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  1. exray0

    Whats the best premium cruiser to buy?

    Don't recommend a premium cruiser that's lower than T9 - no heal hurts. Atago and Prinz Eugen are just OK. Alaska is good.
  2. WG: player base too stupid to understand CV providing mini map only spotting. Also WG: player base smart enough to manage convoluted AA ramp ups/downs plus additional extended range where no damage is caused.
  3. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    Can you please identify which premium WG has nerfed directly? I'm speaking about the problem with WG nerfing premiums in general - if they do it, people will be more hesitant to buy them. I'm not threatening or bluffing, that's just fact. You said it yourself, caveat emptor, but if buyers need to beware of ships they paid money for getting changed for the worse they simply are going to stop buying.
  4. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    Can you give this a rest? Of course WG can nerf premiums, but if they do people are going to stop buying leasing them. It becomes less and less attractive to "lease" a premium ship from WG if you've got no faith that they aren't going to turn around and nerf it in a month, or six months, or a year. That is the dilemma that WG is in. Of course if they want to offer refunds when they nerf it, that removes the concern that "gee this premium seems strong, I don't want to drop XYZ on it because WG is going to nerfhammer it." Can you imagine the blow back if WG pulled a Yueyang on Enterprise?
  5. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    That is understood but changes nothing - I'm not going to "lease" any products if WG habitually starts nerfing them after they go up for "sale". Apparently. See Atlanta who has been gutted by the CV and IFHE reworks.
  6. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    That makes logical sense, but it's not good business practice for WG to nerf the products they sell. If you want consumer confidence that you're getting what you paid for, you can't tweak them willy nilly after they go on sale. It's more important for WG to balance premiums initially even if that means extensive periods in testing.
  7. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    It's the most sensible option. It allows WG to maintain their policy of not directly nerfing premiums and removes them from where they truly don't belong. In randoms, they don't bother me.
  8. exray0

    Bring back Enterprise

    No, and unavailable ships need to be banned from ranked/cb as well.
  9. exray0

    Thoughts on USN battleship line split

    Kansas is going to be really bad without help.
  10. Well if they had accuracy and pen, they'd be too strong probably. Pre-IFHE rework, Massachusetts with full secondary build + IFHE was essentially this and it was disgusting.
  11. IFHE does allow the Pommern secondaries to pass some BB penetration threshold but they're good enough without it.
  12. The Pommern isn't as good as Georgia, no debate - it would really need another gimmick to get there. But it's not that bad either. I thought 1.5 sigma with 380mm guns would kill it for me, but I find them effective enough. The boat needs a full secondary build to function properly, but IFHE is a luxury you can't afford - take BFT/AFT/Msec but get FP instead of IFHE. Don't get baited into rushing to use your torps, this thing is better with its angled butt towards the target and enemies pushing on to you or reversing into them while your secondaries rain destruction.
  13. exray0

    Thoughts on USN battleship line split

    I'm guessing the testing has proved that this concept is trash. More armor, sigma, and more coming to the T9 and T10.
  14. exray0

    Is Ohio worth the RP?

    Do you like the Montana? If yes, then the Ohio is pretty much a straight upgrade. More competitive main battery, tankier thanks to the fast heal, and the secondaries. Honestly though I think Massachusetts and Georgia are stronger ships at their respective tiers. Ohio is good, but I don't think it quite reaches their level (and honestly both of those ships border on OP). While meaningless to some, Ohio is also a PR black hole - your rating will go down unless you beast in it on the regular. I was torn between it and Siegfried but I knew I wasn't likely to get up to 60k RB points again so I went for the more expensive option. It's a good ship ultimately.