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  1. New Garbage A. I. Rebuttal Praise

    The bots are somewhat more interesting now. The bots were so stupid a few destroyers could usually take care of them. Now they at least think a little. I don't believe the new bots are cheating on torpedoes. They simply make frequent course changes like a human player, without waiting to see the torpedoes. Notice that the co-op mains with lots of battles are generally unfazed by the change. If you're struggling with the new bots, as some are, you need to step up your game. In most PVE games, lack of bot intelligence is compensated by making your computer opponents more numerous or more powerful. But here, the bots were designed for training purposes only, and only in the later operations did we see more numerous opponents. Now with the new AI, co-op battles better approximate the game as designed, with strategy and tactics, instead of a mindless turkey shoot. I think Warships will lose a few players over this, because it's not as simple as before. They're going to weed out some players who are losing. When I do co-op now, I can count on a part of my team being sunk, and I will need to sink several bots for the win.
  2. Good ships that you can't get to work!

    Bismark. Can't seem to do my Bismark thang without getting burned or bombed. Gneisenau, did ok, Tirpitz ok. It always seems like I'm just something to beat on in the usual tier 10.
  3. It's also a dry bisquit. Words can have 2 meanings. I wish to hell people wouldn't struggle to find racism in everything.
  4. Arms Race is DEAD on NA Server

    Or even tier 1. Weird, huh?
  5. Renamed User??

    Hitler's nephew, also named Hitler, served in the U.S. Navy during World War 2.
  6. If Warships does it, so can I!
  7. They will ignore an extremely close ship to focus fire. But the premise of this thread is that the new AI makes co-op hard, not why it's still easy-peasy.
  8. For no particular reason except life is like a box of chocolates.
  9. Finaly Had Enough

    We should have permanent chat bans for the worst cases.
  10. You don't have to play ranked. Or Warships. I'm actually having a bit more fun with it than before.
  11. Nuking team mates in co-op

    The first rule of co-op is: don't risk going pink over a match you will most likely win anyway.