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  1. Seadog_Supreme

    Dasha speak English please..

  2. Seadog_Supreme

    Dasha speak English please..

    Вы картофель.
  3. Seadog_Supreme

    Anyone else find it strange that...

    The game would not account for real combat without carriers. Without carriers, it's just the battle of Jutland. Submarines would just be a nuisance. They were primarily to take out merchant shipping.
  4. Ce ne sont pas les DDs que vous recherchez.
  5. Seadog_Supreme

    no new campaigns

    Nope. They need to keep the lvl 10 coiners happy. Get a tier 10.
  6. They are boring and generic fluff. If I could use one for the clan or make one for myself, they might be a little interesting. I turned them off (Aslian) to get rid of a useless distraction. Of course I use one, the 2-year one.
  7. Seadog_Supreme

    Black Friday - Don’t Like it? Don’t buy it.

    No interest in buying ships I already have, but the coat of fresh paint might sell to players that don't have them. Really if it were a stand-alone permanent camo, I wouldn't buy it. I can do better buying permacamo for ships that don't have any. I'm not mad at WG at all. I will just wait for something that's a better deal that I like.
  8. Seadog_Supreme

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    Segal is now special envoy to the US. "Fire Alarm" in that dead-pan voice, OMG.
  9. Seadog_Supreme

    Thanks Wargaming for the free stuff

    Not burning is important.
  10. Seadog_Supreme

    300% Doubloon offer!?!

    We finally got some "veteran's rewards"; they were nice. No, I don't get this offer, but I got the cheap ships doubloon overcompensation a while back, and it was sweet!
  11. Seadog_Supreme

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    Tier 10 be like:
  12. Seadog_Supreme

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    Directly aimed at newer players and anyone who has failed to gain at least one tier 10 ship. It is quite a long haul to tier 10 if you play a variety of ships, so WG wants to give something of competitive play. This will probably overlap with clan wars, so everybody will have something to do.