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  1. DemonGod3

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    They probably added rocket planes with subs in mind from the start, since trying to torp or bomb a sub would be difficult for a cv.
  2. DemonGod3

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    In all honesty they would notice as soon as they try to get to their favorite camping spot as fast as they can....
  3. DemonGod3


    Kinda like a BB can't do anything vs a DD throwing torps at him from outside it's concealment range? Just saying....
  4. DemonGod3


    We already have the precedent set for "gameplay trumps history" with how DDs operate in this game. So giving other ships a means to defend themselves vs subs is probably not too far fetched, but to be honest I would only have DDs and CVs as the main hunters of subs, with cruisers having the ability to at least defend itself vs a submerged sub. For the whole battleship argument, they can do what they do vs DDs, WASD... and shoot them when they are spotted on the surface...
  5. DemonGod3

    AA / CV Balance Changes Inbound for 8.7

    The burst damage where he shot 4 planes down in the vid was during the Zao portion of his test, he did 10k damage to a Haku squadron, swatting 4 planes.....
  6. DemonGod3

    I don't want to set the world on fire...

    Did anyone notice that with the tech tree USN CVs having the most games played for their tier, their average damage is also the lowest for their tier?
  7. Thank you very much, very few recognize it.
  8. Since some people considered "clicking" on squadrons skill based, it works out well....
  9. Going by their track record, don't expect much.
  10. Well, if they keep current levels of AA, it WILL be a buff, since you get instant results for switching. As an example, my Hak's torp bombers have 2215hp per plane, with 12 planes, that 26,580 hp for squad. Without manual AA, it will knock 1329 hp off a plane instantly, then as it ramps up kill that plane fairly quickly and move on to next plane. With manual AA, it will instantly kill a plane, so the AA moves to the next plane right away (no ramp up, but with current AA, who needs it?). This not accounting for DFAA or the random flak burst.
  11. Actually you will keep seeing it... Since they implemented their *fix* to it by buffing SE capt skill already... so you will have the current AA levels, with they burst mechanic for instant gratification...
  12. No problem. I was one of the people before the rework who hated CVs, both trying to play them and playing against them. I have enjoyed playing CVs in the rework for the most part, trying to use them as best as I can for the team and not as damage farmers, which has become very hard to do recently. Still get reported for playing them....
  13. This, it will be a straight buff... so that will stay till at least 8.8...
  14. Only lethal to those of low HP... And as for how long this AA is going to last, the fact they have not dialed it back, or even fixed the heal of torp planes, or offered free respecs for making a 2 point captain skill completely useless, it's safe to say its here to stay till at least 8.8....