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  1. MY Russian Battleship Tree

    I have one suggestion for your tree: Tier IX should be the Sovetsky Soyuz class Tier X should be Project 24, an 80,000 tonne post ww2 design armed with either 12x406mm or 9x457mm guns
  2. British Battlecruiser Suggestion

    Wasn't the POW sent after her as well? I'd imagine the Hood would've only been able to travel at the slower ships top speed.
  3. Repulse could be either a T5 or T6 premium. They should create a separate BC line for the RN as I think they have enough ships, and put Renown at T6.
  4. Shame that WG won't allow any ships with guns larger than 460mm, otherwise this would've been a fun addition
  5. Sovetsky Soyuz-class Battleship

    How many paper ships do we have for russian ships? The one's I'm aware of are Project 21: Study for 35,500-ton Nelson class-style battleship (tier 7 or 8) Project 23: Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleship (tier 9) Project 24: post-World War II battleship design (some kind of super sovetsky? Tier 10) Project 25: Study for 30,900-ton battleship (tier 6 or 7, supposedly armed with 9x12 inch guns, basically an uparmoured Krondstalt)
  6. Alaska Class Heavy Cruiser

    Alaska is just Shy of 35,000 tonnes fully laden, that's about the right size for a t-7 BB, and her guns, while small, are larger than Sharnhorst's. The main sticking point is her armor, which is rather thin, though that could be balanced out with a large health pool.
  7. Stalingrad

    I would still argue these ships are closer to Battleships than cruisers, though I agree they are somewhere between the two; ideally, WG should split the BB line into full BB's and BC's/CB's. Ships like the British Renown and German O class would fit well into the line that way. Also, is there much of a difference between a large cruiser and a battle cruiser? I believe the Amagi was to (historically) have belt Armour only slightly thicker than Alaska
  8. French Tier 10 BB

    Wasn't he German?
  9. 100% agreed, and I'm someone with Autism.
  10. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    The Alsace has 12 15" guns, not 9.
  11. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Really? I feel like italian ships should have long range high speed shells with and poor dispersion. Or maybe that was just the vittorio class
  12. High Tier Brit BBs

    Out of curiosity, what paper ship is the conqueror based off? I can't seem to find it.
  13. Premium Battleship suggestions

    There's also the g3, which would probably fit in tier 8. Would also love to see the incomparable, but seeing as that ship has 50.8cm guns, that's unlikely.
  14. Premium IJN BB

    The power of the guns could probably be offset with a slowish reload time. To my knowledge there is no information of the guns ROF as none were actually built. Though even with this to nerf, it would still only fit in tier 9 not 8
  15. Premium IJN BB

    Back on topic, This ship has 457mm guns, not 460mm like Yamato, that makes a lot of difference. It would have above average firepower for its tier, but that shouldn't be too hard to balance.