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  1. This is only relevant for BB and CL players. DDs (unless you're in a Gearing or Groz) have absolutely no defense against CVs. Games have turned super stale because the DD player base has decreased. Nobody, besides the CV is spotting, so you have games where everyone stays back and waits. CVs have seriously messed with the meta of the game and not in a good way. The game was way more fun without them... all I have to say is that if WG plans on keeping them around they have a crap ton of work to re-balance the meta. I've been playing this game for over 3 years and this is the worst state the game has ever been in. I've been playing less and less...
  2. FreshSqueezed

    CV need alpha strike back

    I will, thanks! Fair winds and a following sea!
  3. FreshSqueezed

    CV need alpha strike back

    I can't decide if this is a troll or you're being serious lol and I'm a CV player so this isn't coming from someone with a skewed opinion of CVs. So are you saying then you think there's nothing wrong with 12-15 k alpha strikes with dive bombers? This is the whole reason why people didn't like CVs is that they could carry a match. So you want the alpha strike back WHILE having unlimited planes?? This has to be a troll. You're not supposed to be able to sink individual ships, your job is to spot, finish off low hp targets, and slow down flanks. You have to be selective of who you strike. I'm not losing all my planes on my strikes. Early game you're just spotting and harassing DDs. It's not until 3-5 minutes have passed that you begin to see the ships that are singling themselves out. I haven't had an issue with the Lexington at all.
  4. FreshSqueezed

    Come sail with Sea Renegades [-S-R-]

    Come sail with us! We'd be stoked to have you come visit our Discord. Stop by for a friendly welcome :) https://discord.gg/Pnm6dB8
  5. FreshSqueezed

    Come sail with Sea Renegades [-S-R-]

    Seriously, a great group of guys and an even better community. Join our Discord and come hang out, have a couple beers, and div up. Sink those boooooooootes.
  6. FreshSqueezed

    Come sail with Sea Renegades [-S-R-]

    Yep. Policy for Bravo team is equal opportunity to compete and earn resources :)
  7. FreshSqueezed

    Come sail with Sea Renegades [-S-R-]

    I need intelligence data! I need intelligence data! I need intelligence data! I need intelligence data! I need intelligence data!
  8. Pick me! Pick me! I've always wanted to join in on these events and it seems they always pass me by... did this get released in WoWS News?? I read that almost daily and didn't see anything.
  9. FreshSqueezed

    Blanket air concealment buff breaks 2 ships

    Happy Days! Thanks WG :) As per For all classes of ships, except destroyers, visibility from the air now cannot be less than the range of the ship’s air defenses. This will prevent cases where a squadron comes within range of a ship with its air defense switched off with the ‘P’ key, after which the ship activates anti-aircraft weapons and causes serious and sudden damage to the aircraft. After this change, a squadron will detect the ship at the same time or before it is within range of air defense, regardless of if the ship has its air defenses activated or not. Changes will affect such ships as Worcester, Minotaur, Cleveland, Atlanta, Flint and others. The interaction of destroyers with aircraft will remain at the same level and the tactics of disabling air defense weapons with the ‘P’ key will also be relevant for this class.
  10. FreshSqueezed

    CVs unplayable now

    Yep. They nerfed the Hak into the ground.
  11. FreshSqueezed

    Any word on Azuma Buffs?

    I remember that too. The point was to encourage and reward proper positioning. Also, I came here because I have the same question as this thread topic... in that I'm hoping for some sort of armor buff on the Azuma. There's no bloody way I'm spending 1 million FXP on a ship with worse armor than the Ibuki but with a slower rudder shift and a BB's turning radius. I don't think I'm alone. I'll wait until it comes out and if it's in the same state I guess I'll wait for the next ship.
  12. Hello, I would like to recommend the ability to press shift to zoom while flying a squadron. There are many times when ships are maneuvering (backing up, speeding up, turning, etc.) that influence your approach path. At the moment you cannot lock on to your targets so you have absolutely no information about what the ship is doing until you're too close to alter your course and choose a different approach. Also, the whole automatic steering of the CV is terrible... but I know that's been talked about a lot. But it's terrible. If you're trying to accurately position yourself behind an island you have to TRY and take into account that wherever you mark your final destination that you'll continue to coast for a very long time. Cheers and thanks for your time, Fresh
  13. FreshSqueezed

    Come sail with Sea Renegades [-S-R-]

    It is true. It is known.
  14. FreshSqueezed

    Blanket air concealment buff breaks 2 ships

    Game Balance Changes Corrected a mistake in the AA defense action range of cruiser Minotaur. The action range of the group of medium-range AA guns has been reduced from 5 to 4 km, bringing it in line with the AA gun action range of other Tier X cruisers. The Minotaur medium-range AA defense action range was originally 5 km, with her group of guns causing numerous explosions and effecting high-level, continuous damage. Given the low detectability of the cruiser, this led to situations where aircraft fell under the fire of her medium-range AA guns almost immediately after detecting Minotaur. As a result, the British cruiser demonstrated excessive efficiency in fighting enemy aircraft. Whoohoo!
  15. FreshSqueezed

    Blanket air concealment buff breaks 2 ships

    I do agree that AA is OP right now. The fact that even on a single ship (no overlapping AA) I can barely squeeze out 2 strikes before my planes are all shot down means that either planes need an HP buff or AA needs a DPS nerf. I don't mind that some ships are untouchable at the beginning of the match but then let AA modules take more damage from HE so that there is at least potential for me to strike them at the end of a match if it's just them and me. I had a match where it was literally me (in my Hak) against a single Minotaur and I couldn't do jack squat to it. It literally sailed back towards me capping along the way and I essentially ran out of planes. I can't even spot the Mino or Worcester for my team.... or many other ships for that matter because their AA extends beyond their air concealment. Also, I agree with the fact that having ships air concealment less than that for surface concealment has always been one of the most glaringly unrealistic aspects of the game (amongst many others) but it's for good reason. I think the people that complain about being constantly spotted are forgetting about what it used to be like with the RTS style where a CV could have 5-6 squadrons active at all times and could literally circle over a DD an entire match without losing any planes. At least now there's only 1 squadron so only a select amount of ships can be temporarily spotted by my planes until they're all shot down. AND DDs AA do consistent DPS that will eventually shoot down the squadron of a particularly stubborn CV player bent on keeping it spotted for as long a possible.