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  1. Raiden_Kaminari

    Reset Commander Button

    I clicked the link, but my captains weren't reset. Then again, I have over 330 (plus the reserves).
  2. I don't know if a recent game lag has been reported. I thought I was going crazy for a while. I've experience bursts of lag that my GPU goes crazy and my frame rate drops from 70 to single digits. I was talking to some people in my clan, and they've also experienced it. I have 3 real life friends confirm it was a problem for them, and they've since uninstalled the game.
  3. Raiden_Kaminari

    WGC issues

    I think you're right that PTS is the root cause of the issue. I used to participate in PTS, until the 2019 CV release. Now that WarGaming forced WGC on us, I think I will need to just delete PTS and WoT from my gaming laptop. I had unclicked "Automatically update installed games" so I was thinking that would tell WGC not to update WoT or PTS. I suspect WGC was also spending a lot of time searching my system. I install the game software on my D drive, and just have system stuff on C drive. I wish WGC would just let me specify what software and where the software is located, like other game companies.
  4. Raiden_Kaminari

    WGC issues

    I had the proper settings. WGC ignored my settings. Especially don't automatically update installed games. No matter how many times I told it not to download the public test, it eventually did this morning when I wasn't paying attention. WGC also ignored another setting I had which was not to start when I started my computer. Here is the log showing WGC finally succeeded in downloading the public test despite me telling WGC not to start when the computer started, nor download the update. No matter how many times I closed WGC, it kept starting itself again until it finally downloaded the update.
  5. Raiden_Kaminari

    WGC issues

    Even though I set the settings for WGC not to use too much CPU, whenever I'm playing any game (StarCraft2 and even World of Warships), my system lags. I tell it not to upload the test server, and it still keeps trying to do that. The lag was so bad that I ended up using taskmanager to kill WGC. I thought WGC was supposed to be stable? Several friends told me it was so bad they just uninstalled their warships since they haven't played WoWs in a while. I don't want to do that, but I thought I was crazy about the lag until several friends told me to uninstall WGC to fix the problem.
  6. Raiden_Kaminari


    I didn't receive a notification either, or any items.
  7. That's practically the way I feel. I took a 2 month break starting the CV last year in February. I was happy the CV broke my addiction to World of Warships. I used to try to complete all the daily achievements, but now I just log off when I feel enough frustration. As time goes on, and with every misstep, my addiction (and sense at wanting to succeed at WoWs) continues to go down. My spending on the game has gone down significantly. Before I did it to support World of Warships and a game I loved despite it's flaws. Whenever there was a misstep, in the past, I questioned whether they even appreciated having customers willing to spend real cash. But now after feeling more burned with so many of the recent events that were originally geared towards the free players, I question why anyone would want to spend money or time anymore. Then again, the majority of friends I introduced the game to, told me everything I'm feeling they figured out very quickly and they're glad they haven't spent anytime or much money.
  8. Correct, picked up 18 containers, 15 from the 3 Directives and 3 from the Daily. I was able to get the TIER V and am sitting on 370 towards the TIer VI The amount of Tokens given with each container has been pathetic and as of this posting there is still 4 days before the next Directive of 7 Containers. So I don't see getting the 4 "Early Access" DDs becoming a reality without spending massive amounts of money, which because of this Virus going around has put a halt to spending and the fact these are Tech Tree Ships and not Premiums. RNG has been bad for the crates. Majority of crates I've opened only had 10 EU Tokens.
  9. Raiden_Kaminari

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Technically, you should claim is April 2nd in case you're willing to be up around 4/3/2020 at 2pm PST. Oh, and thank you for the kind gesture WarGaming.
  10. Raiden_Kaminari

    How to share codes in Link Format (AKA Bonusmode)

    All the codes worked for me.
  11. Raiden_Kaminari

    wiki not available?

    wiki.wargaming.net ... I keep seeing the nginx page after it times out.
  12. Raiden_Kaminari

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    The game seems a bit more empty lately.
  13. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    Completely agree here.
  14. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    Unfortunately, it wasn't.
  15. Raiden_Kaminari

    WG: Thanks for the new CVs!

    I had some senior (70+ year old) friends that played WoWS when CV were RTS. With the new arcade style, they're unable to play anymore. Even as a 50+ year old player, I've had difficulties with the new CV play style. I've heard from friends with disabilities that they also can no longer play CV. So while the new CVs will appeal to the younger player, the reason many of us older players liked WoWS compared to the new FPS has been largely ignored.