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  1. Looking for semi-casual friendly clan

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank you for all your responses! Cheers :)
  2. Looking for semi-casual friendly clan

    Hey! I've been in a couple clans, 1 clan took things a little too seriously, and the other struggled to get enough people interested in CWs. So I'm looking for a clan somewhere in between. A group of good people is more important to me than a clan full of unicum players. I'm older, have a career... a life... so I'm interested in finding a clan with a good sense of community, a more mature member base, but also with decent players who are interested in CWs. Cheers to all that respond :)
  3. Did I imagine things or did I hear somewhere that commander skill redistribution was going to be free from the 25th - 27th...?
  4. Parati Vero Parati is recruiting! Welcome. Above all, we are a clan that prides itself on upstanding in-game behavior and good sportsmanship. We're trying to create a good community first then work to be competitive so... Criteria for admission: Friendly >900 WTR in at least 1 ship class ~50% WR Commitment to participate in CWs at least once per week. Commitment to be social, div up with fellow CMs, and participate in clan discussions. If you're interested, send a message to Freshsqueezed here or in-game. I'll send you the Discord link and we can div up :) Cheers and thanks for your interest in Parati Vero Parati!
  5. searching for a clan

    Hey Rogue, check out PVP. We're a new clan but focusing on getting a good group of people together with good sportsmanship and who are also decent players. I played with MIA for a long time but felt they took things too seriously, then played with HMCS but they couldn't get enough people to play CWs. So PVP is meant to be that happy medium. Cheers :) and PM me if you'd like the Discord link and we can div up.
  6. Looking For A Clan

    Hey Yacskn, check out PVP. We're a new clan. Just trying to get a good group of people together who are decent at the game. I played with MIA for a long time but felt they took things too seriously, then I played for HMCS and they couldn't get enough people wanting to play CWs. So, PVP is meant to be that happy medium. Check out the clan page if you're interested. The focus of our clan is good people, good sportsmanship, and decent players. PM if you'd like the Discord link :)
  7. looking for a clan

    Hey Nagel, I started a clan about 1 month ago. I had difficulty finding a clan that enjoyed playing CWs but didn't take it too seriously. I played with MIA for a long time but they took things too seriously, then I joined HMCS and they couldn't get enough people interested to play CWs at all. So the clan is new. If perks are important we're not the clan for you but I'm just trying to get a good group of people together that are decent players. Check out the clan page and feel free to ask any questions. PM me for Discord :)
  8. Which cruiser should I get next?

    Yeah, I'd go Ibuki. However, not because it's a great ship... but ZAO! WAO this ship is incredible! My favourite ship. Having said this, I believe there is consensus that the Hindi is the best cruiser in the game and I would have to agree. But the Jap line has many more higher tier ships to look forward to than the Germans. Furutaka, Myoko, and Mogami are excellent for their tiers whereas the Yorck and Hipper are terrible. The Hipper has (had?) the worst alpha damage output of all T8 cruisers.
  9. I came here to say this same thing and to say that it's much more difficult to see the waterline of the ship against the water. I've aimed too low several times and I'm convinced it's because I can't see the waterline clearly. But I see I can turn off these effects in port? How do I do this? Thanks.
  10. Simple CV MM fix? Simple?

    I didn’t mean I haven’t played CVs. I had the Ranger and Hiryu.
  11. Simple CV MM fix? Simple?

    Hey all, First I will admit, I do not play Cvs... But I'm throwing this out just to see what people think. First, does WG have the ability to incorporate player skill into match making? I'm thinking that in general the idea of skill-based MM should be considered but at the very least CVs should be matched up based on their skill. This is because the ability for a "great-super unicum" Cv driver to completely decimate a less experienced Cv player and full on carry his or her's respective team. This isn't any fun for anyone else playing that match... the other CV player leaves frustrated, the other team is helpless and leaves frustrated, and the CV player's own team also experiences diminished game play (We've all had those games where the enemy team sinks so fast you end up chasing around the battle and doing diddly-squat). Now there are a couple issues with this that I've thought of: First, match making might take EVEN longer for CVs. The fix for this would be the same is as being introduced in 7.4.0, where they're strictly going to mirror ship types and tiers until a player has waited for 3 minutes. So, for the first 3 minutes CVs players will be matched based on skill and after, will simply be matched up with the first available CV player in their range. Second, if CV players don't get matched up with players that are better than you, you won't learn and improve. Yes, I think this is true. However, this can be solved by increasing the range of ability that players can be paired up with. Ie. Rather than a player with a WTR of 1200 in their Lexington just being paired up with another player that has a WTR of 1200, that player has the potential to be paired up with a player with a WTR between 1000 and 1400. This range will move up and down according to that players ability. Anyways, folks, this is just an idea and I've received mostly positive feedback from people who I've mentioned it to. Please let me know what you think and if there are any issues with this. Cheers :)
  12. Update 0.7.3 Bug Reports

    I've been kicked out of several games already. This has never happened to me before. This is the error message I keep getting. Thanks. WorldOfWarships-2018-04-08_17-40-57.crash WoWS_report.wgc
  13. Update 0.7.3 Bug Reports

    I'm getting this same message. Not every time but enough that I did a full re-install. It didn't make a difference.
  14. Hey Xetrem, I just started a clan, Parati Vero Parati. From what you mentioned it sounds like the way I'd like to grow my clan. I'm unicum myself but I'm more interested in getting a group of good guys together. I left MIA because it was too competitive and took things a little too seriously and then I left HMCS because it wasn't competitive at all... which was unfortunate because I got along really well with the guys there. So, I just started my own and am trying to recruit good friendly mature people who are decent players (decent being 1000+WTR) Read my ad for PVP here or check out the write-up in-game. Cheers, Wes
  15. [PVP] Parati Vero Parati recruiting

    Haha, nice. Are you from Brazil? I lived there for 2 months and have a lot of Brazilian friends. Some of my favourite people :)