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  1. Hello all, i have read the info on this but it seems some other people are saying differnt things so im just here for some clarification The T5 and T10 USSR cruisers i know are going premium. but what it seems in a bit confused on and this is were conflicting answers are wither or not i have to own them or just have them reserched. If i own them do they get removed/replaced with the new ships and do i still get the premium versions for free or how does it exactly work.
  2. which of these 2 ships would be a good buy, I read about them both, saw there stats, watch videos and read some post and opinion on them but just wondering if you wanted to get one, which of these 2 would be the better option :)
  3. Hello all. i just complete the first part of the PTS combat mission were i had to do 1mil damage with a CV or 1.5mil with a Battleship, i got to the second part but was unable to finish it due to needing to sleep and it ending in about 5 hours my time. When the next round for the pts of 0,9.5 comes around can i finish it or am i screwed so to speak?
  4. Hello, i am kinda stuck as what i have tried has not seemed to work or get any part in completing the objective. It says i need to get 55,100 in damage to german ships or italianship, i have tried in random and in coop useing japanese cruiser and a battleship useing only the main battery guns but it has not done anything, i even focused on a german Battleship during one match doing 32k in damage to it. Am i doing something wrong? missiong something or useing the wrong ammo, i mostly use HE
  5. Kensikora

    public test auto collect container?

    The PTS is running right now :) i been playing it since 3pm yesturday, it went live at 1:30pm my time
  6. Hello all. I just got a mission completed in the PTS and it said it collected a container automatically, yet it was not a conainter i could open, am i missing something?
  7. Kensikora

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    There are some mission i dont get, some of them say to win a battle in oleg or others like that, does that mean a specific ship or map?
  8. Kensikora


    i have but i always like to get a players persepctive and ideas for build to see whats out there ;)
  9. Kensikora

    just a rant

    For bad AA on a ship, i get the cpt skill to make the AA better and the AA modul,for me that helps
  10. Kensikora


    Anyone have this ship and what is it like, was thinking of getting it to use in rank but just curious about it and a good build for it :)
  11. Kensikora

    premium time

    i know this may be an odd question but i tried looking it up and cant find anything about it. I know you can gift things from the premium store to someone but is there a way to do it useing dabloons or do you have to do it witih cash?
  12. Kensikora

    just a rant

    the slingshot that CV players used was as i was informed and could find made mute as even if you do the slingshot your planes are not temporarly invulnerable, they can now still be damage so that is a mute point so your argument there is as usefull as well you know as i wont say it incase some people may be offended. And the advantages DD, BB and cruisers have is as stated, if they can get a lucky dev strike or multi cit hits they can quite literly delete a ship in a single salvo, A cv can never do that unless they get really really lucky. I have even watched a hell of alot of CV players on youtube/twitch and no matter how well they aim there rockets, time there torps or get there dive bombers they never get a dev strike, Yes the only advantage CV have and this is the one thing i will not argue cuase not many people will is they have there planes which can limit there exposure to enemy fire, can that be classified as an advantge, a big capital NO. Most dd players and i have asked quite a few of this if there is a CV in there match they will turn off there AA and stay dark and hunt the CV and even if a CV players finds a DD that has there AA turned off by the time they can manuver to attack the CV has gone dark again unless you drop a fighter to keep them spoted but that is rare as most wont waste it unless someone on his team is near and can shoot the DD The only way most ppl can agree that this game will be or could be balanced is to Remove CV from the game, BUT if wg did that they would have to do something to the DD, or bring something else out that can counter the DD. Now lets say they did do that what about the Subs, people are gonna piss and moan about those when they come out saying *there op, you cant kill them, how is it fair that only a few ships can counter them* No matter what happens in the future to this game you will have people [edited] and complain about something cuase its what they do, what they know and how they can cope. Im not saying everyone is or will be like this but as much as i hate to do this you have i would say 3 catagory of people that play this game. Those that are average or are also know as minor gamers (not much time to play) Then you have those that are semi-competive/hardcore and they are those that can spend upwards of 8 hours in game at a time every 2-3 days (this is from past experiance with other games) And then you have the Elites, those that dont play/care or are willing to help those that are new to the game and to them you have to know the following, you ship, how to play, how to win and have a higher win % (roughly i would say 80% min) and they are usually the ones that can influence a game and for those that think that is not possible it is and either you are blind or just ignorante and i apologize if that offended someone but frankly that is the truth. I for one will admit that i see issue wither it is a ship, the meta, or what ever but i am like most, i learn to adapt, adjust and find a way to counter. But as this title said this is just a minor rant I for one will not leave this game no matter what changes, i will adapt to the changes and still find a way to have fun.
  13. Kensikora

    just a rant

    No matter what people wont be happy with the state of the game, with WG, with CV or DD or something. I just dislike how most arguments coming from YT, CC or anyone with a following and this is just my opinion btw alway hate on cv and cv players cuase they think CV have an advantage. They dont Yes they have planes to use and can spam planes but you also got to take into consideration that once there planes are used or destroyed they got to wait til those plances come back and each cv has a different restoration time. with some skills that can be reduced some but once a cv has no planes to very few they are basically a ship that only has secondaries
  14. Kensikora

    just a rant

    yes you are right on that but that is one thing i seen over time is ppl complaing about that, a dd never has to be within detecable range to fire off there torps to do damage and you can not without Hydro or skills or something in game to detect the torps to avoid them and with how hard it is for some BB to dodge them they can do nothing but eat the damage.
  15. Kensikora

    just a rant

    yes you are correct that CV can send out there planes but looks at the size of the CV's. there detecable range is big, yes you can do something to limit how close you have to be to be seen but all any ship has to do is get in min range and rain down hell and you can with the right and good aim (which alot of people have) you can delete a CV within a salvo or 2 or if your really lucky one salvo. Then as a CV player all you can do is use what planes you got, go back to port and que again But also look at this, CV take a lot longer to reserch as there only tier 4 then 6 then 8 and 10 and each CV takes longer to get up there without Free xp and even if you had the free xp would you use it all to get up there. Each CV is different and take a bit to learn. The easiest i will admit to learn are the UK cuase of there dive bombers, all they do is carpet bomb which make it easier to aim cuase even if you do it N to S or E to W your gonna hit something and there somewhat accurate but the other CV do a arc were they go up then down and can be harder to aim for some. The GZ it what most consider a meam CV cuase there secondaries are nasty and there dive bombers are not like the others