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    Middle aged gamer, love to build and play on the P.C. also have consoles but don't like'm like I like the p.c.'s Always been a flight sim fan but recently jumped on the WOW game and love it. Would like to become involved in a clan or group of guys like me and just hangout and kill things.

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Born 12/03/1968 in Cincinnati Ohio. Lived on the west side until recently. Peeps going to crazy over there so I moved out east and have a little house out on the prairie with a lake in the backyard. Always enjoyed P.C.'s and can remember messing with them in the late 80's pounding away at the keyboards back in ol' MS-DOS days. Always had a thing for upgrading and building my own, better rigs. Looking to hangout with like minded peeps who want to have fun and kill crap.