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  1. DemonGod3

    Next clan battle comp predictions

    With how some maps are, with 2 caps on one side and one isolated cap, wouldn't you only need to control 1 side of the map and delay on the other side?
  2. DemonGod3

    Self Kill ?

    The sadder thing is we ended up winning that game with pretty hard carry (Viking doing most of the lifting). So he got a win for sinking himself at the start.....
  3. Here is an example of someone doing extremely well in a CV, and still losing, even though the enemy CV did no where near as well as he did.
  4. DemonGod3


    It's the Unique Module for your Worcester.
  5. DemonGod3

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    You mean cruisers have crappy rudders?
  6. DemonGod3

    Initial Submarine Thoughts

    I honestly think just using the homing torps for fighting other subs, and use surface style torping vs surface ships.
  7. DemonGod3

    Shipkiller Division

    It can probably happen at any tier other then 4 and 10, for obvious reasons.
  8. DemonGod3

    Shipkiller Division

    Does this mean more UK CVs being played? Also wondering about the armor of the upcoming German CVs. Wonder if the t10 will get an armored deck or not.
  9. DemonGod3

    Carriers so cool in clan battles guys!

    Tried BB a few times for the luls, at least from my own feelings, you have to make 0 mistakes to have a chance of winning, or an enemy team that is not well focused.
  10. DemonGod3

    Carriers so cool in clan battles guys!

    They mismatch, tried playing with BBs for 2 games for the luls, and was matched up vs CVs.
  11. DemonGod3

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    They did nerf the Kleber a bit in terms of it's spotting range if I remember. Kremlin was also "nerfed", but that's Russian.
  12. DemonGod3

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    CVs were in King of the Seas up until midway through the rework. The last time they were in was when the Midway DB exploit was heavily used. What I am saying about the balance is WG tends to knock down ships that overperform in CBs. This season will be the determination of how balanced CVs are, and will most likely be knocked down a few pegs if they are found they are out of balance. It will be interesting to see the results regardless, and for the record, I enjoy having CVs in the game, just want to get to a place where everyone is somewhat happy.
  13. DemonGod3

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    Think this is the better possibility. WG has buffed/nerfed ships just for their performance in clan battles. Hindenburg and Yueyang are examples of this. Poor Yueyang is still trying to recover. So I think it is at least reasonable they will use this info to change things up.
  14. DemonGod3

    Suggestion for CV play

    Because the CAP fighters and the distances involved in traveling to take them out. Feel like this has been answered a dozen times. Are you going to fly to almost the other side of the map to take down the opposing CV, the enemy DD about to take a cap, or the lone enemy BB which is closer to you then the enemy CV?
  15. DemonGod3

    Unique Upgrades

    Has anyone seen/heard any new information regarding the unique upgrades for t10 ships? I know about being able to currently finish missions we are already on, but I haven’t seen anything regarding new unique upgrades or changes to current ones.