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  1. A couple of things, these missions are a reward to players going up the lines in random games. Maybe more of a reward to folks who spend a bit of money on the game. I imagine if you are a totally F2P and can only keep 6 ships its gotta be tough. You guys sound like a bunch of snowflake liberals who wants everything for nothing, work or pay for it. I did most of these campaigns without playing CV or DDs, I'm going back now and picking up the rewards I missed on the first go around. This EU DD campaign I started with an early release ship and finished at tier X with an 18, and 17 point commander, plus the free 10 point. A 2 million FXP Smaland helped. WG is doing this by design.
  2. willob

    Pan Euro DD's purpose?

    I feel like the odd man , I love this line. OK ship kills are down, torp damage isn't high, no smoke but torps every 75 seconds and good AA , I'm doing great. Only DDs I'm as good as these are the Germans.
  3. willob

    Who have you seen in game

    LWM, Lert, Flambass, Noster, Ichase, Zoup, Femmeminity and a couple I didn't recognize
  4. Like others I couldn't play RTS carriers, I'm tier 6 in USN and tier 8 in British. Plus 2 up tier MM is almost impossible to play, I wish it was 1 tier at most. At tier 4 and 6 same tier they aren't OP.
  5. willob

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    I have both, the Salem with 3X better heal keeps you in the game longer. I have it set up totally different from my DM with a full on survivability build. Plus my Halsey captain.
  6. willob

    Thoughts on Kronstadt

    Kronstadt is better than I thought it would be, glad I got it. Really looking forward to Alaska.
  7. Its too bad you don't support something you enjoy. As to buying the black ships, its a heck of a deal. I got Mass B myself.
  8. willob

    Krohstadt or Alaska?

    I have Kronstat, a good ship but I'm really looking forward to Alaska. Ichase, and Noster both think Alaska is the better of the two. I wish I'd passed on Mushittie and got Jean Bart or Salem. If you have a Missouri you could have both.
  9. willob

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    Hi, I got mine the other day, played around a bit and wasn't impressed. Last night played it hard, lots of games in a row and did real well, over 80% win rate, 100% if I was alive at the end of the game. I play mine at 21 km shooting at anything and everything with HE, AP at some targets I move closer as game progresses or my team pushes. I've found AP over pens cruisers and shatters on BBs. Two games first one 55 HE only hits 48,900 damage and 7 fires 29,346 damage for a total of 78,295 Second 59 AP only hits 68,688 been looking after each game and HE is the better shell. I am liking the ship more and more, I enjoy it much more than the Mushittie, but the later earns more. I can't wait for the Alaska!
  10. willob

    G Cesare?

    Played it in the mini ranked, mmmm felt a bit dirty at times, a ship killer for sure.
  11. No freaking way would I pay this much for a ship and I have a lot of premium ships.
  12. willob

    Axis and Allies

    I don't think so, there are a lot of good German and Japanese ships, maybe have the ability to swap teams also
  13. willob

    Axis and Allies

    How about an Axis and Allies event like fire and ice, sharks and eagles ?
  14. willob

    Who have you seen in game

    Little White Mouse, she gave game advise I didn't listen to and we both died. Noster, roughed him up a bit and he later ambushed me, I Chase, he's very gracious in chat, and patient player,
  15. I'll give it a go, no idea how far I'll take it, at 63 years old the old play style was impossible for me.