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  1. This is the only thing that saved me from sucking in it like so many others do. It's the new Derpitz. They're everywhere in T9, and her WR has dropped to 51%. I didn't pay close to $150 for it. I'm going to guess MO makes a return for Christmas.
  2. Feedback requested

    I approve of what you say on here. You are welcome to sign up with us. If 5D is more successful, we are more casual.
  3. ALT French Containers

    I just wanted to mention that I'm getting the French containers from Clan Wars battles. It's going on 4 nights a week, so I probably won't finish French Progression, but I'm likely to get all the pieces left just from Clan Wars.
  4. Goodbye PVE

    Time to cue the fat lady....
  5. world of warships

    Every morning I check the forums to see if there is something [edited] up to read while I have my coffee. This morning I was not disappointed.
  6. How much do you spend on this game?

    I used to spend $100/mo for the crapon TV. So no worries.
  7. The famous player with less than 900 battles? Uh, no... I have seen ppl I know in battles, but I'm not targeting them.
  8. Sounds like somebody got a chat ban.
  9. The radar/hydro learning curve...Lol

    You still messing around with the bots?
  10. The Toxicity recently?

    I don't see this much any more. We are self-policing. You know where the button is.
  11. There is enough confusion regarding this collection that there should be an official statement on the forums.