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  1. DemonGod3

    18 inch guns on the Conqueror

    Another thought on differentiating the 457s from the 419s would be give the AP shells the normal fuse times so they actually have better chance of working versus other BBs. Of course if I am wrong about the fuse times of the 457s please ignore this post, :). Also a slightly shorter reload would help too.
  2. DemonGod3

    Salem or Musashi?

    Seeing as they just sold the Jean Bart for money, all options are on the table now....
  3. DemonGod3

    Legendary Upgrade

    I actually like the Conqueror’s UU. You are still the stealthiest t10 BB with it. How people think the Khab’s is a must have is puzzling to me though, but to each thief own.
  4. I don’t think the battleships can choose SGM3, so Conqueror is the only BB with access to it.
  5. DemonGod3

    Defining the Carry

    I think it’s a base xp thing. If I see someone at the top of the team with double the base xp of the guy in 2nd place, I consider that a hard carry.
  6. DemonGod3

    A Guide to Legendary Modules - Best and Worst

    Going to have to agree with this, not only do you have only less than 10s fires, you also have 17s or less flooding. Very worth it for CBs imo.
  7. DemonGod3

    Dev blog announced CE change

    It is definitely a CV. If it was an amphibious landing ship, the rear of the ship would have a place to launch and retrieve amphibious craft.
  8. In my case it's usually 2 caps called to go to at the beginning of the game, I go to one cap with maybe one or 2 others, and the rest of the team goes to the other cap to secure it and stay there....
  9. DemonGod3

    Double Team Kraken.....

    I have seen one too, was fun to do after someone on our team said we were going to lose...
  10. DemonGod3

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    The citadel for the Worcester is already above the water line... how much easier do you want it to be cit?
  11. DemonGod3

    OK. . . so I was wrong on Republique. . .

    I was sold on it the other night when I citadeled a Conqueror at 4km with a Republique. Granted it was being driven by a bot, but still...
  12. DemonGod3

    "it's just a game"

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but it is "just a game." You sit down at your computer, log in, maybe hook up with some clanmates for a div, and you have fun playing whatever mode you that floats your boat, be it random, scenarios, co-op, ranked, or clan battles. There will be times while playing I get frustrated by people on my team throwing the game out the window, but I tend to focus on how well I performed in the game. If I lost having a great game, I don't take it too badly, but if my team wins carrying my under performing butt, I tend to get mad about that and try to do better in the next game. You always strive to win, but you need to enjoy actually getting the wins. Have fun, it's just a game...
  13. DemonGod3

    Why is WG pushing Tier 10 so hard?

    Out of curiosity, other than Stalingrad, what t10 ships are broken?
  14. DemonGod3

    Quick list for good legendary upgrades?

    Ya, basically go from around a 26km range to a 19km one, still workable but could be a pain.
  15. DemonGod3

    Quick list for good legendary upgrades?

    The traverse speed is not an issue, since it replaces the reload mod that has the same 13% penalty to traverse speed. Basically you gain about -2 secs to your reload for a penalty of 7km off of your range.