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  1. I agree with OP, wish there was a mod to address this if WG will not
  2. Why was I not allowed to enter battle (stuck at battle load in queue), disconnected 3 times in effort to enter battle, only to be sunk before I was finally allowed to enter battle. Then to insult to injury I get a fukin pink tag for unsportsman conduct. FIX YOUR GAME WG!!!!
  3. Nutaz

    Mighty Prinz Campaign Step 6 - Final

    I ran PEF through the current ranked sprint to rank #1, I think it took 34 battles. I also completed the objective in question with no problem.
  4. Nutaz

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    my stats for my enjoyment; to review as I see fit, not for your comments. If I wanted someone's opinion on anything I would give it to them. Further, the stat websites are routinely incorrect which is extremely funny when people try to stat shame you. .
  5. Nutaz

    WULUF clan changes hands!

    May God bless and keep you, your family and friends.
  6. thanks, understood!
  7. How did you purchase Charleston for steel, it is only available for coal in the arsenal.
  8. Nutaz

    Winter Ops Wednesday - The Snowflakes

    Have those missions completed, only have the 500 steel from the 4th Prinz Eitel mission which opens in 4 or 5 days available. Coal can/will be accumulated via the normal battle progression. How long will certain ships be available in the arsenal and when will we be allowed to earn more steel?
  9. Nutaz

    Can't start division in Clan Battles

    You have to be in the same clan, if not it will not work (including on the Public test server)
  10. Nutaz

    Winter Ops Wednesday - The Snowflakes

    SitRep: All snowflakes blown off 250 vessels and still do not have enough steel or coal to get the vessel I desire from the arsenal. Short 2500 steel and 55000 coal (uses some coal for signals as needed)
  11. Nutaz

    server blow up????

    Several people were stuck in divisions, then client just crashed
  12. Nutaz

    WIP Video - Viribus Unitis (Notser)

    Can't wait for the Pan European line, get ready to move Bly.
  13. Nutaz

    Update 0.7.12 - Bugs Report

    The New Year premium camo for Hatsuharu is not appearing on vessel in port or battle when selected on "Exterior" tab; also does not appear in inventory
  14. I burn the 1st 50K damage then switch to AP for the 2nd 50K, then back to HP for the remainder of the battle. It surprises the other team when you fire AP and rack up the cits.
  15. Just guessing but probably in about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after this update (0.7.12 Wednesday)for update 0.8