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  1. I did not know this, thank you. Although then I guess you would still lose the benefit of both sides being able to fire at the same time.
  2. I can only speak from Massachusetts experience, as it's the only secondary focused BB I've played. Without all 3 of AFT/IFHE/ManSec, the secondaries were underwhelming in some way. No AFT - range too short. No IFHE - too many shatters. No ManSec - no control over target, not enough accuracy. Guns firing on both sides is overrated - its ultra situational, they aren't very accurate when it does happen, you get no benefit at all when dealing with a single target, and of course you cannot choose your targets. The computer had a maddeningly bad habit of choosing poor targets as well, often neglecting low HP kill secures in favor of something else. If you want to use secondaries, go Mansec and don't look back IMO. For Massachusetts skipping BFT for SI would be the only compromise I would consider.
  3. Alsace is a beast

    RIP Alsace
  4. I want a refund for Roma!

    How do their Roma stats compare to their other T8 BBs? Just curious.
  5. No interest in RN DDs and the 2 BBs don't look good. Jean Bart is looking set to prove again that bad guns = bad ship. PE Freidrich sexy! Interesting! Stealthy! Tier 6 premium = automatic no.
  6. If there is one thing that WoWs players seem totally unable to do, it's being objective about matchmaking. Statements like: "I'm always bottom tier in my T8" or "I'm never top tier" or "Frequently I am the only T8 in a T10 game" don't mean anything at all. That is all just subjective feels. Objective tests say that (and I'm quoting from Lert's Tier 8 MM experiement) you can roughly expect: 37% top tier battles 18% tier 9 battles 45% tier 10 battles I don't think it's an outrageous thought to imagine that WG is shooting for a 40/20/40 split which means you spend as much time top tier as you do bottom tier, with some mid tier matches in there for good measure. That to me seems perfectly fine. When you end up in Tier 10 matchmaking as a Tier 8, yes you do need to play more conservatively but why is that a bad thing? Support your own team, and make plays where you can. Outplay the T8 on the other team and you've already contributed.
  7. I want a refund for Roma!

    The Roma is very stealthy, has excellent armor (barring citadel), has very snappy turret traverse, and great maneuverability. It is a dream to sail and has high-velocity shells that get on target quickly. These characteristics alone make it a borderline "gudbote". Unfortunately, it's guns are not very good which drags the ship way down. They are not very accurate, have poor dispersion, have a serious problem with overpens, the HE is subpar, and it has the worst reload time for 380mm at Tier 8. It also has pitiful AA, so CVs easily negate your stealth advantage and you are an easy target for strikes, unless you stay close to more AA capable teammates. I agree with those who say poor guns makes a poor ship, and I think Roma is a poor premium. I own it, and if I could go back, I would not buy it again... certainly not at full price. I read the reviews and knew what I was getting into but thought my enjoyment of Massachusetts main battery, which has worse sigma the Roma, would translate well... it didn't. The Massachusetts main battery is vastly superior to the Roma. The Giulio Cesare was tuned up by WG after release, and the Roma could use it as well. It has plenty of concealment/armor/wiggle to trade for an improved main battery. At the very least a reload buff to bring it in line with the rest of T8 380mm users, historical accuracy be damned.
  8. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    From experience, the Mass secondaries are very underwhelming without all the skills (especially IFHE it is an absolute requirement). Maybe skip BFT for SI or something but the other three are essential. If you wanted to only spec into AFT then Bama really would be a better boat.
  9. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    I have the NC and Massachusetts and I agree with the OP - I'd be upset too maybe not because the Mass is better (even though I think it is) but certainly because it's more fun. The lowered sigma is not a big deal in practice. The guns are plenty accurate and the AP is still punishing. The secondaries are amazing with a fully spec'd 19 point captain and probably the biggest advantage is that heal. The quick reloading heal changes the ship totally. It's ridiculously tanky when angled properly. For me, the uptick in damage and kills is totally legit. I'm 20k higher in the Mass vs the NC and double the kills. The secondaries punish everything and are excellent last hitters on DDs and especially CAs. I'm no sniper with the NC so maybe the dispersion is actually helping me out. I think it's a great ship. I'm glad I didn't buy the Bama.
  10. The Mass is easily my new favorite BB to play. I wouldn't dream of putting any other captain on it - get a 19 pointer with AFT/BFT/IFHE/ManSec and just farm elite commander XP to train your other captains. From my subjective experience, the secondaries are OK in other configurations (although IFHE is always required, they straight up suck without it) but really does best with all 4 skills. The quick reloading heal along with the +20% healing flag makes the Mass very tanky when angled properly and you could argue dropping BFT for SI to maximize it, but personally I've been satisfied using premium heal and repair party... there are only a few situtaions where that 5th heal would have saved me and I always want 10% faster shooting secondaries. When the reviews said the boat was MEH but fun I was a bit concerned but actually playing it feels to me like a straight upgrade from the NC/Bama. Yes obviously you don't have the same range, yes you're going to have a hard time disengaging with a 14.5km concealment (concealment module but no CE), and yes you're going to burn if you get HE spammed BUT the sigma differences to me feel totally overblown. I believe that someone pointed out (pointyhairedjedi maybe?) that whlie the Mass sigma is the worst between the US Tier 8 BBs, she also has the best horizontal dispersion. Whether or not that's true the main battery feels totally fine to me and I'm actually more accurate with her than I am with the NC, probably due to the shorter engagement ranges... and that heal makes a huge difference in staying power. While I don't own either ship, I've faced them plenty and I think the Mass absolutely crushes Bismark/Tirpitz as the best Tier 8 secondary focused BB. No turtleback or hydro/torps sure, but you've got a monster heal, better secondaries, and a very usable main battery with AP that can actually penetrate.
  11. The Seattle is a pile of junk so no intention of wasting credits on it to start a Worcester grind. We'll see how good the sales are this friday/july 4th when it comes to FXP conversion but definitely not a day 1 boat.
  12. Strong AA is completely wasted in random battle on NA server because there is very little CV play. Who cares about god-tier AA when there are no planes to shoot? I think the CV rework will help if it ever comes and CV play becomes a thing again, but until now it's disappointing, mostly for the US lines where AA is one of the main selling features.