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  1. Kensikora

    Mass or wujing

    i dont have the coal for the yoshino yet so i was thinking the azuma and i do have the elite xp to convert to free xp but the cost in dabloons is more then i can afford
  2. Kensikora

    Mass or wujing

    i guess i will buy the mass then :)......anyone have any opinion on the azuma..i got the azure lane commander for that japanese ship
  3. Kensikora

    Mass or wujing

    Hello, i am currently debating bettween getting the mass (which im told is being removed next patch) or the wujing but i can not decide which to go with. I know a secondary build on the mass is like a second on a tirpitz making it a good brawler but im not sure. I mean the wujing is a pan-asian BB, the BB itself is like the french tier 9 (or so i read from what i was able to find). Both with cost me around $98 unless i buy the 30k in dabloons to get them both but im not sure if it is worth it to be honest. Anyone have any opinion on either BB or which you would buy if you had to pick one
  4. yep and there goes my last chance to get the extra tokens, the mission had 4 hours left for me and that was 2 hours ago
  5. im doing a scan to see if maybe a file is corrupted but if this is an update or issue would they not post something on the launcher?
  6. as the title ask are the world of warships servers down. i been trying for about 30 min now and it keeps telling me the service is unavailable
  7. Kensikora

    dockyard token

    so even if i bought 17 and 18 when i get the last 2 token 19 and 20 will complete? i thought those were the two that had to be bought
  8. Kensikora

    dockyard token

    Hello. This will be a 2 part question so i apologize in advance and thank you for any help you can give me in figuring this out Now i know the event for the dockyard ends in 3 days(maybe 2 i could be wrong) and when it ends can i still purches the last 2 things to get to the odin or will i be unable to? If i had let say purchesed to complete 16 17 and 18 yet i still have 2 objective to do that will give me 2 tokens for the dockyard...will those tokens be used to complete the last 2 objectives (19 and 20 which will complete the odin) or will i still have to pay the dabloons to complete and aquire the odin Sorry if the question is a bit confusing but that is the best way i could put it :)
  9. Kensikora

    azure lane bundels

    I do know the armada comes with 4 ships and 4 commanders...i may have to just get that one..i cant afford both the all in one and armada
  10. Kensikora

    azure lane bundels

    Henry..the $250 are what it would cost for me were i live :) and the bundle with the commanders and ship is that the only one like it or is there a bundle to get all commanders and ships?
  11. Kensikora

    azure lane bundels

    for the current azure lane bundles in the premium shop i notice that there are 2 for $250 but not sure if they are just the commanders or commanders and ships and then i notice one that is the azure lane armada....which of the bundels has both ships and commanders or do i have to get the commanders seperate from the ships?
  12. Kensikora

    Camo color scheme

    so the two colors it has are all that there is? you cant change the colors to what you want?
  13. Kensikora

    Camo color scheme

    Hello. i have checked other forums and attempted to get the answer to this before posting here but have yet to find an answer. I have a camo that has a color wheel with 2 default colors...does that mean i can change the color on the camo and if so how can i do that cuase when ever i try all it does it mount and demount the camo
  14. the german carrier container you can get ingame after completing objectives (non-premium shop one) what are the chances with them to get an early access german cv?
  15. Kensikora

    rental ships /xp

    if you get a rental ship in your port for a week...what happens to the ship xp gained with it..not the free xp but the elite xp? do you lose it