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  1. They need to move the Khaba upgrade to Slot 6, so it can compete with the rate of fire mod... It would trade 6% rate of for 8% range increase, which in my mind would be fine, but instead they made it unusable.
  2. PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    I like how the commander bundle now is less than what it was last time, next time I will learn to wait, >.>
  3. I use my Atlanta capt sometimes in my Massachusetts, as long as I don’t mind not having manual secondaries, it works perfectly fine with IFHE and AFT.
  4. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Funny that it will be available in a few weeks to actually buy.
  5. I have the Hindi mod. In a game I didn’t have Damage Con 2 on my ship but flags and BoS, flood was down to 17sec. Was very happy to see that.
  6. Well, some of the new US CLs can get within radar range before being spotted, though a very narrow window.
  7. It basically only loses around 1.3km of max range from range mod to get 20% better rudder and 7% better dispersion, so it can wiggle more with a better chance to hit you from range.
  8. How does the Zao mod not scare you? That thing has no drawbacks.
  9. The reload time actually stays the same, and you do get increased sigma with the 457mm guns. Unfortunately, they offer no real benefit over having the 419mm guns, and losing 4 shells per salvo to use the 457s is not worth it.
  10. Weekend spree

    I managed to get my Shimakaze this weekend, making it t10 number 14 I think? Was glad to get the Yugamo grind done. Overall I think I did ok, including finishing the two Indy missions.
  11. It’s not rank one, it’s just a higher league you need to win in, which you can do if you are a good team player.
  12. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Think he meant the radar.
  13. I compared the Mogami to the Cleveland because their armor is about the same. Yes the guns on Mogami have better velocity, but range is about the same, as is maneuverability. Just think if you are able to do open water fighting in Mogami, the Cleveland shouldn’t be that much different.
  14. They probably got too used to playing it at t6, where not much could completely blap you...
  15. If people can do well in a 155 Mogami without using its torpedoes, you can do well in a Cleveland...