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  1. Cut from LWM's Hood review: Hood has approximately 7% worse penetration than Warspite at all ranges. It's the drop in penetration power that's telling and largely dictates why her guns have sub-standard performance. She has less penetration power at 10km than Gneisenau has at 15km. Due to her lower shell velocity, her volleys come in at a higher angle than other battleships which further increases the relative thickness of plate against which it strikes. Thus even armour you might assume Hood possesses enough raw penetration to best can end up shattering her shells. At ranges greater than 12km, you can't expect Hood to reliably penetrate the belt armour of any enemy battleship you come across. Instead, aim a little higher and try and hammer the upper hull or superstructure. Looking back at port values, two statistics should stand out: range and gun rotation. On paper, Hood has the second lowest range of any of the tier 7 Battleships, though it pays to keep in mind that Colorado can boost her reach from 17.1km up to 19.9km with her Artillery Plotting Room 1 upgrade. Unfortunately for Hood, she doesn't have access to the same. Hood's 18.6km reach will often feel insufficient, especially when she gets up-tiered. Unlike Warspite, she doesn't have access to a Spotter Aircraft to temporarily boost her range, functionally giving her less maximum range than her tier 6 cousin. All of Hood's main battery drawbacks could be done away with if she was a good brawler. Her penetration woes would fall away. Range wouldn't be an issue. This would really exemplify the strengths of her improved auto-ricochet angles and the decreased shell fuse timer. In truth, she does have some qualities that would make her a good medium to short range brawler, such as her agility and protection scheme (see below for more on that). On top of this, her gun angles are excellent. Her #4 turret can engage enemies 30º off her bow and her #3 can do so with enemies at 31º. If only she had decent secondaries or working torpedo launchers to back them up. So while Hood has arguably the worst guns (both primary and secondary) at her tier, they're not without their merits. While their performance will not do players any favours, proper target selection and aim can go a long way towards mitigating their drawbacks. So it remains to be seen if this an actual buff or nerf.
  2. DemonGod3

    The Stalingrad

    Then again with its accurate big guns, it makes it that much easier to punish mistakes.
  3. DemonGod3

    The Stalingrad

    In all honesty, I kinda look forward to the used stats at the end of this clan season. Should be interesting.
  4. Having just got the Stalingrad last night, I had a decent first game in it. It allowed me to citadel a Yamato at range through its cheek, something I have had some issues with on other BBs due to accuracy at times. Stalingrad made it feel a little too easy. It definitely is not indestructible and will die to focus fire like everything else, but when played right I can definitely see how appealing it is.
  5. DemonGod3

    DON"T buy the Black

    From talking to someone that has the Black, people tend to overcorrect for the slower torps and get smacked. Personally I am still trying to figure between Stalin or Bourgogne...
  6. DemonGod3

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    World of Warcraft? They reward mounts to the top percentage arena teams. Sorry it’s an mmorpg, but you did ask for a very successful game.
  7. DemonGod3

    Wonder how many more are out there

    I need to buy some of the ships I skipped, sitting at around 194 ships.
  8. DemonGod3

    Project 24 aka Kreml size

    9 vs 8 guns for one, and the 419s on Conq are straight up better as things are.
  9. DemonGod3

    Project 24 aka Kreml size

    She'll have 457mm guns as an option, so not quite Yammy overmatch, but Repub overmatch qualities.
  10. DemonGod3

    Khabarovsk Legendary Mod

    Go down to about 9sec rudder shift, and worse turret traverse.
  11. DemonGod3

    Amazon pay

    There are some Subway cards where you can put up to $500 on them, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
  12. A clanmate of mine was having troubles with hitting ships he normally would the other night. When it showed him being on target with his shots on his client, to us in his division it showed up as slightly off, so it could be a little bit of de-sync.
  13. DemonGod3

    How To Fix Carriers

    In all honesty, the RTS element is what needs to go.