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  1. public test 0.5.6

    I agree with several of the posts in that I think the mountain warning in binocular mode and the new after-battle stats are great. I also like the aiming center-line when not in binocular mode. It really helps getting focused on target before switching to binocular mode. Cuts down on the frantic mouse movements after view switch. I had one issue. I was running an upper-tier IJN BB (sorry, didn't write down which one but it wasn't Yamato). I was in binocular mode and lined up on my lead point in front of target. Between the time I decided to shoot and the time my finger actually pressed LMB, the screen shifted about 3-5 degrees to the right in the blink of an eye. I fired, corrected and went to fire again. Same thing. After correcting the second time, I was able to shoot twice with separate clicks.The rest are nit-picky items. Juliet Whiskey Unaone signal description states a +5% risk of your magazine detonation. Shouldn't that be - (minus)? Same thing with India X-ray.Similar thing with Izumo Main battery mod, +10% to main battery load time. Should either be minus 10% or change time to speed.Izumo Main battery mod 3 is incorrect in just the opposite direction; it states -17% main battery traverse speed. All in all, positive response. BTW, really enjoying the weather additions. As a former sailor, I'm sure that not very many civilians realize what a cold, wet, nasty, dreary day it can be at sea in the weather. Especially if you're on the weather decks.
  2. My memory of Red Storm Rising was reading about the USS Pharris having her bows blown off. Since I was a plank-owner, I'm sure you understand what a kick in the gut that was! I'd like to see some "former" sailors get together and form some teams for the team competition. At least we'd get the jargon right. lol
  3. IJN Rank

    I went to the link mentioned because I couldn't find the exact match for the rank of the commander of my premium ship Kamikaze R. The link describes that rank, kaigun shoi kohosei, as a midshipman. Midshipman has different contexts in different times and countries. As is probably well known, in the US, that's a student at the US Naval Academy. In the British Navy during the days of wooden ships, that rank was also reserved for students but they ranged in age from 12 to 30 or more, depending on the capabilities and/or valor of the midshipman. I've read about midshipmen in other countries in other times who did, in fact, have small commands. BTW, I've never found an computer/electronic game that I've enjoyed anywhere near as much as WoWS!
  4. Also a Navy VietNam-era veteran. Spent most of my time (all after C-school) aboard DE1094 U.S.S. Pharris (changed to FF1094 on 1 July 1975). Discharged as an STG2 (Sonar Technician Surface) and have been fascinated by naval strategy and tactics for a long time. I just didn't see myself EVER playing an MMOG game because I love strategic games vs hand-to-eye-coordination games. This is terrif!! Attached a pic of the Pharris which was later transferred to the Mexican navy and renamed F213 Guadalupe Victoria.