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    Special offer from World of Warships and Verizon

    Getting the code worked fine for me. Sadly, I already had Arizona and it doesn't appear to give her doubloon value or anything else to offset. Oh well, can't complain much for free stuff - even if it was just a T2 cruiser.
  2. Crimson_Sails

    New US BBs..

    I don't find anything interesting about a paper line of US BBs at all. There are just SO many better options than a bunch of paper ships added to an already complete line. For starters, the Italian battleships and destroyers are just sitting there in every WWII order of battle just begging to be added. Full lines, little to no paper needed. For that matter, it would only take a little bit of paper to include Italian carriers - they were as close or closer to seeing combat as the Graf Zeppelin. There are also quite a few interesting ships from smaller Pan-Asian and European navies that could be used to flesh out those lines. Chinese Ning Hai, Thai Thonburi, and Turkish Yavuz would be great. You could also add ships from other minor navies like those of South America (both Brazil and Argentina had battleships that could slide in well at the T4/5/6 level). Different, unique, REAL ships. I'd like them a lot - but cloned paper US BBs? Nah, hard pass. I'll just plug along with the NC, Iowa, and Montana.
  3. Crimson_Sails

    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    I hoped sub play would resemble the special mode of a few years ago and was terribly disappointed when it didn't. I found the entire way of engaging targets to be poorly thought out, unnecessarily difficult, and just not fun. For starters, ditch homing torpedoes completely. No other weapon in the game is guided. The idea to hit the target with a ping instead of the weapon is also just silly. Go back to the torpedo spreads that are used in the surface and air mode and were used in the special game. This gives you several INSTANT improvements. - It lowers the learning curve. Everyone understands torpedo spreads. - It gives you the ability to provide significant variances in sub capabilities. You can have things like stern tubes. You can give options for different abilities across classes/nationalities like you have with surface ships - wide or narrow spreads, single torp launches (like brit surface ships), etc. - Limit torp firing and keep sub capping to MOSTLY (see below) surface or periscope depth. This addresses one of the major complaints that some classes like battleships can't engage a sub at all. If the sub has to come up to periscope or surface to fire then the BB or CV planes can engage him. I said limit torp firing MOSTLY to surface or periscope depth. Get rid of the ping to target but keep active sonar, turn it into a consumable, and make it work like radar on a surface ship. A submerged using active sonar gains the ability to detect and launch against surface targets - of course just like with radar and hydro the detected targets get notified and can begin to maneuver against the threat. Again, this gives the opportunity to vary sub capabilities between classes/nations/tiers through longer range, duration, etc of active sonar. As far as ASW goes, mostly it seemed to work OK. I had a very, very hard time determining the direction of travel when a sub was at periscope depth. I know that's to be expected to some extent but it seemed excessively difficult in the game. Also, as the mode is developed it would be nice to see things like hedgehogs introduced. Overall, I remember one of the arguments in favor of the carrier redesign was that the gameplay mode was so different that people didn't even try to play them - and yet the sub mode decided to introduce a different way to target and engage. Since that doesn't seem to be a problem now can I please get my old CV mode back? ;-). Not that it matters, but if the targeting system stays the same I won't play subs at all when they're introduced. The gameplay in the trial run just wasn't fun to me.
  4. Probably pretty close to accurate. It is broken, they aren't going to fix it. With that accepted as fact, the browser method works perfectly for collecting rewards. Just log into the website then go to dockyard.worldofwarships.com and you can still claim the stuff.
  5. Crimson_Sails

    Sub Rental Removed...now what?

    Hopefully the 'now what' is they rethink the design to something more enjoyable that gets rid of that incredibly stupid 'ping' and guided torpedoes.
  6. Crimson_Sails

    Remove Tier 4 CVs from the game.

    What you left out is that the Hosho, once that attack was over, had to relaunch after waiting for his squadrons to rearm. He didn't get to have aircraft in the air to conduct multiple strikes and then have another wave with multiple attacks on station in less than a minute. He could also be de-planed. If he wasn't careful he'd find himself without any platforms to carry his bombs and torpedoes. He also had to think about the path his aircraft took back to the ship. No magic F key to safely teleport them back home. If he took a bad path that overflew enemy vessels they'd remove a few planes from his inventory. It was FAR more balanced back then. Well executed CV strikes were devastating. Poorly executed strikes cost the CV dearly. Now the CV just parks and sends strike after strike after strike with usually no real reason to move the ship or worry about how many planes get shot down. And don't come at me with the 'but they can be deplaned' nonsense. I've been playing since 2015. CVs used to run out of planes all the time - now there are planes in the air until the battle ends or the CV gets sunk. It's a bad system that makes the game less enjoyable. Sad thing is it could be easily fixed where the cool graphics the 'fly it home' attacks brought to the game (they really do look good) stayed and the balance of the old system returned but they're too stubborn to admit they were wrong and do it.
  7. Yep, applied the patch (it is nothing more than a simple batch file to copy new 32 and 64 bit executables into their proper folders). Verified the .exe files in those folders were the same size as in the patch, relaunched the app. As expected, the exact same behavior. Sometimes you get in, sometimes you don't.
  8. Crimson_Sails

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    This just isn't true at all. CVs got one pass per strike back then, they couldn't loiter around and come back pass after pass after pass, and bad CV drivers could easily get deplaned and rendered impotent. You were FAR more likely to survive a single squadron air strike back then than now - plus the mechanics of playing CV just aren't fun to me anymore. I tried to like the new way, but IMO it sucks so I sold all mine except for a few dock queens I use in coop to complete mission requirements.
  9. Without having ever seen one line of the code, I'm highly confident it is the EXACT same problem with the Armory. I am still having it intermittently in both places too. Frustrating, but I'm used to it by now. That's why I won't spend money on the game.
  10. Crimson_Sails

    Suggested Changes to Subs

    These are not bad. Did you happen to play subs in the special (Halloween I think) event a couple of years ago? They were actually pretty fun. You didn't have active sonar. You targeted via periscope (as you do in surface ships now) when either surfaced or at periscope level. Most of the subs had a deck gun that was treated as a secondary battery and had AA capabilities that were active when surfaced. You had limited time completely submerged, after which you had to at least come to periscope depth to recharge. It would have been a fantastic starting point for subs in the main game. Here's what I would suggest: 1) Get rid of homing torpedoes. They were all but non-existent on ships modeled in this game and they aren't needed. Heck, the General Belgrano was sunk with Mark VIII torpedoes in 1982. 2) Go back to that targeting mode. It gives you a bunch of options for variability and makes it easier for people to transition from surface ships. Just as now, with surface ships you could have the option to launch narrow or wide spreads. You could give different classes varied features like more tubes or faster reload. You could even have stern tubes - which were a feature of many subs of the era modeled in the game. 3) Keep active sonar but treat it just like radar on surface ships. If you're submerged and illuminate a target with active sonar, you can target and attack it. Just as with radar, ships being pinged get alerted. If you aren't using active sonar then the map becomes just like surface ships in a storm, except detection drops even lower. Maybe something like 4km. 4) Agree with your #4, which is pretty much the way it worked in the special mode. The faster you went underwater, the more battery you used. Run all the way out and it was emergency blow time. If you do this, there's no need to do something totally outside the historical reality like giving BBs and CAs depth charges. If subs are forced to come up more often, those vessels have the opportunity to engage them with guns or even ramming. 5) Pretty much agree with your #5, but I'd just pretty much follow the historic model. You can go pretty quickly surfaced or at periscope (assumed to be snorkeling) but slow drastically when submerged. None of these will happen however, because WG doesn't like to admit they make mistakes.
  11. Crimson_Sails

    I am unable to access the Armory

    This happens roughly half the time I try to enter the armory. It will just spin. I always escaped out but recently I've found if I let it spin for a couple of minutes then just click the mouse anywhere on the screen the armory will appear. Doesn't work every time, but a good number of times I don't have to escape out and click back in.
  12. Crimson_Sails

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Add me in as another that feels the CV change is the worst thing they’ve done since the game was created. I was a very regular CV player but I’ve dumped them all except for one I keep as a dock queen. Haven’t played a CV since trying the new ones for a week and won’t play one until they get rid of the current abomination. If their goal was to alienate a player segment and end and entire class of ships, they’ve succeeded in spectacular fashion.