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  1. njroc

    Carriers in PVE

    Tier 8...figures. Try Tier 4 and see what stats you get. NJRoc
  2. njroc

    Carriers in PVE

    Greetings: I read that WOWS was going to put CVs in to co-op when they got the AI worked out. CVs are now hard to play with as is. I would hate to see the CV bots wipe out the human players because they can do precision deployment of weapons. I have done more damage to the red side using CVs by using secondary battery guns and ramming than I have with airplanes ! The CV meta is not working at low tier co-op. Very sad. NJRoc
  3. njroc

    Low Tier Bashing

    Naval engineering did not start from scratch. It built upon previous designs. Steam Turbines were tested on a British ship called "Turbina" in 1897. As for the 12 " guns, the Dreadnought carried guns that Jackie Fisher pulled from other pre-dreds that were under construction at the time (King Edward class if memory serves). He probably pulled guns off the foundry as well. The design was different but the hull, armor plating, and other features were what were used in Predred ships of the proceeding class. Anyhow, the original point of the post was that Tier 3 and Tier 4 seem to have been largely overlooked by WG and the CCs. Few upgrades have been made. As an example, when a new map is drafted for the game, it is always for Tier 7-10 ships to sail one. Low Tier players actually may have lost a map (the Solomon Islands). I have not played a match on this map in a year or more and I only see it on videos from a test server match. CCs often quote the old stats on gun range even though a few have had 1 KM boosts given to them (the Albany is an example). There are still players at Tier 3 and Tier 4. Leaving them out of daily future development plans would not be advisable. NJRoc
  4. njroc

    Low Tier Bashing

    Actually yes, every team mate that saw me sink an incoming DD NJRoc
  5. njroc

    Low Tier Bashing

    Flambass did a video in the last 2 days of this writing about the Tier 3 Suvarov BB and its "broken accuracy". His "shock and dismay" (for lack of any other term) plus the put down of the Tier 3 IJN Kawachi at least twice due to gun range made me wonder how long it has been since he played at Tier 3. His colorful metaphors reduced the Arctic Ice Sheet a foot or so ! The Low Tier types melted with the ice. NJRoc PS_I apologize to Flamu for mixing us his tag name with Flambass
  6. njroc

    Low Tier Bashing

    I do not do videos calling them s#$t either. The CCs are looked at as influences by WOWS. Their opinion has more weight than ours. NJRoc
  7. All Right: The comments made by the CCs Flambass and Noster about the Tier 3 Russian BBs and their counterparts from other countries indicated low tier disrespect and outright bashing. The co-op play segment of WOWs seems to like the relaxed pace afforded by Tier 2-5 games. The CCs do not seem play low tier anymore and bash it unnecessary. I was especially surprised on how much bashing the Kawachi, the Turraine, and the South Carolina get. Some people "enjoy throwing rocks." All of the Tier 3 ships, including the Dreadnaught itself, are sub 21 knot ships for a reason. They all were pre-dreadnaughts reworked into the category. The Dreadnaught itself was armed with 305 mm naval rifles stripped from 3 pre-dred ships the British were building at the time. The British probably pulled the Turrets from those ships as well. None of those vessels had radar, sonar, or even Flak guns when the actual ships was commissioned. The main air threat in 1910 was not from planes but from Zeppelins flying overhead. The Italians harassed the Austro-Hungarian Navy to good effect with Zeppelins during the First World War. Zeppelins also burned part of London during 1915 and 1916 due to a lack of Flak guns and proper incendiary ammunition. Anyhow, you gun range and accuracy will not be as good as with Second World War guns. Your engagements will have to be close (less than 10 KM). Expecting Tier 8 standards is not realistic. Just because you have not played Low tier in 3 years does not mean you should bash it. Your fighting tactics are different at Tier 3-4. This is why I would like to see Ranked at Tier 4. The hot shot super Unicom players would definitely have to change play style in order to not be sunk since the gun ranges are half that of Tier 8-10 ships. CVs are also few and far between at low Tiers, especially since the CV rework. Finally, lower end computers have fewer issues with low tier matches than high tier matches. Each Tier has it own unique traits to it. There is no need to bash low Tiers. I play for fun, not for stats or bragging rights. The Tier 10 hotshots seem to take the game a bit TOO seriously especially in chat. NJRoc
  8. njroc

    Hey Mac Users

    To Mac Users: One needs to bear in mind that WOWS has been hot-wired to work on Mac using the Mac Wrapper. Since I choose to be salt free and relaxed, I do not play random and I rarely go over Tier 5/6--just co-op. In Random, the Maps are large, the number players is higher, and the high tier ships have too many gimmicks like Radar and the high alert AAA module. Vintage computers (regardless if they are Mac or PC) will also run the game slower in terms of FPS and millisecond speed. The CPU also get hot when playing the higher tiers. Scenarios at high tier are probably not that much better in terms of maps and high tier ships with gimmicks. This is why co-op works better-it has fewer ships. Rank has only 7 ships per team so that is also straight forward to run on a less than up to date PC or a Mac.
  9. njroc

    WOWS Start up procedures

    Useful point. NJRoc
  10. Greetings: While the British CVs and the whole CV rework seems to have turned into an oversized white elephant in terms of reviving CVs (i.e. the CV are not attractive to use anymore), the "air dropped" containers have been good. I have bought 6 and won 2. Beside all of the flags and in-game currency, I got a Hood and an Edinborough to add to the port. I did fairly well. NJRoc
  11. njroc

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Greetings: Damn. This will get the CCs and perhaps the Mighty Jingles talking !!! Given that WG advertises WOW as having a Mac compatible version, they should be providing some support for the Macintosh systems. They close trouble tickets the moment the term MAC is used. I can play the game but it easy to tell how much hot wiring Code Weavers did with the Wine Wrapper and the limits one has to be bound to when playing the game. I had to experiment and come up with a start up procedure in order to not be left AFK in matches. Although a class action suit sounds extreme, it would take some effort for WG to prove that they are Mac compatible--especially with Code Weavers of Minnesota, USA doing the hot wiring. The suit may actually find standing. NJRoc
  12. njroc

    Hey Mac Users

    Greetings: I have been playing co-op and have had no problems using a Mac with only 4 Gigs of RAM. My graphics are running at minimum. Playing Random may be an issue given all of the ships and it may be a big issue for anything over Tier 5/Tier 6 due to the large maps. NJRoc
  13. njroc

    WOWS Start up procedures

    Greetings: Running 4 Gig ram, I am concerned that their would not be enough Ram to run the 2 OS systems. NJRoc
  14. njroc

    6 kills - no atta boy :-)

    Greetings: Well done with the six sinks. I have only done 5 or more only 2-3 times in 3 years of gaming. I have done 4 thinks and got the Hockey Player camo for it. WG could at least give something like that to co-op players. NJRoc
  15. njroc

    WOWS Start up procedures

    Greetings: Under 8.x, I have found that opening and closing the program 2-3 times on a Mac helps reduce the chances of the game not going to the port and not leaving you AFK for the first game. Step One: Start program and give the Wine Wrapper a chance to engage. Close. Step Two: Start program a second time to get the WOWS server to discover the Mac trying to connect. Push Connect button, wait a minute, then Close. Step Three: Start the program a third time to get Wine Wrapper and Server alerted. Push Connect button. Wait for port to load. This should make the computer ready for a match. After every 2 matches, close out and restart game. After every match, log-off server and reconnect. Oftentimes, the server will log you off automatically and you have to connect again in any case after a match. The rest breaks between matches also takes care of the CPU heating problem. Have Fun ! NJRoc--Salt Free