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  1. Hikari_Owari_

    Gameplay Suggestion: Radar Rework

    Bump - 01 of August, 2020
  2. Hikari_Owari_

    Destroyers how to deal with radar guide

    Now I see that you're either trolling or baiting. If it were 4-5 years ago I could try to agree with you, but now? You don't play the in the same matchmaking as I play, for sure. Playing DD is frustrating no matter what you try to do. Lurk near island? Detected by Radar or Plane Sneak past ships? Detected by Radar or Plane Shot a long range torp? Another ship hidden behind an island uses Radar and detects you Uses smoke for whatever reason? Radar detects you Spawns? Planes making you sit for a minute or two waiting they move Gets detected by Radar or Plane by 2 seconds? 4 Salvos coming right in your direction at minimum Really overpowered indeed, wow, why not give DDs BB's concealment instead, this way Radar won't be as useful as before #sarcasm But whatever, it's just an opinion when it's from me, when it's from you it's the universal truth directly from the Dev's mouth.
  3. Hikari_Owari_

    Destroyers how to deal with radar guide

    As I said before, it's not because you can play around it that it is a fair mechanic. Between Radar, CVs and the commander skill that points direction of the closest ship to you, trying to play dd torp is always a high risk - low reward situation, the only thing that amenizes it (Smoke) is hard-countered by Radar. Radar is unfair to play against and it's a fact. Full detection around the ship no matter what's in between is far from a good mechanic. WG is shitting on stealth for a long time, and trying to convince it's balanced on high level don't make it true. The game isn't Tier 10 / Ranked only.
  4. Only reveal ship if have line of sight Can't have a duration greater than 30s Can't have a detection range greater or equal to 9km Can't be available on DDs There, reworked Radar for you guys to be less toxic and more fair. Just apply changes on next patch.
  5. Hikari_Owari_

    Destroyers how to deal with radar guide

    You doing good or not with French Destroyers don't invalidate the argument that Radar makes smoke obsolete for Torpedo Boat Destroyers, specially those who only good thing in the kit is their Torpedo Tubes. Radar should be toned down, that's not an opinion, it's a fact. You being able to play around it don't mean it's a fair mechanic, neither something fun to play against.