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  1. Weekend spree

    I managed to get my Shimakaze this weekend, making it t10 number 14 I think? Was glad to get the Yugamo grind done. Overall I think I did ok, including finishing the two Indy missions.
  2. It’s not rank one, it’s just a higher league you need to win in, which you can do if you are a good team player.
  3. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Think he meant the radar.
  4. I compared the Mogami to the Cleveland because their armor is about the same. Yes the guns on Mogami have better velocity, but range is about the same, as is maneuverability. Just think if you are able to do open water fighting in Mogami, the Cleveland shouldn’t be that much different.
  5. They probably got too used to playing it at t6, where not much could completely blap you...
  6. If people can do well in a 155 Mogami without using its torpedoes, you can do well in a Cleveland...
  7. He probably got hit by another ship for most of his hp and the dd happened to have the finishing blow, only thing I can think of outside being detonated by torpedoes.
  8. The New Cleveland Sort of Sucks

    I have had fun with my Cleveland in the last couple of games I played in her. I want to say she has slightly better armor then a 155 Mogami, so you can get away with some angling, also having a 9.1km detection range helps with dropping off.
  9. Think they are probably looking at it’s use in competitive. Think buffing it’s gun range would help.
  10. Alsace and Republique
  11. Worst Ranked Ever?

    Nikolai says hi....
  12. What makes you think they won’t sell the GZ before the rework?
  13. Does it still have the Damage Control consumable on a 2 minute cool down? If so, she is still not worth it to brawl, cause she will burn down from fire or flood out to easily.
  14. Best of the Best - Air Defense

    When the Worcester arrives that will be your AA king. Minotaur levels of AA dps with DFAA consumable on top? Yes please.
  15. Looking at the AA of the Republique, an AA build on her would rival the Montana.