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  1. The coming meta change

    My "Nerf Cruisers" LOL thread got locked. Cruisers are OP, LOL.
  2. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    The meltdown last night, which we were both up late enough to see (before it got scrubbed this morning) was Yuuuuuuge! Some ISPs will not give you a stable enough connection for gaming. I have power blips that knock me off the internet, but of course, there's only one power company. I think if I get back on in 2 minutes, though, I'll be OK.
  3. I'm done. This was one of the easier missions. Obviously, if you don't have a Tier8 battleship, you're SOL. The original requirement, 50 plane kills, was doable with a decent AA cruiser. These recent missions require a wide variety of ships of all tiers up to a minimum of T8.. I have about as many a battles as you, and I have Bismark and Montana.
  4. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    The Big Kahuna burger IS a tasty burger though. But you need a Sprite to wash it down.
  5. Flamu

    Weren't you gone from the forums for like, a year? Seems like that's how long you have been MIA.
  6. There was never a regular campaign for a 10-point Japanese captain. I have lots of 10-point ARP captains.
  7. Paying for the upper hand - Advertising

    I prefer a Royal with Cheese.
  8. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    The LWM detailed reviews lay everything out for you. Every 55%+ WR ship people hate, they just don't know how to play it. I'm never buying a garbage-rated boat, and I pay attention to what exactly a ship is good and bad at.
  9. Missouri Gone

    The Trump Wagon has that built in bonus, but you may average as well in Alabama or Tirpitz. Those two can better press the attack and rack up high damage from getting close. The Missouri is like Iowa, you don't want to dive in at first. You can get the win from area denial sometimes without high damage, but that hurts your credits. The big advantage of radar helps later in the game. The ship is fun to play, but if you get the same credits from 1.5 games in some thing else, it's really not worth the $120 some people paid. I put in about $35 to get it.
  10. Dont play WoWs if your PC crashes

    I do check the weather. I don't want to lose or let my team down. But others don't care, and now they must pay a penalty for that.
  11. These are kind of extra guys. I'm not taking them in place of a high points captain. They might end up on a tier 6 ship that needs a better captain. We already got them once. They're more for people starting out, and people who have oodles of ships. You can only play one ship at a time.
  12. Russian ships were rather scarce today, but part 1 got done. A yolo co-op in Scharnhorst got me 1st place, and part 2 was done. Missouri gets the job for 1,000,000 credits (randoms).