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  1. Nutaz

    Jingles spotting enemy.....

    Jingles is known for getting ship classification incorrect in his videos
  2. Nutaz

    Upcoming Schedule

    Do not remember where I received this from ,but here it is
  3. Nutaz

    Upcoming Schedule

    Found It. This is what I was referring to
  4. Nutaz

    Upcoming Schedule

    RN = Royal Navy (UK)
  5. Nutaz

    Upcoming Schedule

    That's the problem, I cannot find the current schedule ( after I deleted it a month ago.
  6. Nutaz

    Upcoming Schedule

    I stand corrected with regards to what is typed. I meant for this current year and last year the Devs released a production schedule which listed line releases as well as event releases by the respective update number. That is what I am looking for.
  7. In the past WG released an upcoming schedule for 0.9.0-11, I know RN Heavies are on the horizon, but what else? When will the schedule be released?
  8. Nutaz

    British Commonwealth Destroyer Tech Tree

    What?? US states did not create their own ships in WWII. Do not see where this statement is going. Very Good proposal ; I welcome New Zealand representation in the form of Achilles, had been looking for Gambia just to had NZ vessels in game. Because WG chose to use the name INS Dehli, I think they are making a deliberate statement that ship will be part of the Pan Asian line. A Canadian BB, PERFECT!!! Bravo Zulu for your continued efforts
  9. Nutaz

    Daily Missions XP not being counted??

    Get out of the game and reenter; the system glitched about an hour ago. This should reset your battles count and give you credit for the battles played
  10. Nutaz

    Scuttlebutt #37 (featuring Roma)

    She would be GREAT if WG changed her ammo to historical to the SAP shells.
  11. About 1 or 2 months ago WG listed a collaboration with 2 INS vessels coming to the game, I think CLs or CAs.
  12. They will available for regular game modes, once they appear during the lunar new year event.
  13. Nutaz

    Ship Flags

    @Femennenly I noticed in the Armada series videos depicts ship flags (Z=39, Perth), how does one get them.
  14. Nutaz

    Research bureau information?

    The post nerf Ohio is not what WG made out out to be, the Georgia is better. Bon Chance!
  15. Nutaz

    Yuro eating pizza !!

    Hell NO!!!!!, SAP sucks