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  1. exray0

    Why NTC is fine.

    Nothing that you posted was a counter argument. The gist of your post is that bad things are already happening so who cares if NTC makes it worse which is inane.
  2. You sound like a hurt potato that likes to yolo and can’t understand why your ship keeps exploding. There was a theory earlier that scrubs actually didn’t mind the CV because they didn’t understand that everything else in this game has a counterplay. Seems fitting.
  3. Maybe, but what proportion of revenue does NA represent? I also don't think it's just NA that's upset about NTC.
  4. I'm looking for new games to play. I was already fatigued from the 6 month CV rework beta test and that the NTC idea even made it to devblog was enough to put me over the top.
  5. RN BB Citadels “fine”. Good one.
  6. exray0

    AA is Ridiculously Over Powered

    Can we please make AA manual so we can apply skill? So when a CV gets attacked by the other CV they need to recall their aircraft to defend their ship? I love this idea, don't you?
  7. exray0

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    What are you going to do in your CV? Recall your planes so you can control your AA? This sounds like a good idea to me. Bring back the CV on CV slugfests.
  8. exray0

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    It’s pretty hard to take anything you say seriously after a comment like this. That spotting isn’t fun doesn’t make it any less powerful and that the CV can do BB levels of damage AND all that spotting is a huge part of why they’ve been so OP.
  9. exray0

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Will you answer the question? He did 275k combined damage + spotting in that game How much will make you happy? 500k? 1,000,000? What other ship is going to sniff 300k combined damage and spotting on a regular basis? How about CV does 200k damage and 0 spotting? I'd be fine with that.
  10. exray0

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    You're claiming someone's opinion is worthless based on their stats yet you are afraid to show yours. By your own logic would anyone care what you have to say?
  11. exray0

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    By that measure, why don't we take a look at your stats so we can judge how much to weigh your opinion on this issue?
  12. exray0

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    That's the new meta, obviously you just need to adapt, git gud, just dodge, etc. Finally, after 6 months of [edited] it's the CVs doing the QQ. In addition to the 100k damage that Notser pulled in this game, he added what 175k spotting damage? How much is it going to take for you to be happy? Half a mil combined damage + spotting? A million? Seriously though, for all the hilarity that comes from blaming this on "the DD mafia" CV has also been dunking on BB and CA with a broken AA system for half a year. It was high time something changed. Under-tier CVs admittedly get the worst of it here, but that's just an amplification of the problems of not having odd tier CV and poor AA scaling, not the fault of patch 8.5 itself. I'm sure there are future adjustments in store there too. I wouldn't let your panties bunch too hard though because if a hotfix mere days after 8.5 isn't enough to convince you that WG is going to continue to take steps to make sure the needle swings back towards the CV then I'm not sure what will.
  13. exray0

    Wargaming lacks direction

    This is a baseless statement. Even dedicated AA builds didn't counter CVs.
  14. exray0

    Wargaming lacks direction

    AA has been useless and CV OP for 6 entire months. While you can argue the 8.5 nerf/buff was too effective (maybe it was) calling it draconian is hyperbole and it was DEFINITELY not knee jerk. It's been a long time coming. I think my main disagreement with you here is that you are suggesting balancing measures based on your opinion that 8.0-8.4 carriers were close to balanced when they weren't even in the same zip code as balanced. I think the way WG have gone about fixing it provides a nice linear calculation for how survivable they really want planes to be instead of relying entirely on RNG. It's far easier to tweak the AA dps and health values to get the desired effects. Also while you don't seem to be enjoying the Anti-CV sentiment or the "dd mafia" (lol btw) you started this thread with a very obvious anti-DD bias so you shouldn't be surprised and just makes your calling out of bias in others even more hilarious.
  15. exray0

    Wargaming lacks direction

    You're presenting your subjective opinion as facts; they aren't. Your own is experience is also just that, your own. Fact is nobody shoots at DDs? LOL. Fact is you and other people showed how to mitigate and negate CV? The same data that had CV top of the pile in all relevant stats disagrees. We didn't find value in captain skills or AA mods? Probably because outside of MAA they're all garbage. Don't put words in my mouth - I'm not trying to downplay DDs at all. They are extremely important to winning but I don't think they need CV as a hard counter. I also don't need to twist any narratives here, CVs have been oppressive for six months. I'm sure AA/plane health values will be tweaked again if need be to swing the needle back toward the CV side but right now there is a very fine line for CV between "relevant" and "broken OP" which is where we've been since 8.0 dropped.