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  1. French BB Missions

    has anyone received the Richelieu mission, I have open all containers which were earned through the 1st set of missions and have the 3 other vessels but no mission for the Richelieu
  2. doesn't start until 0720 tomorrow on the NA server

    now if they would allow us to sell (remove) the ships
  4. can we be allowed to get rid of the ships now.
  5. what tier vessels did you win the battles in; i think you had a tier requirement
  6. exit and sign back into the forum
  7. an option to change the captain image even though he has level skill points on him, would be nice. Just as you can with 0 skill point captains. I have multiple 10 point captains with the same image across the nations. Just interested in changing the captain's image without the current loss of skill points for changing the image.
  8. All valid points made regarding the mission; Notice nothing is ever mentioned about conpensation for the screwed up product. Again we get shafted.
  9. I haven't put any requirements or criteria for my clan members, but you haven't contributed anything to any clan or brought anything to the table, yet you feel entitled to immediate benefits. I want this or I want that, really! My points is "make a contribution of something for you make demands"
  10. You might want to contribute to the clan getting those buildings rather than demand that they have them. What a sense of entitlement.
  11. i think you can still get the crates until 15 January or so; I would try the Mega crates.
  12. the containers that you get for mission do not give those items you get flags or special modules
  13. If you completed the 15 missions yesterday, then yo will only see the current mission for day 16. I received the payout yesterday. you may have to re-start you game.
  14. I know it doesn't say that, but that was the only way I got credit for the it. Had multiple battles where I knocked out 1 or 2 which would have totally about 6 if the were accepted collectively.
  15. they have to be in a single battle