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  1. I agree, that's why most people shouldn't play them. Or just play them in co-op. I don't actually see a lot of alt attacks as a surface ship; it's mostly auto-drop. The CV player who can do the awful delete-you attacks will almost always win, but they're rare. I can actually run a CV and beat a bad CV player, and there's lots of them.
  2. If you're not managing the planes, the CV is just a bot. If you can't manage the planes at all, play a different class.
  3. GPU overheating

    In a way, yes. I switched to water cooling. No more overheating.
  4. Just eliminate manual drops and strafing. Problem solved.
  5. Server Issues

    America has plenty of meth to spare!
  6. Server Issues

    All kidding aside, this happens to every game. Thanks, I'm back in!
  7. Server Issues

    At least a supercontainer!
  8. Server Issues

  9. Decisions Decisions

    I think you'll see Missouri as part of a very expensive Christmas bundle. Nelson does OK once it closes in. Expect Alaska this fall.
  10. Server questions

    We win the Superbowl every year.
  11. Go watch some games --- streamers on Twitch. You can relax and see what they do. Also you see can see that they sometimes struggle with straddles, low damage salvos, running aground, etc., but sooner or later, usually put up high damage totals.
  12. They modeled them on the real RN ships which meant they needed to be gimmicky to be competitive. The Royal Navy always had many more ships than the Germans.