excessive times for a battle; Hapa_Fodder's explanation was the EU and CIS server times are peak noon - 2 pm CST; that does not solve the problem if you are at work during noon and 2pm, and cannot et on the game. This need to be addressed.
  5. Nutaz

    PTS 0.9.2 Round 2 Errors

    waited 30 minutes for a random battle, truly ridiculous. Decided to bail on PT.
  6. @Gneisenau013 @Hapa_Fodder Why do you have to wait in excess to 10 minutes to get into a Random battle on the PTS. That is ridiculous. But you all want us to participate; at least let us play against bots, to accomplish the missions. There should be no more than a 5 minute cap on waiting for PTS battles.
  7. Nutaz

    New BRN CA's Impressions Part 2

    Rgr that
  8. Nutaz

    New BRN CA's Impressions Part 2

    H How did you get him already?
  9. Task The Wager: Fire and Citadels Who will be able t get 20 set fire or Citadel ribbons n one battle REALLY!!!! [edited]
  10. Nutaz

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    @Femennenly, @Hapa_Fodder is part 3 of Test 1-1 supposed to be win battles and earn 1000000 base XP, when all other are like to normal daily combat missions 250 XP/500 XP/win battle and 1000 base XP. Looking at Test 1-2 it is win battle and 1100 base XP/win battle and 1200 base XP and win battle and 1300 base XP please advise
  11. Nutaz

    RN CA Builds

    Albemarle Build: MAM1/Hydro Search Mod 1/ASM1/SGm2/CSM1 Captain Shills: PT/EM/SUPT/CE/IFHE/DE/AR
  12. Nutaz

    Albemarle - CS or SGM3

    My build is the same except in slot 2, I use Hydro Search mod and in slot 5 Concealment. Captain Build is PT/EM/SUPT/CE/IFHE/DE/AR
  13. I must finally be in RNG heaven, after multiple sacrifices to the RNG gods because my 1st doubloon draw was the Albemarle. No brainer spend 1k doubloon. Jingles has a new ride.
  14. That is the amount the PTS had for them; 1000 doubloons at 65 variations
  15. Nutaz

    Since WOWS is an arcade game...

    History has shown him to be a fraud and not a good naval figure at all.