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  1. We hit $35k during the NA stream.
  2. Raiden_Kaminari

    Weekly Combat Missions: "Resolute and Rapid"

    I ended up buying the additional containers through armory to complete the collection.
  3. Raiden_Kaminari

    Weekly Combat Missions: "Resolute and Rapid"

    Anyone else notice that with the "Resolute and Rapid" Collection we're not able to collect items via regular "daily" containers? I checked with all my friends that still play, and we've only been getting items only from "Resolute and Rapid" containers.
  4. Raiden_Kaminari

    How to share codes in Link Format (AKA Bonusmode)

    All the codes worked for me.
  5. Raiden_Kaminari

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    This is exactly how I feel. My wife reminded me I spent $4K + after I quit the game temporarily after the CV and then the nerf premium ships effort. I still trusted WarGaming one last time and purchased the French premium containers. After only getting 1 plan for the French destroyers (that my friends got from the free container), it made me realize that I was actually getting punished for spending any money on WarGaming. Now, if they had given a buff flag like the Armada flag for purchasing Armada packages at least twice, that would reward the players who spend money. But instead, we still only have the memorial flag.
  6. Raiden_Kaminari

    wiki not available?

    wiki.wargaming.net ... I keep seeing the nginx page after it times out.
  7. Raiden_Kaminari

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    I bought 42 containers. only the Jaguar DD mission. Meanwhile, my friends got the Jaguar DD mission from regular containers for free. Thank you WG. You reminded me not to buy, and with the posts of others wasting doubloons ...
  8. Raiden_Kaminari

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    The game seems a bit more empty lately.
  9. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    Completely agree here.
  10. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    Unfortunately, it wasn't.
  11. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    I had some senior (70+ year old) friends that played WoWS when CV were RTS. With the new arcade style, they're unable to play anymore. Even as a 50+ year old player, I've had difficulties with the new CV play style. I've heard from friends with disabilities that they also can no longer play CV. So while the new CVs will appeal to the younger player, the reason many of us older players liked WoWS compared to the new FPS has been largely ignored.
  12. This is correct. The GC is easily defeated. It only becomes a problem if you ignore it until the end.
  13. Raiden_Kaminari

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    My Atlanta AA still can't do much AA damage. Against a T6 CV, I only shot down a total of 6 planes. Meanwhile an Omaha shot 10 planes down. Against a T8 CV, I didn't shoot any planes down. If WarGaming is going to severely nerf premium ships, they shouldn't expect anyone to ever purchase another premium ship ever again.
  14. Raiden_Kaminari

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Sorry, but many players in my clan have not bothered to login to WoWS after 0.8.0
  15. If I had only a few ships, the answer would be yes. I have 263 ships (used to have 267 until WarGaming removed several of my CVs with patch 8.0), most of them with 10 point captains. I can only play 2 hours per day at most, and usually play the ships that I enjoy the most.