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  1. Welp, this thread certainly took a turn, lockdown in 3.....
  2. DemonGod3

    AA Question

  3. DemonGod3

    AA Question

    Hello, Just noticed something new in the UI while looking at the various AA from my ships in port, and I am curious how the heck they come up with the numbers for them. @LittleWhiteMouse? For those wondering, the number shown is from my Midway, which has the highest value for that number given. Edit: Just saw the patch notes about this being added in 9.1, but I would still like to know how they come to these exact numbers. Edit 2: Disregard, I figured it out: For the example of the Midway above, (224dps*1.00)*(6.0km/6.0km)+(452dps*1.00)*(3.5km/6.0km)+(326dps*0.95)*(2.0km/6.0km)=591dps Not sure how much I trust this TBH, saying a Venezia has better average dps then a Minotaur...
  4. DemonGod3

    Smolensk A La Trek

    This warms my heart .
  5. DemonGod3

    Smolly Mis-info spreading fast

    Missouri was never available for cash, yet you can get it in crates.
  6. Thing is at least with IJN rocket planes this is already the case, especially with Kaga’s planes. Once you start an attack run, it becomes very difficult to change direction.
  7. So would removing (or limiting) rocket aircraft be a good fix for all this?
  8. Which is already happening...
  9. So the team with the best DDs will win?
  10. DemonGod3

    ARP Takao

    Can you get the red camo without buying ARP Takao if you already have the blue one?
  11. DemonGod3

    TK in clan battles

    The only time I ever saw purposeful TKing was when enemy team was winning, but they wanted to make sure they killed everyone on our team, so they killed their lowest hp player to delay the win.
  12. DemonGod3

    CV scouting

    I would just scout the areas most of your team is headed for, see if you can catch any enemy DDs rushing the caps, and maybe set fighters for spotting and AA deterrence.
  13. DemonGod3

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    Weak yes, unable to inflict any meaningful damage, no. The extra torp would give them a fighting chance of defending themselves. And spotting only works if someone is around to shoot the DD.
  14. DemonGod3

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    The only alpha I would adjust down a bit would be IJN torps, cause I would want them dropping 3 or more per attack run to give them a slightly better shot at getting DDs. Damage can be adjusted to compensate for the extra torp. The other alphas I would leave alone unless they show damage skyrocketing up.
  15. DemonGod3

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    Waking up and reading from where I left off last night, a major consensus seems to be to lessen the damage done by rocket planes to DDs, or ditch them altogether. I would be OK with having them removed as long as they adjusted some things.