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  1. do you have and are you providing the code?
  2. It's an error, notifications showed 15500 German tokens, but none in Armory
  3. @Kingpin61 Good write up, it's GREAT that you are concerned and passionate about your homeland's representation in the game; hopefully the WG devs will review your efforts with the documentation that you provided and implement accordingly.
  4. Probably, if you used any of the other EU captains to accumulate CXP. The Dutch captain you got when you bought Friesland will move with the ship. You probably want to put him back in Friesland to level him up .
  5. Friesland is a premium, not a tech tree ship. How did it not come without a captain?
  6. Not says that, saying Friesland Dutch captain will move to Dutch nation with what ever level he is when the ship moves.
  7. Right, but Friesland came with a Dutch captain already, so he will be interchangeable with the other Dutch captains
  8. A Dutch captain came with the Friesland, just as a Polish captain came with the Orkan, and a Swedish captain came with the Smaland. Currently any Pan EU captain can command any EU ship, but the premiums come with a nation specific captain.
  9. Yes, different uniform, ranks etc.
  10. A Dutch captain came with the ship, so he should move to the Dutch line with the Friesland.
  11. Nutaz

    0.10.3, Axis vs Allies event

    The problem with the event was that on the PTS you did not have many participants (took long to queue up)
  12. Nutaz

    ANZAC Day is 25 April......

    WG please develop a HMNZS ship to recognize New Zealand participation in the war, like HMNZS Gambia, a Crown Colony class CL
  13. Nutaz

    PT 0.10.3, balance changes.

    Why nerf Thunderer WG, I earned the ship in the form you presented, now you want to nerf the range. NO way, this is bad business. DON'T NERF Thunderer.
  14. Nutaz

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Even at tier VIII that 1000 HP is really going to benefit you facing tier IXs and Xs. WOW WG, is that what you really think we want, what a bunch of crap!