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  1. daikujin

    Disappearing Targets

    No ship has AA range greater than their spotting range by air. That got fixed a year ago.and any ship spotted by planes is spotted for a minimum of 2 seconds ( that got changed a patch or two ago) Yes a BB can go dark if no one is within their gun bloom range. However a thunderer cannot go dark 5 seconds after shooting 14 km away in open water with clear line of sight. I understand the game mechanics, these are not game mechanic issues or a failure to understand them. apparently 9,300 games plus is the high water mark for failure of reading comprehension. And you sir clearly don’t understand the game mechanics as well as you claim too if you believe DDs can shoot down planes without being spotted.
  2. daikujin

    Disappearing Targets

    I don’t know if OP is truly the idiot you all claim him to be. I’ve been seeing similar things, as have many clan members. Now I don’t think it’s cheating, desync issues or game issue yes. But there is still an issue out there with spotting. BBs shouldn’t be able to go dark 5 seconds after firing, DDs/ cruisers shouldn’t be shooting down planes without being spotted, etc etc. Either the desync issue is worse than we know or the game is getting messed up somehow. Before you blame my internet I consistently have 30-35 ms ping times in game.
  3. daikujin

    Daring's Unique Upgrade in 5th Slot?

    Do you have more info on these upgrades?
  4. The reason I feel for a lot of these “bad DD player” threads is because as a DD driver you’re [edited] no matter what you do. Go into the cap: you’re dead. Don’t go into the cap: team screams at you and reports you. And heaven forbid you try to get your own damage in, that’s not allowed unless you’re a cruiser or BB. A lot of people complain about it, but realize a lot of you are why it’s become like this. Just look at ranked and the idiots that demand the DD grabs the middle buff right off the bat. Majority of the times it’s suicidal to do that, yet someone always demands it ( it’s always a camping BB at the back) bad DD play gets punished faster than bad BB or CA play because you have heals, way higher HP pools and better armor, does this mean bad BB or CA players are still better than bad DD players?
  5. The issue I have with MM monitor is that it can cloud your judgment prior to start and can even cause losses ( they have a 60% WR why even bother guys) I prefer after the fact and ranked made it easy to see it after without knowing ahead of time which honestly can skew results. But the base point is definitely correct, there is some influence by MM on the outcome of games, whether intentional or not.
  6. Last ranked as I played I tracked average ranking of team and whether they won/loss over 60 games. Of those 60 games I had tracked only 2 were won by the team with lower average rank. The differential was 1.7 stars on average with the number being as high as 3.6 stars. So there is almost certainly some influence by MM. Whether this is intentional stacking of teams by MM or purely accidental and possibly the unintended result of some form of change in how MM operates we will never know. But the math did support some MM bias. And I’m certain this carries over into randoms as well.
  7. daikujin

    Gameplay Question

    Unfortunately some players of this game can be extremely toxic. My advice is to just ignore them. We were all in your shoes at one point. Hang in there bud, it does get better ( or you just learn to ignore it) As others have said YT vids from the names already listed are great resources. So is googling “ wows*ship* Guide/ tips” helped me a lot coming up the lines as some lines each ship plays different than the one before it. I also highly recommend that if you do die early, don’t just exit to port right away; stay and watch how others play, pay attention to what they do differently than you did. Biggest way to get insight imho. If you ever see me in game send me a message and if I’m not in a div I can certainly play around at the lower tiers with you. O7
  8. daikujin

    Clan treasury

    WG would never allow it, it financially doesn’t make sense to them. Take silver for example, if a clan member could just send you some silver there would be no incentive to buy premium time/ premium ships for some. It’s the same with steel/ coal.
  9. daikujin

    TK in clan battles

    I’ll have to check the replay, but don’t remember seeing our team gaining points from it.
  10. daikujin

    TK in clan battles

    Have seen this a few times in the past couple seasons. Is it against WG rules to TK a low HP/ gonna die teammate to deny the other team the kill points? Had this happen last night again with a ship that was perma burning and gonna die due to fire only to see it get killed by guns from another red. Is it worth sending a replay to WG or just suck it up and leave it alone?
  11. daikujin

    Minotaur worth it?

    Mino is one of the best tier 10 large DDs. Can stealth torp, CVs generally leave you alone unlike true DDs. She’s quick and nimble and the smoke is good. I recommend her, although like others have said it’s a unique/ harder play style with her but fun and rewarding if you can pull it off.
  12. Tbh the line is brutal until the Venezia, the SAP is actually great against anything broadside ( dare I say even better than the AP). 10k + salvos on a DD is disgusting ( my record is 15k in one salvo on a Gearing) this line is all about picking targets a little more carefully than an HE cruiser. If something is bow or stern towards you pick another target if you can.
  13. daikujin

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    I have him on my haru. That first blood perk helps a lot to give you that extra smoke for late game. And the kraken just turns it into an absolutely disgusting thing if you can get one.
  14. You think a yammy or GK or kremlin cares about detection? Only way you’re not spotted in a BB is to not fire. Tbh majority of the time a BB is spotted anyways.
  15. daikujin

    what the hell wg? [dev blog]

    This is the problem, it’s not just this person who thinks that. I started playing 4 years ago and was a DD main until a year ago. Countless nerfs to DDs ( both directly and indirectly) have killed the love I had for them. They nerfed torps into jokes because players had to stop sailing in straight lines and doing too much dmg with torpedoes. Then they release more gunboat DDs to counteract torp boats and now they want those nerfed to the ground. Where does this end? DDs provide that great seat of your pants, planning 4-5 minutes in advance gameplay that is missing with the other classes. To me learning to DD was far harder and more rewarding than learning to drive BBs. I still feel learning DD play teaches far more than any other class ( watching your minimap like a hawk, knowing where ships are, tracking all that in your head, planning ahead with entrance and exit strategies etc) and that’s what’s missing from a lot of the player base lately. You don’t see the thought put into what they are doing anymore especially with BBs.