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  1. njroc

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Greetings: I vaguely remember an image showing a Canadian BB. Fictional ships are OK. Ships are Tier four are OK. Fictional Tier 4 ships class at Tier 7 are not OK. I like to sail the Tier 3 SC to hunt DDs and CAs but I would NOT wish to use the SC in Tier 7--the opposing team would leave me for dessert. NJRoc
  2. njroc

    Oklahoma Widows

    I would like this ship because it is a way to honor those who served on her. Her peace time record during the 1930s was impressive and she was the only US ship sunk by IJN Midget sub torpedoes.
  3. njroc

    Oklahoma Widows

    Greetings: For those who have 2 or less images to complete the Oklahoma collection set, will additional containers be made available ? I hate to see this ship become a flying Dutchman. I also did not see the containers for the Agincourt. Is it another flying Dutchman ? NJRoc
  4. njroc

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    RE: RIP WOWS MAC-OS 2015-2020 Pulling the plug on WOWS Mac-OS leaves about 11% of the world's computer users without the game. Is the WOWS Bliz version that you can play on an IPhone going away as well ? A least there is an XBOX WOWS Legends version available. That is a less costly way to play WOWS than buying a basic gamer's PC video card ! NJroc
  5. njroc

    Alaska Going away? Next Free XP Ships?

    Greetings: I have been saving coal for close to a year. It was enough to secure the Georgia. I was afraid to collect all this coal to only miss the deadline. WOWs needs to add more variety to the selection of coal ships. They might also add mid tier ships for coal.
  6. njroc

    Special Independence Day Celebration

    Greetings: Simple suggestion, with many pardons: Part one of challenge: 3 camos, Part two of challenge: 4 camos, Part three of challenge: 5 camos. Just a thought NJRoc
  7. njroc

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    THANK YOU WOWS: Although I did not get the "P. Bagaron" ship (forgive spelling) or Tallin camo, I did get the Migoyan for Cruiser Credits and a free Kiev ! I do not play enough to meet the requirements so I was given some nice consolation prizes for trying. I see the Kiev seems to be a premium now with camo. I may never get a Tier 10 ship but the mid tiers were a nice touch. Very nice gifts. NJRoc
  8. I was impressed withe special mode WOWS put subs in. Perhaps WOWS could revive the old CV RTS playstyle in a similar mode and bring back the Bogue, Zuito,the Independence, etc. Perhaps they can call it "Classic CV" play. I miss dispatching fighters to scout and defend ships. The new playstyle just makes CVs useless for anything other than target practice (unless its is a Graf Zepplin that fights like a Mikasa!) NJ Roc
  9. Greetings: I am not a software expert but I believe something is missing. Used xxxxx to replace my user's name. Hope this helps. Last login: Tue May 21 21:24:53 on console xxxxxxx-Mac-mini:~ xxxxxxxxjr$ /Applications/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center.app/Contents/SharedSupport/wargaminggamecenter/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/Wargaming\ game\ client64 ; exit; Usage: wine PROGRAM [ARGUMENTS...] Run the specified program wine --help Display this help and exit wine --version Output version information and exit logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. Deleting expired sessions...13 completed. [Process completed] Last login: Wed May 22 19:34:43 on ttys000 xxxxxxx-Mac-mini:~ xxxxxxxxr$ cd Library/Application\ Support/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/Bottles/wargaminggamecenter64/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/bin64 -bash: cd: Library/Application Support/Wargaming.net Game Center/Bottles/wargaminggamecenter64/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/bin64: No such file or directory xxxxxxxx-Mac-mini:~ xxxxxxxxr$ /Applications/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center.app/Contents/SharedSupport/wargaminggamecenter/Wargaming.net\ Game\ Center/wine --debugmsg=fixme+all WorldOfWarships64.exe 2>> ~/Desktop/wows.txt
  10. Greetings: I have 3 issues: A. the game does not load when I touch the connect button. B. The match does not load when I hit the Battle button. This is why I have 39 penalty games and am in the orange category. This is the worst problem because my account could be shut down for false AFK notations from the now neurotic WOWS server. C. The game is NOW freezing at random; After the match, during the match, before the match, even at the connect page.
  11. I have WGC installed for the wrapper it has. I keep my Dreadnought as the standard test ship. I do have a screen shot for the loading issue I have Some Tier 3 battle are about done in 5-6 minutes. I have waited 14 minutes in one case. NJRoc
  12. Greetings: The game was running very badly today. I was directed to reclaim all of the pictures I won from the collection section. Then I was directed to the first time player video. Now, I can only load a game 1 out of 6 times. I am 39 games in the ORANGE--too many of those and I will have a suspended account. The server has trouble with its handshake with my Mac. The game worked right after restarting the program 1-2 times but I am accruing penalties. I guessing fine tuning is still being done because some days are better than other in terms of loading a game. Porting the bloody works would be the long term solution--even if there were only 5 Tiers. NJRoc
  13. Greetings: For Mac players, the greatest frustration seems to be the refresh rate or FPS. I have seen it drop to 5 FPS at times. I no longer get any number above 25 FPS since 8.x was released. The Beta Wrapper from WGC is a good stopgap but I do not see it working much pass 0.8.6. Anything that is 0.9.x and I will have to play using X-Box 1. I am hopping to ply Tier 3-5 Russian BBs before the the program dies. NJroc
  14. njroc

    CV's at tier 4

    Greetings: At Tier 4, the planes usually get blasted out of the sky before you can deploy a pathetic single torpedo. I have lost the entire squadron before I can even aim correctly. If I saw 2-3 CVs out there, it would just sink the lot using a CA at Tier 4 and collect points. NJRoc
  15. njroc

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Greetings: Having played WOWS on a Mac for 3 years, the game seems to be at its worst. FPS is 20 or less from 35-40 FPS. At times, I drop to 10 FPS. Worse yet, the WOWS servers are not loading my ships into a match until after it is over ! I have to now work through 13 pink/orange penalty games before I can do any other mode than Co-op. It seems that the wrapper is still the Beta one from WGC. There does not seem to be an interest in either redoing the wrapper or just porting the game to Mac. At this rate, I expect the game to be unplayable on the Mac platform by Autumn. I have now limited play to Tier 1-5 to stay in the slower ships and smaller maps in hopes of gettin into a match without having to restart the game in order to reconnect to the WOWS Server. Tech support is next to non-existent. Sadly, I am in the Free to Play club now given the defects in the "mac-comparable" game. NJRoc