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  1. It's an easy no from me. Very expensive, don't care for the aesthetics, and the three ships are all mehbotes.
  2. exray0

    Jean Bart!

    Was hoping for Alaska in 7.10 but will be fun blowing up Jean Bart.
  3. exray0

    Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    Would buy the WV44 as a T7 Massachusetts instantly. I love the Massachusetts and the WV44 looks amazing. Will not buy WV41 under any circumstances. Sorry WG. I also hate the '41 naming convention. Should be Maryland or even Washington... there are many ships in the game now that started construction but were never completed. Best quote on this subject so far re: WV41
  4. exray0

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I think it's a poor change, especially if there are more nerfs to radar coming. What does WG want this ship to do? Counter DDs? Can't do it from open water anymore, now that DDs outspots you all the time, instead of just the 2 minute stretches when radar was on CD as it was previously. I guess that means WG wants this to be an island humper? The playstyle that everyone loves? Well now the radar range is too short for that and DM is a better camper in pretty much all respects. Would rather have kept the radar as is (or reduced the range to match concealment 9.5km) and got the hindi treatment with a DPM nerf... but even that, like the stats don't show it to be a massively OP damage dealer compared to the rest of the TX cruisers. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/4074682352,Worcester
  5. exray0

    How do I maximize my rank advancement?

    - Play the ship you're best at. BB is the most forgiving at first. - Focus on staying alive. If you get deleted early you're no help to your team. - If you lose a couple in a row, take a break. - Focus fire spotted DDs. It will not only help your team win, but damage to DDs gives good XP which is always a good thing.
  6. exray0

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    For whatever it's going to eventually cost (750k FXP/X00,000 coal/X0,000 steel) I'd rather it be gaudy honestly. Increase the turret traverse from the battleship level it's at now, give it .5km more conceal, make the firing angles better.
  7. How could it possibly be worse than the garbage we have now? A class that next to nobody plays, where you're either unicum or scrub with no in-between, that has a bad habit of being the main determinant in who wins a battle and turning 23 other players into spectators. It's really not defensible in any way. Blame WG for not listening sooner and letting it get to this point fine, but at least the proposed garbage level brings the power level in line with the rest of the ships in the game. If anything there's a spinoff idea here for someone to create a carrier control RTS and market it to the 500 people who currently like WOWS CV gameplay.
  8. *Multiple runs IF the non-strikers don't get shot down while they are circling waiting for the current strike to finish. If anything WG screwed up by showing a video with AA effectiveness dialed down and bots only because it's given rise to the assumption that you're going to get 4 attacks out of a 12 plane squadron. Solo ships will be punished, but I doubt you're going to consistently circle planes and not have them shot down. *A carrier in every game would at least allow players the opportunity to CHOOSE to be properly spec'd for it, making AA skills/modules actually worthwhile. Right now there is no point to spec for AA because it gimps you for the 95% of the time there is no carrier. *There's still a lot we don't know about how AA is going to work, including what DefAA will look like.
  9. Any way you want to slice it, it's still FAR too much map presence, spotting, and influence over the battle for one ship and we're right back to where we started: better CV wins the match every time.
  10. exray0

    Battleship ROMA

    Roma is very meh - there are better ways to spend your money. For all of its great features (stealth, armor, gun handling, wiggle) it has a massive citadel and bad guns. Bad guns = bad ship.
  11. Instead of playing WOWS through a "first person view like everyone else", the player is playing a clunky/buggy/poorly optimized RTS game that happens to interact with a WOWS battle. Works, right?
  12. You want to keep multi-unit control, to have presence all over the map, and maintain the gods-eye view? Of course you do. Suggesting that RTS was a good idea or is somehow close to balanced just seems awfully self-serving. Here, watch Fara demolish an entire ranked team in less than 10 minutes and tell me how fun and engaging that is.
  13. exray0

    The Ranked Report

    Only been playing a couple months but felt good going into my first ranked season: 54% solo winrate, BB and cruiser stats moving steadily out of average and into good territory, all signs positive. R23-16 went fast once I got used to the format. R15-R12 started poorly as I fiddled around trying a number of different cruisers. Eventually settled down with Republique and made Rank 9 by Friday. While it took 115 or so battles to get there (which I know is not at all good) I was feeling pretty good... I expected a significant learning curve and ranked is a lot different than random. And then came Armageddon. I spent a good 14 hours between Sunday and Monday playing ranked and got nowhere at all. Big losing streaks, big winning streaks, alternating W/L's (and saving around 30% in losses), the wheels just spun and I went nowhere except back to R11 and finally finished Monday night back where I started at R9. I won't blame my teammates - I wasn't making big mistakes or pulling bonehead moves, but I also obviously wasn't playing well enough to help my teams win consistently. I started mixing in those cruisers that hadn't worked for me before. I was tilted for sure. After that stretch, I'll listen to the advice I was given: Take ranked in small doses, take a few minutes to digest each battle, quit ranked for at least awhile once a reasonable goal has been met or after 2 losses in a row. Last night went 4-0 to hit Rank 8. I had lots of time to keep going but decided to leave it there and played a couple randoms instead. I'll get back to it tonight. Not impressed with the 169 battles it's taken me to hit rank 8, nor the 49.49% WR in Republique, but I'm going to stick with it and try to keep getting better.
  14. Actually doesn't look worth the steel/coal/fxp right now at all.
  15. "Sorry" +anniversary container speaks pretty loudly to what WG thinks of my time; worthless. I can't get my time wasted back and yes, it was wasted because who would choose to play ranked if you couldn't gain stars? I'd like the stars earned (they're not easy to come by) and since you're not doing that, something a little less insulting than 1 signal flag, 8 anniversary tokens, and 1 collection item. At the absolute barest minimum, a supercontainer has an extremely small chance of providing something of tangible value. Surely your customers are worth more?